L023: Lizzy’s story:Lizzy’s First Morning At Her Home

Big Tits

My life with my Daddy, as it will be for the foreseeable future, begins.  Yesterday we got home from our vacation and I got to see our new wonderful house.  Everything was just right for me to be my Daddy’s little girl.  It was a wonderful homecoming, in so many ways.  But today, as I wake before my Daddy, actually, I think about what is ahead, and how it will all play out.You feel me moving about in our bed and you awake.  You grab me around the waist and pull me to you.  Tickling my stomach as you ask me if I slept well.  I giggle and squirm, and wait.  Yes, it takes only a minute or so until your fingers work their way inside my diaper.  To check if I am wet.  But how you check me always starts me throbbing and shivering.  Today, even more so. I guess you are excited about our starting this new chapter together too.Everything that happened up until this moment seems like the preface of our story.  A very long one, but just there to let everyone know how we have gotten almanbahis to this wonderful place between us.And your checking of my diaper and knowing what you are doing to me, leads you to roll me on my back.  You undo my diaper and let it drop on the top of my thighs, and with your also now throbbing cock you come between my legs, lift them and press into me. My juices have been flowing since I awoke and thought about what was ahead for us.  And your expert fingering of me just makes me even wetter.  So, it is effortless for you to thrust into me at this moment.I moan with pleasure and wrap my arms around your neck and legs around your waist.This movement of my legs lifts my open diaper up to press against your balls as your thrust in and out of me.  Actually, it is almost like we are both wrapped in the diaper together.  You feel the soft, semi-wet cotton against your balls, and it does send an added rush through you.You are not sure why diapers arouse you so.  It is almanbahis yeni giriş just something about seeing me wear one, making my butt a little cushy.  And the thought that I really pee in them as I wear them, and you are able to feel my wetness is just erotic to you.  And now, these times, when we are fucking each other as adults, that we both know we are, the feel of the diaper especially when it is wet, against you, does add such a different dimension to our play.I am not sure either.  Why do I like to be tucked up into a diaper?  Able to just pee wherever I am when I am wearing one.  I know we are going to have to monitor my wearing them so I do not get too used to being able to just let go when I need to.  But the feeling of being cleaned, and prepped and tucked into a warm, safe diaper gives me that rush.  And knowing your fingers will be regularly checking me so wonderfully whenever I wear one just makes me tingle all day. And times like this right almanbahis giriş now, as I am so close to climaxing, and probably only of the first a few times before we finished right now.  The feel of the diaper, even though a little wet, against my ass, and up encircling us both as we pound into each other, like for you, adds this weird, unique element to the moment.You thrust into me as deep as you can go, and the sides of my vagina clench against you and holds your prick tight.  Over and over we do this. I do arch my back and give out a great moan of satisfaction, but we have hardly begun.  You thrust harder and harder into me and I beg you not to stop.I have had a number of lovers, well sexual partners, over the years before that fateful day when we met.  But none had ever been as good as you always are with me.  Knowing just how to pleasure me, and how I need to be fucked. We continue on thrusting ourselves together as I clench and release you.  On and on until you can not hold out any longer.  And knowing it is time I tell you to let go, cum in me, now, now, now.When you shoot your wad up into me, oh the feeling of it hitting the back of my love cage makes me come once more, with you this time.

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