Meeting at the Manor House Ch. 03

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Richard and Anne lay side by side upon the soft greensward of the Manor House gardens. By the moonlight Richard could see the soft curves of Anne’s naked body, her sleekness of thigh, roundness of hip and radiant skin. He regarded her long wavy hair which, where it had been loosed in their earlier coupling, now curled and draped softly upon her breast. Her small breasts were outlined upon her delicate chest, her cherry nipples protruding in the cool night air. Down below the slight rise of her soft belly, her mound lay, inviting. As she lay half on her side, one leg bent, from the damp brown curls protruded her pink folds of skin, hiding the small bud which was the centre of her pleasure, and which had that night been awakened for the first time by a man’s touch.

Richard considered this beautiful picture as he lay next to her. They were betrothed to be married, and as he set eyes on her during the feasting and dancing provided by his father, in this his house, he had determined that he was set upon tasting her well before the appointed day. Earlier in the evening he had walked in the garden, devising a means by which he could achieve this, when she had followed him, and he had been able to initiate her and fulfil his desire. It had been a careful union at first, but latterly had become as enjoyable as any other, and at the memory of it, Richard’s loins began to stir again, and his hardness began to arise.

Anne was a little perturbed at the encounter which they had had, for as she considered the act which they bostancı escort had performed, she realised that she was no longer a maiden, that her honour had tonight been given to Richard as a marriage gift in advance. She was grateful that he had used her well, and hoped that she would in time come to enjoy the sensations which he had provoked within her with his hands and his mouth, and indeed with his manhood, which she now shyly regarded. She looked at his appendages, which had been large and erect during the act, which had then lain dormant in his groin, but which now seemed once again to be tautening. She could anticipate this time what Richard would soon be requiring. Within the cleft between her legs, Anne was beginning to feel the sensations which she knew led to the returned desire.

Richard rolled a little nearer to Anne, and kissed her softly on her lips. Kiss after soft kiss he bestowed on her, his tongue beginning to enter and entwine with hers. She was lying on her side, and as he kissed her, he drew the fingertips of one hand down her cheek, down the side of her neck, and across her chest until her found her breast, teasing the nipple in passing. This made Anne gasp with pleasure and move her lower body nearer, whereupon still kissing her lips, he continued the journey of his fingertips down her belly, then just inside the curve of her hip, finishing with a long, slow upward stroke of her inner thigh, alighting upon the pink folds of skin. büyükçekmece escort These he parted gently, finding the river of her desire, and its ultimate goal, the small mound which was the source of her ecstasy.

As he pleasured her thus with his hand, Richard’s lips moved downwards towards Anne’s breasts, and placed a myriad of light kisses upon the pale flesh, which set her trembling with desire. Every now and then he stopped to grip each nipple gently with his lips and pull it slightly, adding greatly to her pleasure. Richard’s manhood was now completely swollen and erect, and his need had become urgent.

Richard now lay on his back, and motioned to Anne to draw nearer and kneel by his body. He extended a finger, which he dipped into the cavern of Anne’s desire, and spread her juices about the outside of her cleft, covering the pink folds of skin, and areas beyond. He took both her hands and instructed her to place herself above him, facing him and crouching astride him, so that her loins were above his.

He drew her gently downwards just a little way, and caused the head of his shaft to just touch her pinkness. At this contact, Anne naturally moved so that sensuous friction was caused between her moist orifice and the bulbous tip of his shaft. This so pleased both of them that Richard then drew Anne downwards a little more, so that an inch or so of his member was now within her, and he helped her kneel comfortably thus. For çekmeköy escort Anne this felt a little uncomfortable for her small form, but the wetness did help her, and guided by Richard she descended little by little until his shaft penetrated and filled her interior contours.

At this point he bad her be still and accustom herself, and presently in small, slow movements she felt the friction of the ridges of his shaft upon her still new flesh. He instructed her to sometimes remain descended and move but little, and at other times draw out his manhood almost to the tip, and she observed how copiously her juices surrounded it.

As she settled upon him, Richard began again to toy with her nipples, and to trail his fingertips all around such of her flesh as he could reach. In this position Richard’s manhood was firmly penetrated within her, and he was now discovering another place in her interior where she could feel pleasure building. Only tonight she had been an initiate, but Anne was now beginning to discover and enjoy the potential delights of this act. Her pressure on his staff became greater, the speed of her movement faster, which caused him to thrust upwards all the more, groaning with pleasure. Anne felt a fire in this new place of delectation, which she needed to quench, and she bore down hard upon Richard’s member, again and again, until the fire in Anne’s loins raged out of control, and she climaxed, right there upon him, liquid escaping her. Richard was so excited by this frenzied activity that he too was more than ready for his completion, and he thrust upwards into her to meet her climax, releasing copiously his seed into her inner parts.

After a few seconds they calmed, and still penetrated, Richard drew Anne forwards to recline upon his chest, and there they did lie and rest awhile, as the moon continued its stately progress through the night sky above.

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