Jake’s Personal Trainer Ch. 02


Author’s Note:

It’s been a bit since the last chapter (I’m in college and I’m busy) but here you go. I did not expect the numbers I got on my first one, that was crazy. I tried out a lotta new material this time, including some ~gay~ scenes, so if that’s not for you, then this chapter isn’t for you. Let me know where you guys want the story to go, and if you want more or less guy on guy content in the future. Any feedback you’ve got, let me hear it. I aim to please.


Jake’s training had been going well. He’d been going daily for almost a month and his progress started moving a lot faster since Jen started “motivating” him. Ever since that fateful day in the showers, she’d been insistent on giving him his “protein shakes” after every workout. He thought back to the second time she had done it to him.

She was on her knees, looking up at him with her big, brown eyes. The water from the shower head was hitting his back, shielding her from its torrent and massaging his sensitive skin. Despite her position, she and Jake both knew who held the power. She had one hand stroking Jake’s long cock, and two fingers halfway buried in his increasingly trained ass.

“J-Jen?’ Jake struggled to get his words out. “Do I have to have my…um” His moans interrupted his train of thought and his words, in that order. He let loose moans so high anyone walking by would think Jen was the one getting her ass fucked.

“Use your words Jakey” Jen encouraged, stroking him faster and curling her fingers, brushing his prostate. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him. Her voice was easy and soothing, assuring him, but certainly talking down to him. “What do you want?”

His breathing grew deeper. The tingling in his legs had started, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. “Do I really have to drink the protein shake every time?”

She smiled at him as she pumped, meeting his eyes with her own intense stare. “Aww sweetie” She started. “Only I can call it your protein shake. Toys have to use the proper name.”

If he wasn’t already so flushed from nearly an hour of exercise and 10 minutes of Jen milking him, he would blush. Her fingers were speeding up in his ass, he wasn’t sure which of her hands would make him finish first. “My cum” He replied.

“Full sentences, sweetie”

“D-do I have to drink my cum for you every time?”

She laughed dismissively. “Of course you do, toy” She bottomed out into his ass, relishing in the involuntary squeak he let out. The first day she had definitely been gentle, letting him get a feel for it to see if he enjoyed it. Now that she knew he was her ass slut, she knew she could treat him as such. She mercilessly milked her new whore’s ass, jerking his cock in long, smooth, quick strokes. His precum leaked more, working as lube on Jen’s hand and letting her jerk him faster. She felt his breathing shift and his cock begin to twitch, and took her hand off his cock. She twisted her fingers, stroking his prostate deeper, faster. He whined at the loss of sensation on his cock, but could feel his orgasm still building. Slowly, gently, his cum poured out of his cock, and into her mouth.

He groaned at the frustration of such a slow release, not explosive like he’s used to. Still, he was much too busy orgasming to complain. Jen got off her knees, lightly putting her hands on Jake’s waist. She pressed him against the wall, taking her time to savor his taste. She made a mental note to make him swap out whatever he usually had at breakfast, his cum was for the both of them, and it had to meet her standards. She pressed her lips against his, keeping her tongue in her mouth, giving him the hope he wouldn’t have to swallow it all down. She grinned against his lips. She could feel his tongue darting into her mouth: he wanted it. She obliged, using her own to push his load over and pulled away to watch him swallow his mid-day snack.

She smiled and patted his cheek. “Good boy. After work, grab some berries, almond milk, and a couple bananas. A nice smoothie for breakfast every day will make your protein shake taste better for you and me” She turned and walked out, giving Jake the view of her sculpted ass he always looked forward to.

From then on he had started off each day with a smoothie, and ended each workout with his “protein shake.” Somewhere along the line, he started drinking actual protein shakes after his showers. Jen’s work had started paying off. He was already scrawny, so it’s not like he had fat to burn. He found himself eating more and getting more toned for it. He knew he’d never have a bigger build, but his stomach had become more toned, his arms gaining some definition for the first time. Slightly more embarrassingly, his ass looked divine. For the first time, he wasn’t scrawny.

Still skinny mind you, just not scrawny.

He finished blending his Antalya Escort smoothie, sticking a straw in it as he grabbed his workout bag. It had been one item lighter these past few weeks: the no underwear at the gym rule meant he only needed to bring his workout clothes and spare socks. He had noticed more stares during runs around the block with Jen. Couples walking down the street would have one half staring at Jen’s bouncing breasts and the other watching Jake try (and fail) to keep his boner down. He constantly had to adjust to stop himself from popping out, but he knew Jen wouldn’t accept any other uniform.

By the time he got to work, his smoothie was gone and his mind was clear. He really had to hand it to her, he looked and felt a little better with each passing day. Work was still excruciating, but his confidence in himself had grown, and it made life more bearable. He finally built up the confidence to do his work knowing that he was good at what he did.

“Hey fuckface” He heard from behind him.

Well, he could be confident most of the time. Darren was his coworker, not much older than him, but anyone who saw the way he treated him would think he’s his boss. From day one, he’d made sure to treat Jack as his personal workplace doormat. He’d swoop every project out from under him, take every opportunity to make himself look better at his expense. He’d spilt a few too many cups of coffee for it to be accidental.

Jake heard Darren kick his bag. “You tryna get fit?” Darren questioned, walking to the side of Jake’s cubicle. He rolled his sleeves up from his forearms, freeing his biceps. Jake could feel himself flush at the display, but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. It wasn’t professional and could definitely get him in hot water, but any supervisors either weren’t there or didn’t care.

“You’re definitely not getting to my size, but keep working and you can start lifting with my baby niece!”

Jake’s face burned as he heard him bark a laugh. He turned his head from his work, knowing that he wouldn’t leave him alone until he at least acknowledged him. His eyes flitted over his coworker’s arms once again. Despite his boasting, he wasn’t all that impressive. Sure, he had a bigger frame, but Jake was sure he’d been coasting on the athleticism of his youth. With a couple more months’ work, Jake bet he would probably be able to lift more than him.

“C’mon now” Darren teased as he leaned over the cubicle. “It was funny. Stop being such a tightass and laugh”

Jake turned back to his work, ignoring his calls out for Jake to laugh. After a few minutes, realizing he’d gotten the most out of him he could for the day, he walked away. He sat still at his desk, not even risking a bathroom break in fear he’d be trapped into another conversation with him. He finally came to his lunch break, looked over his shoulder to make sure Darren was still at his desk, and bolted out the door. He’d have to change at the gym, but it was worth the two blocks in his work clothes.

Jen was still downstairs when he came through the doors. “Oh hi Jakey.” She said, surprised that he was there so early. Her eyes flicked down then back up to his eyes. Her smile faltered a little, but she still seemed happy to see him. His pants started to tighten at the mere sight of her. He was just as happy to see her. “Come on upstairs, we can squeeze in a little more time”

She gestured for him to go up the narrow stairwell and followed behind him. They were barely out of eye sight when she reached up to grab his ass. Jake let out a mix between a yelp and a whimper, but kept his march up the stairs. They got to the top and he made his way towards the locker room. Jen opened the door to their room.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Jake knew he was in trouble but was confused as to why. “To change?”

Jen shook her head and pointed into the open door she was holding open. Jake turned around and walked into the room, his head down, and his near permanent blush on his cheeks. She followed, closing and locking the door behind her. She leaned against the wall and locked eyes with him. She lifted her hand and pointed downward.

Jake got the message and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down. He hooked his finger into the waistband of his underwear but Jen walked toward him, placing her palm right on his cloth covered happy trail.

“I thought I told you no underwear?”

He flushed. “W-well I had to change here cause of this asshole at work and I didn’t wanna sta-“

She interrupted his stuttered apology. “No excuses.” She chastised. “If there’s a chance of you coming here, you shouldn’t wear underwear at all. So now you’ve lost the privilege.”


“No underwear. Ever. I don’t care where you are, what you’re doing. Unless I tell you otherwise, you don’t get to wear any at all.”

Jake was embarrassed. He gave a meek nod on the outside, Antalya Escort Bayan but on the inside, liked the idea. He would never be able to say it out loud, but he liked the idea of a constant reminder of her control over him. He turned around and slid his underwear off, making sure to bend over as he did. He could feel her eyes burn into his ass. He reached back to fish his clothes out of his bag and faced the wall once again, still embarrassed to be nude in front of Jen. As he started to step into his shorts, he felt small, strong hands grip his waist. Jen gently pulled his naked body against her, her breasts on his back, and her hips gently sliding against his ass.

“I don’t plan on making you run outside today, hun.” Jen started, placing light kisses along his back. Though not much taller, he still had her 5’4 frame by 4 inches, standing at a strong 5’8. Her light kisses turned to light nibbles, grazing her teeth over everything in her reach while keeping his ass firmly against her. “So this can be your outfit from now on, okay? Every time we’re not outside, you’ll be in your birthday suit, just for me.”

Jake knew he would normally protest, but her lips on his skin was enough to quell any argument. She knew just how to play him. She guided him by the hips against a wall. One hand at a time, she placed his arms against it as a brace, and pulled his hips back. She slid down onto her knees behind him, letting her hands trace down his legs as she descended. She cupped his newly toned ass.

“I have to admit, I do good work.” She admired. “I mean you weren’t bad before, but this ass is even starting to get impressive. I’m sure there’s already plenty of people who want to ruin you.” She placed a hand on either cheek, a small smile forming as she felt him quiver underneath her touch. She spread his ass open, brought her face so close he could feel her breath.

“If you’re a really really good boy, this can be your prize.” She let go and popped to her feet, walking away from him like nothing happened. He was as hard as a rock, but she wasn’t going to let that get in the way. After all, they had work to do.


Despite his new outfit, the session went along without many distractions. Truth be told, Jen was enjoying watching him get more and more fit, and was determined for him to progress even faster. She still gave him the encouragement she needed, and even wore white sports bras on days she planned on pushing him extra hard. The more he worked, the more she would train him, and the sweatier both of them got. The sweatier she got, the harder he got. The harder he got, the more she teased.

And the cycle went on.

And so was the next month. Jake slowly adjusted to going commando all the time, and had actually grown quite fond of it. He mostly just went to work and the gym so it’s not like he had to stuff himself into jeans. Gone were the days of restriction: he was free.

Jen gave him time to acclimate to training, letting the progress go on. After more than two months of daily training, he’d come even further. He came into March rivaling the toned body he had in his P.E. class all those years ago. When he wore tight enough shirts, the definition he’d earned was visible. He was by no means ‘cut,’ but he was proud of his body. For the first time in years, he had a six pack again. When he moved, he could see the muscle ripple under his skin, and as much as he was too embarrassed to admit it to Jen out loud, his ass did look phenomenal. As soon as he learned to accept it, he replaced all of his ratty runner’s shorts with spandex. Skin tight, all revealing spandex. He knew he had to share his new found gift with everyone that came across him, and his ass was turning the heads of women and men.

As the New Year rush had dwindled more and more, and other clients came in less and less, there started to be some days where Jake would be Jen’s only client for hours. She had figured he’d be something fun to toy with for a few weeks, and that he’d be out the door for the final time by mid-February like most others, but he had surprised her. More than that, he had impressed her. Not just in his progress, but in his constitution, his personality —- how much she liked being with him even for just their hour together. She had stared at him during the lull of their warm-ups from the beginning, but she found herself staring at his face almost as much as his cock.

Jake, of course, was enjoying his time with her more than ever. He was fit, and as embarrassing as it was, he enjoyed her rules more than anything else. He had even started craving his protein shakes, but had forgone masturbation entirely. Jen provided more than enough release, and he wanted to make as much for her as possible.

Which made it especially hard to skip his first workout Escort Antalya all year. All that progress,, and he had to crack the second week of March. He didn’t want to, of course, she quickly became the best part of his day. But, work was still work, and some days, he couldn’t afford to leave the building for lunch. He’d fucked up, he knew it was bound to happen. A report had gone without submitting, and now his ass was on the line if it wasn’t done ASAP, by any means possible. He went to text Jen to let her know, only to realize he had never gotten her number.


He figured he would deal with the fallout later and get to work now, making sure to stick to Jen’s uniform, even if he didn’t intend to work out with her that day. By that point, even on weekends, when he had zero chance of seeing her, he still followed her rules. He slid on a pair of work pants, noticing in the mirror how well he filled them out now compared to before. Where he fell a little flat before, from behind, his bottom half could almost be mistaken for a woman’s. He took not more than a few seconds to admire himself, cursing his growing vanity as he grabbed his keys and half-ran to his car.

Being the competent young man he is, his mishap was resolved well before the end of the work-day. Being the unlucky young man he is, he didn’t finish until after the lunch break, and his boss damn sure wasn’t letting him out. Everyone ran on a strict schedule, it’s how they kept efficiency.

‘No lunch, and worse yet, no Jen.’ He thought to himself. ‘Shake it off. I can go a few more hours without something to snack on, and I’m sure she’ll understand if I come in later today and explain what happened.’

But the hours crawled on, and his 4:30 release seemed like it would never come as the hour hand seemed to hug onto 2 p.m. for dear life. The growls coming from his stomach had to be audible to all the desks around him, and he wasn’t desperate enough to ruin his diet with a vending machine to quell his hunger. Still, it was having its effects. He could feel himself grow more irritable. He felt a tap on his shoulder and took a deep breath in, ready to stare Darren down.

Instead, he found himself looking deep into the deep, brown eyes of Jen, standing over his desk in matching teal sports bra and leggings, with a boxed garden salad in hand, smiling down at him. His breath caught in his throat, an involuntary smile spread across his face. He made attempts at speaking, all of which came out as incoherent grasps at a greeting.

She laughed and placed it on his desk. “I figured you hadn’t gotten to leave for lunch today. I know damn well you don’t wanna miss out on any sessions, and if you hadn’t seen me, you probably hadn’t seen anything but your desktop all day.”

Jake’s blush creeped from his neck across his cheeks. “O-oh y-you didn’t have to, it’s really okay. I’m sorry I wasn’t there earlier, I had to finish this project and I’m not allowed out outside of my lunch hour and I really did wanna make it but I just couldn’t and I don’t have your number so I couldn’t tell you and I didn’t have time to see you before and…” He began to run out of steam. “I’m sorry”

Her smile grew wider, letting another laugh escape her mouth. “It’s okay, you’re still my best client.” He was glad she was keeping it professional in public, she had his balls in her hands almost as hard as she did when she literally had his balls in her hands.

He looked around to see his many, many male coworkers leering at her. Her leggings left nothing to the imagination, and her sports bra held up soft breasts above firmer abs. He was embarrassed that all this attention was on them, more than a little upset that it was on her, and was floored to see that Darren was coming toward them.

“Let’s move somewhere we won’t disturb all these nice people” He stood up and walked Jen to the water cooler at the end of the room, one hand on the small of her back. It’d only been a few days since their Friday session, but he already missed being this close to her. She had worked out today surely, but he didn’t know how she always managed to smell so damn good. Not like perfume or soap, but her. He watched her look back a few times out of the corner of his eye, flashing a smile, undoubtedly to a waving Darren, but walked on in vain. They turned a corner into an unimpressive breakroom, with a few chairs, and a singular water cooler against the wall. It didn’t take long for them to reach the water, and not long after for Darren to as well.

“Hey there.” Darren said to her. “Darren. I’m Jake’s coworker, clearly. And you must be…a sister? Best friend? Cause I know there’s no way someone like you likes boys like this”

Darren seemed to ignore the fact that Jake was getting larger now, and while much smaller in frame, his body was beginning to look much better than his douchier counterpart’s. He reached past Jen to fill a paper cup full of water, and leaned one arm against the wall near her face, trapping her between himself and the wall.

She looked up at him, not rude, but unfazed. “I’m his trainer” She said, a little tongue-in-cheek for Jake, but obviously going over Darren’s head. “But he’s my type, I must say”

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