Making “wifey” cum


Making “wifey” cumI thought I’d just share with you all how I make “wifey” cum. We’re both in our 50’s and have experimented with Sex for years now- we’ve tried all the “kinky” stuff and have reverted to the following. See what you think and let me know.I always insist on wifey wearing matching black undies; that’s a flimsy see thru bra and matching skimpy briefs (I prefer briefs to thongs). She has to put them on first thing on a morning and wear them all day for when I get home as I love her wearing worn knickers.Just before I get home, I insist that she puts on a thin white “office-type” blouse and dark hold up stockings and a short black skirt. To complete the outfit she wears high heels and some “Eternity” perfume. As I come in I can make out her slutty black bra and her large nipples poking out. She looks slightly tarty and smells of perfume and love-juice.She then prepares a couple of Gin and Tonics while I strip off and lie on the sofa- she comes over and we have a drink and I start to kiss her and play with her breasts over her blouse- my cock is already hard and in need of some Oral which she obliges me with for a bit.I sahabet güvenilirmi unbutton her blouse and ease her bra up, thus freeing her breasts (she is a genuine 38C!!) and kiss, lick and suck her large erect nipples. At the same time she is tossing me off slowly. My hand slides down to between her thighs and I ease the skirt up around her hips showing off her stocking tops and black panties. Her thighs open easy and she allows me to rub her clit through her knickers until her gusset is soaking wet with cunt-juice. She then asks me to put my hand down her knickers and finger her deeply which I am more than happy to oblige!! (she likes me putting my hand down the front of her panties as she says it reminds her of when she was being fingered as a teenager)Slowly and gently my finger slides in and out, and she becomes more and more aroused- her cunt lips are really swollen now and her juices are flowing everywhere. I use some of the juice to lubricate her ass and finger that as well- my thumb rubs her clit.By now I can do whatever I want, so I slip off her panties and put them somewhere safe- for later…….Her sahabet yeni giriş thighs are now wide open so I move down and start to lick her out after easing open her swollen cunt lips. She has been shaving quite a bit recently, although I have asked her to let her muff grow as hairy women turn me on. I want her hair to be really bushy and start to grow on her inner thighs.Her clit is now glistening and swollen so I gently nibble on it and finger her deeply at the same time. I may use her dildo to stretch her a bit and allow her to grip as she cums. Her breathing becomes deep and noisy as her climax approaches. Her cunt swells and starts to grip the dildo as I gently lick her and thrust the dildo or my fingers deeper into her. Her hips are now thrusting backwards and forwards against my face and hand.All of a sudden her whole body shudders and I quickly look up at her face which has become contorted with pleasure- she’s reached her orgasm and has lost complete control. Her cunt is griping and relaxing in quick succession and she squirts a little in my face- she is breathing quickly and deeply sahabet giriş and uttering obscenities as she cums and cums and cums. Her orgasm lasts a long long time (much longer than mine will) and she eventually begs me to stop thrusting against her quim.Now its my turn.I can really chose how I want to cum; either to fuck her from the front; from behind “doggy style”; orally so I can shoot my load in her mouth; or simply get her to toss me off. I start to fuck her face to face and I like to get her to look at my face while I’m shagging her. I then get her down on all fours and fuck her hard from behind whilst playing with her breasts- I find that I can penetrate her deeper from behind and I just love the feeling of her fanny deep around my cock. However, this time I fancy finishing off with some oral, and just before I shoot my load, I whip my cock out and offer it to her mouth which she gratefully accepts (she loves the taste of her own copious juices on a mans cock she tells me- any offers out there??) Very quickly I cum and unload into her mouth and throat which she swallows down. Another great orgasm for the pair of us.When we have sex it can be very varied although occasionally the pair of us will sometimes just lie there and masturbate in each others presence till we cum- try it sometime!Let me know what you think of my little “tale”- always like receiving your comments! Please message me.

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