I Want Him


Sandy is a student at UCLA.

Her mother and father were killed in a horrible auto accident. She received quite a large sum from the auto and life insurance policies. She has enrolled in some business and management courses so he can manage the money.

Sandy is a 5ft 2 in blonde beauty. Her blue eyes sparkle all the time. Her smile lights up the room, and she has an ass to die for. Her breasts are a full C cup.

In one of her classes there is a very handsome guy. She gets hard nipples just looking at him. She decides she will make a move on him.

Eric is 6ft. 4 in. tall, 215 pounds and has brown hair. He has steel gray eyes. He is financially self sufficient. He owns several shopping centers. He is the ultimate pussy magnet.

She decides to start it slow. Every time she sees him she gives him a big smile. He always returns her smile. She raises it a little and starts saying hi to him.

Finally, he stops her and introduces himself.

“Hi. I keep seeing that big, beautiful smile of yours and I thought I would introduce myself. I’m Eric.”

“Nice to meet you Eric. My name is Sandy.”

“I’m having a little trouble with this class and thought I need to find someone to study with.”

“I’m having some trouble too. Maybe together we can figure it out. As they say, two heads are better than one.

They agree to meet the next day in the library.

I’m gonna study with her, all right. I’ll study her naked body on my cock. She is so fucking hot.

They meet the next day and study for about an hour.

“OK, enough for today. I’m buying coffee. Are you with me?”

“Let’s go. There is a nice coffee shop not far from here. Follow me.”

I wait in the parking lot for him.

He takes my hand as we walk in.

Wow. Nice, big, strong hands. The are going to feel so good on me.

As we walk in, I see other girls checking him out.

She smiles.

Sorry, girls. He is taken.

We find a booth and order coffee.

“Thanks for the invitation. It’s nice to relax after studying. My brain needs a little time off.”

“It’s my pleasure. I don’t get to have coffee with a beautiful lady everyday.”

He makes me blush.

“That works both ways. I don’t get to have coffee with an handsome man everyday either.”

He reaches over and takes my hand. He gently lets his fingers caress it. He makes goose bumps rise on my arm and my nipples show through my t shirt.

Yes. I’m gonna take his cock, and he’ll fill me with his cum.

I squeezes his hand to let him know I like it.

He is just holding my hand and I’m getting turned on. Oh my god. This guy is so hot.

“So, what time shall we meet tomorrow?”

“I can make it at about 5. How’s that for you.”

“It’s set. 5 it is.”

They chat a while and she hangs on his every word. She knows how to treat a man. Her mama told her, always listen to what they say, but go by their actions. Their actions will tell you all about them.

We get up to leave.

He pays and we walk out to the parking lot. He has his arm around my shoulder and I have my arm around his waist.

“Thanks, Eric. It’s nice hanging out with you.”

“Yeah, we need to do this more often.”

He kisses me on the cheek and we part ways.

Aw, isn’t that sweet. A kiss on my cheek. Wait till I really lay one on him. He will never be the same.

She decides what to wear at their next meeting. Semi transparent blouse, no bra. A short mini skirt with no panties.

Sandy pulls into the parking lot and sees Eric.

I beep the horn and he turns and sees me. He walks toward me.

I get out of my car and grab him around the neck and hug him against my full breasts.

Eric sees her reflection in the car window. He sees the bottom of her ass cheeks.

I pulls his head down and kiss him on the mouth. I feel his cock against my stomach.

Oh, his cock feels big. It’s been so long since I had a nice big cock in me.

They study for a while.

“Let’s go get some dinner. My treat and you pick the place.”

“Sure, I know a nice place near here.”

We find a quiet booth in the back. I sit with my breast against his arm. My nipples pokes his arm.

He orders some wine before dinner.

She giggles. “I’m glad they don’t check ID’s here. I’m only twenty.”

“You bad girl. Shame on you.”

The laugh.

“Sometimes I’m bad, and sometimes I’m good. You never know.”

We have a nice dinner and walk out to the parking lot. We get near my car and he take me in his arms and kisses me on the mouth.

I slide my tongue in his mouth and he sucks on it and licks my lips.

He makes me gasp and I return his kiss. My nipples perk and my pussy gets wet.

Oh god. This guy can kiss. I’m wet after one kiss.

He slides his hand down and holds my ass cheeks. He pulls me against his bulging cock.

Oh my. His cock is hard. It feels really big.

He lifts my skirt and holds my naked ass cheeks. He makes me gasp and I shiver against him.

I’m so hot.

“My place and hurry.”

He leads Escort bayan me to his car and we leave.

“Unbutton your blouse. I want to see your breasts.”

“Eric, shame on you. Everyone will be able to see me.”

“I don’t care about them. I want to see them. While you’re at it, pull up your skirt. I want to see more of you.”

“Eric, you bad boy, making me do this.”

He pulls into my driveway and he goes around to help me out. As I get out, he pulls my blouse off. I squeal and hide behind him.

“Oh god. Everyone can see me.”

“Shhh, or I’ll pull off your skirt.”

I hurry to the door and open it.

I drag him in and immediately take his shirt off. I push my naked breasts on his chest.

The skin on skin makes me moan.

“Oh yes, your hard body feels so good on my breasts. Hold me close. It’s been so long since I felt like a woman. Please hold me.”

He reaches behind me and unfastens my skirt. It slides down around my feet. He holds my naked ass cheeks.

He makes me gasp and I press against him.

He picks me up like a little baby and carries me to my bedroom.

He sits me on the bed and stands before me. He slowly takes his clothes off.

“Holy shit, Eric. You cock is fucking huge. I’ve never had that much in me.”

I grab it and kiss it. I slowly take the head in my mouth.

“Oh god. It’s so big.”

He pushes me back and kneels between my knees. I know what’s coming.

“Oh yes. Eat my pussy. Make me cum on your mouth. Yes.”

He lifts my knees and opens me wide.

He touches my clit with his tongue. I watch him play with it.

“I want you to eat me. Lick and suck me till I cum.”

He dives in and sucks and licks me to an orgasm.

“Oh yes. Yes. So good. More. More. More.”

He sucks up my clit and makes me cum and cum. I’ve never had anyone eat me like this.

I finally can’t take any more. I pull him up and on me. He pulls me to the middle of the bed. I grab his cock and guide it to my pussy.

He pushes the head in and out of my pussy. I push up, trying to get it all in.

“Oh god. Let me have it. Please don’t tease me. Shove it in me. Make me a woman again. It’s been too long.”

I grab his ass cheeks and pull him down. I take his cock all the way in.

“Oh yes. Big cock. Yes. I feel so full. I can feel it all the way in. It’s touching my cervix. Your big balls are on my asshole. Oh yes. Yes.”

I hold him all the way in and grind my clit on his bone. I cum and hear myself howl.

“Oh god. Oh god. Cumming. Yes. Yes. Big cock making me cum. Oh. Oh. Yes.

We stroke and grind and we can feel it coming. We cum together and we both cry out.

Eric is moaning and groaning and Sandy is talking to her creator.

He stays in me, half hard. He supports most of his weight on his elbows. He hugs and kisses my face and neck.

“Oh god, Eric. That was the best ever. You made me cum and cum. It’s so good to feel like a woman again. It’s been way too long.”

He finally catches his breath.

He rolls off me and keeps his cock in me. He pulls me on top. I love it on top. I love to ride.

“Damn, that was amazing. You’re pussy made me go wild. I thought my cock would explode.”

“You know what, baby. The first time I saw you, I knew I wanted you between my legs. My nipples got hard just looking at you.”

He laughs.

“It looks like you got your wish, and I got mine. I noticed you the first day. Your smile and eyes got me. Then I saw you ass and I was lost.”

“So, you’re an ass man? Well, don’t even think about getting your cock in there. I tried it once and It won’t happen again. You are way too big.”

I feel his cock flex in me and I give him a squeeze. He moans and pushes in me. I feel the blood flow into his cock. It comes to full hard and I give his another squeeze. He moans and pushes into me.

His cock is so perfect in me. It just fits with the head against my cervix. I’m glad I’m not fertile now or I would be knocked up. I get a little thrill of playing with danger. I could get knocked up real easy with this guy. His cock is magic. I gotta be real careful.

We start stroking and grinding.

His cock is so good in me, and he makes me cum and cum. I’ve never had a lover this good.

“Yes, Eric. Your cock is so good in me. It fills me just right. Yes. Yes. So good.”

“I’m getting close. I have some cum for you. Make me cum in you. Take it. Take it.”

“I’m almost there too. I want to cum with you. Give me your cum. Fill my pussy with it.”

The both scream as a mutual orgasm flows out from their genitals. Wave after wave takes them.

He pulls me to his chest and we kiss each others face and neck. I love the feel of his hard body on my breasts. It’s like we were made for each other. He is such a hot lover.

“Eric, you make me feel so good. The way you hold me after sex. No one ever did that for me. It makes me feel so special. I want you to stay with me tonight. I want to wake up in your arms.”

“I’d love to stay. I want more of you. Your pussy has Bayan Escort a hold on me. The way you take my cum blows my mind. I really like a woman that knows what she wants.”

They fuck two more times and fall asleep.

Eric wakes the next morning with a raging hardon. He heads for the shower.

I hear the door open. Eric walks in with his huge cock waving in front of him. He is full hard and looking for me.

“Bring that thing in here. I have plans for it. It needs lots of washing with lots of soap.”

I grab his cock and pull him in the shower. I lather up and start stroking it. He moans and groans.

“Oh god. That feels so good. Keep it up.”

I rinse it off and get on my knees. It finds it’s way into my mouth and I start on it. He is really moaning now. His load should be big. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me on his cock. I can feel it entering my throat. I hold back my gag reflex and take all I can. I want to please him.. Finally, I feed his hair against my nose. I got it all down. I feel so proud. I took all my man’s cock in my throat.

I feels it get bigger and I know he is about to unload in me. I pull off, take a deep breath and take it all again. His hips push and he holds my head on it. His hot cum hits my throat. I pull back a little and take the rest in my mouth. I can’t hold it all and some runs down my chin. It taste sweet and salty. I hold him in my mouth till her stops squirting. I suck and lick all the cum off his cock.

“Oh god. What did you do to me. I came so hard. I think my cock exploded. You don’t know how good that was. You just don’t know.”

“I’m a good cocksucker, huh? You liked that. I love making you cum like that. I like to please you. It makes me feel like a woman. A woman is supposed to make her man feel good.”

“You did. I’ve never had a blow job like that.”

“You know what? That’s the first time I ever did that. You were my first deep throat.”

“Baby, you can deep throat me anytime you want. That was amazing.”

The dry off and head for the kitchen.

I’m need to feed my man. He will need his strength. I plan on fucking him all day.

“Sit there, baby. I’ll fix some breakfast. You are going to need your strength. It’s going to be a fun day. We are staying naked all day. I plan on making up for going without for so long.”

“I was just thinking. I’ll be fertile in about three days. I don’t think there is a condom that will fit your cock and once you’re in me I won’t be able to stop. It’s the best of my life.”

He smiles. She won’t be able to resist. She is too sexual. She will take my cock and beg for my cum. She will want it in her cervix.

She sets a plate of bacon, eggs and pancakes in front of him. She refills his coffee cup. She fills herself a plate and sits with him.

“What do you have planned today, baby.”

“I have plans. I want to fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. How does that sound?”

He leans over and kisses me and tweaks my nipple.

He grabs my hand and pulls me to the bedroom. He pushes me down on the bed and pulls my legs apart. He starts licking and sucking my pussy.

“Yes. Eat me. Yes. Eat my pussy. Make me cum and cum. Yes. Yes. Oh yes.”

He pushes up my clit hood and my clit pops out. He takes it between his lips and sucks on it.

“Oh god. Cumming. My clit is on fire. Yes. Yes. Cumming and cumming. Oh yes. Oh yes.”

He flips me over quickly, before I finish cumming and rams his cock in me from behind. I keep cumming.

“Oh god. I’m getting fucked to death. Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fill me with cum. Yes yes.”

He is fucking me hard. I keep cumming and cumming. His cock is against my cervix. It’s open for his cum. I can’t stop. I need him to cum in me. His cum makes me forget everything.

“I feel it coming, baby. Give it to me. Cum in me. I want your hot cum in me. I feel your cock on my cervix. Cum on it. Give it to me. Your hot cum makes my womb scream at me.”

I feel his cock grow and flex in me. I feel his hot cum go deep in my pussy. It goes into my womb and sets it on fire. I cum and cum as he squirts in me. It’s the most exquisite feeling ever. My brain goes on overload and blackness takes me.

Slowly my mind comes back. Eric is holding me in his arms and kissing me. I feel so complete in his arms. I am his woman, totally. He owns me. I will do anything for him.

“Oh god. Eric. I cum so hard when you cum in my cervix. Your cock lines up perfect with my cervix and all of your cum goes in it. It feels so good. I’ve never had sex like I do with you. My mind goes blank except the burning desire to have you cum in me.”

He falls off me and we end up spooning. His half hard cock is still in me. He holds me to his chest. His hand is on my wet pussy, with his finger in me. He is slowly rubbing my wet pussy lips. I hold his hand on me. His touch is so strong and gentle. I can’t get enough of this man.

“Eric, does your cock ever go down. It’s still in me and it’s half hard. I think if I squeeze it I will be fucked again.”

“I don’t know baby. You turn me on so much it may Escort just stay up forever.”

“Oh god. I’ll die trying to make it go down. I never knew a man could stay hard like you. I think you are form another planet. No one can fuck like you do. No one.”

He laughs.

“That would make you an alien fucker. How do you feel about that?

Hey everyone. Sandy fuck aliens.”

“You goofy. I won’t let you phone home. You are stuck here.”

He flexes in me again and sits me up. I’m fucking him reverse cowboy. It feels different and I like it. He takes me by the waist and pulls me up and down on his huge cock. I can feel it hitting my cervix again. I’m lost in the feeling.

I help his move me up and down and I can feel my cum starting. It hits me like a freight train. I hear myself scream his name. I cum every time his cock hits my cervix. His cock is so fucking hard in me. It’s driving me crazy. I can only feel my pussy now. Everything else is gone. I am just a pussy cumming on his cock. I feel his cock grow and I know his cum is almost in me. His cum boils out and goes in my cervix. I hear myself scream as I cum with every squirt. Wave after wave of exquisite feeling rockets through my body.

“Take it baby. Take my cum. Let if flow in your womb. Take it all in you. Yes. Yes. Yes. Hot pussy on my cock. Yes. Yes.”

I fall off him. I can’t move. It’s all I can do to breathe. My pussy is still throbbing and twitching. I feel his cum running out all over everything. I am so fucked.

I feel him pull me into his arms. It feels so good to have him hold me after sex. I feel so special. This man really know how to treat a woman. I snuggle back into his arms and fall asleep.

I wake up a few hours later. I smell food. I look and see Eric standing by the bed holding a tray of food. I see a hot cup of coffee, some juice and a sandwich with chips.

“Wake up baby. I brought you some food. Sit up and eat.”

I sit up and he places the tray on my lap. I realize that I’m starving. I glance at him and his cock is full hard.

“Holy fucking christ, Eric. You’re cock is still hard. What the fuck is with you? You are hard all the time. Are you trying to fuck me to death? I need to rest. My pussy is so used and I can’t feel my legs.”

“Finish you food and I’ll help you to the shower. You are covered with our cum. I’ll just lean you in the corner and wash you.”

He helps me to the shower. I can hardly stand. He leans me in the corner and slowly washes me. His hands feel like magic on me. My pussy is leaking juice down my legs. He slides his hand down to my pussy and pushes two fingers in me. He makes me groan. I open my legs to help him. He slowly strokes me to an orgasm. My legs let go and he lowers me to my knees.

I grab his cock and take it in my mouth. His cock feels so good in me. I take is half way down my throat. He moans and humps my mouth. His hand is on the back of my head, pushing his cock in my throat. I feel it getting bigger and I know his cum is ready. He rams it all the way in and unloads in me. I take all of his load down my throat. His knees go weak and he falls on the floor next to me.

“Look at us. We both can’t walk. We need to take a day off.”

“OK baby. I’ll go for one day. Then I’m coming back.”

We towel off and he gets dressed and leaves.

He calls me the next day.

“Hi baby. Are you walking ok?”

“Yeah, I am too.”

“Yes, I’ll be naked. I know you like me like that.”

“Yes, I’ll be ready to take your cum. You know I can’t say no to you.”


OH god. I’m going to be fertile and he will cum in me. I can’t say no to him. He owns my pussy.

He shows later in the day.

I’m waiting for him, naked. Waiting for his cum. I want it so bad. I need it.

“Hi baby. I see you are just like I want you. Naked and ready for some cum.”

He takes me in his arms and I melt. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t resist him. His cum is so hot in me. I want it in my cervix.

“Take me baby. Cum in me all you want. I have to have you in me. Fill my pussy with your cum.”

He carries me to the bedroom. He stands and looks at me. I know he likes to look. I feel beautiful for him. I want his cock in me.

He slowly lays beside me. He kisses me and our tongues meet. He caresses my breasts. He rolls my nipples between his fingers and thumb. Lightening bolts go to my pussy. Juice is running down my ass crack. He leans down and sucks on one nipple and then the other. He makes me gasp. I grab his cock and pull it to me. He rises and slowly lays in my saddle. He feels so good against me. I take his cock and guide it to my pussy.

The head slides in me and bliss takes over my body.

He pushes all the way in and I feel the head against my cervix. I am in heaven and ready for his hot cum.

My nails rake his back and he starts stroking in me. He touches his bone on my clit every time he pushes in. I can feel my orgasm coming on.

He pushes hard into me and I hear my moan as I cum on his cock.

He pushes against my cervix and I cum hard again.

He pulls back and waits for my orgasm to stop. He pushes again and I cum again. He keeps me cumming for forever. My pussy takes control of me and I hump up to take his cum. His cock pushes against my cervix and I squeeze him as hard as I can.

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