Love n the Library 2


Love n the Library 2“Sasha go to my bedroom in the back. I will handle this.” Claire tells her. Sasha quickly gathered up her clothes and scurried to the bedroom. Claire grabbed a short robe that barely covered her full hips and walked to the door. Claire twists the knob and lets the door fly open. There stood a tall, dark and handsome man. His olive skin and boyish looks took her by surprise. His stature was 6’7 and he was at least 250 lbs. He was sexy and manly and she wondered if she fucking should share her cunt with him.“May I help you?” her sexy voice whispers. Mike stood there checking out the beautiful woman that stood before him. His mouth slightly opened and tongue about to drag the ground, he stood there speechless for a few minutes. “Uh yes, is Sasha here? I’m Mike her boyfriend.” He says. Claire smiled; she told him to come in and offered him a seat on her couch. Her body swayed as she walked over to join him on the love seat that sat across from him. He could see right through her robe. Her firm breast jutting out as her hard nipples poked through the shear material. His mind began to whirl with all sorts of perversion. She was built just the way he liked his women, sexy and thick. “Well is she here?” “Yes she is. She fell asleep while studying. She looked so peaceful that I just left her in the room.” By the way my name is Claire. “I understand.” Replies Mike… “I will wake her up in just a minute.” Mike continues to stare at Claire as she teased him by letting her legs open up every now and then as they spoke. Mike tried to keep from letting his flaccid cock grow from lusting over the curvaceous Claire. It was getting harder to do by the minute and he could hardly take it.Claire looked down at the coffee table that sat between them. There was a basket full of fruit and she picked up a banana and began to pull the skin down one side at a time. Mike had never seen someone make eating fruit so sexy. She stared at him as she let her tongue glide around the tip, before she took her first nibble. Mike placed his hand on his cock to try to calm it down. “Care for some fruit Mike.” “No thank you.” Mike answers. Claire decides to turn things up a notch and runs her hands up to her ribbon that held her robe together. Mike watched eagerly as she let the ribbon loose and her robe opened up. Mike’s jaw dropped as he saw Claire’s gorgeous body right in front of him naked. She then takes the banana and licks it up and down. Mike reached for his cock again and began to slowly rub it through his shorts. “Do you like what you see?” Claire asks. “My God you are sexy as hell.” Mike tells her. Claire takes the banana and slowly inserts it into her pussy. sahabet güvenilirmi Little by little the banana entered her hot and juicy pussy. Mike’s once flaccid cock was now at full attention. He was in amazement as she guided the banana in and out of her cunt. “I love playing with my banana. How about you take out your banana so I can watch you play with it?” Mike was stunned; but he took his cock out and began to stroke it slowly. The sight of Claire’s cunt stuffed with that banana was an eyeful. She could see the pre-cum gathering at the tip of his cock. Claire pushed the banana in deeper and when she went to pull it out it broke off inside her pussy. What was she to do now? Claire gazed over at Mike and she could see the lust in his eyes. “I need you to help me get the banana out of my pussy Mike. Do you think you can help me? She asks in her sexy voice. Claire was so caught up in her own escapades that she didn’t even notice that her bedroom door was now open and Sasha was peeking out. She was wondering what was taking so long and now she knew why. She cracked the door enough to see Mike stroking his cock and glaring at Claire’s naked body. Sasha could feel her own pussy twitching with excitement as she wondered what was to happen next. Just then she saw her beloved Mike get up and crawl over between Claire’s thighs. She watched him suck on her gorgeous 38 DD’s and make love to her nipples. Claire’s moans became louder with each pinch and lick. Sasha began to rub her clit as she watched the two consumed in each others sexual actions. Mike lowered his mouth on Claire’s rock hard clit and put his finger inside of her cunt. He pulled out a little bit of banana and chewed on it. Then he covered her entire pussy with his mouth and sucked on it like a vacuum cleaner. Claire d****d her legs over his shoulders and began shaking in ecstasy. Sasha began to rub her pussy faster as she watched Mike make love to her new lover’s cunt. Mike loved how Claire was responding to his pussy eating. She had a handful of his beautiful coal black hair in her hand and her body thrashed upward to meet his tongue. “Oooooh weeeeee baby! Fucking suck my cunt! That’s how a real man sucks pussy baby!” She screams out!Sasha was now out of the bedroom and sneaking up behind them. She tiptoed to the couch and climbed on the back of it. Her legs straddled the back and the side arm, she then began to rub her cunt and watch in pleasure as Mike ate Claire out. Claire’s eyes were shut and Mike was so busy pleasuring her that neither one of them even noticed Sasha was right beside them. Sasha rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy even faster. She loved watching sahabet yeni giriş her mate tongue fuck her friend. Suddenly Mike took a breather and looked up only to see Sasha involved in her own sexual ecstasy. Mike really didn’t know what to do at this point. So he took his thick finger and put it deep inside Sasha’s pussy. She let out a moan and began to fuck his long thick finger. Sasha then reached over and clenched one of Claire’s breasts in her hand. They were firm and soft and Sasha began to play with it as Mike put his face right back between Claire’s thighs and continued to eat her pussy. Sasha wanted to please both her lovers so she climbed down off of her roost and embraced Claire with a kiss and caresses. Mike finally withdrew himself from Claire’s hot cunt and watched as the two women began to make love. The thought of his woman in her 30’s and Claire’s barely legal pussy was enough to make any man bust a nut. Claire rapped her tan legs around Sasha’s ebony waist and they began to dry hump each other. The scene made Mike moan out loud from the two kissing and he stroked his cock at a faster pace. He would always slow it down as soon as he thought his nut was about to approach. It was beautiful to look at. It was a work of art in progress and Mike wanted to finish the picture. Mike told the sexy pair to get up for a minute. He needed to get in place so he could get his chance to fuck Claire’s tight young pussy. He beckoned her to come closer and stand in front of his rigid rod. “Suck it Claire! “He demanded. She did just that. She got on her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock. Sasha held the base of it sturdy so Claire could take it all in. “ Mmmm Delicious Mike!” she gobbled a little more as she sucked him inside her warm waiting mouth. Sasha took her hand and rubbed Claire’s clit as she continued to feast on Mike’s cock. Her pussy drenched from sensual lust and Sasha’s fingers found there way deep inside Claire’s cunt. It only sent her into a sexual frenzy and she sucked Mike even harder.Mike told Claire to stop her sucking for a minute so he could fuck her. Claire was willing and ready for that thick cock to be deep inside her. Mike sat back down on the couch and Claire straddled his cock. She took her time as she lowered her cunt on it inch by inch. She felt her pussy walls swell up around it as he took her tiny waist and pushed her on his member. “Sweet Jesus!” she leaned back and took more of his dick inside. Sasha took this opportunity to lick Claire’s bud and rub her own cunt. “Your pussy is so fucking tight Claire! Have you even fucked a man before?” Mike yells. Claire was too caught up to answer sahabet giriş him at that moment. The intensity of the both of them fucking and Sasha eating at her snatch was overwhelming for the student. She just wanted to keep it going and going. She came all over Mike’s hard on and continued to ram her pussy up and down its shaft. Sasha sucked on Claire’s tits as she decided to mount her pussy over Mikes face. He was enjoying the taste of cunt and the feeling of cunt on his cock and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Claire’s hips began to buck as she speeded up her lustful pace. She just wanted to feel his cock in her belly. She was out of control and all her sensuality was shining through. Mike hugged her tiny waist that tapered off to her nice fat ass. He held on for life as she road him like a fucking bronco. Sasha rocked her pussy all over his face and sucked on Claire’s tongue to keep her from yelling so loud. Mike was ready to feel Claire’s young ass on his cock. Claire had never had her ass fucked before. She really was skittish about the whole thing. Mike assured her that he had no intensions on hurting her but he didn’t deny that it would be a little painful at first. She trusted his judgment and decided to let him fuck her little brown eye. Sasha pulled his cock out of Claire’s cunt and spit on it. She was getting it lubed for an adventure in Claire’s brown tunnel. Slowly she guided it in as she felt Claire tighten up with every inch. “It’s ok Hun. Relax.” He assured her. Sasha played in Claire’s sweaty hair to try to calm the cum sluts mind. Soon Claire started to move her ass slowly up and down on his cock. Mike eyes were shut tight and he bit his lip as he grinded his cock deep inside her youthful bunghole. “Wow you can keep that up right there baby! You are making Daddy’s cock feel like heaven!” Mike held her tits and fucked her a little harder. Claire’s head twisted from side to side and her panting became heavier. Sasha grabbed another banana out of the bowl and shoved inside Claire’s cunt. “Ohhhh Yeeeeessss! Don’t fucking stop!” Claire cried out! Sasha licked Claire’s cunt as she kept shoving more of the banana deeper inside of her. She could see it streaming with cum and she took it out and sucked on it. She loved the taste of Claire’s young cunt and she continued the pattern of fucking her and sucking off the juice. Mike soon declared that he was about to bust the biggest nut ever! “FUCK CLAIRE I NEED YOUR ASS AND PUSSY! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME! IM READY TO CUM IN YOUR ASS AND CUNT! With that he shot a load off into her ass and pulled out. Sasha sucked his cock and drove it back into Claire’s hot pussy. She started fucking it like crazy and came all over the still rigid cock. “Now it is time for both of my little Fuck Whores to suck my cock!” The two knelt down and hungrily sucked up their lovers cum. Soon his cock went lip and slipped out of Sasha’s mouth. Claire finished up by licking his balls.

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