Lady of the Night Ch 02


        He was a predator. His eyes   flashed red as he watched the woman leaving the Tavern of the Nine Bells with another Lady of the night. They were laughing as he silently followed, wrapping the shadows about himself in a lover’s embrace. He waited for the two to separate, as he knew they would. Ladies of the Night always made the best meals because they did not stay in-group like normal people would in the dark London night. After a few minutes, he saw the black haired Lady and the red head split and followed the blacked haired one down a dark alley, perfect choice, he thought to himself. As he followed her into the alley, he took a better look at her. Although the lamps were not yet light for the evening, he had no problem seeing in the dark. She was wearing a faded blue dress that seemed to be made of soft material. He thought of how it would feel on the back of his hand as he ran it from her small ankles up to the tender flesh of her inner thigh… He shook his head clearing it. Darien , what is wrong with you? He thought Ankara escort bayan as he followed her. Then his eyes drifted to her raven black hair that was in a French braid that neatly bisected her back. He imagined how it would feel in his hands as he freed it and crushed it between his fingers as he kissed her. The sudden clatter of a rock bouncing off his boot brought him back to reality. He cursed as he watched her start at the noise and run past the corner. What kind of idiot are you? He asked himself sternly, she is a London whore and barely worth your notice even for a quick feed! Moreover, you probably have just ruined that with your damned daydreaming!   However, regardless of what his good sense was telling him, he could not help but think of her. He closed his eyes and immediately her image appeared before him. He thought of what it would be like to press her against his hard chest as he kissed her his tongue dueling with hers. The smell of her would permeate the air as he loosened her hair Escort Balgat from its hold, the silky strands falling between his fingers and down her back. Then he would push back from her kneading her breasts through the soft material of her gown. His fingernail would elongate into a sharp talon as he cut the ties her pert breasts bursting forth from her gown for his eyes only. He would bend down and suckle on them drawing the nipple into his mouth making her moan for him. The discomfort of his pants brought him back to reality as he shook his head watching her approach with a customer. As she, lead the first poor and unattractive man down the alleyway the sharp smell of sulfur permeated the air from the match he had just struck. He used it to light a cigarette and slowly smoked it as he watched the man’s brutal assault on the poor Lady of the night. Even as he crushed, it out the man was throwing the coins at her in disgust and walking away. He watched her pick them up, apparently very much in need of the money, and walk Batıkent escort back around the corner, her hips swaying in a manner that made him want to take her on the cobblestones and damn those watching. A few minutes later, the theatre let out and he saw the crowd filter past. He was wondering why he was still standing around and not trying to find another meal. She came back a few minutes later with another man a gentile one this time apparently fresh out of the theatre. As soon as he saw the man, he felt the presence of evil. He suddenly felt the need to pick her up and away from the situation. What is it with me this evening? I should be away from here already, not trying to play knight in shining armor for a Lady that is obvious no damsel. Suddenly he realized why he was feeling worried as he watched the man bring up a sharp knife and slash the throat of the Lady. Almost before he knew what was happening he was on the man and had broken his neck. He threw the body against the wall of the building where it hit and landed with a sickening thud as the bones in the dead body broke. Seth I need you to meet me in front of the theatre quickly, he called mentally to his driver. He sat down next to her not waiting or expecting a response, and cradled her head in his lap as he licked the jagged wound, cleanly sealing it as he did so.

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