If You Have To… Ch. 04


Eve slowly walked back to her bedroom, her thoughts raced around with what she had just done, and what she had let her son do. Her steps felt heavy as she was wracked with guilt. Deep down she knew she had to confess something, say something to her husband, but she had no idea how she was going to explain it all, or what would happen.

She got into her room as her husband was getting out the bathroom. “Good timing” she thought to herself as she looked for the moment to speak.

“Hey, how was your shower” Eve asked.

“Yeah it was good, what are you up to?” Eric responded

Eve felt her heart pounding, she froze, finding herself unable to speak. She felt she couldn’t say anything of what she wanted.

“I’m just about to shower myself, looking forward to it!” She said smiling to her husband as she passed him.

She got into the bathroom and shut the door behind her, breathing a sigh of relief. Eve felt like a coward as she got undressed and hopped into the shower. But was quickly replaced with relief as she was finally able to take out her dildo, and as she did her best to wash out her son’s cum, she knew well there was likely more trapped inside, out of reach.

For a moment she thought about her son’s semen swimming in her, in hopes of fertilizing her. Counting the days in her head, she knew was due for her period soon, making the chances of her getting pregnant at that window was basically zero.

Her mind focused on the running through how she would explain everything to her son, and how she would get herself out of this mess, what he would say and what would happen with them after. She finished off in the shower and got herself ready for dinner.

Dinner passed by normally, uneventful as James and Eve shared glances, any gaze did not last long as they both were in thought. After dinner they all sat in the lounge room and watched a movie, her husband called in a night about 20 minutes before the movie ended.

Eve waited patiently til she heard the bedroom door shut, she turned the volume up slightly to reassure herself, and turned to her son. “James, do you want to talk?” She said

James moved over on the couch next to his Mom so he wouldn’t have to yell. “Mom, I’m really sorry about everything… I…” he tried to explain, losing his thought halfway through. “I feel really guilty about Dad…”

Eve did not really know what to say either, she wished she could just not speak about it, and move on “We can’t let that happen again.. I realize we have crossed a pretty big line tonight. What happened in the bedroom can never happen again.” Eve explained.

“Do you mean when we… had sex?” James replied

“Yes…” was all Eve could say, the words catching in her throat.

Eve thought a bout how to explain that when the condom had came off, he had managed ended up releasing his full load of sperm into her completely unprotected vagina.

“I’m so sorry Mom, it felt so good when you were doing it, I lost control and I had to push… I still can’t believe I’ve had sex, that we had sex…” James said.

The words rung through Eve’s mind, finding that she wasn’t as disgusted by what her son said as she knew she should be. It was such a short duration, she could almost forgive him in the heat of passion – but she had gone to the utter extreme by letting him finish inside.

“What do we do now…?” James asked

“I think we need to agree to stop, we can’t let this continue” Eve said sternly

Both of them reflected for a moment, and neither spoke as they sat on the couch.

After about five minutes her son opened up first, “I know you are right Mom…” James agreed.

It wasn’t long before James retired to bed, giving his mother a kiss on the cheek as he left. Eve sat there watching the rest of the movie, she accepted the situation but found herself feeling a bit of regret…

The following day, Eve arrived home from work, thankful it was Friday and that her week was over. She didn’t feel the urge to masturbate today on the way home, everything was a bit too much for now.

She went inside, her son was in the lounge watching TV.

“No masturbating in the bedroom?” She thought to say, stopping herself as it might not have been that funny. She just went with “Hello” instead.

Both Eve and James hung around the house it was nearly 6:00pm and started make some decisions about what to do. Eric was out as usual so they were left to their own company. Both now found it a little bit awkward in their company, as they figured maybe they should get out the house.

“Should we go to the movies?” Eve suggested, thinking of something different.

“Sure.. I guess that would be good.” James agreed.

Eve went and got ready while James looked for a movie time.

“Mom, there’s some random film artsy film on in about 25 minutes, a bunch of kid shows or most decent films start in probably another hour and half” James called out.

“I guess let’s just go now and watch the artsy film.” Eve yelled back.

Eve came out of her room wearing a simple half length dress nevşehir escort that hung down to her knees.

“You look great Mom!” James said.

She smiled and thanked her son and they left home shortly after, arriving at the cinema with about 10 minutes to spare. It was pretty empty, likely thanks to COVID they figured, grabbed some popcorn and a drink, as they made their way inside.

The adverts were playing, they found their seats easily, as they were pretty much all empty. They had the whole cinema to themselves by the looks.

The movie started, and very quickly it became apparent how boring it was. They found themselves mostly just talking to each other, laughing at the movie and poking fun at some of the scenes, they were having fun. An attendant suddenly came into the theater to check, Eve turned to watch him as she quickly quietened down out of fear of getting told off.

James thought of something funny to say and leaned in close to whisper it to his Mom, as Eve turned her head back to her son, as their lips met.

They both froze for what felt like ages, Eve could feel the warmth of her son’s lips. Her son was not moving, she closed her eyes briefly as she felt her son start to kiss her. She opened her eyes in a panic, and pulled away. She looked around, noticed the attendant had gone.

“I’m sorry… Mom” James said.

“Its OK honey, just an accident” She said.

Before she knew it, her son was pressing his face into hers again. She did not resist, instead she opened her mouth and kissed him back, as her mind went blank and she focused on the moment.

It was a passionate kiss and ended up lasting for about 10 minutes before she stopped her son. She was overcome with passion, she’d done something in public she never had done. Her pussy was dripping, she knew his dick would be raging.

“Mom.. could you maybe.. just once more” James whispered into his mother’s ear.

She stared at her son for a moment, trying to find the willpower to say no. Her son promptly took the initiative and unzipped his jeans, sliding his cock through his underwear.

Eve saw it dimly in the light from the screen, she felt like a teenager again. James took her hand and guided it his exposed cock, almost on autopilot she gripped his cock.

James gently grabbed his mother’s chin, pulling her face towards his as he pushed his lips into hers. As their lips met, Eve found she could only go along with what was happening. Her son’s tongue inside her mouth, gently circling around as their tongues danced back and forth.

Her body was responding, she moved her free hand down lifting her dress slightly, and spreading her legs just enough to grant herself access to her pussy. She felt James’ had slide down her making contact with her panty covered pussy, her pussy tightened, as she felt her juices flow into her panties. All she could do was enjoy the moment as they made out, her hand on her son’s cock, while his hand was on her pussy.

She felt her son start to pull her panties gently to the side, as he revealed her labia and fumbled around. James could feel how wet she was, as his mother moaned softly into his mouth. She moved her hand down to grab her son’s, and guided him to find her drenched opening. James stopped abruptly as he broke off kissing his mother, “Is this ok?” he asked softly.

Eve found herself nod slowly in approval, she felt wrong for cheating, but couldn’t stop herself, as she pushed her own son’s finger inside her. James’ finger was greeted by his mother’s warmth as he felt her wetness. He slipped another finger inside, eager to please his mother and began softly work his fingers in and out. Eve used her son’s mouth to keep herself quiet and stifle her moans.

Eve saw a brief flash of a light coming from the door, and immediate stopped her son. She froze, panicked, eyes watching and waiting. She whispered to her son to put himself away to avoid getting caught.

Neither James nor Eve had managed to finish, and now she was feeling extremely horny but guilty. She did not feel comfortable continuing thought because of where they were, and rebuffed her son’s attempts now she had been made to come back to her senses.

They tried to sit and watch the movie, but the awkwardness lingered in the air, they only lasted for another 10 minutes, neither of them really showing any interest and they both agreed to leave.

Walking from the cinema neither of them spoke a word, until they arrived at the car. Eve turned to her son, mustered the courage and said, “James… this needs to stop.”

“Mom.. I know… I do… but don’t think I can stop, or don’t want to…” James said.

Eve’s body was burning, she found herself thinking how slutty it made her, how much of a bad wife she was. She wondered based on the evidence of what just happened if she could even stop as she climbed into the car.

James stared at his Mom, contemplating “What should we do… maybe there’s a way we can do it.. change our rules slightly” James suggested to his mother.

Eve escort nevşehir sat and pondered for a while… “I’ll think about it” was all she could say.

It was a silent trip, when they arrived home they both went inside. Eve went to her bedroom and sat on her bed, it was nearly 8pm, she did not know what do with herself.

Her thoughts were going over what had happened, everything that happened. She had already succumbed so quickly, she could feel her pussy was wet, as it screamed to be given attention.

Eve had to relieve herself, and quickly grabbed her dildo from the hiding spot, turned it on, slipped off her wet panties. She stood there looking at it, before spreading herself slightly and sliding it inside as she felt an immediate relief.

She let go of her dress as it dropped down as she caught her reflection in the mirror, remarking about how sexy and slutty she felt, having been stirred up again by her son, enjoying how innocent she looked in her dress with a vibrator firmly inside her.

She bent over the bed and hiked her skirt up, as she looked back in the mirror at the vibrator lodged inside her pussy, her pussy tightened in pleasure as she watched herself. Slowly she moved her hand down and began moving her vibrator in and out, watching it disappear as her pussy ate it eagerly.

Eve figured she would be better to just sort herself out, and avoid perpetuating things with James. She pulled up her dress higher, and used her spare hand to help spread her butt as she continued to pleasure herself, she was enjoying the sight and how slutty it was making her feel.

She was on fire, the slick noise coming from her penetrating herself filled the room, as she sped up and her juices flowed. She felt herself cumming, as she fell onto the bed and moaned into the blanket, her vibrator still firmly lodged inside of her as she felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her.

She laid there to catch her breath for minute…

“Uh hey Mom…” James announced.

Her eyes widened instantly as she panicked as she quickly stood up, swiftly pulling her dress down to cover herself. Eve did not even hear the door open, she had no idea how long he had been there or how much he watched. “What do you think you’re doing…? Why wouldn’t you knock!?” She said, half panting as she tried to sound composed.

“I just came to talk, I heard a weird sound through the door. You looked like you were enjoying it… so I didn’t want to interrupt you…” James said.

She felt completely embarrassed as her son’s eyes burned into her body.

“Mom.. what you were doing… you looked so hot and amazing…” James said.

“I don’t want to talk about that” Eve said, unable to think of anything to say.

“Mom I can’t think straight after the cinema, and just seeing you now….” James said, “I want you… I need you”

“We can’t James… This has gone on long enough…” Eve responded

Eve sighed and sat down on the bed, as she did she felt her dildo push further into her, as the pleasure resonated on her face for a second. She knew her son had seen it. James walked over and sat on the bed next to his mother.

“Mom.. I know this is wrong but I don’t care anymore, I want you… Look…” James said as he slowly pulled down his pants and revealed his erection.

Eve could help herself as she stared at her son’s cock, a feeling of sin and lust washing over her. She liked the feeling of being lusted after, she wanted to explore it, she wanted him too.

“Mom.. could I see it…? Just once more…” James asked

Eve let the request from her son sink in, its true he’d seen and felt her pussy multiple times, she somehow still found she could not let it happen.

“Please Mom, just for a minute, it will help me finish quicker..” He repeated.

Eve felt the response burning up from her pussy, it was taking over for her. She was already corrupted, she wanted it as much as he did. She sat up off the bed and lifted the front of her dress, revealing herself to her son as he moved his hands to his cock and started to masturbate himself.

She looked over her should at herself in the mirror, her body had obstructed the view of what she was showing her son, she was thankful for that at least.

James stared intently at his mother as she showed him, as he masturbated in front of her. She couldn’t help but get aroused again, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

“Mom did you want me to help?” James said as he reached and grabbed her toy, pulling it out of her a couple of inches. Eve gasped as she felt the dildo slip out of her, only to feel it pushed back in, she felt a new sensation as she let herself be pleasured at her sons hands.

Her son stopped abruptly, “Mom could you stand like you were before… I want to see you like that again”

Eve wanted to comply, she barely needed convincing as she moved back to the bed, lifted one of her knee’s up to rest it as she hiked up her skirt. James stood up and moved behind his mother. She felt a wicked sensation nevşehir escort bayan flow through her as she caught her image in the reflection of the mirror now, she felt so naughty, untamed and slutty.

James swapped back to pleasuring himself, as Eve’s hand moved to find her dildo. She slowly started sliding her dildo in and out, as she looked back to see how her son was going on. As Eve found herself watching him, she found herself liking what she was doing to him.

James moved closer to his mother, she felt his heat from his body as she cheekily pushed herself back a little to meet him. The tip of cock slipped between as it grazed folds of her pussy, sliding upwards towards her clit.

“Oops sorry Mom, accidentally touched it.” James said.

Eve didn’t care at all anymore, she justified her only feelings with the fact they’ve already had sex.

“Mom.. would it be OK if I came like this?” James asked.

Eve pondered the request from her son, she knew it was coming as she quickly looked around to assess her options. No tissues nearby, she did not want to stop this feeling as she was chasing her own orgasm.

“Yes… OK.. Not like you haven’t done it before, i guess..” She groaned out, surprised at what she said as she sent a shiver through herself. She thought for a moment, “Wait, my dress, I don’t want to get anything on it.”

Eve pulled her hand away and started to pull her dress up and over her head. It was an awkward position as she started falling forward onto the bed. James reached out in an attempt to grab her as they both slipped forward onto the bed.

“Sorry Mom, you OK?” James concerned, as he hopped up off his mother.

“Well that was eventful” Eve laughed trying to pull the dress over her head, she rolled over onto her back, as she looked down to see as her sons body now positioned between her legs, “Hang on… I’ll quickly stand back up.” Eve said.

“It’s OK Mom, lets just quickly finish it like this, I’m not going to last much longer” James said, “Could you shuffle back a bit so I can hop on the bed..?” he asked,

Eve did as instructed as her son climbed onto the bed, she found herself spreading herself automatically as her son moved closer, until his cock was positioned right above her pussy.

“It reminds me of that night you got your toy stuck” James laughed.

Eve couldn’t help but be reminded of that night, as she wanted to give herself up, she couldn’t help feel playful for her son. Without prompt she lifted her leg up, pulling her butt up and exposing herself more to her son again, “It was like this, wasn’t it?” she said playfully.

James quickly grabbed her other leg, gently pushing it back and holding it in place as he helped his mother spread her legs for him, “I really like this look, Mom… you’re so sexy…” he said.

Eve’s body responded to her son’s forcefulness with pleasure, as she watched his spare hand reach down to the vibrator as it poked out of her, her body twitching as he gently pulling it out, “That came out a lot easier than the last one!” He joked.

Eve could only smile as she looked down, she saw her now vacant pussy, with her son’s cock above it. Shivers run down her body as he sons free hand now moved onto her pussy, fondling, rubbing around it. He moved down pussy as he gently pulled, spreading her lips to reveal her wet and waiting opening. All she could do was lay back and enjoy it. Eve felt her sons fingers go inside, as he pulled his fingers apart to gently open his mother up. Eve felt helpless, she could not stop her son, she was enjoying this too much.

“Mom, it’s OK if I cum on your pussy right, as long as it’s not inside here right?” James asked curiously, as his fingers continued to explore his mother’s hole and stirring Eve up.

Eve was struggling at holding conversation whilst in this situation, the topic and the thoughts running through her head. She quickly nodded, “Yes it should be OK, James..”

“Mom.. did you want to do it for me..?” James asked

Eve felt overwhelmed, “Yes… I can..” She said.

Eve almost couldn’t believe what she was saying or doing, as she slowly reached down and took her son’s cock in her hand and began to stroke him. She watched as his pre-cum dribbled out, meanwhile her son was still playing with her pussy, as he slowly slid in another finger.

Eve continued to work her son’s cock, both of them breathing heavily as they watched each other. She wondered how much her son was seeing, as he studied her intently. She could feel his fingers stretching her opening, purposely opening up her vagina, she wondered if he knew what he was doing, knowing that if he came on her as he held her open it would flow inside. The thought spurred her on, as she felt her own orgasm building from the shame.

“Mom, I’m going to Cum!” James announced,

Eve felt her pussy tighten as her son held firmly, forcing her apart more, sending her over the edge. Eve felt the first shot hit the top of her pussy, promptly followed by the second as it splashed onto her. She found her hand pushing his cock downwards, aiming him lower until she felt a big wad of cum hit her right across her lips and exposed open hole. The feeling made her react with pleasure as pussy contracted, as if it was trying to eat all of her son’s cum, all she wanted to do was enjoy the pleasure as it radiated through her body.

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