Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life ( Part 2)


Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life ( Part 2)For part 2 of my story to make the most sense, I hope you will go to our site and read “Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life”. Over the years, Hubby enthusiastically helped me discover my “inner exhibitionist“. We are just returning home front a long-time fantasy of mine that Hubby fulfilled with flying colors — a titillating 2 day CMNF car trip. Too much to summarize here… you should really just read it. ; )It was dusk as we finally made our last turn and headed down our street. Past the neighbor’s lighted windows, past Randy walking his golden retriever, and there, finally, was our destination. If not for my Hubby’s hand softly stroking my clitoris, I had all but forgotten I was bare-ass naked and had been for the last 2 days and 1000 miles. But why were our living room lights on? And why was Dan and Jill’s truck in our driveway? And Steve’s, and Gary’s, and Jeff’s? And why did Hubby have that silly big grin all over his face? Something tells me our “wildest and kinkiest” time (see part 1) was not only not over, but had perhaps only just begun!!!Our driveway was packed so we rolled to a stop in front of our house. I looked across the expanse of green front lawn to our living room picture window. The sheers were pulled so I couldn’t make out much, but I could see a lot more than 3 or 4 people inside. My heart was racing! Who are all these people and why are they here?No one inside had noticed that we just pulled up. Hubby shut off the engine, turned to me and said, “Remember when you confronted Jim after you read my ‘Shy Wife Tied And Displayed’ story?”“I’m truly happy the two of you made up and are still friends. Remember what you told Jim when he asked how you found out that it was him stroking you to that great, last blindfolded orgasm?”“I told him I read it in a story that you put on a website on the internet.” And at that moment, the light bulb turned on… I told Jim the title and I told him it was on the internet. Then, I guess he did what any horny red-blooded guy with half a brain would do, he simply went to Google and searched for the name of the story.“Yep. Jim came over to the house shortly after we moved 5 months ago. Dan and I were working in the garage when Jim pulled into the driveway, hopped out, and proceeded to expound on the virtues of both you and our website right there in front of Dan. Once he started describing some of your pictures in rather exquisite detail, that got Dan’s attention and he started peppering me with questions! I relented and we spent the rest of the afternoon pouring over our website. Since then, a select few other friends discovered our site and contacted me. And, Deb, I know you always keep saying you’re just an average wife and mom, but you are a sensation with these guys and you’ve seen the comments on our site. And, sitting here knowing you and looking at your amazing naked body, and thinking back on our last 2 days, I can only pinch myself to know that this is çayyolu escort real and I’m the luckiest man world!” (Yes he said that, and yes I’m keeping him!!!)I sat there quietly for a few moments taking it all in. Hubby was right… I was the one. It was me, the out-of-the-closet exhibitionist, who let the “cat” (my puffy pussy) out of the bag when I told Jim the name of Hubby’s story. I was also the one who mentioned that there was a website. And now, in this new moment, my God… I realized I wanted Jim to “discover” the story and see me again online. I looked over at Hubby and he smiled and nodded. Neither of us knew where this would end, but we knew where it was headed. And I knew I would be safe with him.Images and posters from our site showing “every” inch of me flashed through my mind. It always makes my pussy tingle when I am messaging with someone who has really seen me in those pictures. Reflecting on what was about to happen, this girl was far more than tingling. I could feel my juices flowing from my growing arousal and we both noticed the powerful aroma of my sex. Hubby leaned over and kissed me deeply as his hand explored my oh-so-sensitive nipples. My little tattle-tails which had once again changed from pink silver dollar-sized to perky red gumdrops. I wanted so much more, right here, right now… but instead, showing great restraint, he leaned back, opened his door, smiled, and said, “I’m going in to see our friends now.”I grabbed a couple Wet Ones and a couple Kleenex and quickly made myself feel a little more presentable. I found myself stepping out into the cool evening and the soft grass of our front yard… the soles of my bare feet reveled in the contrast from the burning concrete of the highway rest areas earlier today. I don’t remember closing my door, but must have. As the warm evening air bathed my naked body, I actually began to relax. I felt a wonderful peace as I stepped up the lawn toward our lighted front porch. Even my nipples relaxed back to their full size (that I’m kind of proud of, dark pink and just the right size for my 36C titties). After a few more steps my breasts and all the rest of me were now bathing in the bright light of our front porch. I looked back and saw Hubby thoroughly enjoying the view of my back side. His eyes widened as I smiled, threw out my chest, and pressed the doorbell.Footsteps and excited voices… It was surreal watching my door open then looking into the face of our friend, Jim. Well, I would say “looking into the eyes” of our friend Jim, but his eyes were elsewhere and who could blame him! “Hey, I’m up here,” I k**ded, “ya gonna let a girl into her own house or what?”Stepping through the door, I was treated to an entirely different kind of crowd looking back than the ones I became accustomed to these last 2 days. Yes, there was still the familiar tenting, but instead of shock and lust I saw warm knowing smiles, combined with clapping and cheering! I cebeci escort felt Hubby’s warm hand slide around my waist. He leaned over, kissed me tenderly on the neck and whispered in my ear, “I’ve never been more proud of you than I am this very moment!“Just then the air conditioner kicked on and, between the cold air and the excitement I had a sudden unbearable urge to pee. As graciously as I could, I declared, “Hey everybody, I can’t believe any of this is happening! Listen, let Hubby tell you what we’ve been up to the last 2 days. If I don’t ‘properly’ relieve myself, more than one of us is going to be more than a little embarrassed (and yes Hubby, you can tell them about that part too)!” With that I excused myself and took the first proper piss I’d had all day. And it felt heavenly to really clean up.From inside the bathroom I heard snippets of Hubby’s retelling along with intermittent oohs and ahs, punctuated with raucous laughter. Still naked, I stepped out of the bathroom and down the hall to the living room. I’d never been so aware of the gentle sway of my full breasts and it seemed everyone else was aware of it too! The only seat opened was on the sofa between Dan and Jill. She shocked me by grabbing my left boob and giving my nipple a good pinch! “We’ve been hearing a lot about these and seeing them online the last few weeks too. You know what everybody? It was worth the wait!” She exclaimed as she now cupped both breasts from behind and gave them a nice squeeze for all to see. As she squeezed, she said, “You’re a full C aren’t you girl? I’ve always wondered what that would feel like.” Exclaimed my perky A-cupped neighbor. Somehow she knew how sensitive my nipples are. I began to tremble as her hands went from massaging my breasts to massaging just my nipples. “Your nipples are so much bigger than mine, let’s see if we can bring them down to my size!”Just as my eyes were closing I saw Steve, my business partner’s husband, stepping my way. He reached out and took my hand, much to Jill’s chagrin, and led me over to one of our recliners. The one facing the picture window. My next door neighbor Gary dropped a big fluffy pillow in the middle of the recliner then he and Steve then gently lifted me up and laid me back. Hubby’s best friend from church, Jeff, appeared at my feet with some lengths of soft rope (this was beginning to look more and more like a well-planned repeat of “Shy Wife… “).I caught Hubby’s eye and we smiled. Steve and Gary slid a length of rope under my back and tied my hands to my side. Then they lifted and spread my legs while Jeff and Dan bound my slim ankles to the footrest. Just when I thought there wasn’t much left to the imagination, our church friend quickly wrapped another length of rope around my right knee, under the chair, and over to my left knee permanently spreading me wider than before in the apartment. This time I was a little more upright and my legs were spread wide demetevler escort open like a gyno exam chair. Then the air conditioner kicked on and my suspicions were confirmed as I felt the cool breeze blowing over and between my swollen inner lips and right up inside. Well, this would be one for the books! Every inch of my very aroused body was now fully displayed to our closest friends. The last things I saw before Jeff slid the blindfold over my eyes was Jim kneeling between my legs as Jill pulled opened the sheers and Hubby opened the front door.Then I heard Hubby say, “Hey Jeff, we are all friends here. Take the blindfold off of her!” Thanks Hubby! I watched with fascination as Jim began by kissing my breasts, then my sternum, nosed around in my belly button (man did I squirm as that really tickled!), and quickly began licking my puffy pussy lips. My juices were flowing and Jim was lapping it all up. He licked slowly and steadily working his expert tongue between my wide opened outer lips and through my inner lips ending each pass with a swirl around my clitoris. God I remembered that skillful tongue and had fantasized about this moment many times. He didn’t insert anything anywhere, he didn’t have to. Jill and Jeff were masterfully sucking my tits like babies. And everyone else’s hands were exploring every other conceivable part of my body. The coup-de-grace was when I watched Hubby lube his index finger with my sex juice and insert it quickly into my exposed butt hole.Every muscle immediately tightened, my hips dug into the chair, Jim yelled, “Here she cums!!!”, and that was it! He kept licking somehow and everyone else managed to keep doing what they were doing. I pounded our poor recliner with wave after powerful wave of ecstasy. Then I just lay there, smiling, totally spent. And I heard Steven exclaim, “My turn! Deb, I’ve wanted to see you naked and give you an orgasm since long before you and Sara became business partners.” I knew at that moment that our company trips were about to become a lot more entertaining!One by one, I watched as Jim, Steven, Gary, Dan, Jeff, and yes even Jill (God she is amazing at cunnilingus!) each had a turn. Each orgasm as powerful as the last. After the sixth orgasm I lay my head back and closed my eyes.I don’t remember much of anything after that. It had been a jam-packed 2 days and it completely caught up with me. Hubby said he signaled to everybody to pull their things together and head outside. He said I was an amazing sight from the street and I guess it was too much for Gary and Dan… they started beating their meat right there in the front yard. It was quite late and there was no traffic, so Jill was kind enough to assist all 6 guys (Hubby too), expertly relieving the tension in each swollen cock.He said they all shared their “goodbyes” and “let’s do this agains” and headed back home. Hubby turned down our bed, untied me, and carried me to our room and tucked me in.By the time I awoke the next morning, Hubby had long since left for work. But he left a note with a beautiful reminder about how I certainly wasn’t, nor would I ever be an average wife and mom. I still work on that to this day.Our lives will never be the same… and I very much like where we’re going together!All my love, Deb

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