Laney’s Deflowering Pt. 04


Tony and Laney walked hand in hand towards the master bedroom. The king-sized bed awaited them. Laney cooed softly when she saw the bed. This is where it will happen, her mind whispered. Her mind’s eye remembered the melding of their warm, naked flesh, belly to belly, her breasts pressing against her Uncle’s sexy chest, their mouths clinging hungrily together.

This was where my loving Uncle claimed my first cherry, she remembered the feeling as her virginity was breached, his hard cock surging in and taking her, even as she had shrieked mixed pain/ pleasure, she had urged him on to make her a woman and complete her deflowering.

The surging excitement that had filled her made her eager to please, and she remembered the sounds, the squelching of her hot wet inner pink hole, their mingled groans and cries of pleasure, riding that glorious road, until her 18-year-old body had been wracked with the incredible waves of pleasure, cumming around her Uncle’s plunging dick, the hard spasms of her no longer virgin pussy had sucked every drop of his thick sperm out of his squirting cock, he had flooded her with that rich, incredible warmth. Now, he was going to do the same thing to her tight little asshole.

Tony stripped her down, and quickly doffed his clothes, his cock rock hard, knowing what awaited him.

Tony said softly, “On your hands and knees baby, I need to lick and finger your asshole a long time before we try anything bigger than my finger.”

Laney cooed huskily, “Mmmm, that sounds so glorious, my loving Uncle licking my tight little ass, getting my tight hole all ready for its virgin busting ride.”

Tony got behind her, grasping the sexy cheeks, he gently spread them apart and saw the tight pink pucker of her sweet asshole. He eagerly dove in, enjoying Laney’s squeals of pleasure as she felt his tongue make contact. Tony’s face was nuzzling between the moons of her spread open ass cheeks as his tongue swept over the tight pucker, licking at that twitching, inviting opening, then his tongue pressed against her, tightly. The tip of Tony’s tongue pushed inside, probing, pressing slightly into the twitching pucker, making Laney’s body shiver with pleasure.

Laney purred, “Oh my god, the pleasure..it’s beautiful…I love it…feels so good. Keep licking me, and finger it, get my ass ready for fucking, I feel like my head’s gonna fly off!”

Sticking a finger in my mouth, Tony slobbered over it, then applied it, and pushed, slowly, slowly. Laney let out a grunt, of pleasure he hoped, and my finger glided slowly into the first knuckle.

Tony could hear her muttering softly, “Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.”

Tony pushed on until his finger was into the second knuckle. He started to rotate his finger, pushing just slightly, Laney’s asshole was clenching at his finger, and he was doing my best to loosen it up, even just a tiny bit. After a few minutes, Laney felt she was ready.

Laney murmured, “Uncle Tony, let’s do it, I think I can handle it now, take my list bit of virginity.”

Laney was on her hands and knees, laying her head down on a pillow, cupping her cheeks, she spread them apart as far as she could.

Tony applied a generous coating of KY to his cock, and spread a large dollop around Laney’s tight rim, sliding his finger back inside to spread around the tight clutch of her virgin walls.

“Oh yeah, that feels nice. Now, my sweet Uncle, take my last bit of virginity, so all three of my virginities niğde escort will be taken by you,” she cooed.

Tony nudged his cockhead against the rose-shaped pucker, and pushed, slowly, slowly, suddenly the head popped in. Laney let out a sharp gasp.

“Unnh, unhh, unhh,” she moaned. “Hold up just a minute Uncle Tony, I’m going to need time to adjust.”

“Take all the time you need baby, it’s not a race, your pleasure is what’s important. I’ll only go on at your request.”

Tony could see the side of her face, she smiled as his words assured her that she would not be forced. Tony loved his niece, and he would never subject her to an asshole rape. He brought his hands up, and ran them up and down Laney’s back, stroking her awesome body, eager to help her relax in every way. After a few minutes, she urged him on.

“Ok Uncle Tony, a bit more, slowly please.”

Tony pushed, slowly, slowly, he was now halfway in, Laney was making grunts, as he reached 5, then 6 inches.

“Another stop, please.”

Tony froze, waiting for her ass to adjust, fuck, the sensation of Laney’s tight virgin ass around his cock was something else. Never had he been in such a tight hole.

Laney took less time, and she took a deep breath and told him what to do.

“Now, bury it, let me have the rest, complete my last deflowering,” she gasped, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

With a push forward, Tony grasped her hips, and he was in, right to the balls, Laney let out a small yelp, and he again stopped.

“Oh my god, my ass is so full. It’s a bit painful but was too bad. And Uncle Tony, you’re such a sweet man, any boyfriend that I gave my ass to would probably end up raping my ass. Now, just a little bit more time,” Laney cooed.

After a minute, she whispered huskily, “Mmmm, oh yeah, it’s starting to feel good, give me a slow, loving ride Uncle Tony, now that my ass virginity is gone, stretch me out back there, take it some more.”

Tony pulled back an inch and pressed forward slowly, getting a slow, gentle rhythm going. Laney’s sounds were changing over to little gasps and what sounded like cries of passion.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes, oh yes, now that I’m loosened up, it feels better,” she cooed. “Keep going Uncle Tony, it’s starting to feel real good!”

Encouraged, Tony started to pull out a bit further, 2 inches then 3, burying it deep, speeding up just a little bit. Laney was starting to make moans and louder cries of passion, as she urged him on to fuck her ass. Tony was happy to do so, buggering his sweet niece had him majorly powered up. The tight vice-like grip of her ass was clutching at his cock, eagerly massaging him, working up a big load to christen her asshole.

Laney’s cries and growls of pleasure became non-stop, she had her hands cupping her sex, masturbating furiously, eager to cum around his hard cock. Her pink, hard clit was straining for stimulation, and she let her fingers glide up and down the slick juices covering her vulva. Laney could feel the clit start to twitch, and she knew she was seconds away. Gonna cum while my loving uncle Tony buggers my tight little asshole, that thought sent her up and over.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, cumming, oh my god cumming, fill my ass Uncle Tony, fill me, fuck, fuck cum in MEEEE!”

Laney let out a scream, her ass clamped even tighter around Tony’s cock, her orgasm making her asshole clench and unclench, and Tony went over with escort niğde her. He grabbed her hips, drove into the balls, and his cock erupted. Flooding Laney’s last virginity with hot, incestuous sperm made him go off like a cannon. Their cries of orgasmic pleasure filled the bedroom as his cock jerked over and over, throbbing wildly and pumping a flood of cum, painting her bowels white with his load, both of them shuddering through body wracking orgasms.

Tony unloaded the last gush, he pulled out and flopped down, Laney joined him and her eyes were close to his, her smile told him all he needed to know.

“Perfect, so perfect”, she whispered, “just as loving and caring as my Uncle Tony has been with every cherry you have so lovingly plucked. Just like my pussy and my mouth, you made my anal deflowering a wonderfully exciting time.”

They drifted for a while, then Tony decided it would be nice to take her out for dinner. He knew the perfect spot.

“Laney, how would you like to join me for a shower, then we’ll go out for dinner. I know a wonderful Italian place you’ll love.”

She agreed and led the way, and Tony eagerly followed her sexy shape. Under the hot spray, they passed the soap back and forth, he enjoyed listening to her soft growl of pleasure as his soapy fingers slid along the tight rim of her newly deflowered asshole. Laney smiled and washed down his prick with her hands full of soapsuds.

“Get you all nice and clean, and after dinner, my body needs more loosening up and stretching out.”


At 7 PM, they were seated in a cozy little Italian trattoria called “La Mangatoia”. Tony had been there before, it had become a family favorite, and the food was sublime. They were in a nice quiet corner, the lights were dim, and the setting was very romantic, checkered tablecloths with a candle burning softly on the tabletop.

Laney looked at the menu, and said, “Everything looks so good, I can’t decide! Can you order something delicious for me?”

Tony said, “Laney my dear it would be my pleasure!”

The waiter came over, and Laney’s eyes grew wide as Tony started conversing with him in perfect Italian. He ordered an appetizer of Bruschetta, a Caesar salad for two, the first course of Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, and the second course of Veal Saltimbocca. Even though Laney was underage, he knew that they were relaxed with regular patrons, that there would be no problems, and he chose a half bottle of nice Italian red wine, that would go well with their food.

As the waiter left the table, Laney grinned at him and said, “When did you learn Italian?”

Tony replied, “Just something I wanted to do. I was tired of being a monolingual English speaker, and the idea of visiting Italy when I could speak the language was really appealing. When Julie and I got married, we made Italy our honeymoon destination, and we fell in love with Italy. The history of Italy came alive, all right there. The history and beauty of Roma, the eternal city. The art history of Firenze. The history of the Amalfi coast, where you can see the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The seaside city of Sorrento, looking out over the Bay of Napoli. The Alps of northern Italy. The eastern coast, facing the Aegean Sea. We’ve been there 5 times, and each time was a joy. Italy is an absolutely fantastic country, if you get a chance, you MUST go there!”

With a glass of wine, Laney raised her glass and niğde escort bayan said softly, “To my wonderful Uncle Tony, who has made me into a woman, in the best possible way.”

Tony toasted, “To my sexy niece, who was a joy to take into womanhood.”

Laney took a sip, and cooed, “Planning to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” She giggled and purred, “I hope so because I want to be taken advantage of!”

Tony enjoyed watching Laney’s reaction as she tried the Bruschetta. Her face showed the enjoyment of the taste sensation.

“Oh, this is so delicious!”

“One of the reasons why we LOVE Italy, the food is absolutely delicious. When we came home after each vacation, our taste buds went into withdrawal!”

Laney giggled, and Tony smiled along with her. Watching her reactions to the true Italian dining traditions was a joy to observe.

The Caesar salad was prepared at the table, and Tony enjoyed watching Laney’s reaction, as she watched their waiter deftly preparing it.

At her first taste of the salad, she exclaimed, “This is DELICIOUS! All these foods and some people never get past the local fast food joint or Dennys.”

The spaghetti was served next, and it was delicious.

Laney said, “I’ve never tasted spaghetti like this before!”

“This is the way it’s made in Italy”, Tony replied, “The spaghetti they serve outside of Italy has very little relation to the real article, other than the name. This restaurant is dedicated to offering the true Italian dining experience. That’s why the pasta is served separately, as the first course, and the meat is served as the second course. That’s exactly the way it is done in Italy. The idea of bundling everything together on one plate is NOT done in Italy.”

“I’m really enjoying this,” Laney said “Getting my dining horizons expanded, with my very sexy Uncle.”

The veal was cooked to perfection, and Laney closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at the taste. Tony felt great, seeing her enjoy her food.

“Mmmm, I’ve never tasted anything as delicious as this!” Laney exclaimed.

“The true essence of Italy,” Tony remarked. “It does my heart good, to see a lady enjoying her food.”

Laney smiled, and whispered, “Thank you for changing me from a girl to a lady.”

After they had eaten their veal, the waiter returned. Tony again conversed with him in Italian, and he saw Laney gazing at him appreciatively. Tony ordered two cappuccinos, one Zabaglione, and one Tiramisu to share the 2 most famous Italian desserts. He told her about the desserts, what they were made of, and how they could share them.

“What a date,” Laney cooed.

The desserts arrived, and Laney tried the Tiramisu. It was a sublime creation, and she moaned with pleasure from the taste. Tony took a spoonful of Zabaglione and tasted the best Zabaglione since I’d been in Italy. He took another spoonful, and Laney opened her mouth, wanting it. Tony watched her mouth as he fed her the spoonful, the way her pouty lips wrapped around the spoon, and the look of her mouth as she swallowed the spoonful. Thinking about those pouty lips wrapped around his cock like that, made his prick twitch with desire. She fed Tony a piece of Tiramisu, and it was the true Italian delight he had enjoyed in Italy. Less sugar, and more cappuccino flavor. They eagerly swapped the tastes of the desserts.

After dinner, they drove around for a bit, until Laney ran her hands over his cock, feeling the stiff hard outline through his trousers.

Laney smiled at him and cooed, “Take me home and take me back to bed, I want you to vent your passions on me, as I want to vent my passions on you. I may not be drunk, but I am more than ready for you to take full advantage of my body!”

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