Mary’s Fantasies Part 1


One evening Mary and her boyfriend are laying on the bed, they are talking about how they enjoyed making each other cum just moments ago. Mary in the moment tells her boyfriend she wants to get tied to the bed and fucked so hard that she can not speak English anymore.Her boyfriend looks at her with shock but not long after tells her “Yes, Mary, I will make that fantasy real for you, I will fuck you hard. So hard that u will even scream from the pleasure”. Mary, in turn, jumps up and hugs her boyfriend as she seems to be happy.  The next morning: Mary gets tossed on the bed entirely naked, her hands and legs are tied to the corners of the bed. She can’t move, she can’t escape, her legs wide open. She instantly gets wet and wants her boyfriend so badly. She asks him to make her cum, make her cum a lot.He laughs as he gets naked Escort Fatih as well. He climbs on the bed and approaches her pussy. Mary starts to flinch thinking she will get penetrated in just a few seconds. But her boyfriend has different plans in mind.  He climbs over her and tells her to open her mouth. With his cock on her lips, she opens her mouth and feels the thick cock slide into her throat. Before she realises it, she’s getting throat fucked by her boyfriend. She gags and moans and loves it. The feeling of being powerless, the power of not being in control gets her dripping wet and starts to flinch even more.  She wonders when it will be enough, when will she get fucked? But her boyfriend has no intentions of fucking her yet. He keeps sliding his dick in and out of her throat. He’s moaning Fındıkzade escort and starts to flinch. He cums! He cums in her throat and mouth. Mary is grasping for breath as she swallows it all down. She’s dizzy from it and has never experienced this level of being horny yet.  Her boyfriend gets up and gets out of the bed, he starts to get dressed. Mary is in absolute shock and asks him what he’s doing. He then looks at her with a big smile and says nothing.Mary goes quiet as she has no clue what he’s thinking right now. He’s fully dressed and looks at Mary’s pussy. He notices that she’s dripping wet and giggles. He grabs one leg and unties it, and then other leg. He then puts her panties back on and ties her down again.  He goes to the closet and grabs Mary’s vibrator. She looks in Gaziosmanpaşa escort awe when he shows it to her. He puts the vibrator in her panties and sets it on the lowest mode. A few seconds later on the higher mode and then on the highest.She’s moaning as he walks away. For about thirty minutes he can hear the moans from downstairs. Mary has cum three times already and is about to cum a 4th time.  He gets up and quickly runs to her and snatches the vibrator away, denying her that 4th time. Immediately he gets undressed, hops on the bed and starts eating her out.Not long after Mary screams and moans as she cums for the 4th time. With complete exhaustion in her eyes, she looks at her boyfriend and his hard cock. Her pussy is still dripping wet even after cumming so many times.  Their eyes touch and they start making out, his cock rubs against her clit and makes her moan. She wants to grab that thick cock and shove it in her pussy, but she quickly notices that she can’t.He smiles, grabs his cock and slams it inside her. His hips go up and down, his cock slides in and out while their tongues play in each other’s mouths.

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