MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 5CHAPTER 5: DAD’S CARD PARTY – OR NOT, AND WHEN A SUBMISSIVE ISN’TThe next day was to be the night of dad’s card party. And, even though he said the food and beverage was arranged and Tim just needed to have the ‘entertainment’ available, dad wasn’t quite as good about following through as we had hoped. And Mom seemed different when I called mid-morning that Saturday. I told her I would come over to help get food prepared for the card game and talk.Tim went with me into mom and dads. We found mom in the kitchen. Tim went right over to her, hugged her from behind, kissed her neck and whispered something to her. I could see she responded and a short conversation ensued. He kissed her again and took my arm and led me towards the front door saying over his shoulder, “See you later, Barb.”At the front door he led me outside to the car. “I’m worried about your mom. You might have been right about her, after all. She was fine last night but the embarrassment got focused onto you because of your reaction and it never had the chance to focus on her. The reality of what is about to happen might be just now sinking in. Talk to her before it’s too late and it really gets awkward for her. She might have gotten carried away by your activities and felt a need to compete. Is she competitive normally?”I said, “I really love you. And thank you for being sensitive to my mother. That’s why you’re perfect for me to submit to. I’ll talk to her and get her to open up. We’ve always been able to talk openly with each other. And, yes, she can be very competitive. That’s why I was surprised by her submission announcement. Let me see what happens here and we’ll know what will happen tonight.”I rejoined mom in the kitchen. Dad was out. Mom didn’t immediately say where. As we talked, she was clearly trying really hard to hold herself together. I took a chance to test her attitude about the party. I casually touched her butt and asked if she was ready to be a fuck slut for Dad’s friends? That’s what it took and she blew up, threw a plate of mini-buns across the kitchen, shattering the plate. She started crying with big sobs but then started to move to clean up the mess she had just created. I diverted her out the back door and sat her down on the patio.“Mom, what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you react so physically before.”“You father is out playing golf with his friends.”“Okay … he does that a lot doesn’t he?”“Michele! Don’t you understand? He’s out having fun with his friends. These are some of the same guys he’ll be having over tonight to play cards.”“Mom, he’s been play golf and poker with these guys for years, many years. They are old friends. You’ve known these guys for years.”Mom didn’t look up or react. “Mom? I thought you might be mad because he was out playing golf and we had to get stuff ready for the card game. But that isn’t it, is it?”“Honey, what does your father expect to happen tonight?”“He wants you and me to fuck the guys tonight as part of his card game.”“Yes, exactly. But mostly, he wants ME to fuck his friends. But he at least thought enough about it to suggest to Tim that maybe both of us should participate. That it might be too much, too soon for me. So take the edge off and have you here, too.”“We kind of talked about that before, right? That’s why we went out to get similar outfits.”“Yes. No. That’s not the point. Well it’s part of the point, but … I don’t know what the point is … but …”“Mom, let me say something that might help. Tim and I don’t think you’re prepared to do this. We don’t think you should.”Mom looked up at me. She studied me, tears still going down her cheeks. “You don’t think I can?”“Mom, it has nothing to do with ‘what you can’ do. It’s not a competition. Tell me, right now, what you are feeling about tonight. And, please, be very honest. This is important, mom.”She wiped her eyes, reached for my hand, and looked at me. And looked. Then she diverted her eyes but still didn’t respond. I just waited, letting her formulate her response. Perhaps only now feeling the situation honestly. She looked up at me, again. More tears were running down her cheeks. I got up out of my chair, knelt next to her and hugged her. Her sobs increased. I could feel her tears on my shoulder. I waited.I felt her breathing even a bit and asked again, “Mom, tell me, please. What are you feeling about tonight?”“Oh, Michele, I’m making this such a mess.” A couple more sobs before she continued, “Michele, I just can’t do this. I’m sorry, honey, but I just can’t. I thought I could. But I can’t. I know these guys, Michele. We’re friends as couple with most of them. If I fucked them tonight like a slut, how could I ever look at them, again? What if their wives don’t know? How could I look at them, much less being friends?”“Mom, it’s okay. We can work through this.”“No, I really can’t.”“That’s what I mean. You don’t have to. We’ll work something out.”“Michele, I saw what you were doing, read the accounts, watched the video, and listened to you both and it all sounded so … so … exciting. I wanted some of that. The sex sounded amazing and thrilling and fulfilling. I wanted that. And then what Tim did to me, for me, with me that night and day. It was just that, amazing. I wanted more. I told you father all about it, how amazing it was, how I felt as a woman. Maybe I over did it with him. He encouraged me to submit to Tim. I hadn’t even thought that but then, yes, it sounded perfect. But it wasn’t. I’m not you, Michele. And this is too much, too fast. You spent years with Tim before getting married and committing to him, submitting to him. Even now you two are still evolving that relationship so you both are comfortable. I didn’t see that part until now. Michele, what am I going to do?”“We, mom, we. That includes Tim. He saw it, too. Can we go over and talk to Tim?”“I screwed that up so badly. I submitted to him, but …”“Mom, you’re not a submissive. Someone I’ve communicated with, Luscious is her play name, told me something about dominants and submissives. A submissive GIVES a dominant control. The dominant doesn’t have any control until it is given to him. And a submissive can ALWAYS take that control away. You didn’t truly give any control to Tim. We thought you did, but you didn’t. Come. I think Tim can help us.”Mom drove us over to our house. I called ahead to alert Tim we were coming and that he was right about mom’s fears. When we got there, it was about noon. Dad was due back at about 1:30 PM.Tim met us in the kitchen with a large pitcher of lemonade and three glasses with ice. We all sat at the kitchen table. Mom started, “I am sorry, Tim. I am sure this must disappoint you. But I just can’t go through with it.”Tim got up from his chair, walked around the table to mom. Knelt down next her and took her in his arms. Kissed her cheek and neck, “Mom, listen. Any of us could have questioned your jumping into this submission thing so fast. And, we probably should have. Michele and I were caught up in everything we were doing and you were caught up in all the experiences you and I had that night and day. You didn’t disappointment me. Or Michele. You realized the mistake bahis şirketleri soon enough and had the conviction and strength to act rather than perpetuating the mistake into a bigger mistake. For that we are proud of you, not disappointed.”Mom looked at us and seemed to finally be getting herself back to some confidence. She asked, “So what do we do?”Tim jumped in again, “I don’t think it can just go forward with just Michele. Not that I don’t have complete confidence that you could handle it by herself, dear.” He gave me a devilish smile.I responded, “Thanks, Tim. Glad you have such confidence in my sluttiness.” For the first time since this started, we all laughed.Mom went right back to it, though. “Then what about the card party?”Tim said, “Give Jack a call. He should be done with his round by now and getting ready to leave the club house. Get him on the phone and let me talk to him.”“What are you going to say, Tim?”“The truth. But we need to regroup. Cancel the game tonight. He can claim an illness at home, ‘sorry, but these things happen’. He assured me that he gave out no indication of your participation. That was going to be one of the surprises. There is nothing lost there. Nobody knows. It just got cancelled.”“Thanks, Tim. You are a sweetheart. If I could submit to someone, you’d be the one.”“Thanks, mom, but let’s not go back to that.” He looked at me and started again slowly to gage my reaction, “But, if it’s an occasional sexual encounter that you are looking for …” He continued looking at me and I gave him a nod. “… then we can help you with that without the submission thing. Okay?”“Thanks, you two. But I feel bad that even your friends will be affected by this.”I spoke up, “Not really. They are all guys I have already been shared with. Just not all at once. Tim’s going to have his own card game tonight, but here and I will still provide the service … and fucking.”“I’m sorry, honey.”“Don’t be mom. I’m the one that gets all the fucking. If I know Tim, he’ll probably give Cody free rein of the place, too. I’m going to have an interesting evening.”Mom did get dad and Tim did take care of the discussion about cancelling the game. Mom left and Tim got on the phone to change plans with his friends and I got busy with snacks, Tim finished his calls and ran to the liquor store for beer and bourbon. Tim got home, saw I had everything in order. He said he would get the table and chairs, etc. taken care of and handed me a gift envelop from Massage Envy. He said I had an appointment in twenty-five minutes for an hour massage. I kissed him and took off. Have I mentioned how much I love that man?I was home in plenty of time, relaxed from my massage. I took a long soothing bath next, Tim brought me a glass of my favorite wine and I relaxed more. Once I got out, dried and did my hair and makeup, I got dressed for the evening (that didn’t take long – lace choker with a pendant saying “slut”, a gold waist chain, stay-up nylons and high heels, all white), and joined Tim in the living room where he had another glass of wine waiting. Everything was ready. Snack table next to the card table, plenty of beer cooling, bourbon, and me.The doorbell rang. The evening was starting. I got up, kissed Tim and went into my role.I answered the door for each as they arrived. Giving each a big welcoming hug and long passionate kiss. I noticed that each arrived on their motorcycles which I thought was a little unusual since all the guys were casual riders and not normally relying on their bikes.As they came and milled around prior to the card game starting, I walked among them delivering drinks, refilling drinks and generally being available to their touch. It was blatantly obvious what my role was and they didn’t waste much time getting comfortable with me. I soon had hands on most of my body as I passed or stood next to them. I had been with all of these guys before through Tim in three-some sharing situations, but never with all of them at the same time. But since we were all familiar, it took some of the initial awkwardness out of the evening.As the guys started the card game (very low stakes, that wasn’t the idea of the evening), it slowly evolved into less a bidding strategy as just winning the hand. Tim brought out a bowl of cards and placed it in the center of the table. He announced that bidding and chips were no longer the motive for playing. With each hand he would pull a card from the bowl and place it face down. Whoever won the hand would take the card, read it aloud and would sit out the next hand. And he clarified, “And, yes, they all involve Michele heavily.”This was the warm-up period apparently. The cards included my giving the winner a blow job, sitting on his lap kissing him, letting him kiss, suck and nibble on my breasts, eating me out, getting into a 69, sitting on his lap with him buried in my pussy, and repeating. Once everyone had several such turns, Tim stopped the game entirely and moved us to the family room where there was more room. He brought the cards with him and held them up to his three friends as I sat on the couch watching. The cards indicated the order in which the first round of fucking would happen. I was soon being fucked in the missionary position, followed by the next guy with me riding him and doing all the work. The third wanted me doggy, while Tim was last and chose to have me sit on him facing out to his friends. I had already had a couple nice orgasms and was looking like another was on its way when I saw Cody wander into the room. I looked at Tim over my shoulder and he was just smiling. I asked, “Your friends?”He replied, “They know. Remember, they were all at the ceremony after the wedding.”So, I went with him. And, sure enough, Cody was coming directly over to us. He put his snout right to our joined crotches and sniffed, then licked tentatively. Then there was nothing tentative in his actions. He licked with deliberate intent. He was licking up past my clit onto my mound and when I looked down and watched, I realized why Tim’s breathing was coming with sharp intakes. Cody was starting his lick on Tim’s balls, ran his tongue along any exposed cock and up my pussy lips, clit and mound. It was heavenly, if not heaven. A good cock in my pussy and a long, energetic, raspy tongue on the outside. I came then, as did Tim.Tim then told me to get into position for Cody. I immediately did as I was told and got on the floor and on my hands and knees. Cody approached, sniffed my pussy again, gave me a few more licks and finally jumped on top of my back and thrust at my rear. I reached between my legs, found him and guided his extending cock into my pussy. Once he had a couple inches inside me, I pushed back and he pushed in. He started pumping frantically and soon his cock was growing inside me. Longer, wider. And he kept on thrusting into me, giving me small squirts of his pre-cum. Soon enough I felt his knot banging against the outside of my pussy. When he started pushing hard to gain entrance of his knot into me, I started bearing down on getting his knot into me, also. I felt my pussy lips stretching, each thrust stretching my lips a little further bahis firmaları around the familiar cock and knot. Soon it was in me and I gasped out my relief to be past the stretching and into the enjoyment part of fucking a dog. Once his knot was in, his thrust sent his cock even deeper into my pussy. Deeper than any of the guys had penetrated. When he started cumming, it was a huge load, spurt after spurt after spurt. A dog will cum a lot more than a man and I was used to Cody’s cums but this seemed exceptional for him. Maybe it was the stimulation in the air from the fucking, cumming and sweating. His knot lasted 10 minutes and I came several times with Cody. Once when he did and another time during the knotting when I moved back and forth on his knot, bumping my g-spot repeatedly in the process. By the time Cody shrunk enough to pull out, I was exhausted from the five wonderful fucks I had been given. I had cleaned each cock after fucking me and Cody was no different. Tim suggested a break and requested another round of drinks. That meant me. I was to get up and bring back their requested drinks. In the kitchen I took the opportunity to check myself out and get myself in order again for them. Aligned my nylons, brushed my hair, touched up my makeup.When I returned with the drinks, I was surprised to see that Tim was showing the video from Mr. Rodriguez’s dinner party. After delivering all the drinks, and getting additional feels from each of the guys, Tim whispered into my ear what my next assignment was. While the video was playing, I was to go from guy to guy, sitting on their laps, their cock in my pussy. I was to ride each for five minutes and then switch until the video ended. I was to pay attention and not let any of them climax during this time. And he wanted me to try to avoid cumming. This was new for us. He had never asked that of me before. I enjoyed cumming and wasn’t sure what the purpose of the request was but wasn’t going to debate the point. Especially in front of the other guys. I was realizing my submissiveness more with each such event and as such I was to follow Tim’s direction.It was extremely erotic for me to see and hear the video of my performance for Mr. Rodriguez while moving from each of the four guys. Their eyes were riveted on the video until it was their turn for me to come to them and then they intently watched me slowly pull myself off one cock and move over to the next guy, position myself in front of him, legs spread around over their legs, and lower myself over and onto the next cock. Each time slowly but firmly lowering onto the cock to the very base. Then with a new set of hands on my breasts and nipples, I resumed an up and down motion alternating with rotating my hips and sliding forward and back to hit new parts of my pussy and more firmly on my clit. I pumped hard towards the end of each five minute segment to stimulate the guys but not enough to bring them to climax. The same was happening to me. Each segment brought me closer but each break to switch allowed a calming opportunity.When the video ended, I was sitting on Tim. The other three guys stood and applauded. Came over to us and each bent down to give me a kiss and stroke somewhere on my body. Tim suggested another round of drinks. I looked and noticed the others watching me. So, I made sure my legs were spread extra wide and slowly raised myself so they could see me rising from Tim’s cock until finally it was out and fell to his abdomen. I bent over to Tim with straight legs pointing my ass to them to show my gaping pussy. What a nasty slut I was becoming.After the next round of drinks, Tim suggested a change to this round of fucking. After sucking them all to full erection, again, Tim identified that this would be multiple penetration with all my holes filled at the same time for as long as the guys lasted. One lay down on his back and raised his arms to me. I straddle his midsection and knelt down with my knees on either side of him. I took hold of his cock, positioned myself over him and lowered myself. I pumped him several times to get him seated well in my pussy and then looked over my shoulder for the next guy. He approached with lubrication which he used on my asshole and his cock. He put his cock head to my opening and pushed. I pushed back. I hadn’t had anal for some time and my body was resisting but gradually began yielding to the intruder. With a grunt and groan at the final painful thrust, he was past my opening. After three or four tentative strokes, he was fully embedded in my ass. I was fuller of cock that I had been for months. And there was one more hole to be filled. I turned my head forward and opened my mouth expecting to have a cock waiting for me. And there was. It slid into my mouth and was soon butting into the back of my mouth and the top of my throat.Tim was the guy not in me, yet. He walked around the scene and finally commented, “When someone cums, the one in her mouth will take his place. Then I will go to her mouth.”The cocks in my pussy and ass were beating a pretty good beat now and the one in my mouth was trying to lodge itself deep in my throat. The stimulation during the video and the tightness generated by the adjoining cock in my pussy was apparently enough with the already tight fit in my ass because he was coming quickly. That caused a momentary pause while he pulled out of my ass and the guy in my mouth moved around to take his place. The guy in my ass came over to my mouth before Tim. Tim had already given direction that I was to clean each cock after it had given me it’s cum from climax. Then Tim stepped up and presented his cock to me. Soon the guy in my pussy came sending spurts into my pussy. When he stopped I lifted myself and partially supported the guy in my ass so the one under could wiggle out. Then Tim had to wiggle in under me and I found his hard cock and directed it into my flowing pussy. All the while the guy in my ass was still fucking me. Once again, I was cleaning a cock after giving me its juices.I was amazed actually, but these guys did that for two climaxes each. I was very well used by the time we ended. I had also managed to cum myself three times. The last time when the final guy was fucking my ass and I used my fingers on my pussy and clit to finish off the night.Somebody suggested it was time for another drink. It had been an hour since we started the last round of activity of multiple holes being used. Tim said no. Everyone looked at him with some interest because of that response. We were all still naked, me certainly, but also the guys. Tim said, “Since we’re all relatively sober, again, I want to do the final activity of the evening.” Then, I realized just how late it was. It was already just past 2:00 AM. “You might have wondered why I insisted everyone ride their bikes over tonight. The last thing we’ll do now is go out for a ride. So, if everyone can get dressed, we can take off and follow me. I have a route all planned.” All of us eased ourselves off the chairs or the floor for me, but Tim added, “Except for Michele. You, my dear, can straighten you nylons and check your makeup, but that’s it. kaçak bahis siteleri Oh, yeah, probably find your heels. You need something on your feet.”I looked at him aghast. He was taking me out on his bike without any clothes? He just looked at me with a challenge in his eyes that spoke clearly, ‘did you submit to me for sexual situations or didn’t you?’ I took a deep breath, returned a look of acceptance, lowered my eyes and went to the bedroom to check my makeup.Tim was waiting for me in the kitchen when I returned. The guys were already outside. Tim gave me a hug and kiss and expressed how proud he was of me for how the evening had gone. He gave me another kiss and led me out to the garage. I grabbed my heels on the way out. Tim was raising the garage door, the guys were standing by their bikes. It was about 2:30 AM and very quiet in our neighborhood. I was hoping we wouldn’t be gone for more than a couple hours or it would start getting light and more people would be getting their day going.Tim pulled his bike out of the garage and was waiting for me to come out so he could close the door. I stood there a bit stunned by what he wanted me to do. My previous exposures were fairly restricted to small groups or areas of more general acceptance like the honeymoon settings. My mind was racing with the images that I could easily create. But Tim just gave me the same look and when I saw it, I immediately went to him before he could saw anything further. I knew I was on the verge of disappointing him with my hesitation to follow his instructions. Each new thing reminded me of my commitment to him. And it reinforced that soon, maybe tomorrow, we really needed to specifically talk about my commitment, my submission and what that really did mean to each of us. What are the limits, are there boundaries he intends to control? But for now, I needed to follow his direction. And that direction at the moment was full naked exposure to yet unknown number of people. Hopefully, avoiding any police intervention. At this hour the number of people would few. But I still shivered at the thought. And the anticipation.The guys got on their bikes and Tim onto his. He started his bike and helped up onto the back. Sitting behind in stay-up nylons, high heels and a lace choker around my neck with a pendant saying “slut”. With everything else on display.Once I was settled in behind Tim, hugging him tightly as I always did on his bike, we were off. Four big, heavy bikes heading out of the neighborhood only moments after starting the big engines. Shortly we were on the four-lane highway. I was hoping Tim would be happy cruising the regular roads, but, no. The four-lane, and probably the Interstate later, would have more traffic. Tim set the pace with the others taking positions behind. Tim was going exactly the speed limit, which meant we would be getting passed by almost anyone out at this time of night. The warm evening wind from the ride did feel amazing on my naked body. And I knew my long hair blowing behind me without the helmet (it’s legal in our state) would make quite a sight.Sure enough, a car load of young guys came up and started passing. Once basically past the other guys, the car apparently confirmed what their foggy brains were trying to tell them. ‘Naked girl on the back of that bike.’ When confirmed, they slowed down to match our speed alongside us. Windows came down the cat-calls started. Tim told me to lean back and sit straight. With my hands still glued to his sides, I leaned back as directed and slightly turned to the car. Each overhead road light illuminated my naked features for them. Then Tim raised one hand and slowed, the guys behind us were already reacting. That must have been a signal they used on other rides. The car shot ahead of us and Tim turned down another road and then another. We ended up on a street that was usually busy during the day. Thankfully, this was not during the day. I was again leaning into Tim and hugging him tight to hold on, of course, but more because of the stimulation. Warm night riding naked through town, the wind rushing over my skin, but don’t forget the vibration of the bike against my naked pussy and clit. The more I thought about it, the more the sensations came over me. Damn, just like the shoe store all over again. Trying not to think about it made me think about the sensations even more. I hugged Tim tightly as my body shook. I rubbed my breasts against his back, momentarily forgetting about the bike and only thinking of the sensations coursing through me.I was brought back when I felt a bump from the bike under me and much more light. Tim was pulling into a self-serve gas station with a mini-mart. And it was still open! He pulled up the pumps closest to the store front. There was one other car parked in front. Two of the guys starting filling their bikes. When they were done, Tim suggested that they take a Coke break. He gave me a twenty and suggested that I get a six pack of Diet Coke and something to munch on. There was a city park was just two block away. I just looked at him, the money, the store and back to Tim and then the guys. Tim looked at the guys and suggested that maybe a couple of them should go in first and cover me so nothing would happen but not to be too obvious. Just watch, but to be ready if someone inside decided to take any action.Two immediately walked into the store. One stayed in the front area and the other walked toward the back. I shrugged my shoulders, took a deep breath and walked to the store in my heels and nylons. Half way there my walk became very sexy. I figured if I am going to do this, I might as well really do it.I opened the store door and tried to imagine myself dressed and to act like it was just another trip to the mart for a quick snack. Then I walked in front of the shiny display for the cooler and saw just how I looked. Even if I say so, I looked stunning. But naked, in the store. With strangers. I caught the eye of one of Tim’s friends and relaxed just enough to continue. I went to the cold beverage section, opened the door and with straight legs, bent over to reach the bottom most six-pack. I then went in search of something for a munch and just grabbed a bag of Chex Mix. I tried to confidently walk to the front and the counter. The guy and the only other customer were eyeing me intently but didn’t say a word. He couldn’t count out the coin change for his life. Mostly because he couldn’t get his eyes off my breasts or bare pussy. He just gave me paper change, I assumed he rounded up but wasn’t going to count it there. As I was walking back the bikes, I fully exaggerated my walk for the audience I knew were glued to the glass window or door.One of the guys put the stuff in his saddle bags. I handed the change to Tim. He started laughing. Someone asked him what was so funny. He said, “The fool inside gave her twenty-five dollars in change.”Tim pulled me to him, turned me so my back was to the store and kissed me really, really nice. He also grasped my ass by both cheeks and separated them exposing my asshole. He whisper, “You are amazing. I wasn’t sure you could do that.”“If you hadn’t pushed me and not given me an alternative, I wouldn’t have been able to.”We weren’t headed for the park after all. The guys took off in various directions and we went home.* * * CHAPTER 6: THE NEXT DAY will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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