Lakeside Happening

Big Cock

It was a warm summers day, perfect for casting a reel out over the lake in hope of catching supper to cook over the coals that evening. They would spend hours on the shore of the lakes talking of life or just enjoying the open air and knowing the other was there near by. She always wore her denim cut-off shorts with one of his check shirts with the sleeves cut out. She knew he enjoyed the sight on her bending over to pick up the bait in those short shorts, while her long red hair fell down around her breasts. He looked so manly in his checked shirt with rolled up sleeves and jeans.

“Strike” she called to him. He turned to see her leaning back against a large bolder taking the strain of the fish from her rod. She reeled and played the fish until it was landed. The look of excitement on her face made him smile…. Such a self sufficient woman, not only could she bait her own hooks but she could land and gut the fish also.

She looked over at him beaming a smile, “Land one like that and we will call it even.”

“You sure get yourself all worked up landing those things don’t you,” he jested.

“Darlin the adrenaline gets going, getting all types of things in me flowing… how about come here and let me land another big one,” she winked at him.

He laughed out loud while moving towards her, “Mmmm I love it when you land a fish.”

While leaning back against the bolder she pulled him towards her, wrapping her arms around his neck. His fingers ran down her side, around to massage her butt. Their lips meet with a playful nibble and a caressing that turned to passion, which made her adrenaline start to rush again. She knew his was starting to pump as she could feel a hardness on her groin as he rubbed against her.

“You know anyone could be watching us right now. I know we are in the middle of nowhere but you never know,” He whispered in her ear.

She whispered back while licking down the edge of his ear, “I know, so you better let me land this big thing I can feel here.”

As they kissed with intensity her hand reached down to unzip his jeans bringing out the hardness she longed to fill herself with. She stroked it to life. He slid his hand inside the leg of her shorts and panties to find her pussy that was now rather wet from the anticipation of him. He massaged her clit with his fingers making her moan out loud….he worked up and down her folds feeling the softness of her petals. The movement of him stroking inside istanbul escorts her walls made her well inside, building an orgasm that rose to fill her. She moaned out loud his name from the intense pleasure having his fingers probing her. Her head falling onto his shoulder as her body rocked with gratification.

He whispered in her ear, “Do you know how fucking sexy that looks watching you cum and knowing I was the one to do it.”

With a sigh she replied, “Mmmm, now let me land that hard one there and we will be equal.”

She turned spreading her legs while clasping onto the bolder. Leaning back she took his hard cock and slid it where his fingers had been, deep inside her.

“Take me lover,” she panted as she pushed back against him.

“Oh baby,” he moaned, “I’m gonna fuck your sexy pussy with every inch of me.”

They pushed and pulled against each other in even motion. Him feeling her velvet walls sliding up and down his shaft. Her enjoying the sensations of having him there while massaging his cock with the muscles of her pussy, clamping and releasing. He reached to massage her breasts through her shirt, feeling the hard aroused nipples.

“You look damn fine from back here lady,” he told her.

“Just fuck my pussy you luscious thing,” She lusted back.

Just then they heard the distant noise of a four wheel jeep….

“I think I better land this before we get caught,” She gasped.

He lent around to slide up the front of her shorts with his hand to her clit. With her clit being rubbed by him and the feeling of him inside her she called out.

“Oh god yes! Fill my cunt with your seed, splay it all through me baby… fuck me hard.”

“I’m fucking you baby,” He moaned. Gonna fill you with my cuuuuummmmmm.”

“Oh yes, now baby,” She heaved from her pulsating breath…

The sexual bonding of their bodies was starting to overwhelm them as they felt their souls connecting from the union of fucking the hell out of each other.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhmmmmm.” They breathed together as he filled her with all his cum and her body rocked against his fingers in a mind bending orgasm.

They both collapsed against the bolder. Legs like jelly, vision slightly blurred and breathing so heavy their heaving chests clearly showed through their shirts. But they had no time to stand and savour as the jeep was getting closer. He adjusted his jeans and they sauntered two steps to where their istanbul eskort blanket was laying on the ground. Just as they lay down in the arms of each other the jeep appeared and stopped when the passenger saw them….

“So do you two ever do any fishing out here or do ya just sit and cuddle all day,” asked the Game Warden.

“Actually I just landed a big one a couple of seconds ago,” she called back with a cheeky grin.

“Ok, see you two another time, good fishing,” The Warden called back as he drove away.

She turned to her man, “Damn sexy fish it was to,” she laughed.

Her man scooped her closer to him and they laughed while holding each other close.

They spent the next few minutes caressing each other and remembering the sensations of just having cum together in such a frenzy. Feeling not only the warmth of the sun but the warmth of being in the arms of someone who means so much. While rubbing his crotch she noticed he was starting to get hard again. So she rolled him on his back and climbed onto him. She unbuttoned her shirt while gazing at him with a sexy stare. She leaned over to kiss his lips and rub her breasts over him.

He smiled at her, “You’re a horny little minx aren’t you.”

“Darlin I blame you completely for that,” She winked back at him.

He brought her further up him so he could reach around inside her shirt and unhook her bra. His hands then clenched her breasts bringing a nipple down to his mouth that longed to lick and suck the hardness of it. As she moaned her approval at his sensual movements, her hands were again unzipping his jeans and seeking his cock. She loved to suck on his cock and the afternoon would not be quite complete until she had done so.

Sliding down him she slid his jeans down to his thighs. Her hands reached to massage his balls, her tongue slid between them over the smooth shaved sack. She loved the feel of his warm sack giving way under her tongue as she took each ball in turn in her mouth and applied suction to them, letting them slide from the plucking of her lips.

She brought her tongue to the base of his cock and slid her tongue up its length. Moaning out load she licked around the head and back down to its base, down around his balls, back up to the tip of his cock to open her mouth, then sauntering down the length of him to the base of her throat and the base of his hardness. Raising her head up and down she rode his cock with her mouth, eskort istanbul first with a slow movements and then with plenty of speed and suction. When getting to the head of his cock her tongue would tickle at the v where all nerves centred themselves.

Their past sensual juices had made his body slippery so her fingers slid down his butt crack with ease. She enjoyed the feel of his cock riding her mouth and her fingers playing with his puckered ass hole with delight. Slowly she ventured a finger into his ass and slowly rode that as well. The feel of his cock deep inside her mouth and her fingers probing his ass made him call out her name in a moaning rapture, he knew he was going to shoot his load any minute. But he want one more pleasure before that final release.

He motioned her to turn her body as he pulled her denim shorts down her sexy legs. Positioning her sweet pussy above his face in a 69 he gazed at her sex there above him. Wet and sultry from its pervious fucking and the juice of present excitement. His tongue reached to lick her womanly folds and open them to exercise her clit with his mouth. While she devoured his cock and fingers probed his ass, he probed her with two fingers the length of her hot cunt, while his tongue flicked her clit to attention. He opened her pussy lips wide and enjoyed the inner view of her cunt, feeling the delectable velvet walls as his fingers slid into their depth.

After minutes and such seductive oral stimulation their souls and senses could no longer hold back the waves of orgasm that had built to such heights. As her throat massaged him and her fingers slid deep in his anus and his mouth and hands fucked her cunt, the over riding powers of orgasm rocked through them both. Their bodies shook with intensity as his cum filled her throat and his ass clenched around her finger. Her cunt muscles clamped around his fingers and her juice filled his mouth as her clit throbbed on his motioning tongue.

Time stood still as they rode the waves that filled their souls at the though of the loving person there with them. Bodies gave way all weight and lay there together in total surrender to place and time. Their breath heaved in satisfaction of the moments passed. They moaned to let the other know they were at peace with the universe and each other.

She turned her body to crawl into his waiting open arms. They lay on the lakeside with her head on his chest gently fondling his torso and his hand running through her long red hair, relaxing into each other and appreciating that life was exceptional and precious.

Hell, how much better could it get, making love with your lover on a lake shore and having caught your own fish for supper also…

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