Love Overdue Ch. 01

Adriana Chechik

I wondered long and hard about how to categorise this story. It involves elements of so many available on this site. In the end I opted for here even though our ages are somewhat apart. Fourteen years is not a lifetime, only half a generation. I also reasoned that we are mature adults and while technically what we are doing is not incest morally it is . Many couples live with this age gap and no question is ever asked. Once you read on you will understand that I am a lot older in her eyes than I really am and that to me she is a lot younger than her now 34 years. She does look young and I could easily pass for over 50 so there you have it. Then there are all the complicating factors.

I met her as a girl when her mother was going out with a friend of mine. When that relationship foundered I bedded her mother for about a decade although we didn’t live under the same roof. That relationship ended in bitterness when Mary was 21.

Mary and her mother did not get along. In fact her mother all but said that if she needed anything she should go to me and not bother her. We remained on very good terms knowing we loved each other and while I harboured impure thoughts about her I had no idea that she felt the same about me.

Mother and daughter had not got along since Mary was about 11 or 12. All the time our relationship was that of close father and daughter. Hence this being a memoir of incest.

Morally it is but the law says not. I always liked her and as I spent more time around her this naturally grow into love. The events I describe here took place about 1998-2000 and I’ve compressed the time for the sake of the narrative but everything happened and you can make what you will of it – we are still a couple but well under the radar to avoid scandal.

How did we get so close? I think the first thing was her discovery that someone was prepared to go into battle for her when things weren’t going well. She was a gangly awkward teenager who bloomed late. As is the case with many beautiful girls she thought she was ugly and unlovable. I can’t remember how it came up but when she was 13 or 14 there was some problem at school and she wound up at home in the middle of the day sitting on the big paint tin I’d been using to paint the kitchen ceiling in her mother’s home, telling me all her problems. I was all at sea. I’d had no experience with teenage girls since I was a teenager and all her woes were a revelation to me. It had never occurred to me that teenaged girls had similar fears and problems to teenaged boys.

She was going on about how nobody would ask her out because she was skinny and flat chested and she liked a boy but he didn’t know she existed. All news to me but, as I learned from her sister later on, pretty standard. We talked, that’s all we did, and although I don’t remember it apparently I told her something along the lines of how surprised I was as I thought it impossible not to like her. This made a huge impact and years later she read me a passage from her diary saying how big an impression I had made. I had no idea.

The years passed. She got a boyfriend lost her virginity, having sought purely technical advice from me about cocks and insisted on telling her mother and me all about her first time. I’m not sure her mother’s reaction was the same as mine. I told her I was delighted and that she was welcome to sleep with her boyfriend at my place if things were tense at home. I also told her something very personal and I remember this because I meant it.

After she told me about busting her cherry I told her that her boyfriend was lucky and that if I’d met someone as nice as her when I was younger she and I would probably never have met because I’d have stopped looking. She was quite stunned. As things go in life the kids split up after about a year.

Our next step was a party we both attended, I going with her mother and she on her own. A lot of drink got consumed and out of the blue Mary came up to me flung her arm around me and whispered in my ear just loud enough for me to hear above the music.

“I love you.”

I told her I loved her too, which of course was true. I wonder now if we meant our words in different ways that day.

Not long after my relationship with her mother foundered and I decided to move to a larger city or rather just outside it to a place I’d bought in the country. I had a main house with one bedroom and a little guest house there, lovely sea views and no neighbours so I took to wearing clothes only when it suited me. Her sister had been to stay quite often and brought her boyfriends. They had often decided to shed some or all of their clothing without knowing I habitually did the same. Mary meantime was overseas. On her return she had nowhere to live and I’d offered her the guest house until she got organised. She rolled up from sisli escort the airport in a rental car. She would have been about 24 I suppose. Gone was her wavy mousy blond hair. Gone were her tomboy clothes. A slender woman in tailored jeans with a bob of auburn hair emerged from the car walked up to me and threw her arms around me. I must say I was surprised at the strength of the embrace. She had been a pretty teenager but the transformation to womanhood along with a seeming new found confidence have etched that moment in my memory.

She wasn’t too tired so leaving most of her bags in the car she brought an overnight bag and the usual duty free purchases such as my favourite vodka into the house. I assumed she’d head for the guest house later. The day wore on and she did get tired having a nap on the sofa in my living room.

We began drinking, sitting out on the porch about 6pm. We drank an awful lot. We snacked on a few things and by about 9 o’clock we were drunk. Mary got up and moved my legs so she could curl up on my knee as she’d done years earlier. Our inhibitions were obviously quite low or she wouldn’t have asked completely out of the blue.

“So when did you start masturbating?”

“As soon as I started having wet dreams, and I’ve never stopped” I answered truthfully.

“I started just after you hooked up with Mum. I used to listen to you two doing it and get off. It’s how I have an orgasm.” She admitted.

“Hasn’t anyone gone down on you?”

“Sure lots, including a woman, I just can’t come that way”

“Woman?” My interest was peaked.

“Yea, I had a bit of a fling a few months back. I’d always wanted to and it was nice, I’m going to do it again and I have someone in mind.”

Deep breath.

“The thing was her pussy was much nicer than mine.” She slurred.

We were very close I could smell her sweet alcoholic breath.


“I’ll show you later. I don’t think mine is very pretty.”

With that she twisted in my lap and kissed me full on the lips.

It was a deep deep kiss which I responded to fully. Drink and middle age meant there was no instant hardness in my pants but my cock began to fill slowly.

“You can fuck me tonight and every other night from now on if you want. I came back here to thank you the only way I can for all you’ve done for me.”

Even with my cock now hard I came back with.

“You don’t have to do this though Darling.”

“I know, you idiot, I want to. I want to feel you inside me. I want to be with you.”

She replied wriggling on my hardness.

“I need to pee, then I need a shower.”

She stirred off my knee stretched and walked towards the garden turned undid her pants, lowered them and squatted to relieve herself. All the time she looked me in the eye and smiled. It was dark and we only had the light from the house so that combined with her shirt hid her pussy as she stood up and pulled her pants up.

She held out her hand and pulled me up and we wandered inside. We headed straight for my bedroom. She went on ahead into the bathroom and I stopped in the bedroom and downed a little blue pill and poured us a couple of shots of vodka. It was my intention that the night last and that any inhibitions we might harbour should be overcome by the booze.

I removed my clothing and wandered into the bathroom. God almighty she looked so tiny and so very young. Not an ounce of fat on her she had the body of a teenager. She had her back to me and was just pulling down her panties. They were black and lacy. They showed the cheeks of her bottom yet they were quite full. Down they came and she turned to me, not before I enjoyed a rear view of her little treasure. We paused and looked each other up and down.

I gazed at the smallest most perfect little body I’d seen outside a porn movie. Her nipples were small, hard and pink. Between her legs is a little brownish-red trimmed sparse little thatch. I could see a little flesh at it’s centre. There was a gap between her legs and as with thin women and girls her bump was quite pronounced and as it curved down and around to her little cunt the outer lips were quite visible. There was a little pod of flesh where her clit hid and I could see a hint of slender little flesh in the centre of her underside, the inner lips just protruded. This must be what she meant about feeling her cunt was ugly. I had a brief momentary thought about what her girlfriend’s must have looked like.

“Come on,” I said, “I’ll wash your back.”

That broke the nervous tension.

Soaping her was a nice way to touch her body sexually for the first time. I got to touch her and feel just how firm she is.

I’m not circumcised so I’m very fussy about being clean should a welcoming mouth every make contact.

When it was my turn to escort istanbul be washed she held my cock on the palm of her hand and gently exposed the head with her other. A little soap and the gentlest of touches then after she’d rinsed me she bent to taste me.

“I’ve never had a man who wasn’t circumcised, is this OK?”

My shiver answered that question. She asked me to turn around and soaped up my rear. Her fingers went everywhere and my cock began the slow steady inflation one associates with advancing middle age, booze and tiredness. By the time I was cleaned and we were toweling each other dry the Viagra had kicked in and I was hard. Mary’s nipples were like little diamonds.

We had our first open mouthed stand up kiss. It was a fumbling affair but it made my stomach do flip-flops. Mary shivered. I felt her little patch on my thigh as I held her to me and my hands explored her rear.

This wasn’t a great position for us and I suppose standing up never will be unless I’m the only one standing. There was a big bed going spare so we shuffled over towards it.

To sprint forward for a moment. It was an experience fucking my little girl. The years peeled away with her clothes. I’d seen her naked on a number of occasions over the years. To my shame I knew how her sex would smell as I sniffed her panties on numerous occasions as I’d masturbated over thoughts of her. That evening I discovered that she too had spent many hours fingering herself imagining that I was inside her.

This had elements of the one night stand for me given that I had never expected her to offer herself to me, yet we had a long loving connection and softness about what we were doing. We were still awkward so to get things going I rolled her onto her front and started kissing her tiny frame. I went from the back of her neck all the way down her spine reaching her pert little behind and eliciting a sigh. Her legs were neither together nor spread but parted sufficiently for me to view her sex and had I wished to, to touch it. Her little buttocks flared out from her tiny waist but given how little flesh she had on her body they were remarkably firm. I decided to kiss and nibble them. I wasn’t quite ready to tongue the small pucker I could also see. Perhaps on the trip back up her body.

I attended her rear for maybe ten minutes and moved down the back of her leg. I took her foot in my hand and licked the sole of her left foot. As I took her big toe in my mouth and sucked gently on it she moaned and began to roll over stretching.

“So that’s what it feels like. I hope you’ll let me do the same for you.”

Looking up at her face across the vista of her opening sex I politely declined as my feet are pretty rough. I watched as her hips began to move slowly and she drew her right foot up towards her thus opening herself as much as she could. Her hand slid down over her little breast across her stomach and she began to gently touch herself.

I knew that there was already pre-cum on my cock. I could feel the coolness of the air on my exposed cockhead. Mary’s eyes were shut and her little chest was slowly going up and down as she masturbated. I began to slowly kiss, nibble and lick my way north to her busy fingers. My idea about her bottom could be put into action now if she would allow it. She’d washed my rear so I thought she might be inclined to consent.

As I got to her apex and my nose brushed her fingers. She paused.

“Don’t stop, I’m sure you’re doing just fine.” I told her.

She gave a nervous giggle and then a gasp as I kissed her knuckles and ran my tongue down her flower to the pucker that my lifting her open legs had exposed.

“Nobody’s ever done that to me! Are you sure you want to?”

Pausing. “Yes – I really want to do this. Relax, keep doing what you’re doing and just enjoy what happens.”

Because of her size. As my mouth showed her the pleasures of the rudest love she had ever experienced my nose parted her sex and rubbed her lips. She started to moan and really work her clit when my tongue completed its first circuit of her tight little rosebud. I got through a few more turns and she leapt away from me with a short cry of “Oh Shit.”.

She was lying back on the pillows breathing hard and looking a bit embarrassed, I think.

I went to kiss her and thought just maybe I should wipe her juices off my face. I did so and she smiled again I sensed embarrassment of some sort.

“I’d prefer not to have me all over your face when we kiss.”

“You taste beautiful.”

Nervous giggle and a shake of her head, I don’t think I taste that good..

“If you sucked me I’d have no problem kissing you afterwards.”

“That’s different.”

“How so?”

“I’ll like the taste of you. I worry that I don’t taste or smell nice. It’s a şişli escort girl thing and no man has ever done to me what you’ve done so casually.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m older. I don’t care what we do together so long as we are happy and nobody gets hurt.”

“I’d not mind if you hurt me a little bit.”

“I’ll remember that for later you dirty little girl.”

A giggle.

I’d been up beside her as we talked. I had held her and she had lain in the crook of my arm. I rolled onto my back and drew her up onto me. We kissed some more and her little cunt felt my cock against it for the first time. I could feel her heat on me. There was a risk that I would blow my over-excited load all over her. We messed around a bit with her rubbing her mound on my shaft.

“I don’t think I’d last more than a few seconds inside you.”

“My, how flattering! Maybe I can help.”

A trail of kisses made there way to my leaking cockhead and her mouth engulfed me. Mary’s juices must have been all over my cock but she never flinched or missed a beat. Naturally a lot of the moisture was my pre-cum so perhaps the admixture of my fluid made it acceptable. I’ll never ask because this pattern of behaviour has continued. Mary has sucked my cock no matter what from the first time her mouth opened to take me in.

“Come as soon as you want and in my mouth if you want.”


Down went her head as she tickled my balls with her fine little fingers. She was unbelievably gentle. She was able to get nearly all of me into her mouth and made a few plunges with her nose touching my pubic bone. Coming up she stroked me and licked softly around my exposed cockhead. I began to moan and her mouth went over my head. I felt faint suction as she stroked me more firmly.

I’d lasted maybe two minutes. About a minute and a half longer than I’d expected. I tensed and fell back on the bed. Looking down I saw Mary suckling on me and smiling.

I felt the swallow and the subsequent clean-up.

I slipped from her lips and she moved up to hug me. I had no concern about kissing her. I’ve tasted myself on the mouths of many women before. She seemed a little hesitant with the first kiss but soon we were back on track.

“You really don’t mind?”

“A beautiful young woman sucks my cock and I should raise objections.”

“You’re so sweet. You really are”

“You’re a beautiful, young woman who sucked my cock!”

More blushes.

More kisses and Mary began to sit back on her haunches and started stroking my chest and kissing it. She massaged me all the way from my head to my toes. There was nowhere she missed. On my stomach she parted my buttocks and kissed me intimately. She did things to me that she had been concerned about my doing to her.

As she snuggled my rear her searching hand told her that I was hard again.

“Will you fuck me Daddy?”

I nearly came. My cock became even harder.

I’d expected to have my little girl to sit on me. I’m a big guy and smaller woman often worry about my hurting them or being too heavy or strong. She is by far the smallest woman I’ve been with since I was a teenager and I even began to wonder if I’d fit inside her. Silly, I know, but a genuinely felt worry.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, whispering.

“I want to be on my back, I like it that way. I want to feel the difference in our sizes. It’s a big emotional thing for me and I want my Daddy to fuck his little girl this way.”

She’d told me she liked big men but there was such an edge of eroticism to the way she spread herself and held her arms out to me. My cock was rigid. We touched and after a little adjustment I was inside her. She was tight but wet and I entered without any problem, feeling her all the way along my cock. I asked if she was comfortable and her answer was to pull her legs up and around me and pull me down for a kiss.

I began a slow rhythm in and out of her. I’m able to cradle her as we fuck and having discovered this I brought my legs up and lifted her slightly holding her to me. Slowly steadily we moved together. Her grip became steadily tighter around me. Her head went back and I saw what I took to be an expression of pain on her face and tears were rolling down her cheeks. My concerns about hurting her welled up in me again but her legs contracted and she rammed herself up onto me and we bottomed out. As before she went slack but this time in my arms. I’d not actually been near to coming but at this sight I spent myself deep inside her.

I held her tightly and rolled us onto my back so that my cock could fall away more slowly and we wouldn’t have to separate immediately.

Eventually I slipped from her and there was a wet trickle on my thigh and a sigh on my chest. We slept with her on top of me for an hour or two and coupled in a semi slumber for about half an hour with neither of us coming just enjoying the connection and kissing while I’m sure we both processed the consequences of our incest. Ten years on and much loving later we still sleep like this.

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