A Story of First Touches


Walking up slowly and quietly behind you, she stops just inches away from you. So close you can feel her breath sigh against your neck. Far enough away though, that you can’t sense her heat or feel her heart beat fast in response to your nearness. You stand there and slowly shiver in anticipation, knowing that soon enough, she will touch you. Caress your soft, aroused skin. She can see the beginnings of your arousal as your skin flushes softly under the silk of your robe. She hears your breath catch lightly as her body comes up flush against yours. Her soft, robe covered breasts to your back. Her hands lightly rest on your shoulders, fingers slowly stroking the hollows at your neck. Every touch makes your breath catch.

You moan softly and she sighs and lets her hands trace down your arms gently. Patiently waiting for you, to give her a silent signal that you are ready to go further, her hands catch yours lightly. She slowly brings each one up to your shoulder and leans closely into you. You feel her breath on the back of your hand as she leans in to kiss your knuckles. She turns your hand up and places a tender kiss in your palm and closes your fingers around it. Quietly showing you the emotions she won’t say out loud. She does the same to your other hand. Slowly and tenderly kisses your palm and gives you part of her.

Leaning back she lets your hands fall out of hers as she wraps her arms around you and gets as close to you as she can. You feel her breath against your neck seconds before she leans into place a soft kiss on your nape. You can feel her smile as she pulls back. She can hear you sigh as she lifts her head. Her arms around you rest just under your lush, full breasts. Feeling the heat coming from the undersides of them she slowly rubs her thumbs under the fullest part, closest to your body. You feel her heart pick up speed against your back. You feel her breath catch as she touches you. Knowing she is just as aroused as you. Your hands come up to slowly cover hers, moving them slowly up your chest. Telling her without words that she can go further, that you want her as well.

Her body snugs into yours, closely. Her hands slowly cup the undersides of your full breasts. Her hands slowly and gradually touching you, your head falls back against her shoulder. You turn just enough. She sees your eyes and what they are saying to her. She leans in and covers your mouth slowly for the first time. Kissing you deeply, slowly, she savors your taste, your smell, and your breath. Letting them penetrate her senses. She pulls back and looks into your eyes. Wanting to see what yours eyes are telling her. Wanting to ask you what you desire. But not wanting to push you any further then you are ready. Leaning back in she skims your jaw moving slowly back to your mouth. Kissing and nipping softly the whole time. Her eyes meeting yours and asking you a silent question ‘what do you want me to do love?’ you can see the willingness to please you in her eyes. You smile softly.

You leave her in quiet anticipation for a heartbeat or two. Smiling gently you lean into her and kiss her deeply. She sighs softly against your mouth. Finally, feeling your breath mingling with hers, she sighs against your mouth and pulls you closer. Slowly, turning you in her arms till you are face to face; bodies gently coming together, you realize her body meshes well with yours. Standing face to face your breasts lightly brush against hers. Your hips bump gently together. Her one leg slides gently between your thighs resting against you. Her hands slowly cup your breasts again, this time covering them fully. She watches your face to see what arouses you, which touches make you sigh and moan softly for her. Your hands slowly begin to explore her skin in return. Hearing her moan softly your eyes come up to meet hers. She gasps softly at the look in your eyes. So much desire and passion…and if she watches closely she sees the quiet love in your eyes. She returns the look to you filled with all the same emotions.

She slowly moves her hands up over your breasts covering them. Her fingers brushing over your robe-covered skin, feeling the slippery satin move over even softer skin. She traces circles around bursa escort bayan your nipples not quite touching them but teasing gently. You let out a soft moan as she accidentally brushes your beaded nipples. Smiling softly she does it again. This time deliberately. Slow strokes over your aroused nipples. Feeling the robe catch against your skin she gently eases it open. You feel the cool air caress your warm skin and sigh. She leans back into you meeting your mouth again for a long slow kiss.

Her thigh parting yours and pressing into you gently, rocking slowly into you with her thigh she keeps kissing you. Nibbling the corners of your mouth as her tongue dips out and traces your lips. Feeling your tongue touch hers, she flicks hers lightly over yours. Enticing your tongue further into her mouth, slowly and patiently, she has no desire to rush you. She waits and watches and listens to every breath you take and every sound you make. Following the sounds she moves slowly forward. Her touches and kisses deepening with every sigh from you.

Her hands continue to caress your breasts slowly. She feels the silk of your skin in her warm palms, the tantalizing weight of your breasts pressing into her hands. This time the moans are yours as her mouth slowly moves down your neck to press a gentle kiss into that spot where your neck and shoulders meet. Her tongue darts out to taste you as her thumbs roll over your nipples again and again. She breathes in the scent of your warm skin. She looks up to catch your eyes watching her every movement. Slowly she works her way down your chest till she reaches the tops of your breasts. She waits to see your reaction.

Eyes locking with yours she see the soft pleasure and need fill your eyes. She knows the want, the desire coursing through your body. Your tongue slowly darts out and licks your lips before you catch your bottom lip in your teeth. Her mouth slowly kisses the soft upper curve of your full breast. Her hands moving your breasts together, their weight fully supported in those warm hands.

You feel her mouth and the tip of her tongue trailing almost too slowly down your skin. Your breath gets faster as you anticipate her next move. Her eyes only tilt up to watch you as her mouth slowly, surely covers your nipple. You can feel her hand caressing your other breast still. The texture of her tongue against your nipple and the heat surrounding it makes you shiver. Your body wants more but you don’t want to rush her or yourself. She slowly sucks your nipple and part of your full breast into her mouth; letting her tongue map the nubby texture and the contours of your skin slowly.

She watches you with her eyes. Those eyes telling her when to move on and when to take her time, you feel her pull back slowly, the air cool on your now damp breast. She moves in tiny kisses and a gentle bite or two over to your other breast. Teasing and touching that breast till she hears you let out a moan. Your hands move from her shoulders to her hair, pulling her into you more and more. Her mouth is almost hot around your aroused and swollen nipple. Suddenly you feel her teeth gently nip and tug your nipple out just a bit. Her tongue licks just the tip of nipple that is between her teeth. She let go and follows that nip with a full kiss on your beautiful nipple. Pulling back she gives the other nipple one last small kiss.

She stands up fully and takes your hand in hers. She gently leads you to the bed, making sure that this is what you want, for yourself and from her. She wants there to be no misunderstanding between the two of you. For this is a mutual desire. Wanted and needed by both of you. You follow her willingly, ready and beyond the need for more. You stop her at the edge of the bed and tug her robe off. You want there to be just warm skin between the two of you. She gently kisses you. Her tongue teasing yours, darting in and out until your hands pull her nearer. Your tongue plays with hers. Meeting and withdrawing till you are both breathless.

She sits down on the edge of the bed and pulls you towards her. You can feel her breath hot against the skin of your belly. Your body anticipates her touch against your skin. Your nilüfer escort breath catches and your belly draws in a bit. She laughs softly and looks up at you before slowly placing a gentle kiss above your belly button. Soft lips, against soft belly and a wet dart of tongue to that belly have you gasping in pleasure. Her teeth leave gentle love bites in a trail to your belly button. Her tongue very slowly rims your belly button before she takes the edge of it between her teeth and slowly sucks on it.

Her hands roam your skin. Hands caressing gently down your back. The soft weight of your bottom filling her hands, before they land on your hips and pull you even closer. She uses her nose to rub into your skin just a bit. She can smell the warm heat of your arousal as she slowly kisses down your belly to your plush mound. Her hands slowly move around until her thumbs rest just above your mound. The soft hair moved by her breath tickles her thumbs. This time she pauses and smiles up at you. She wants your taste against her mouth.

Your eyes are steadily watching her moves. Her hands and her mouth are so close to what you desire from her. But she hasn’t moved yet. Her breath sighs against your skin still. You wonder why she waits. Your hand cups the back of her head as your other hand covers one of hers. You slowly guide her hand lower till both of your hands are pressing into your mound. Her gentle laugh against your damp hair makes you shiver and moan softly.

Her thumb slowly slides against your softly swollen, wet outer lips. Her thumb parts you gently before slipping between to touch your heated skin. Her tongue darts out quickly to lick a line at the crease where your belly and mound meet. At the same time her thumb brushes your clit making you jump a bit. Your hand locks at the back of her head. She places an exquisitely gentle kiss in the center of your mound and then very slowly starts to lick a trail down to your now parted lips. You push her head down a bit more.

Your legs shake as her tongue delves between your wet swollen lips. Her hand moves to your lower back to hold you steady against her mouth. She feels the tremors coursing through your body. She gives your clit one soft, wet lick and then pulls away to blow a stream of cool air against you. Suddenly she pulls back and stands up. Gently she turns you around and pushes you down to the bed. She pushes your body flat against the bed and slowly kneels down in front of you. Her hands part your voluptuous thighs and slowly knead the skin where it meets your hips and mound. You can’t see her and prop yourself up on your elbows to watch her.

You want to touch her but you aren’t sure of what to do. She catches you watching and smiles. She tells you quietly and steadily that when its your turn she will show you what to do and where to touch. You laugh gently because she read your mind…or was it the look on your face she saw. The quick flash of panic in your eyes that you couldn’t please her the way she is pleasuring you. She leans up and kisses your mouth gently and tells you that every sigh and moan is pleasing her. Don’t worry she laughs into your mouth. Your foreheads rest against each other for a moment as you both pause to enjoy the moment. She gives you one last gentle lingering kiss and sits back on her legs. Her position leaves her face even with your body on the bed.

Leaning in again her mouth hovers over your mound before she covers it with another quick kiss. Her hand gently presses into your wetness and parts it again. A finger slides in and traces up and down your inner lips. Her tongue slides between that softly parted flesh and licks a trail around your outer lips. Her breath catches as she finally tastes you fully. Your hands move restlessly against the bed. You are afraid to move because if you do you won’t be able to see her.

Your hips move up a bit as her tongue slides down and then back up. Her tongue catches in the hood of your clit and then rides slowly underneath to touch your clit. She can feel how aroused and swollen you are against her tongue. Her tongue traces around and around your clit slowly. Her fingers that were tracing your skin are now hovering türbanlı escort at your entrance. One fingertip slowly, sliding into that slick wetness. Not too far inside just enough that you can feel her there. She moves her face just a bit causing her nose to press into you. You gasp and let your head fall back as her finger gently slips all the way inside you. Her teeth gently graze your clit as her finger presses inside. She lets a moan slip out against your clit the vibrations adding a new edge to your arousal. You can feel her finger sliding in and out of you. On her next slide out she lets a second finger slip inside you.

Her fingers feel everything inside you. Slowly she opens them up inside you. Spreading them gently apart she slowly stretches your skin around her fingers. Her tongue is slowly tracing down to meet her fingers. You can feel the quick flutters at your entrance. She glides her tongue in with your fingers on the next slow slide in. Curling her tongue up, she finds that hard knot of nerves just inside you. Her tongue presses into you making your hips give a quick buck. Your walls tighten on her finger and she can feel the wetness slowly spreading against her tongue. Her fingers come to meet her tongue and press up a bit more into those nerves. Body quivering, you moan her name and your arms slide out from under you until you are flat on the bed. Your legs fall open even more as she slides one arm under one of your legs till it rests on her shoulder.

You can feel her breath quicken against you, she is as aroused as you are. Her tongue slowly slides out as a third finger eases into you. She is ready to pull back, still, at any sign you are uncomfortable or don’t want this. Your lower body is undulating slowly at each movement. All three fingers curve up inside you hitting those nerves with every pass. You let out a soft scream as your body contracts around her fingers, a precursor to your fulfillment.

You can feel her smile against your body as her tongue works its way back up to your clit. Her teeth once again grasp your clit and tug gently out. Her every breath is a caress to your heated skin. Your inner walls are slowly contracting around her fingers with each touch and caress. She knows you are very close to orgasm. She quietly tells you to let it go, baby. Just let go and let your body feel everything.

Her tongue laps the underside of your swollen clit again and again, pushing you higher and higher in ecstasy. Your hips are moving feverishly against her now, her fingers constantly stroking and pressing into that hard knot. Your wetness coats her fingers and the inside of your thighs. Her eyes peer over your mound to watch your arousal. She pulls her face back from you. You hear her tell you to come for her. Please love come for me she says. Your body listens to her and your hips push off the bed as you come; your inner walls gripping and pulsing around her fingers, hard and fast contractions around them.

You hear her moan as you squeeze her fingers again and again. Her tongue touches your entrance above your fingers and gently licks you over and over, gathering your sweet taste in her mouth, her fingers still pushing in and out of you. Your orgasm pulses through your body again and again. Your hand comes to rest against her hand at the top of your thigh. Fingers lacing together as you ride out one of the strongest waves of your orgasm. Your breath coming in pants as you slide down that peak of ecstasy for the final time. Her mouth slowly continues to gather your essence till the end.

One last pass of her tongue and her fingers slowly slide out of you causing your body to contract one final time. She lifts her head and eases up and over to the side of you. She quietly gathers you in her arms and holds you. Her mouth meets yours in a tender and slow kiss. Hands stroking your skin, soft, soothing touches over your back and hips. Holding you to her she slowly shifts up higher on the bed till you are both resting on the pillows. Your arms locked around each other as you catch your breath and melt into her embrace.

She feels your heart racing against her chest and lets out a soft laugh followed by another tender kiss. She smiles as she smoothes back your long hair off your face and meets your gaze. She has a questioning look in her eyes until you smile gently back at her. She sighs happily and snuggles into you until you both gently doze off to sleep.

The end …for now

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