Joey’s B’day Present from His Mom


Until Thursday, I had never, not even in the slightest, dreamed of associating my Mom and sex in the same sentence, not even in the same breath, not at all, ever. She’s my Mom and I am her son and well, it just never occurred to me to think about her that way. I had my birthday on Wednesday, eighteen at last! I’ve had a few girlfriends but we never got into it that much. My Mom is about twenty years older than me, for heaven’s sake. That all changed Thursday afternoon when I got home from school about an hour earlier than usual. They cancelled last class because the teacher was off sick. I dumped my stuff in my room and decided I needed a piss. I share a bathroom with my brother, Tommy. He’s two years older than me and his room is along the hall from mine. Opposite his room is Mom and Dad’s room. They have their own bathroom next to their bedroom, en-suite I am told it’s called. Our bathroom is next door to theirs. I always sit to piss, my dad’s from a German family, it’s what they do apparently. I was relaxing quietly when I heard my Dad groaning quietly through the wall of the bathroom.

“What’s he doing home so early?” I wondered.

I sprayed my dick with the mini-shower and wiped him dry. I zipped up and pulled down my T. Curiosity got the better of me. I leaned my head and ear against the wall and listened. I could hear him, faint but clear as he spoke.

“Oh, Lanny, that is just so fucking sexy. Just go slow. Don’t rush me. Let me enjoy this. It’s been a while since you sucked me off so I want to make it last.”

Lanny is my dad’s name for Mom. Her name is Laura-Anne. I heard nothing for a moment. I decided to leave and go back to my room when Dad said,

“Get ready, Lanny. I’m coming. I’m gonna come. I’m gonna blow your fucking head off, Lanny. Just keep sucking, keep pumping, yes, that’s it, a little moooorrrree, oh fuck me, I’m coming, coming, coming, oh God all fucking mighty. Jeezus H fucking amazing, agghh! Did you swallow all of that?”

Much to my surprise, I was as hard as a crowbar. I had just heard my dad shoot his load into my Mom’s mouth and she had swallowed the lot. I hurried back to my room and locked the door. I kicked off my Jordans and my Levis. My dick was red, straining, ready. I began to pump, my left hand gripping my sack, pulling it down. My right pumped; one eighty beats per minute, regular, like a metronome, the way I like it to make it last.

I closed my eyes and I can see my Mom kneeling in front of me. She is sitting on her heels, naked. Her head is back, her mouth is open and she is looking up at me, smiling. Her hands hold her fabulous firm breasts, kneading the globes of warm flesh, her fingers squeezing her nipples, hard. She shakes her head to clear her hair from her face and says,

“Come on, Big Boy. Give it all to Mommy. Let me have your hot cum, Mommy needs her protein shake. Come for me, Joey, come for Mommy.”

I jack harder, faster. Much faster than I normally jack off. I shoot out a rope of cum, long, thick, heavy, it lands on the back of her throat and tongue. Her head jerks. The second, third and fourth ropes all land on her tongue as she moves her head closer to my pulsing cock. When all that emerges from the slit is a thick drop, she dips her head forward and takes the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucks, reaches up for my dick and pumps, once, twice, three times, draining every drop onto her tongue. She lets go, leans her head back and opens her mouth. Her tongue is covered with my thick cream. It’s been three days since I nutted so there’s a whole heap of cum there. She looks me in the eyes and swallows, a huge grin splitting her face as it slithers down inside her belly.

“Thank you, Joey. Will you be ready to give me some more for your birthday?”


Today is my birthday party, three days late but we waited until the weekend. Eighteen and all sorts of things have changed for me. I get to vote in the state elections next month. In this state, I can drink, get married, join the military and get my own insurance. My parents have allowed a party with some friends of mine. There will be about twenty of us at our house, alcohol included! Tommy has bought some vodka and whiskey even though our parents said only beer and wine but he has always been a rebel. It’s Saturday so no school, no chores and Tommy’s home for the whole weekend. He’s working in the city and sees us when he has no date for the weekend, which is not often these days. He’s made an exception for my birthday and arrived on Friday night with no woman in tow. Just the bottles in his car.

“Joey, eighteen eh? How’s it feel? You ready to be an adult, you screwball?”

“I’ve always been more adult than you, Tommy. You know it. What happened to Sarah, or was it Sally, or Shiboan?”

“They’re hanging, all of them. I told them I was visiting little brother and they were not invited to the coming of age party. So what’s new with you? You got a regular fuck buddy yet?”

“Fuck off. My personal life is personal, not like yours which is all over social media like a şişli escort viral meme.”

“You’re jealous, little bro, I can tell. You want some action, eh? I can fix that for you.”

“I’m good, thanks. Are you running the pass on the BBQ tonight? Only I want my steak medium, not charcoaled. You need to stay sober, man.”

“Your wish is my command, Bro. Jerry is doing the cooking so it should be good. Pop hired him for the night. Are they gonna be here tonight or will they split?”

“Mom said they were going to town to a movie and dinner and would be back, ‘late’, so she said.” Joey quoted his Mom.

At seven, the first guest arrived. Marty and his squeeze, Kim. She of the fabulous breasts and he of the inadequate wiener, so we are told by Kim’s sister, Kerry. She has given them until Kim finds a dude with a dick and ditches him. Kerry wants me to ask her on a date but I think I’ll pass. I’m still the youngest at my party.

Kerry arrives soon after her sister with Tony on her arm. He’s a jock and apparently has some staying power, according to Kerry. He and I are friends but not buddies. He’s the jock, he draws the girls, I’m the not too geeky nerd who helps him with his homework so we are a team. More guests arrive in dribs and drabs over the next hour. We drink cans of beer, the girls drink wine, Tommy makes cocktails for the girls who are ready to get laid and we eat. Jerry churns out food on the BBQ fit for a king and his banquet. He’s a semi-pro chef hoping to open his own place and does us all proud. There is music, some dancing, some karaoke and some trips to the dark spots of the garden where a few of the couples get it on. The bedrooms are out of bounds, we tell them.

Tommy sits with me and asks,

“So what’s your big present from the APs?”

“Dad promised me a car, up to two grand if I pass my test next week.”

“Wow, a car! And you still in college. You really need a car?”

“No, but he seems to think I deserve one even if college is only a fifteen minute bike ride. He wants me to have some status! So he said.”

“Status, with a two grand car! Who’s he trying to kid, eh?”

“Hey, let me ask you something. Do you know that Mom and Dad still have sex?”

“Ha, really? You mean like because they are both over forty they have to stop? Come on man, of course they still have sex. You don’t ever have to stop, you know? I know for sure Aunt Gillian is still doing it on a regular basis and she’s over fifty.”

“Really? Gross. Too much information, Man. I like Gillian.”

“What made you ask about the APs? You catch them at it?”

“Well, no. I heard them on Thursday afternoon. They were in their bathroom. I was taking a piss and I heard Dad groaning. I listened and he was talking to Mom, telling her to suck it and stuff. The he shouted and came in her mouth. He even said that watching her swallow was the best thing.”

“Well, it is, isn’t it?. Have you done that? I guess not.”

“What do you know? I get my share, thank you, Tommy. It’s just that thinking about Mom doing that is just such a surprise, I guess. I never thought about them still doing it. I thought they would stop after we were born.”

“Ha. Not a chance. Mom is still a hot chick. She’s probably on the pill and they fuck as much now as they ever did. Well, maybe not as much as on their honeymoon but still enough to keep them happy. Why did you think they would stop? Just because little Joey completed the family, then they stop fucking? You are joking, Kiddo, surely.”

“I dunno. I never really thought about it. Can you imagine Mom sucking Dad’s dick until he shoots his load in her mouth?”

“What are you? Some kind of pervert? Of course I don’t imagine them fucking or sucking anything, you weirdo. Get me a beer, Bro.”


Mom and Dad arrived home at a bit before one o’clock. Mom drove. Dad had fallen asleep in the car. She and Tommy took him upstairs and got him into bed. Most of my friends had left the party, just a few die-hards sat around the BBQ and continued drinking and sharing joints. I didn’t bother to tell them to stop when my parents came home. I figured they had smoked at the same age so it would be cool.

I was sitting with Tommy, not doing much, taking the occasional hit and sipping on my beer. I didn’t like getting drunk.

Mom came and sat between us. She held a cold beer and tapped it against our tins.

“Hello, my Darling Boys. Great to see you having a good time. Happy Birthday, Joey. How was the party?”

“Great, Mom. Thanks. How was dinner and the movie?” I asked.

“The movie was meh but dinner was fantastic. Four courses and a bottle of wine, which is why your father is out like a light. I abstained so I could drive. Just a couple of beers for me. So, what have you guys been talking about in our absence?”

“Nothing much.” said Joey.

“Joey was wondering if you still have sex now you’re both over forty!” said Tommy.

Mom spat a few drops of beer out as she reacted to Tommy’s remark.

“What ever made beşiktaş escort you ask that, Joey? Aside from the fact I’m thirty nine until next month.”

“Shut up, Tommy. Why’d you say that? I’m sorry, Mom. He shouldn’t have said that. That was private.”

“Not any more it’s not. Come on, out with it. Why’d you ask?” asked Mom.

“He heard you giving Dad a blow job and was surprised you still do it now that we are all grown up!” Tommy laughed, slightly drunk and always rebellious.

“That must have been Thursday when he came home at lunch time. How come you heard us? What time did you come home?” asked Mom.

“It’s not important, Mom. Really. Let it go, both of you.”

“No, come on. I want to know what you know, what you heard. I’m curious to know what affect it had on you, really, come on, do tell. Fess up, Joey.”

I looked at Mom. She smiled into my eyes. She seemed relaxed, happy, maybe slightly drunk. I decided that I might as well be honest. It was all part of my education, I concluded.

“I got home at two-thirty. They cancelled last period. I heard Dad groaning through the bathroom wall. I guess you were sharing a bath and I heard him coming. He talked about what was happening and I heard it all.”

We all sat quietly. The chatter around the BBQ ebbed and flowed. The weed smoke drifted. The beer, wine and vodka slipped down easily. I was glad the conversation was over. Tommy should never have said anything.

“Did it make you hard, Joey?” asked Mom as she lay her hand on my knee.

“Jeez, Mom. What sort of question is that? I’m sorry I ever mentioned it to Tommy now. I should have known he’d say something, you asshole, Tommy. Let’s forget it, shall we?”

“No, I’m curious now, Joey. I want you to tell me what effect it had on you. Did it turn you on?”

“Really? You need to know this why? What difference does it make?”

“Maybe it’s because I want to know if you find me attractive. Women like to know they still have it, even at forty! So, did I turn you on when you could hear what I was doing to your dad? When I sucked his dick and made him blow his load in my mouth? Well, did it?”

“If you must know, yes, it did. I had a boner like never before. There, you happy now?”

“Did you jack off?”

“Mom! What are you doing? Why are you stroking my leg like that, and Tommy’s come to that? Drink your beer and go to bed.”

“It’s your birthday party. I want to give you a present. Well, strictly it’s now Sunday but it’s still your party. Get rid of those last guests, get a shower and I’ll meet you both in Joey’s room in fifteen. Unless you have a better idea, Boys?”

“Sounds good to me.” said Tommy. Tommy and Mom laughed.


I sat and finished my beer while Mom went inside the house and Tommy persuaded the hanger’s on to leave the party and get on home. He closed the BBQ and put out the garden lights. He walked back to me and gave me a hand up.

“Come on, little Bro, your education is about to enter a new phase. Mom wants to broaden our horizons and I for one am not about to turn her down. Let’s do as she asks and get that shower. You go first.”

Five minutes later I was clean and polished. I sat on the bed wearing my towel in a kind of daze, not sure what was happening. All I knew was that Mom had turned into someone I did not know. Moms are mothers, they make dinners and breakfasts and wash your kecks and stuff. The are not hot chicks with a great body and thick wavy hair and a beautiful face. Girls my age are all that but heck, my Mom was still as hot as any of the chicks I’d dated at college.

Tommy came in wearing just his shorts, carrying a tube of lube. Seconds later, Mom appeared, closing and locking the door behind her. She wore a silk robe and apparently nothing else.

“Why the lube? You want some anal too, Tommy. You naughty boy? You can come inside me, I’m on the pill.” Mom laughed. Tommy laughed. I sat and wondered.

Mom sat on the bed and let her robe fall open below her waist. The thin tie around her waist kept the top covering her breasts but I could see skin all the way down to her belly button. She crossed her legs and let the kimono slide away on both sides. Her fabulous legs looked, well, fabulous. I groaned and turned away, looking at Tommy. He was sitting on the chair near the door, relaxed, leaning back and smiling. He asked,

“So, Mom. When did you get the idea to try this. It wasn’t just Joey and his hard on that triggered this, was it?”

“Well, very perceptive of you, Tommy. You’re right. I am good friends with Eve Bairstow, from across the street. Her husband, Adam, has all but given up on sex since his hernia operation. She told me she has a substitute. Her son, Abel, sees to her almost every night now and has been for about six months. He’s nineteen and was going to university but he’s postponed that to take care of Eve. She went into great detail about how easy it is, how relaxed it is and how stress-free the whole arrangement has become since she told her husband about taksim escort it. I was curious to know what it would be like. I can hardly choose one of you and not the other, can I? That wouldn’t be fair. Eve has only the one son, I have two so here we are. Joey and his hard-on were a great excuse to bring the subject up, so to speak. So, who wants to go first? I am ready for either of you or both, you decide. Maybe if we all get naked and get on the bed it will kinda come naturally. Come on, boys, time to play!”

What followed was over an hour of the most incredible sex I could ever have imagined. This was real, touching, sweating, licking, tasting, real flesh, real skin, real nipples, real pussy juice, real cum, not just a picture on a screen. Mom began by sucking Tommy’s cock. She lay at an angle on the bed while Tommy sat up near the headboard. She splayed her legs, let go of Tommy’s dick and said,

“Joey. You need to practice your oral skills? Now’s your chance. This pussy loves a man’s mouth and you are now officially a man, plus four days! Get down here, Boy!” she laughed as she directed me to her pussy.

Now I had to pass the sternest test, my Mom! I knelt on the bed, leaned forward and touched her legs, her thighs, with both my hands. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, silken almost. I moved closer to her beautiful pussy, pink, slightly puffy, with slick lips on the soft inner skin. I was fascinated. I touched it with my fingertips, spreading her lips just a little. I saw close up for the first time the make-up of a woman’s vagina. I was dumbstruck. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I applied all I had learned form porn movies on the computer. I stroked with my fingers while she resumed sucking on Tommy’s dick. I smiled, I had no idea that my dick was bigger than Tommy’s when it’s hard. I have a good inch on him and quite a bit in circumference. I stroked and slid down the bed until my face was inches from her hairless pussy.

I pulled her lips further aside, just a little, exposing the tight bud of flesh. I touched the hood with my nose, pushing gently up towards her belly. My tongue slid out and made soft contact with her lips, then on up to her clit, resting on the hard nub of flesh. Mom moaned and her legs widened. I went down, getting my tongue deep into the folds of her pussy. She tasted almost sweet, not sugary but welcoming. She moaned even louder when I slid a finger into the crack of her ass. She was wet, oozing juice and my saliva made my finger slick and easy to push past her dark, tight opening. I pushed on in until my whole finger was buried deep in her ass.

Now it was Tommy’s turn to moan. I couldn’t see what was happening up there but Tommy was evidently getting a very adequate blow-job.

“Mom, wait. I’ll blow my load if you keep sucking like that. Slow down, make it last. Let Joey make you come and the we can all change. You sound like you’re close. Just let him keep going, that’s better, less grip, less sucking, that’s it. I want to keep this boner to put inside you. That’s great, just kissing it is fabulous, Mom.”

Listening to Tommy tell Mom she was close to coming spurred me on. My tongue pressed harder, my lips pulled at her lips, my left hand pumped into her ass, just the one finger for now. My right hand stroked the shaft of my cock. It was as hard as I’ve ever known it. Here I was, sucking on my Mom’s hot pussy and I was absolutely loving it.

“A bit harder, Joey. Keep sucking, keep sucking hard on my clit. Stick your tongue inside, lick, suck, bite my clit, go on, bite it, yes, that’s it, harder, use your teeth, harder, faster, faster, more fingers in my ass, three, yes, that’s it, yess, yess, yessss, cumming, cumming cummmmmmmming! Oh holy fucking hell, yes, stop, wait, slow down, stop! Joey, stop!”

I stopped sucking, stopped pumping, stopped licking, slowly withdrawing everything until I was looking down at my Mom’s gaping pussy, her stretched ass and enough liquid to fill a cocktail glass.

“Fuck her now, Joey.” said Tommy.

I didn’t need telling twice. I knelt up on the bed. I gripped Mom’s thighs and shifted her to the middle of the bed. I moved in close, kneeling, looking down at Mom’s hot pussy, spread before me. I lunged forward and slid my pole of flesh straight into her hot body. She shook and shuddered, crooning as my length filled her slippery sheath. I kept going, driving the whole nine inches hard inside her. My balls slapped against her wet ass as she raised her hips to meet me. I held her hip bones and rammed into her. I was horny, hard and in need of an orgasm. I tried to slow down but fuck, Mom was pulling on my forearms, helping to get my dick as hard and as far inside as it would go.

Tommy knelt beside Mom’s head. She turned and took him in her mouth once again, sucking and licking while I rode around the final bend and into the finishing straight.

“I’m gonna come, Mom. I can’t stop now. I can’t stop it, you are just so fucking hot, Mom. Here I come now. Aaaggghhh! Uuugggghhhh! Oooooowww! Ooohhhh! Holy fucking hell, Mom, Are you coming too, jeez, yess, that’s fabulous, fucking hell Mom, your pussy is so tight, it’s sucking my dick like a mouth, fucking hell, Mom, enough. Fuck me, that was the biggest and best orgasm I have ever had. Thank you, Mom, thank you.”

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