Latin Linda , the Masseuse


I know this is real tame compared to the stories I read here but it is 100% true & factual as are all my stories. My name is Linda & I am a mixed Caribbean Latina. Mocha color, (Puerto Rican/Dominican) 5′-4″ wide hips , slim waist with a big ass but cup B breasts (sorry guys) This particular incident occurred just after my divorce. I finally had an apartment of my own. One of my best friends was dating this guy who so happened to be a masseuse. I’ve had massages before & really enjoyed them. Last two I had were very subpar.

So one night a group of us were just hanging out & somehow the conversation turned into Jake’s schedule & how much work he has. I asked him if he knew someone good that could give me a decent massage. His face lit up and said “I can, of course!” I didn’t take this as if he had the hots for me or anything as he’s dating one of my besties. It genuinely seemed he felt he was better suited than the the people he knew. My girlfriend certainly talked up his talent (in & out of the massage table,LOL.) Guys you must know that we girls talk & share all sorts of “details” among each other especially if we’ve known each other for ages & even shared intimate moments with each other (That will be another story!). Jake was your typical jock. He was about 6′-0″ slight muscular build, curly blond hair & according to my girl “Really thick & he cums in bucket loads!”

Two days later I finally get to experience his massage. WOW! Super relaxing. He had a real intuitive touch & big hands! He really smoothed out tension knots all over my upper back. You could tell he knew his craft. Got to admit it was very exciting to have a really cute guy massage you while wearing nothing else than a thong underneath! He was very professional & I would never do anything with one of my friends men. Big no no for me!

So we set another appointment after work. My bestie was going to be there as well to Escort Esenyurt hang out & we would then have some drinks, smoke some weed afterwards & chill. The night before my friend tells me she probably can’t make it due to workload but to still keep the appointment. She would try to make it over later, if possible. I didn’t think anything of it. I did the usual, move the coffee table, open the drapes to allow the fresh night air in & enjoy the city view. I lit scented candles & played some Sade. Now truth be told this setting could easily be equally effective for a very serious & long night of lovemaking as it is usually what I did anyway but it also relaxed me & allowed me to get the most effective massage.

He finally arrives. I was ready. Meaning I took a long hot bath, had some wine & was wearing nothing but my thong & a long cotton robe (not a sexy robe at all.) He set up his table in the living room & I offered him some wine. He accepted & we engaged in some small talk. Nothing sensual or sexual just normal banter. Since this was my 2nd glass of wine I was in the mood for a quick little smoke so we shared a joint between us. I was just killing some time waiting to see if my friend was coming. I called her & she was swamped. OK. Next time I thought.

So I proceeded to go to the table & begin by lying face down as usual. He opened up a towel so I could lie down & he even looked away. Nothing inappropriate at all. He begins his massage. Everything was pretty much the same except the pressure he was applying was less & the movements were more extended. As he eased my shoulders I noticed that he began brushing up and around the side of my breasts. This was something he had not done before but it still did not feel like he was trying anything improper. It did begin to raise my temperature, if you know what I mean. He proceeded to place both my arms above my head & stood Escort Avcılar at the front of the table & began massaging my entire back but his hands were now really sweeping to my sides & he was definitely brushing up against the side of my breasts.

He then went around & began massaging the soles of my feet. He took his time & would go up to my calves & I could really feel them relaxing & the stress leaving my body. As he moved up my legs he really worked the back of my legs. The feeling was very enjoyable. Slowly every upward stroke got higher & higher. He gently parted my legs slightly & began addressing my inner upper thighs. Again something new. He was now brushing ever so slightly against my now increasingly wetter poonani. He again parted my legs a bit more & proceeded to work my buttocks. This he had never ever done. I was nervous & getting really aroused by now. When I get aroused I get very very wet. I was afraid that when I turned over there would be a huge wet stain on his towel! He took his time massaging my hips & butt area & brushed up against my now pulsating pussy numerous times. By this time there was no conversation & all I could hear was both our breathing which was now much heavier than ever before.

He then asked me to turn around. I did and as usual he held the towel & covered my pelvis area. My arms were to the side. He began around my neck & shoulder area but every downward stroke got closer & closer to my boobs. This continued very sensually until he literally cupped my breasts & lovingly massaged them. I was panting. My hands were clutching the towel & my knuckles were white as I was struggling not to moan & pant away! As he moved to the side I felt him. He was hard. Hard as a rock! And my girlfriend did not lie. He felt big. Really big! OMG! I could feel my stomach heave up & down as he moved down to my pelvis area. He commenced applying gentle pressure inches away from my pussy. By now I was wet all over. With the combination of the oils & my body sweat in addition to my temperature rising I started to lose control of my breathing & let out a muffled moan. WOW! I was so embarrassed & aroused at the same time. By now my juices were flowing. As he moved to my legs I could tell his breathing was also a bit labored & his hard on was raging hard. He moved both hands up each one of my legs & began massaging the area where my legs meet my hips. He used his thumbs to apply this amazing pressure. I was STRUGGLING not to convulse & scream in ecstasy!! At this point trying to control my breathing was futile. As much as I tried I began to moan.

At the moment if he had lowered his pants I would have sucked his cock and jumped on him for the entire night. I would live to regret it but I was freaking aroused & wet. Fate “saved” the night. My house phone began ringing. It was my girlfriend. She was minutes away, she said on the voice machine. This brought him back to Earth & he abruptly said he needed to use my bathroom. As I heard the bathroom door close I immediately began to furiously rub my clitoris & in seconds I climaxed!. I quickly put on the robe but remembered my hall bathroom has a a gap between the door. I couldn’t resist I went to see. I wanted to peek. I got rewarded by seeing him. He was masturbating! What a beautiful cock he had. I could not let this view go to waste. I quickly began rubbing myself again & climaxed once more.

I hurried to my bathroom so I could take a shower. My face was red as a beet! My body was trembling with what had just transpired. While in the shower I heard the door & it was my girl. Before going out I had a couple of puffs from my pipe. I needed to relax. I felt so ashamed but also glad about the timing. Had she not called I would have not been able to control my arousal & would have jumped her man! Not cool. Needless to say nothing else happened that night. We had some wine, smoked & ordered food. Not as wild a story as the ones posted here but it is 100% true & it makes me wet to relive them. Thanks.

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