The Visit – Pt 3


The Visit – Pt 3Another beautiful day, a bit cold, but bright and crisp.The best bit of today was that Don and Terry were still here and would be staying for the rest of the weekend.Sami and I had already started the day off perfectly just after I had got back from the loo. Christ, is it eleven already, that was four hours ago, I must have fallen back to sleep, I know Sami did. In fact, she still is.I wonder if Don and Terry have had the chance to start their day off perfectly yet.I opened their door quietly and looked in. Terry opened her eyes, held out her arms and gave a wonderful warm smile. I bent down next to the bed and we embraced. She was as warm as toast lying there and had that wonderful natural smell about her.Some people smell even better before they have washed than they do after. It’s that natural smell and Terry was definitely one of those people.She hugged me so tight; I could feel her hard nipples through my thin robe. As I put my hand under the covers to feel for her fanny, I said “Have you and Don had a chance to start the day off beautifully yet?” but I answered my own question, I think, then I thought grandbetting giriş to myself, just because her fanny isn’t full of Don’s fluids, doesn’t mean to say they haven’t been up to anything yet now does it.I have already and Sami’s fanny is as dry as Sami’s fanny can ever be.“No, not yet, we have only just woken up, why would you like to come and join us?” Terry said as she rolled over and pulled me between the two of them. They had my robe off and hands all over me before I had chance to say “Not half.”I rolled over to face Don and as I put my hand down to feel for his Meat said, “Are you ready yet Don, or would you like to wake up a – – – Oh yes, your ready.” I had found a ragging hard on bobbing about under there just looking for something to fill.I lay back down between them and Terry slid on top of me. She was rubbing her fanny, her fanny hair and her pubic bone up and down Meat and sending deep shudders down to my feet. Suddenly, she was up on her knees and had pressed him into her to the root.This made her gasp and hold still for a moment as the shivers subsided. I then noticed grandbetting yeni giriş Don climb up behind her and push his Meat in next to mine. Terry stayed perfectly still and was rammed by two b**sts vying for supremacy. As I had the more secure hold on the bed (being on the bottom has it’s advantages) it wasn’t long before Don had to admit that I was going to be able to stay in there longer.He pulled out of Terry with a resounding slurp and pressed home up her other chute, (who said being on top doesn’t have it’s advantages).I obviously couldn’t see much from where I was, but I sure could feel things and it is a very strange feeling, feeling someone else’s Meat rubbing up and down your own when you know it’s not even in the same hole your in.Terry was in seventh heaven. A double penetration, so early in the day, or so she thought, how could it get any better, and a dry penetration to boot. Yes, ouch, but what the hell, the feeling is fucking brilliant.Don pulled out again and asked me to get on top of Terry. Terry and I rolled over and I dutifully got on top and plugged into Terry again. grandbetting güvenilirmi This girl always feels wonderful when you go into her from on top.Suddenly, I felt Don lube up my arse again and thought to myself how much he must have enjoyed that feeling last night, I know I did, that’s why I was full of anticipation now.Don could see the rhythm Terry and I had and he had worked it out beautifully. Without missing a beat, he impaled me quite painlessly. There was no weight from him, he was almost in a standing position which allowed me to not only bless the view I was getting of Terry, but use my hands as well.I could feel Don’s Meat getting even bigger as it buried itself inside of me. Suddenly, he pulled out and stood over the two of us. With his head thrown back, his Meat erupted and spewed white strings of cum all over mine and Terry’s faces.Our tongues snaked out to catch every last drop and savour the caramel that was Don, and as I say, when this guy cums, he cums with a vengeance. You could see his Meat cum and recoil, cum and recoil. He bowed down to us and placed his meat next to us on Terry’s face. I kissed Terry through Don’s Meat. We slid it up and down our lips as we kissed. It dribbled cum. We lapped it up. It dribbled again. Terry took it in her mouth and sucked hard, it would dribble no more.I desperately need something substantial to eat in the way of proper food, but what shall we do this afternoon?

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