I am Squirming in Anticipation


I am squirming and ill at ease. Getting up and walking into the kitchen when I really don’t want anything. Unable to focus on anything on TV nor to hold any thought in my head. I am going back to visit you and…I can’t tell whether I am excited or scared or both. I came home with a sore bottom and a warm feeling last time. I was sobbing when you lifted me off your knee and led me so gently to your room. You placed such gentle little kisses on my cheeks and my lips and on my chest as I stood there; flushed and wet with tears. esat escort Wearing only in my underwear. Not speaking or moving when you nibbled my nipples through the lace of my bra and just brushed the front of my pussy as you ran your tongue along the waist band of my panties. And then pushed me back onto your bed. Laying me out; stroking me in just the right places. Even when you lifted my wrists so gently above my head and secured them so firmly I was still engrossed in the affection etimesgut escort bayan in your touch. I got excited as your touches began to grow more vigorous. I have always been turned on my being called a bitch, feeling like I am being used to provide pleasure to someone else, feeling helpless and….used. I was straining at my bonds to reach you, aching to taste you, to feel you use my mouth and cum on my face. I begged for your touch as I watched you slide your panties off. Escort etlik The burn of my bottom and humiliation of earlier fuelling my need for your pussy in my mouth. Parting my legs in the expectation that I would feel your tongue. I was begging and moaning for you as you teased me, squatting just out of reach and making me strain my neck as far as I could, my mouth wide and my tongue extended as far as I could reach, just barely managing to touch your sopping pussy. Starring up at the flexing muscles around your pussy as you hold yourself above me, calling me your cunt and your bitch. Telling me to lick and to beg for it. Even when I watched the stream of your pee begin to flow I was so lustful, so in need of you, that I didn’t think to close my mouth or turn away until my mouth was filling and I was gagging.

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