Lola’s Daddy Ch. 01


Hi, I’m Lola. I try to be faithful to my husband, really I do. It’s just that our relationship is fundamentally flawed. I married a man who is a big baby. Constantly needing coddling and to be taken care of. All I ever wanted was to be taken care of, and all I ever seem to do is take care of other people. As much as I love to care for others, it gets exhausting.

I also have certain… needs. I have a huge submissive streak, I need to feel owned, possessed, and my husband is so insecure. Years before the idea of cheating ever occurred to me he’d accuse me of it constantly. He’d play the most fucked up mind games. He’d give me the dirtiest nastiest fuck and either apologize profusely or make fun of me for loving it. It was only a matter of time before I was driven to look elsewhere.

It would work for a while, a few months, a year, then I was back to searching for something more. I never really knew what I wanted, so I’d place a goofy advert on a D/s website and see what kind of kinky trouble I could get into.

I was checking my email one day and saw I got a message from a man who was 58, compared to my 27 that put him at over 30 years older than me. Hell, my mom is only 48. Hm, pervert, I thought. But I sent a polite reply anyway.

We started instant messaging soon after that initial email and it was really great having this smart accomplished older man trying to woo me. I would get so turned on by the things he’d say to me. The fantasies he’d share with me. One night our discussion turned once again, to sex, and I finally admitted to him how wet he made me.

“Good,” he said, “that’s very good. Do you know why you get so wet for me? Because I own your cunt, and when I want it wet it gets wet.”

“Lol,” I replied, but I was even wetter than before, a warm tingling pulsing through my body.

“You were born for me. You only exist to please me.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I didn’t say anything.

That was all he spoke of my went cunt that night, and I was more than a little disappointed. I was terrified that I had taken my blase attitude too far.

The rest of the evening was spent talking about my childhood. He asked me about where I grew up and my parents. There wasn’t really much to tell, I was raised by my mother, my dad took off when I was three and I didn’t remember him at all. I told him all about my mom, my childhood. He seemed kind of shocked, as if he didn’t realize there were men in this world who abandoned their children.

Finally, around two am, he logged off and I was still incredibly turned on. I masturbated quickly and feverishly, using three fingers to manipulate my clit and grinding against the desk chair. It was mere minutes until I came, in dizzy waves of ecstasy. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why was I letting this old man get into my head?

I didn’t hear from him for three days and I was in a state of almost panic. I wasn’t sure why but I really wanted to talk to him again. I was craving him.

Finally, I got an email from him. All it said was ‘Friday, 10am, Green Bear Circle.”

What the… we hadn’t seriously talked about meeting before. I was happy keeping this strictly an online romance for the time being. After all, I was still conflicted about whether or escort şişli not I actually wanted to fuck this old man. Now, here was possibly my only chance at doing something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do at all.

Well, Friday came and I found myself getting up as usual at 7am. I lounged about for a bit, sipping my tea, reading the paper. At 8:30 I logged on hoping he’d be there, but he wasn’t. Oh hell, I jumped in the shower and started getting ready. I shaved my legs, up to my pussy and shaved both of my lips smooth. I lingered there for an extra moment, I love how hot water feels flowing over my freshly shaved labia.

I decided to go for understated sexy. I wore ultra sheer nude thigh high stockings attached to a black garter, black lace thong, black velvet pencil skirt that hugged my ample hips and derriere, a low cut gray sweater that was tight enough to show off my small, high, perky tits, huge puffy nipples, and tiny waist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thick, but in all the right places. I believe a woman is supposed to have some meat on her and I love the way my thighs smashed the lace of that thong against my cunt lips. Black leather boots, knee high, with a three inch heel making my overall height now nearly 6ft. My legs looked a mile long. My hair is an ultra straight black bob with bangs that hit just above my eyebrows, my eyes are deep blue.

I took one last look in the mirror then I headed out, not sure what I was getting myself into.

When I got to the circle I pulled off into the parking lot that the carpoolers often used. There were a ton of empty cars, a few with people in them, most empty. I spotted him straight away. I pulled up alongside him and he casually looked at me. His face betrayed nothing.

What the fuck, this guy was really old. Older than I could tell from his pics. Ok, he looked just like his pics. Tall, pot belly, thin white hair, it just all really hit home seeing him in person. I just sat there for a minute trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Hell, you only live once, might as well fuck the old bastard. I got out of the car and I could feel my cunt getting wetter.

He got out too. Walked around me in a circle looking me up and down. He stopped right in front of me, only an inch away.

I looked up and he kissed me, wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close to his body and started kissing me. Pushing his tongue deep into my mouth, pressing his entire body against me. He felt so strong, I could feel his semi erection grow in his pants and I pressed my knee against it.

He led me around to the passenger door and opened the door for me. I got in, and while he walked around to the other side I adjusted my sweater to show as much of my tits as possible. They may be small, but I love to show them off.

When he got in he looked at me again, kissed me deeply and started rubbing my thigh. When he stopped he looked down my sweater, I grinned at him, then he pulled it up. Covered my tits and told me I looked like a whore with my tits hanging out like that. I felt my face flush, I was so embarrassed, then he started driving.

I just sat there, too embarrassed to do anything, when he reached for my knee. He took my leg and pulled it up so that my foot rested on his nişantaşı escort dashboard right in front of him. He started stroking my thigh, up to the top of my thigh high stocking and sliding his finger under the top. He did this over and over again while he started to tell me about his life.

He told me that when he was thirty he met a woman, a woman much like me, that he fell in love with. He said he wasn’t always so successful. That he didn’t really reach the height of his success until he was nearly forty.

He inched his hand higher now, using one finger to stroke my labia through the lace of my thong.

He said he had a passionate affair with this woman, he got her pregnant, and soon they married. They had a baby girl and she was the most beautiful little girl he’d ever seen.

He now started to slide a finger under the lace, running it up and down my soaking wet slit.

He was really happy with his family, but like he said before, he was not yet successful. He could not provide a good life for his family, and his wife reminded him of his failures constantly. He was so humiliated, that he made the worst mistake of his life. He left for work one day and never came back. He devoted all of his time to his work after this and later became quite successful. But, he was so distraught about the decision he made to leave his beautiful family that he never returned. He signed the divorce papers that were sent to him at his job, and paid his child support every month, but he never saw his beautiful little girl again.

He now slid his thick rough finger inside me, in and out, rubbing up to my clit then back inside me again. He continued this as he pulled into a gas station and filled his tank.

I was so turned on that I barely noticed the pimply faced gas station attendant do a double take when he asked “Fill er up?” I was so wet, so eager, his fingers were pinching my clit now and I couldn’t help but grind against them.

When we were through at the gas station he left again, I still had no idea where we were going. He took his fingers off my clit and slid two fingers inside me now. Sliding them in and out, wriggling them around, just teasing me. Not doing enough of anything to get me off.

I expected we were headed to a nice hotel to spend the day fucking, after all, I was in this successful older man’s brand new Lexus getting teased beyond my limit. Of course he’d want to take me somewhere he could fuck me.

He took his fingers out of me now and started playing with my thong, pulling it tight against my cunt then running his fingers up and down my slit.

He pulled into a run down strip mall and parked sort of in the middle of the lot. He spread my legs wider and slapped my cunt before jamming two fingers inside of me.

He told me that he felt me pressing me knee against his erection when he kissed me. He said he couldn’t help but get aroused when kissing a beautiful girl, but that it was very slutty of me to do that.

Again, I found myself incredibly humiliated by my behavior, my face flushed deep red, but my cunt only started throbbing more. He jammed another finger inside me now and started fingering me hard.

I asked him where we were and he told me it didn’t matter to fatih escort sluts where they got off, as long as they did. He brushed my clit with his thumb and I bucked at his hand. This only made him laugh at me, and say “See slut, you could care less where you are.”

He abruptly removed his hands from between my legs and leaned his seat back. He told me to open his trousers, which I did. I couldn’t believe how massive his cock was. It wasn’t even completely erect and it was nearly ten inches and as thick as a Coke can. I started to lap at it hungrily. Sucking it into my mouth. I could barely open my mouth enough but I made it fit. I stuffed that fat old man sausage as far into my mouth as I could take it. I had to sit on my knees in my seat in order to be able to bend over enough to suck his cock. I was staring straight at his big balls covered with white hair that kept tickling my nose.

I couldn’t believe I was slurping on this fat old man’s snake and loving every second of it. I kept sucking on it, taking it deeper and deeper and adjusting my angle so that it would go right down my throat. I felt it grow in my mouth and my jaw began to ache. That’s when I felt his fingers in my cunt again. Three fingers pounding into it hard. I was so sloppy wet I could hear my cunt juices sloshing around.

I started forcing myself further and further down his cock, he put a fourth finger inside me. I felt so stretched. He was stretching my cunt with his fingers and my throat with his cock. It was incredible, then he stopped, pulled my head off of his cock and his fingers out of my cunt.

“Sit on my lap, little girl.”

“Yes, please,” I started to climb on his lap, facing him.

“No, turn around, I want you to look out the window you little slut.”

I did as I was told, I sat on his fat cock and started bouncing up and down, looking out the window. I cold see people walking by only ten feet away, I was terrified someone would see, but I couldn’t stop. He had the hugest hardest dick I’d ever fucked.

I was bouncing up and down, feeling his balls smashing against my clit, I was so close to cumming.

“Do you know why I told you that story slut?”


“Because, you’re my little girl, my daughter. I knew when you told me about your life that you were the little girl I’d left behind all those years ago. And now that I’m fucking you, I can see you look just like your mother.”

I started to pull away, “What? No, that’s disgusting! Why are you fucking me if I’m your daughter?”

He pulled my hips down on him and started thrusting into me hard. “You aren’t going anywhere, I told you I own your cunt. You were made for me, and you will please me. Like it or not, slut.”

I kept trying to pull away but it was useless. There wasn’t enough room in his car for me to get away and he just kept pounding into me. It felt so damn good, I hated how much I loved it. I tried not to moan but one escaped my lips anyway.

“Stop trying to fight it slut, you know you love your Daddy’s big dick inside you.”

Dammit, he was right. “Goddamn you, fuck me Daddy. I need to cum on your big daddy dick you fat motherfucker. Make your baby cum!”

This set him off and he kept thrusting into me until I came in waves down his cock and it dripped down his big balls. I milked his own orgasm from him that I could feel splashing into my cervix, when I heard a tap on the window.

I looked over to see a low rent security guard. I cracked the window and laughed “It’s ok sir, he’s my Daddy.”

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