Meeting Hynden Walch


Meeting Hynden WalchTwo months had passed since I had fucked Grey deLisle and now I was going to another convention, where Tara Strong, another hot girl I had stuck my she-dick into, wanted to introduce me to somebody else, and we both knew that the sole purpose of the meeting was so that I would end up having sex with whoever Tara’s friend was. And when I got there, i was pleasantly surprised to find that it was hynden Walch, another lovely voice actress.Tara left me with Hynden, so we went outside to her car. “i hope you don’t mind,” she said as she opened the door. “There aren’t really that many spots to fuck around here.”We climbed into the back of her car and hiltonbet giriş she took her top off before pulling down her bra to expose her big bouncing titties. I slapped them around and sucked on her nipples for a little while.“Now, take it out. I want to see your dick,” Hynden ordered.I quickly pulled down my jeans and my underwear, letting my 5 inch penis flop around before i concentrated on hynden’s tits and it got really hard.She got down onto the floor, allowing me to stick my cock inbetween her boobs and start pump between them. She lazily stroker her nipples and moaned while I titty-fucked her, before I pulled my cock out. I didn’t hiltonbet yeni giriş want to cum without even penetrating her.She lay across the backseat on her back, I pulled down her jeans and stuck my hand in her panties. Her pubic hair had been freshly trimmed, I could tell. I masturabted her to a point where she nearly climaxed. Then I had to stop.Pulling her panties back to one side, she clambered over me and removed my t-shirt, exposing my own, signifcantly smaller breasts. Size didn’t seem to matter as she began to suck on my tits immediately.By now, my dick was going apeshit; it was really starting to hurt. I needed to stick hiltonbet güvenilirmi into something quick. I told Hynden this, so she quickly spat onto my cock and the turned around, into the reverse cowgirl position. She slid herself down onto my boner with ease, rubbing her vulva to keep her snatch loose, allowing me to enter her.She rode up and down on my shaft, panting and moaning in pleasure and in pain; her twat was very tight and it was afraid my cock might hurt her; but she was screaming so much i couldn’t get a word in.Finally, she warned me that she was about to come, so I pulled my cock out and she lifted her ass so that it was level with my face. I stuck my tongue into her vagina and moved it all around until she squirted all over me.Then got back down onto the floor and I put my cock between her tits again; I titty-fucked her hard before I came all over her gorgeous boobs.We awkwardly got dressed again before she offered me a ride home.

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