In Days of Olde Ch. 04


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As the three companions entered the camp, glad cries of welcome greeted them. The young men smiled and nodded to their people as they moved forward, Charity walking between the two of them. The other people gave her curious glances, but smiled warmly, so she felt no sense of discomfort, only welcome. She smiled back as she continued following Raven and Hawk. Soon, they had reached the center of their village, where the Chief’s home stood. Raven moved to the door covering and spoke, and a voice from inside answered. He pushed aside the brightly colored tapestry and entered, followed by the other two. The interior of the Chief’s home was clean and simply decorated, but beautiful in its simplicity. Everything was functional as well as attractive to the eye. The two young men bowed with respect to the older man seated inside, and he motioned for them to sit as well, looking at the girl questioningly.

In the native tongue, he questioned the two. “Who have you brought to us, young Warriors?”

Raven answered. “Grandfather, we bring a young woman whose village was destroyed by the Raiders. They took her from the woods while she was resting and…”

The older man held up his hand. “I know what the Raiders do. You need not explain. Is she unharmed?”

“For the most part. They had not reached their home camp yet, so she escaped the worst fate, although she has been molested. We took her in the night and escaped.”

The Chief nodded solemnly, and turned to look at the young woman, who stood there calmly, waiting to see what he would say. “Let her know she is welcome here. You two shall be responsible for her, and getting her settled into our life. She may stay with the single women. Singing Dove can help her learn our ways, if she wishes to live here permanently.” He smiled at Charity, who returned his smile, even though she did not understand his words.

“Thank you, Grandfather.”

Both young men bowed to him again, and he inclined his head, then they stepped from his home. Raven explained to Charity what had been said, and then they led her to the home where the single women lived together. There were only 4 of them at present, and all were sitting outside the dwelling when the trio walked up. One of the slender young women jumped to her feet, calling out “You’re back!” She rushed over and gave each a hug, lingering as she put her arms around Hawk. The others joined her in greeting the men. “And who is this?” The same girl, who still had her arm through Hawk’s, inquired.

“This is Charity. She will be living with us, as her village was destroyed.”

The others clucked their tongues in sympathy, but one of the girls gave Charity a rather appraising look. “I am Singing Dove,” the young woman standing at Hawk’s side said in English. She had learned some. “Welcome to our home.”

Smiling warmly, Charity thanked her. “I am happy to be here.” The other young woman gave her a hug of friendship in response, then introduced the others. There was Summer Storm, the girl who was taking Charity’s measure, Spotted Fawn, and Meadowlark. All seemed happy to have the newcomer join them.

“Come, we will prepare you a sleeping place.” Dove took her arm and led her inside the dwelling. Charity glanced back at the two young men and smiled, then followed her new friend inside. The two watched her go, then Raven felt a light touch on his arm. He looked down in to Storm’s lovely face, her dark eyes fixed on his.

“You have been missed, Raven.” Her voice was low and husky, and he could smell her soft scent wafting up to his nostrils. He felt a stirring in his groin, unable to keep from being affected by her. She had been his first female lover, and she still Escort bayan aroused him, although his mind was mainly fixed on Charity at the moment. “I would like to show you how much I have missed you later tonight.” Her tone held promises of the pleasure that he had come to know quite well in the past. Again, his body stirred, as she continued to touch him, letting her fingers glide over his arm lightly.

“We shall see,” he said gently, smiling at her. She returned the smile, feeling confident that she would have him that night again. She had always been able to have him anytime she wished. She was used to getting her way, especially when it came to men. All she had to do with most of them was just give them a certain look, and they would follow her anywhere. She hoped that someday she and Raven could form a family unit. She wouldn’t even mind if Hawk joined them, as he was very sweet, and handsome in his own way. The thought of the two of them making love to her was enough to drive her wild with desire at times. She knew that Dove was in love with Hawk, but she also knew her friend would not mind sharing the man she loved. Storm wouldn’t even mind if her friend joined them as well. She let her mind wander for a moment to being the center of attention as three people enjoyed her oh-so-willing body. It was a lovely thought. She saw the way that Raven and Hawk were looking after the newcomer and that did not please her, but she felt certain it would not be a problem in the long run.

“Until later, then.” She spoke with confidence, moving away to take care of a few chores that needed done. Raven watched her go, wrinkling his brow slightly. While it was true that Storm aroused him, she did not stir him the way the sight of Charity did. He wanted her more than any other female he had ever seen. He knew that this would not please Storm, for her name fit her when she was angry. He would have to be cautious in turning her away, for her sake and Charity’s, for she would not care in the least that the other young woman had done nothing to encourage his feelings. For the most part in their tribe, there was no jealousy, no anger, no one getting hurt, but there were a few people who were more emotional and gave in to feelings much more easily than most. Storm just happened to be one of these. After the young women had disappeared from sight, he and Hawk moved on to speak with some of the others in camp, to find out what had been happening in their absence.

Inside the dwelling, Charity was amazed at how large a place it truly was. Neat and well-kept, with lovely and simple decorations, it felt cozy and comfortable to her aching spirit. She helped Dove arrange bedding for herself, and knew that she was going to be quite comfortable when she slept that night. The blankets were the softest she had ever felt and she remarked on this to the girl, who smiled at her. “We shall teach you how to make them as well,” she promised, and Charity was delighted. She hoped to learn all the ways of life from these people. They finished with the bed, and Dove took her out into the camp to introduce her to many of the others. They were all very kind to her, knowing by now what had happened. Word traveled fast amongst the people, especially when there was news of a new sort. By the time Dove had introduced her to all that were there, Charity felt quite at home. The other young woman took her back to her new home, preparing to give her some clothing to wear, as they were very close to the same size. This would be hers until she could be taught to make some for herself.

Dusk began to fall, and fires were lit. The scent of food began to waft through the evening air, and Charity felt her stomach rumble. She was told that tonight she would be a guest Bayan Escort and not expected to work, but after that, they would give her tasks to do, and show her how to do what they asked. She had slipped away to the stream that Dove had shown her and bathed quickly, and then donned her new garments. She walked to the largest campfire in the center of the camp, and seated herself on a log. From the shadows, Storm watched the newcomer sit, and she frowned again at just how the new clothing suited the young woman. The light tan doeskin hugged her figure, showing off her breasts and small waist to full advantage, and the leggings clung to the contours of her firm muscles. Dove had given her a pair of moccasins as well, and her hair shone in the firelight, hanging loose down her back. Moments later, Raven and Hawk had joined her, and soon after, Dove was seated beside them as well. Storm did not like what she was seeing in the least. She had no grudge against the newcomer, but she would not lose the best lover she had ever had to anyone. She vowed to make Raven hers again this night, to drive any thoughts of Charity from him.

The two young men were enthralled with the sight of their shared vision sitting there in the flesh, between them. They would never have imagined that this could be, nor would they have wished it to come about as it had, but neither could deny the happiness he felt at having her there, amongst their people. She was somewhat quiet, listening to the others, and the men and Dove were polite enough to speak in English most of the time. Sometimes, they would break into the musical native tongue, and Charity enjoyed listening, even though she did not yet understand what they were saying. She found the combination of food and firelight, along with the long day and emotional upheaval she had recently experienced, were making her fight to stay awake. Not wanting to be rude, she forced herself to stay, but soon her eyes were too heavy to stay open, and she was drifting. Noticing this, Raven lifted her gently, and said “Come, Charity. You must get some rest. Tomorrow you can learn more of your place with us, but tonight, sleep is waiting.” He carried her to her new dwelling, and walked inside with her, laying her on her soft warm bed. She was barely aware of him, so close to sleep was she, but she felt his lips brush her forehead softly, and then she fell into darkness.

Raven stepped out of the girl’s home, after watching Charity sleep for a moment, sighing softly. He stretched feeling slightly tired himself, but not ready for sleep. He heard the soft beat of drums and singing coming from the firelit center of camp, and headed back that way, but a shape stepped onto the path before him. He caught her scent even before he could make out it was Storm. “I wondered where you went.” Her voice was soft and sensual, and she reached out and touched his arm again.

“I was taking Charity to her sleeping place.”

“Ah, I see. And what now?”

“I was going back to join the others.”

Storm laughed softly, and moved in close to him, pressing her body tightly to his, rubbing her breasts softly against his chest. “Perhaps you would rather spend some time with me…” This was said as a statement, not a question. Again, Raven felt the stirring between his legs. He did ache for a woman, but the woman he truly wanted was sleeping deeply. He did not want to use Storm for sexual relief, while craving another, and he opened his mouth to tell her, but before he could speak, she pulled his mouth to hers, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Being only human, he groaned against her mouth, feeling a surge of pure lust. Encouraged by his response, she ground her hips against his, feeling his erection brush against her. She pulled Escort back long enough to whisper “Come with me…” and then took his mouth again. Unable to deny his desire, Raven let her lead him into the darkness of the woods nearby.

As soon as they had moved into the deep shadows, Storm turned to him, and slipped out of her clothing, standing naked and perfect before him, her nipples hard as small stones. She cupped her breasts with her hands, and ran her fingers over her nipples invitingly. “Don’t you want to suck them, my Raven?” She looked at him from beneath lowered lashes, then slid a hand down to touch herself between her thighs. “Don’t you want to taste this?” She began sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, all the while watching him. He was mesmerized by her actions, remembering how she felt and tasted, and suddenly longing for her again. Dimly he realized it was simply because he had been in a state of pure arousal for several days, but at the moment it no longer mattered. He needed her and the relief she offered. “Come to me.” She was commanding now, and he obeyed, moving to her and crushing her against him, her naked breasts rubbing against his own bare chest. Taking control, he lowered his mouth to her throat with a growl, and nipped, feeling her fingers tugging away his clothing, and then encircling his cock, stroking him. He pushed her backwards, mouth closing on a nipple and sucking, hearing her gasp and moan, urging him on. Images began flooding his mind, even as he tasted her skin, of Charity being molested by the other Tribe again, of her moans and his desire to be the one tasting her.

Lust surged through him, and he suckled harder, his fingers moving down to replace her own between her thighs. She moaned and gasped, still stroking him, her fingers playing with his balls. Raven needed her now. He pulled her upright, kissing her passionately, his tongue plundering her mouth, and he backed her up to a tree, lifting her so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He held her there for a moment, the head of his cock poised at her slippery entrance, kissing her for all he was worth, feeling her tongue dance with his, and then he plunged into her. Her legs tightened around him, pulling him deeper, and he thrust and thrust into her willing honeypot until he felt her explode around him again and again. Then and only then would he allow himself to release his own orgasm, pulling out of her and shooting his seed across her belly. He had always been careful to do so, for he was not ready for children, and he did not want to make an unwilling mother of someone who was a lover to him.

Gently, Raven untangled them, and sat with Storm in his lap, feeling her soft warmth pressing into him. Neither spoke for a long while, then she looked up at him and smiled. “How was that, my Raven?”

“Wonderful. And for you?”

“As always, you love me well with your body.” She smiled at him. “I hope to join with you again very soon.”

As he had earlier, Raven said, “We shall see.”

“Indeed.” She could tell his thoughts were already moving away from the lovemaking they had just shared , and this did not please her, but she felt confident that if she lured him to her arms a few more times, he would be hers forever.

“I think it is time for sleep now, Storm. I will walk you to your dwelling.”

She nodded and rose, pulling on her clothing as he did also, and they moved out of the darkness, hearing other couples occasionally in the bushes sharing some of the same things that they had just done. She was certain that Dove and Hawk were somewhere entwined, and she was correct. When they reached the door, Raven squeezed her hand, and started to walk away, but she caught his arm and pulled him to her, kissing him again with such passion he was almost ready to take her again, but her released her and bid her goodnight. Feeling a bit more satisfied, Storm moved into the darkness, to her own bed, to continue to plan what to do to make Raven her own.

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