Just a Quickie (True story)


Just a Quickie (True story)Grindr has taken over the job of CL for gay hookups, and I set one up yesterday. I was bored hanging around the house, and opened the app to see what fun might be available. I was thinking a blowjob might be nice, but I was contacted by a guy just 2 miles away who was alone at home wanting to be fucked. He wanted it quick and anonymous.He gave me the address and told me to park on the street out front. The door would be unlocked, and he would be naked and ready in one of the rooms. “Walk in, turn left, then left again” were the instructions.It was a nice suburban subdivision, with well-groomed lawns, and $300K homes. I pulled up in front, and he was peeking through the half-open front door, then he closed the door and disappeared. I walked up slowly to give him time to get ready, then let myself in. The house was clean and well-decorated, and I went to the designated room. He was on his knees on a couch facing away from me, naked, with his ass up ready to be penetrated. He was bigger than me, over 6′ tall and wider. I walked over to him and began caressing his ass cheeks and he moaned. His flaccid cock and balls hung down, and I played with them, too. He moaned again. I pulled his cheeks apart, and his bingöl escort hole greeted me. I wasn’t quite up to rimming him, but I bent down and kissed and licked around his hole. “You need to suck me hard,” I said, and he turned around and knelt on the floor. We had agreed by text that since he was on Prep, and I knew I was clean, we would go bareback.I pulled my t-shirt off over my head, then undid my belt and zipper and dropped my pants and bikini underwear down to my knees. He immediately took my cock in his mouth and began sucking. He was really into it, sucking the whole thing in, holding my hips, then grabbing my ass. He played with my balls, stroking behind them along my perineum to my asshole.”You’re a good cocksucker,” I said. “Do you like that cock in your mouth?” He moaned a yes, and I understood he wanted to be treated like a sub sissy. “Yes, get that cock nice and hard, so I can stick it in your pussy,” I told him, “I want to fuck you good and hard. You want that, don’t you? You want to get on your hands and knees and have your little sissy ass fucked.” With each suggestion from me he moaned again. I clearly had his number, and he was enjoying what I was saying and doing. As my bingöl escort bayan cock got harder I held his head in my hands and said, “I’m going to fuck your mouth,” and started to thrust my hips against his face, slamming all of it into him. He stroked my balls while I fucked into him, his nose hitting me with each stroke. I let go, and he backed off a little, using his mouth and hand together on my shaft.After a few minutes of this, I was ready for him, and I told him to get in position. He knelt on the couch and bent over the back of it. I ran my fingers over his asspussy, and it was pretty dry. Looking around I noticed a bottle of lube within reach. I put some on my fingers and lubed his hole. It was used to penetration, and easily opened to take two fingers. Then I put some on my cock, stroking it for a little more length, and moved up to him. “Are you ready for my cock in your pussy?” I asked, and he moaned assent. “Yes, please sir, fuck me,” he said. I pressed the head against his back door, and it slid in easily. I got half of my 7″ in on the first stroke, the rest on the second. It wasn’t painful for him, he was loving it, moaning, “yes, yes, fuck me.” I started fucking, slowly escort bingöl at first, then building up speed. “Do you like that cock?” I said, and he moaned again, “Yes, sir, fuck me!” I was hot, and wasn’t going to last very long. I grabbed his hips and began pounding his ass.I kept talking to him. “You like that big cock in your sissy ass, don’t you?” “Yes, sir,” he replied, “I love your cock. Fuck my pussy!””Do you want my cum in your cunt, sissy?” I said, and he moaned in reply, “Yes, sir, please cum in my cunt!”I didn’t fuck for very long before I was ready – this conversation was making me hot, and his tight asshole felt amazing on my prick. “I’m ready,” I said, “I’m going to cum in your pussy!” He moaned, “Yes, please, sir,” and I slammed as deep into him as I could get. I don’t cum a lot, but I put everything I had deep inside him, my cock jerking as he moaned. We stayed like that for a short while before I withdrew.”That was really good,” I told him, “Let me clean up and I’ll get out of your way.” He told me he really liked it to, and that there was a bathroom just outside the room we were in. I grabbed my shirt and went to the bathroom, closing his door behind me. There was liquid soap and a towel by the sink, and I washed my hands and genitals, then got dressed. I made enough just enough noise on the way out to let him know I was going, got in the car and drove home. On my way home he texted me, “Thank you sir! You have an amazing cock.” I wrote back that I was happy to oblige, and we might be able to do that again.

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