Kate Returns Home Ch. 09


[This story includes bodily functions and severe discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will be much more comprehensible if you read the previous Ch. 08 first. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic setting and her characters.]

MAJ Kate was at her desk in her office as Commandant of the Disciplinary each was married to Kate.

Kate’s position accentuated her dominant personality. She was young, still in her mid-20s, and had risen far and fast in the Service. (See earlier chapters.) Reading the incident report, Kate learned that Harry had been in the barracks under the authority of SGT Nicole, a beautiful woman around Kate’s age, with whom Kate had had differences. In truth, they despised each other.

Nicole had seduced Harry and fucked him in her barracks room. Somehow word had gotten out to the camp leadership and Kate’s friend, CPT Helene, the commandant, had signed off on the report. Harry and Nicole had also been subjected to one of the most severe punishments used in the Service: two hours in the toilet box where cadre–noncoms–and a few commissioned officers would do their business sitting on toilet holes and this would land on Harry and Nicole.

From the report, Kate also learned that Helene was referring Nicole to Kate’s Disciplinary this was their last chance. Nicole had been so referred before, in fact by Kate’s deputy, CPT Elaine, who formerly commanded Hergolia Camp.

Nicole had performed well during her previous referral, but she had drawn Kate’s fury by her expressed annoyance in a meeting with Kate and Elaine when they told her they were not offering her a place in the unit’s noncom cadre. Kate had had her seriously disciplined. Nicole had attained the grade of Sergeant First Class based on her good work at Kate’s unit. Kate had first wanted to demote her to PFC but after speaking more with Elaine, merely put her back to buck sergeant (SGT), the lowest grade of sergeant.

She had been regarded as the toughest barracks sergeant at Hergolia, the toughest men’s retraining camp. Kate began figuring that she seduced Harry as a way of getting back at Kate. Well, now, Kate thought, she was back in my bailiwick again. When they received word that the Corrections Service conveyance had arrived from the distant Hergolia Camp with Nicole, Kate sent Elaine to meet her and escort her to the retraining class members’ area.

Retrainees were treated firmly there. The cadre put them through significant discipline–spankings and canings–and they had to wear vinyl panties with vaginal and rectal dorks for several days until the cadre decided that their behavior justified their graduation to regular panties. The vinyl panties were locked swinger seks hikayeleri when worn and the wearer had to ask cadre on duty to unlock them so she could use the toilet. That use was observed and recorded.

Elaine, who, as noted, had previously commanded Nicole at Hergolia and dealt with her as a colleague when she had previously been at the Disciplinary after all, she had supervised toilet use. “I pissed about a pint and a half,” she told Barbara, “and I made a, say, 10-inch log because I hadn’t gone since I left Hergolia.”

“Thanks, Nickie,” Barbara said with a smile. “Now put those pinkies on and I’ll lock you in. If you behave yourself, maybe you’ll graduate to the dork panties.” They both cackled at the bad position Nicole had put herself in.

She knew that if Cyndi had signed that order, it was because Kate had told her to, or even Kate had told Elaine to tell her to sign. But that didn’t make sense. Elaine would have told her when they just spoke.

She was wrong. Elaine was making sure not to intervene on Nicole’s behalf. She knew how manipulative the flaming redhead could be and how effective at getting what she wanted even after she fucked up, which she had done royally by fucking Kate’s husband. Kate did have her tell SFC Cynthia to prepare and sign that humiliating order for Nicole’s panties, but Elaine knew that Cyndi would tell all to Nicole when they met.

On the other hand, Elaine thought, Cynthia is a smart woman who won’t screw up her career just to help Nicole out. She will keep her nose clean but give Nicole a break when she could.

Now, Elaine had to go back to see Kate.

“Well,” Kate began as Elaine walked into her office, “how did the princess behave on her arrival? Did she have her glass slippers on?”

“Come on, she was being very contrite, Kate dear,” Elaine responded. “You really should give cut her some slack. She’ll straighten up and fly right.”

“It’s never happened yet,” Kate said mordantly. “Did she make a sad face and say how sorry she was for what she did, especially with reference to me?”

“Actually, darling,” Elaine answered, “she did. She was being very good. She would love to come in and make up with you. I told her not to put on her fancy suit yet.”

“You were right,” Kate said. “I’m not planning to see her anytime soon. I’ll let the cadre deal with her. They know she can get them in trouble. I’m convinced she just did a number on my Harry. He’s very slick but he was just a pigeon for Nicole to skin.”

“I will not defend Nicole,” Elaine said, as she was doing just that. “She knows she’s in deep doodoo and determined to make things right and clean up her act. This time, I think I believe her. Remember, I was the one who first sent her here when I got pissed at her.”

“Yes, you did, Elaine,” Kate admitted. “But you’re such a good scout. You’d look for the best in bitches like her. I know, I shouldn’t say that, but don’t you think I’m entitled after what she did to me?”

“I don’t want to correct you, Major,” Elaine now posited. “But she didn’t do it to you when it comes down to it. Her clit was obviously itching and taking him into her room was her way of satisfying that monster libido. And look, Helene put her in the box. That’s her second visit to that lovely disciplinary tool. She’s been busted and yes, you were nice and let her be a buck sergeant. Also, it won’t do you any good to make it seem like you’re in a cat fight with her. You are so well regarded by all the powers that be that you shouldn’t piss that away to squash this annoying insect.”

“Wow!” Kate exclaimed. “Elaine, your perspicacity always amazes me, but I know just how good you are. I’ll see her and maybe even let her make nice. And I bet Wendy will come to ask me to do it.”

“You’ve got that right,” Elaine smiled. “Wendy looks out for quasi-bad apples who are clever,” she said. “But she’s been a great support for both of us, hasn’t she?”

“I do adore Wendy,” Kate answered.

* * * *

Glenda adjusted to being in the reeducation center. She liked her roomie, Olivia, who had dark hair and seemed quite intelligent. She also found that Olivia knew just how to turn a woman on, softly massaging her labia and using her finger very softly to tease her right inside her anal ring.

She tried to reciprocate and found she was learning more as Olivia guided her to where she was most arousable. They were not allowed to have toys, such as dildoes or strap-ons, so Olivia showed her how to fist her. Glenda would never have thought that it could be a turn-on rather than painful.

On her next day, CPL Andie took her to meet with the center’s therapist, 1LT Jennifer. The therapist looked to be in her 40s and seemed well-prepared, having reviewed the questions SSG Brenda had asked Glenda. Jennifer went over the key incident that had gotten Glenda sent to the center.

“Did you ever think when you were on the bed receiving Harry inside yourself that you were overstepping? She asked. Glenda answered that she found Harry very enchanting–“he knows how to please a woman”–so she did not give it much thought until Kate walked in while they were having sex and Glenda said she just said to herself, “Oh, shit.”

Jennifer asked her how many sex partners she had had before Kate and Harry.

“About four,” Glenda answered, and two were when she graduated from high school. Later she had two long relationships with men after she went to work.

“I thought I was doing well,” Glenda told her, “and I had become chief of my division of the firm. My boss gave me responsibility and I found that I had an easier time getting dates.”

“Has your health been good?” Jennifer asked.

“Sure,” Glenda said. Jennifer smiled and probed some more.

“How are your periods?” she asked. “Ever experience pain or other problems?”

“Yes, I have bad days when I even had to stay home from work. My boss, who is a woman, warned me that the company was not tolerant of women missing work because of menstrual issues, so I tried to downplay those problems.”

“Did you find that regular sex helped?” Jennifer continued.

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” Glenda replied. “Having sex and orgasming really did get rid of both cramps and pain. I didn’t become promiscuous, but I was open to sex more than I had been.”

“Did you grow up in an open home as far as that goes?” Jennifer asked.

“My home was pretty traditional,” Glenda said. “I was the middle child and tried to stay out of my mother’s way. She did spank us sometimes for minor misbehavior.”

“Did she warn you about letting boys inveigle you into having sex?” Jennifer went on.

“Sure,” Glenda said, “most of my friends’ moms did that too. She, and they, had us wear control panties–you know, what my mom had known as girdles–when I went out with boys–passion-killers, we called them.”

“Were you jealous that Kate was married to Harry, and you only had her, and may have seen yourself as the second fiddle or odd woman out?”

“You’re right,” Glenda said, “and I did sometimes feel that while I loved Kate, it was too bad that everything wasn’t on an even keel, you know, that it wasn’t just Kate who was married to each of us. It was nice of her to let Harry have sex with me when Kate was back in the capital, and I really fucked up, didn’t I, when she had let me enjoy that?”

“Not necessarily,” Jennifer stated. “You were in an unusual and toxic relationship where your access to the man with whom she spent most time at home was only available to you when his ‘real wife’ was away. Just because these marriages with a woman having a husband and wife are now sanctioned and legal doesn’t mean they are psychologically healthy.”

Glenda was coming to like 1LT Jennifer. She went as far as to say, “You know, you are so kind and willing to listen. I’m getting too personal with you but do you like women and would you want to get it on if we weren’t here?”

“Yes,” Jennifer said with a tight smile, “I’m flattered but yes, that is beyond the bounds of my activity here. For your information, I’m married with children, and I love my husband. You should be more restrained in making assumptions, although you seem like a pleasant and healthy young woman.”

Glenda apologized for embarrassing Jennifer. The therapist swept away any need for apologizing, saying “That’s part of my job here.” She thanked Glenda for her time and her openness.

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