Love Thy Neighbor


Love Thy NeighborI was in my last month of High School, so I didn’t really mind missing one day.I worked the night shift and got home at eight a. m. I told my mom that I would go to school after lunch. Yeah right! Also I had just turned 18, so I am not forced to go.I went to sleep and woke up at 11:30 a. m. I heard someone out by our pool. I looked out the back door and noticed my neighbor getting out of the pool.Mary was the same age as my mom, but built like someone half her age. She wore a bikini that showed off not only her small chest, but also her great ass.Mary sat on the lawn chair and removed her top. The back corner of the yard has a lot of trees and the neighbors can’t see you. Mary rubbed lotion on her tits and then lied back on as she closed her eyes. I had a good view from were I was standing.I was only wearing a pair of shorts, and my dick was standing at full attention. I pulled out my eight-inch dick and started to jerk-off. There I was playing with myself as Mary was lying there almost naked.After a couple of minutes she turned over. There I was taking in the view of her great ass. I started stroking my dick ever faster. I then exploded all over the window of the door. After I cleaned it up, I decided to go out for a swim, and a closer look at Mary’s ass.I went to about two feet away from Mary before she noticed me.“I didn’t know anyone was home,” she said“I worked last night so I am taking the day off said “ then I jumped in to the pool.Mary sat up and turned around making no attempts to cover up.“If you come over here and put some lotion on my back, I won’t mention to your mother that you didn’t go to School today.”How could I refuse that offer? I sat beside her and put some lotion on her back. As I was rubbing it in, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass. I was so close to it. I moved my hands to her legs. I put lotion on her calves and move my hands upwards towards her ass. I stopped just short of the bottom of her suit.By this point, my dick was hard again. I quickly stood up and went back into the pool. As I swam back relaxbet güvenilirmi to the side of the pool Mary sat up and turned around showing me her small, but perky tits.“Did you enjoy rubbing the lotion all over me?”“Yes,” I said, feeling a little embarrassed.“I’m glad. I enjoyed it too,” she then stood up and joined me in the pool.She moved over to me and kissed me. We then stood there for a moment looking at each other. I kissed her back. I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening. This older women was so hot.I felt her hand on the front of my swim trunks. She was playing with my dick thru my shorts.“You feel so big” She whispered in my ear. “I guess you want to continue this?”All I could at this point was nod my head.I reached out and touched her tits. Her nipples were standing straight out. I heard her let out a little moan. I lowered my head and started to suck on her nipples. Mary grabbed the back of my head and pulled into her tits. I went back and forth between her tits, giving each one equal time. Mary then pulled my head away and led me out of the pool. She brought me over to the lawn chair. She sat down and I stood in front of her.“Let’s see what we have in here,” She said as she slowly pulled down my trunks.My dick at this point was rock hard.“Mmm… very nice,” Mary said as she pulled off my suit.She grabbed my dick with her hand and slowly started to rub it up and down. Mary took me into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft.This was not the first time I had my dick sucked, But she was much better then any girl my age.After a few minutes of this extreme pleasure, Mary let go of my cock lay back in the lawn chair and pulled off her bottoms.Her pussy was neatly trimmed. I got down and my knees and started to suck her nipples again. I kissed down her stomach, to her pussy. Man! Was she wet. I slowly started to lick her lovely pussy.“That feels great Lover,” Mary said as she gently played with her nipples.I continued to eat her pussy for felt like hours, (more relaxbet yeni giriş like 10 minutes).Mary then sat up, pulled me to me feet and gave me a kiss.“Let’s go into the house,” she said and I followed right behind her.I still couldn’t believe what was happening. There I was naked with this older woman. We went into the house and then went straight down stairs to my room.Mary told me to get on my back, she sucked my dick again for about a minute then she sucked my balls. Then she mounted me.My cock slowly entered her. Mary started riding my dick.She was bouncing up and down like a woman in heat. She was playing with her tits as I grabbed her ass.“I’m going to cum Lover,” she yelled as she leaned forward so I could take her nipples into my mouth.I took hold of her ass and fuck her with every thing I had.“Cum inside me, “She whispered into my ear.I shot my load into her within seconds.She just lay on top of me for a few minutes.“I have to go Lover. Why don’t you come over after dinner tonight? No one else will be home at my place tonight. ““Sure. I’ll be over about seven.”“Good,” she said as she kissed me long and hard.Mary left and I went back to sleep to have some strength for later.After dinner, I told my parents I was going over to play pool, this was not unusual.When I got there Mary yelled down “Why don’t you go down stairs and get yourself a drink.”I did and chugged half the beer.Mary came down the stairs totally naked. She walked over and kissed me. I got undressed quickly. I sat up on the pool table and Mary started to suck my cock. She took my balls into her mouth. After a couple of minutes I ask her to switch places.I buried my face in-between her legs. I then pulled her off the table and turned her around.Mary’s beautiful ass was staring right at me. I spread her legs and slide my dick into her from behind. She gasped. I grabbed one of her tits and had my other hand on her ass. I fucked her like that for several minutes.Mary then lay on the floor and pulled me on top of her. We fucked for several relaxbet giriş minutes.Mary screamed out as she came. I told her I was getting close and Mary asked me to pull out and jerk off all over her. I pulled out my sticky cock and started to jerk off. I had never had someone watch me do that before. It was quite a turn on.Mary kept saying Cum all over me Lover. After about two minutes, I let loose my load all over her tits, stomach and pussy.What a sight. Seeing Mary lying there covered in my cum.We both got a drink and recovered for a few moments.“Is there anything you would like to do Lover?” Mary asked me.“Yes. But…”“But what?”“I have always wanted to fuck your ass.” I didn’t know what she would do after hearing that.Mary smiled and looked at me.“I would love you to fuck my ass. I have always wanted to try it.”I could believe I was going to be the first one to fuck that great ass.Mary went to get some lube for us to use. When she got back she kissed me hard. She was really horny for this. I had her lie on her stomach.I slowly kissed her down her back. I spread her ass cheeks and ran my tongue down her crack. I circled her anus.Mary was moaning like crazy. I inserted my tongue into her ass. I fuck her with it like it was a small dick. After I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, I inserted one into her ass. I then added a second.“That feels great lover. I want you to fuck my ass with that nice dick of yours.”Mary lubed up my dick and her ass. I moved behind her. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.I had never ass fucked before.I spread her ass cheeks and put the head of my dick against her hole.I slowly pushed inside her. I stopped after the head was in so Mary could get use to it. After a minute or so I was completely in side her. It felt great.“Fuck my ass lover,” Mary said as she turned and looked at me.She started to play with her pussy as I slowly started to fuck her ass. As we both got into a rhythm, I got going faster. We were both moaning loudly.“I’m going to fucking cum, “Mary was screaming.“Me too,” I yelled back.I pulled out and came all over her ass.After we regained our senses, I had to go. Mary walked me to the door, she was still naked. We kissed and I left.A week later, I found out we were moving away. Mary and I had a great summer of sex before I left, but nothing was as good as that first day.

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