Inherent Attraction Pt. 02


Inherent Attraction

Part Two

In part one, Luke allowed himself to be seduced by his mother’s sister, Stella, when he met her for the first time in adulthood. She’d been in Norway with her husband for the previous nine years and he’d been in the Army Medical Corps before taking a job in a local hospital. He’d fallen for his aunt but she’d insisted on a six month cooling off period to test whether they were in love with each other enough to leave their existing partners and abandon their wider family.

Luke had moved south for a new job and had started a relationship with Jessica who he had ended up living with at her Aunt Fiona’s house. Sasha, Fiona’s daughter also lived with her. Fiona had stealthily fucked Luke on a number of occasions, it was her first taste of sex for a long time and she had come to realise how much she had missed it. At the same time, Fiona’s promiscuous daughter had tried repeatedly to seduce her mother. She’d eventually succeeded and had come to enjoy a dominant role in their sex life.

As Luke’s six month deadline approached, he’d realised that Stella was still the love of his life and she’d moved south to join him, thus they’d both broken ties with their family. As a parting ‘gift’ for Fiona, Luke had groomed her niece, Jessica, for her by arousing her in bed with fantasies of her being seduced by her aunt. Fiona had done exactly that on the day that Luke left to live with his own aunt in an incestuous relationship.

As her incestuous relationships with her daughter and niece began to deepen, Fiona realised that she had a dilemma, it had become increasingly difficult for her to conceal her her incest with each from the other. She now needed to steer her daughter and her niece toward an incestuous relationship with each other so that the three of them could form an illicit, incestuous household.

An Incestuous Household of Three

Fiona needn’t have worried about her niece feeling upset at her boyfriend moving out to live with his aunt. He came home from work, spoke to Jessica privately in the lounge, where tears failed to make an appearance and she took the news in her stride.

“I hope you understand that it’s for the best Jess, I’m in love with Stella, I want to be with her, we’ve both been ostracised by our family so we’re setting up home together down here come what may.”

“I wondered why you’d been so keen to push me into a sexual relationship with my aunt. You’ll be pleased to know that she seduced me this afternoon and I’ve never felt happier. I can be her lover now, a prospect that fills me with pleasure and the anticipation of sexual satisfaction the like of which I’ve never known, and that includes your eight inch dick.”

“Ouch! Well, we had some good times, I can’t deny it, but I’m sure she’ll look after you much better than I ever could. I’m sorry but I don’t regret anything.”

“What disappoints me most is that you didn’t tell me sooner, you’ve obviously been planning this ever since we met.”

“I’m sorry, perhaps in time you and Stella could meet and be friends.”

“I think you should pack your things and leave as soon as possible.”

Luke needed no further encouragement from Jessica, he had gone within thirty minutes leaving her to feel an enormous sense of relief as she poured herself a glass of wine and went looking for her aunt who she found working in her study.

“Did you know that Luke was planning to leave auntie?”

“Yes darling.”

“Is that why you asked me if I was in love with him earlier this afternoon?”

“Yes, I would have been heartbroken for you if you’d said that you were so I was mightily relived when you said that you were not.”

“Has he helped you set this up?”

“Set what up darling.”

“This, you and me, what happened this afternoon?”

“Yes, kind of, he discovered that I’d got lustful feelings for you and he helped sow the seed in your mind. I’m sorry if it seemed underhand, I love you and I wanted you but I didn’t know how to even begin to tell you. When he told me that you fantasised about me seducing you I was so turned on at the prospect of getting you into bed that I’m afraid I wasn’t always thinking clearly.”

“Does Sasha know about us too?”

“Goodness no, and you must promise not to say anything to her. I hope this hasn’t spoilt things for you darling, I mean spoilt what we had together this afternoon, I’d be mortified if you no longer wanted to be my lover.”

“I do still want to be your lover but it’s been an emotional day and I’m tired, I’ll go up to my room for a lie down now and I might see you later if you’re not working too late this evening.”

Fiona was about to embrace her niece when Sasha burst into the room in her new outfit. It was a tight fitting, long sleeved, knitted, black mini dress with a low cut v-neck and back, she wore black opaque hold up stockings and very high black, stiletto court shoes and had her auburn hair up in a pony tail. Her face was beautifully made up with tasteful eye shadow and Kıbrıs Escort scarlet lipstick.

Fiona looked from her daughter to her niece and back again, she had to catch her breath at the sight of two very shapely and alluring young women in short skirts and high heels. She also needed to pinch herself to realise that she was fucking both of them now.

“My my Sasha, you look absolutely wonderful, which lucky girl is going to be taking you home tonight?”

“Thank you mother, but I’m not on the pull tonight, I just want to have a good time with friends.”

“Okay, look I’m sorry to steal your thunder but Jess has some news for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Luke has left, he’s going to live with his aunt, his mother’s younger sister.”

“Oh, wasn’t he happy living here with three sexy women then? …I don’t understand, why would he want to lodge with his aunt and does that mean that you and him are no longer an item?”

“He’s not going to be lodging with his aunt Sash, he’s going to be fucking her.”

“Fucking her, my God Jess. When did this all happen?”

“She seduced him six months ago and they’ve been fucking in secret since then, she’s left her husband and the family cut them both off completely.”

“Are you okay with this Jess?”

“Yes, our relationship wasn’t going anywhere and it’s a relief to be honest.”

“Well I’m surprised to say the least, not because of his aunt, I doesn’t bother me that he’s fucking a close relative but he’s let you down by not being honest with you until now.”

“No it’s okay Sash, really. I feel like I’ve been set free.”

“So you’ll be in the market for a nice young man then?”

“Who said anything about men?”

“Fuck Jess, you’re not thinking of batting for the other side are you?”

“Who knows Sash, I’m just feeling footloose and fancy free at the moment, but I don’t think I’ll be straying too far from home in my search for a bit of sexual intimacy,” said Jessica as she gave her aunt a meaningful look.

Fiona quickly changed the subject, “Sasha, why don’t you take Jess out with you tonight, she can go in what she’s wearing, she looks gorgeous enough.”

“Yeah Jess, come out with me, I’ll fix you up with a nice sexy woman, quite a few of my friends fancy you already.”

“I don’t think she wants fixing up Sash, I think she maybe could just do with her mind taking off things,” said Fiona, slightly alarmed at the prospect of her new conquest looking for intimacy with another woman.”

“Thank you, both of you for thinking of me but I’m really whacked, I’ll just go up to my room and have a snooze, maybe we could go out some other time Sash.”

“It’s a date Jess, wow, who’d have thought it, my sexy cousin’s thinking about becoming a Lezzie.”

“Don’t get carried away Sash, I merely said that I wasn’t looking for a man at the moment.”

“Ah well, why let the facts get in the way of a good story I always say, you’ll see the light one day.”

“I’ve already seen it and it’s dazzling,” thought Jessica.

“Have a great time Sash and I’ll see you tomorrow, goodnight, goodnight Aunt Fiona.”

“Goodnight Jess.”

Jessica took herself off to her bedroom where she undressed and slipped naked under the duvet. She was genuinely tired and a little frazzled, Luke’s leaving had got to her more than she would have admitted to herself. It was only eight o’clock but she was soon sound asleep, she’d been touching herself as she’d drifted off dreaming of her mother making love to her Aunt Fiona.

As soon as she thought that Jessica was out of earshot, Fiona spoke to her daughter, “Well, I’ve still got loads to do, have a lovely time Sasha and I hope I’ll see you when you get home, if I’m in bed, make sure that come and tuck me in,” she said pointedly.

Sasha took hold of her mother’s arm and turned her to face her as she was about to make her way back to her study, “Listen carefully to me young lady, I’ll be home at the stroke of midnight and you will be kneeling respectfully in the hallway, facing the front door, with your hands behind your back. You’ll be wearing nothing but black stockings, suspenders and stilettos and your head will be bowed in deference to your mistress, do you understand me girl?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Good, but should you displease me in any way, you will be severely punished.”

“Yes mistress, may I go now please?”

“Yes, run along and make sure that you’re ready to obey my instructions when I return.”

Fiona entered her study with her pussy juices pooling into the gusset of her panties, she was still trembling with excitement at Sasha’s words and the thought of being disciplined by her later on. As soon as she heard the front door close, she crept up stairs to check that Jessica had gone to bed then she went to lie down on her own bed and, with trembling hands, hitched up the hem of her skirt and inserted her favourite vibrator into her tingling cunt.


Luke was Lefkoşa Escort welcomed into the waiting arms of his Aunt Stella, she’d travelled down from the north and moved into their new furnished apartment earlier in the day. She’d changed into a tight, knee length red dress and black stiletto heels, fixed her hair and got out two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Luke dropped his bags inside the front door and there they stayed for several hours, ignored and untouched, just like the champagne, while he and his aunt fucked each other to a standstill.

He’d barely got through the front door and dropped his bags before Stella had dropped to her knees in front of him, unzipped his fly and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock which set like rock the moment she took it into her mouth. He came groaning loudly as he leant back against the inside of the front door, this at least had the advantage of closing the door to any curious neighbours while his aunt performed fellatio on him.

He pumped thick strands of semen into his aunt’s throat then pulled her up off the floor, carried her into the bedroom, removed her dress, spread her stocking clad legs and fucked her vigorously while he was still hard. She came wildly and begged him not to stop as she felt the surging tide of a second orgasm on the coattails of the first.

They fucked into the early hours and declared their desperate, undying, incestuous love for each other. They knew that they would never see their families again but they had what they wanted most in life, each other.


After pleasuring herself with her vibrator, Fiona forced herself to do some work in her study until just after eleven o’clock when she stretched, yawned and made her way up to her en-suite to take a shower. Her weariness was more than matched by the excitement and anticipation of what her daughter would be doing to her in just under an hour. It had been a long day, she’d seduced and fucked her niece in an erotic, physical encounter. It had helped her deal with long buried feelings that had troubled her since she had fucked her long deceased sister many years earlier.

As she soaped her breasts, she allowed her mind to wander through interchangeable fantasies of making love to her sister and her sister’s daughter. First she remembered Alice’s face, etched with the ecstasy of the moment of orgasm, then she remembered Jessica’s face likewise. The two faces became one and an idea occurred to her.

After her sister had died ten years ago, she had been responsible for taking on the care of her niece and disposing of her sister’s possessions. She had no idea why, but she suddenly remembered that she had left a suitcase full of Alice’s best clothes in the loft meaning to take them to a charity shop but she’d never got round to doing it and had forgotten that it was there. She was sure that the suitcase still contained the pink, early eighties, knee length wrap over dress that Alice had worn on the night that they had pleasured each other with their incestuous fingers.

Still thinking about the dress, Fiona got out of the shower and towelled herself dry. As she did so, a growing realisation dawned on her, she could ask Jessica to wear her mother’s dress and pretend to be her while Fiona made love to her. Her pussy clenched at the idea, she was so turned on by the thought that she had to stop herself from waking Jessica up now to tell her about it.

It was soon eleven thirty so Fiona put her fantasy aside and took on the mantle of her submissive persona ready for her daughter’s arrival. She dried her long red hair and fitted a black four strap suspender belt around her waist and attached a pair of black seamed stockings, then she stepped into her highest black stilettos.

As she looked at herself in the full length mirror, a dribble of pussy juice began to run down her inner left thigh. She took a tissue and wiped it away then removed her shoes and tiptoed carrying them along the landing and stood with an ear to Jessica’s bedroom door. Satisfied that her niece was sound asleep, she made her way quietly downstairs to the lounge to wait for her daughter’s arrival.

She trembled as she imagined what Sasha was going to do to her. She was ready for anything, In the past three weeks she had regularly crept along the landing in the dead of night to be sexually dominated by her daughter. She had been spanked, bound, made to lick her shoes, made to kneel in front of her and generally humiliated before being granted spectacular orgasmic release.

Once or twice when they were tired they had simply made love but they usually liked to indulge their new found domination and submission tendencies. Fiona, a formidable and assertive barrister in her working life, had discovered the erotic pleasure of surrendering to her eighteen year old daughter in the bedroom. Sasha had discovered that she was a natural dominatrix. Her ability to sexually tease, taunt and humiliate her mother to perfectly Girne Escort timed multiple orgasms was well beyond the scope of most women her age.

At two minutes to midnight, looking out of her lounge window, Fiona saw a taxi draw up into the pool of streetlight at the end of her driveway. A rear door opened and her daughter got out showing her glorious shapely legs and a flash of pale thigh above her hold up stocking tops. She looked magnificent in her high heeled stilettos as she started toward the front door.

Fiona hurried into the hallway and got down on her knees, she hadn’t put any lights on so the hall was only dimly lit by the distant streetlight. She knelt, upright, bowed her head and placed her hands behind her back as though her wrists were bound together. Seconds later, she heard her daughter’s key turning in the lock, the door swung open and a broad shaft of yellow light fell across her kneeling figure.

It made her red hair glow from the top of her bowed head, along the long strands as they fell down onto her shoulders. It also cast the sensuous shadows of her teardrop shaped breasts onto her ribcage. The pale skin of her tapered luminescent waist gave way to her black, panelled suspender belt which emphasised her curvaceous hips while its long straps, clipped to the welt of her black stockings, framed her naked red haired bush and her glistening pussy. A trickle of cunt juice made its way down her inner left thigh and ran into the welt of her stocking.

Sasha stood in the doorway for a long moment admiring the erotic work of art before her. She wanted to stand there forever drinking in the sight of her beautiful mother in her respectful upright kneeling position.

Fiona’s eyes were cast down to the oak floor, the front door closed and the hallway grew dark again until Sasha switched on a small table lamp with a dark burgundy shade. The dim red glow gave the hallway an dusky, sensual atmosphere. Fiona heard the unmistakable sound of stilettos on the hard floor as her daughter moved slowly over to the umbrella stand. Sasha had hidden a riding crop among the umbrellas before she had gone out, her pussy tingled as she removed it from the stand and approached her submissive, kneeling mother.

A pair of black stilettos and her daughter’s shapely black stockinged calves came into Fiona’s field of vision. She shuddered slightly as she saw the business end of the riding crop dangling from Sasha’s right hand. Her daughter placed the end of the crop under her chin and lifted her face. Fiona was awed by the smouldering purposeful look in her brown eyes. Sasha’s pulse quickened at the sight of her mother’s submissive yet willing blue eyes.

“Well well, my beautiful, sexy, obedient mother has been a very good girl. She deserves to be rewarded for behaving so well and looking so alluring and desirable.”

Sasha withdrew the crop from Fiona’s chin and she cast her head down again. Daughter slowly circled mother with deliberate strides, pausing behind her to run the end of the riding crop down her spine into the cleft between her buttocks. Fiona trembled with arousal and released another trickle into the welt of her stocking.

“I like my girls to know their place,” said Sasha as she slowly came around in front of her kneeling mother.

Sasha put the crop under her mother’s chin and lifted her head again.

“You may look at me for a moment while I decide how to reward you.”

She traced a line with the riding crop down her mother’s throat, onto her chest and between her breasts.

“My goodness these are so very, very hard, are you thinking dirty thoughts about your daughter?” said Sasha as she gently prodded her mother’s nipples with the crop.

“You have my permission to answer my question, are you thinking dirty thoughts about your daughter?” she said as she ran the crop down to her mother’s bush and paused it on top of her pubic bone.

Fiona bowed her head again and said, “Yes,” in almost a whisper.

Sasha pushed the crop into the wet cleft between her mother’s labia and stroked it slowly up and down.

“Speak up girl, are you thinking dirty thoughts about your daughter? Look at me when you answer.”

Fiona raised her head and marvelled at the vision before her in her short knitted black dress, with long sleeves and a low cut v-neck that showed off her ample cleavage. The dress followed her every sensuous curve and skimmed her thighs just below her lace patterned stocking tops. Fiona trembled again with arousal and desire induced by the sight of her domineering daughter and the probing tip of the riding crop.

“Well, answer me.”

“Yes mistress.”

“You depraved, filthy minded girl, and you’ve spoiled my riding crop with your brazen ejaculation. Lick it clean you shameless slut.”

Sasha pushed the end of the crop into her mother’s mouth and made her clean it. Then she withdrew it and sunk it back into the folds of her wet labia, ensured that it was well covered in pussy juice and smeared it over the surface of the shoe on her right foot.

“Well, what are you waiting for girl, lick my shoe clean. Fiona bent forward and obeyed, still keeping her hands behind her back. Her tongue swept over the leather surface as she lapped up every drop of the contents of her own cunt juice.

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