Incubus, by Rod Houston


Incubus, by Rod HoustonHe turns the knob gently, and opens the door slowly, quietly. The room is dark, except for a small light next to your bed. You don’t see him, you are sitting with your back to the door. Stepping inside your room, he gently closes the door behind him and silently locks it.The light glows across your naked back, highlighting every smooth curve and firm muscle of your body. With your head up and eyes closed, you are intently working at something between your open legs. As he quietly and slowly nears your bedside, he breathes the aroma of you filling the room. A sweet scent of passion.He approaches, hearing your soft moans of pleasure…and sees your face, intent on nothing more than the ecstasy you are creating for yourself. Your lips are drawn, your cheeks are blushed, and your face tightens a bit as you feel yourself reaching nearer to the height you are working toward.Standing fully at your side, he watches intently as the gifted touch of your finger lightly strokes the exposed tip of your clit. A slight shudder passes through your body, as you experience the electrical wave travel up your spine…you are so very close to creating the orgasm that you have been trying to hold off.With a deep breath to prolong the feeling of pre-climax, your eyelids flutter for a moment…and open just enough to see that you are being admired. The pleasure inside you is too strong now for you to feel alarmed by the company. You want only to continue…to reach the peak of passion that you are so close to, yet the rhythmic movement of your hand slows.Your eyes are half closed, and glazed over, yet staring deeply into his…reading his soul. The expression on your gentle face seems to say “I am exposed to you, naked for you, take my body to the euphoria it longs to experience. Your hand leaves your soaking clit to reach out to the stranger…beaconing him to you.He gently takes your hand in his, and smells the sweet fragrance of your passion. Softly, his lips drink the wetness still on your fingers. Your eyes are fixed on his, as he takes both of your hands and guides you to your feet.A wanting smile passes your lips and your eyes now beg for passion, as you stare up into his eyes. Not saying a word, or changing your gaze, your hand finds his manhood…fully aroused, and waiting for your attention.With both hands you skillfully unbutton his shirt, and push it from his shoulders as it drops softly to the floor. His trousers fall as swiftly. Taking his hands into yours, you draw him close to you…two wanting bodies tingle with the barest of touches together. His hands softly glide over your smooth shoulders and down your back…pulling you closer. Resting his palms on your firm buttocks, he guides your longing hips to him.Staring deep into each others eyes, you feel the warmth of his strong chest on your breasts, and the throbbing of his loin. Straddling his shaft between your slightly parted legs, you feel it pulsating as your labia spread over it. He feels the warm moistness created by your earlier playfulness, as your legs tighten over his rod…squeezing your juices onto it.You know that you want the full length of his cock to penetrate deep into your now aching pussy. Yet you stare into his eyes with the expression of fear that he will not let you have it. Backing toward the bed, you pull him with you. You release his hand to lay back, spreading your legs in invitation.As he stands there, taking in your loveliness, your hands artistically travel from your hips, up the sides of your body…to your breasts, softly surrounding their fullness. sahabet güvenilirmi You let a finger glide over your fully erect nipple, sending a chill down your spine…showing him where to begin elevating your passion. You extend your hands to him, palms up, begging him to you. Gently, he takes your hands into his, and moves on to the side of the bed kneeling between your open legs. Pulling him on top of you, he lays on your body. His fingers glide through your hair as he stares deep into your eyes. You are such a vision of beauty…a reincarnation of Venus herself. His lips softly kiss your neck and your ears. Your eyes close, your body relaxes to his touch.His tender kisses travel to your shoulders, as his hands pull them toward him. As softly as your skin is to his lips, he takes your firm nipple between them. The tip of his tongue circles it, as it grows still harder. A gentle suck causes you to arch your back, pushing your breast to his face.His hand caresses your breast with a soft gentle touch, as his lips spread moisture and tender suckles to your nipple. Your head turns to the side, and back, and your breathing deepens. Still with eyes closed, your hands encircle his head…running your fingers through his hair…cupping his head in your hands.As if touching the finest silk, his hands caress each cell of your skin as they travel down to your hips. His lips leave your nipples, and you release your hold on his head. Kissing the valley between firm, soft tits..his tongue glides down your belly..to pause and moisten your navel. Softly you moan, for the night is yours.Sliding his hands under your cheeks, and firmly holding them in place…he gives you a preview of thrills to come, as his tongue lightly passes across your hardening clit. The jolt of electricity that had traveled down your spine moments ago, races back up…to cause your body to shudder from the sensation. Your flesh tightens as you fight to relax.In smooth, methodical movements, his kisses and licks travel across your pelvis, down your hips, and back up your inner thighs. In reflex, your legs part as wide as they can…and your hips thrust upward. His kisses move from one inner thigh to the other, passing over your wanting vulva. You whimper as his tongue passes, to show that you want it to return.When the wet licks move from your thighs to your crotch, his tongue merely circles your open slit. His lips move to your neatly trimmed pubic hair, teasingly pulling as they suck the hair closest to your throbbing clit.Then his tongue finds the valley outside your labia. With his long deliberate moist licks, and soft sucking to each pussy lip…your insides begin to ache, as if explosions are within reach. As his tongue begins the slowest of travel from the bottom of your open canal, he tastes your honey for the first time. Your warm moist juices are intoxicating. The fragrance of your passion is as sweet as the most beautiful of spring flowers.His tongue dips deep inside, tasting the hot excitement growing within you. Slowly his tongue slides its way up to your hard aching clit. From the bottom of your clit it slowly travels directly over the tip, brushing back your clitoral hood to expose your most sensitive spot. Your body quivers with excitement, your hips instinctively retract…pulling your clit away from the touch of his tongue on that most erogenous area.Then you thrust your mound back deep into his face…you don’t want it to stop, yet the more his tongue caresses your clit…the more your muscles tighten. You can feel your ass tighten hard, as he begins sahabet yeni giriş to gently suck on your clit. Working on the very tip, his tongue and lips are guided by your every movement. Your hips dance as he continues to elevate your arousal…your legs spread and close on to his body…your knees rise and fall as he sucks your clit with mastery. You know that your insides are going to explode…every nerve cell in your vagina is screaming for attention.Acting completely uncontrollable, every muscle inside your pussy is contracting and contorting…and excreting an ever ending flood of juices. You cannot take much more, your clit is throbbing…your stomach is tight and tingling…you are losing control…fighting the orgasms that are seconds away.As he softens his sucking on your clit, he lets his skilled tongue flick the very tip. Your hands have moved down to help spread your lips wide open and pull back the hood of skin to expose the sweet spot on the end of your clit. He slides a finger deep inside your pussy, as he continues his methodical licking. You respond with a sudden deep breath to the unexpected penetration.Slowly pumping his finger in and out, in long deliberate strokes…and well timed touches of his tongue to your clit, has your body gyrating. Your pussy muscles are squeezing his finger…making a tight fit around it.He withdraws his tounge, and sits back on his knees to watch…as he slides a second finger inside. Your wetness quickly accepts the additional fullness. His fingers seek out your cervex, to tease it with a touch, a wiggle, a flick. You raise your knees into the air, to allow his full entrance. Pushing your hot mound onto his fingers, your thrusting motion begins fucking his fingers with frenzy.He curls his fingers to find your g-spot. Your back arches again, your legs close around his arm…you know you are going to explode soon. His fingertips begin their task of exploring your g-spot…back and forth…back and forth. You know that you could probably shoot cum right now…you can feel the fluids building, almost like you have to pee, yet different. You want to push…push…push, but you can’t allow it…you want more…your pussy is aching for the fullness of his cock. It’s all you can think about now.Your hands move from under your bent knees, where you have been helping to hold them up…to reach out for him. You open your eyes to see his hard throbbing cock, pulsating up and down with each heartbeat. Spreading your legs and raising your knees…you move your hands to your soaked cunt, to spread it open in invitation. Your heart is racing…you know that you are moments away from feeling the ecstasy of fulfillment.His cock slides in easily, although the tightness of your pussy is sucking at his shaft. Slowly, he slips deeper and deeper into your hot wetness. You feel his dick push hard on your cervix, and rotate around it..as chills travel through your body. Slowly he withdraws, and re-enters…pumping long, slow, deep strokes. Each time his cock touches your cervix, you inhale deeply and quickly…the skin all over your body is moist.Keeping the same thrusting motion of long strokes, he builds the tempo to a slightly faster stroke. His cock has never felt harder, and has never felt a softer, hotter, wetter, or tighter pussy. He closes his eyes and he continues his motion. Every inch of his shaft feels alive, and feels the touch of your tight opening, as it slides in and out past your beautiful pussy lips.Your hips have begun to thrust, with his. You are now signaling the tempo, as you sahabet giriş both move to a more rapid pace. Less deep now, but much faster. The muscles in your pussy are grabbing and letting go…squeezing and releasing. His cock is swelling…and his balls are tightening. Faster he pumps, faster. Both of you covered in sweat…and breathing short fast breaths.Your hips signal faster..faster. Your legs, curled behind his ass, are pushing his hips..to go deeper and harder. Slamming your bodies together, hard deep thrusts…your head is pushed back deep in your pillow, with your chin high as you help thrust. Your fists are clinched tight, grabbing to hold on to whatever piece of bed they can clutch.Your cheeks begin to tighten, your ass is as tight as you can squeeze it…you know you are both about to explode. Thrusting deep and hard…faster and faster…your whole body is tingling…you reach to your clit, just as the fastest, hardest strokes have your heads reeling. Rubbing your clit hard with your finger, he slams deeply inside you again and again…deeper, and harder, with each final thrust.As if it were orchestrated by a symphony, you both explode simultaneously. You feel the first wave of hot wet cum travel up his shaft, erupting, splashing hard on your cervix. Another stroke, another deep gush of warm feeling in your belly. He feels his balls tighten and command another flow. Still pumping feverishly you both lavish these timeless moments of climax.Your orgasms follow one another, first the flood of hot wet cum exploding from his cock deep inside you, then your pussy tingling to signal its own release…then that feeling of orgasm that seems to travel from the tip of your clit, to deep inside you..exciting every cell in your cunt as it travels to your lower spine…then up your body to the tips of your nipples. You shiver with each contraction. Both building the climax to a final explosion…the longest hottest flow of cum from his cock…now flooding your pussy…filling it. Your greatest orgasm hits you..and time stops as you feel it travel its way through you….then finally subside, into a warm numb feeling of ultimate satisfaction. How many orgasms was that?…you are wondering…20? 30? You only know that you have never had so many together.The gentle teasing of your clit, that you had started all alone, hours ago had now led to the most complete feeling your body had ever experienced. Even in your dreams, you had never risen to such heights. Now, even as sensitive as your pussy still is, it no longer aches for attention. You feel his cock resting still inside you. You feel the wet warmth of fulfillment surrounding it, and beginning to trickle out and run down over your ass and onto the bed. The fullness of his cock still feels good inside you…just motionless, but reassuringly still there. You feel pleased.As you both lay together, enjoying the afterglow of your lovemaking…he gently kisses your neck…and then your lips meet. Your arms tighten around him, holding on…holding on to each other. You kiss him hard, as your legs tighten around him, and release..then tighten again. He knowingly strokes your face…watching you, as you enjoy the smaller orgasms that always follow such passionate love making.Now, as your eyes open to stare deeply into his…a beautiful smile begins to soften your face. It is contagious, he smiles back…still gazing into your enchanting eyes. You close them again, and with a deep sigh, you drift into sleep.When you awake, you reach out for him…but find you are alone. Instead, you have been snuggling with your pillow. Was this a dream? You are not sure. It seemed so real. One thing is for sure…you have never awaken with such a wetness between your legs or such an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. You lay back and close your eyes…to dream that your incubus returns.

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