Mindy’s Massage Ch. 05: Mindy Finds The Hobby


A few days later, in the middle of the afternoon, Mindy was lying in bed next to Frank in a rented hotel room at the far edge of the city, her lithe, tan young body stretched out naked beside him. They were making small talk, after two rounds of lovemaking that had left them out of new ideas and exhausted. Mindy cuddled up to him, kissing his face and hugging him. She was truly attracted and affected by his presence and personality. He was sweet to her, and kind, and gentlemanly. He never rushed her or got impatient or rough with her. Every time he called, she got butterflies in her stomach and was nervous about seeing him.

She had told him most of her adventures and he understood and encouraged her about all her wants and needs. In the days after the party they had already met twice for sex sessions that lasted much longer than intended and had much more feeling for Mindy than she had expected. On this day, Mindy was voicing her dismay at the tight financial situation that her weekly paycheck put her in. She wasn’t totally broke, she explained, but there was never any extra. Frank listened patiently to her predicament, holding her close and gently cuddling her and placing little kisses on her forehead and cheeks. After her expressions of frustration, he continued holding her, cuddling, and cooing to her, reassuring her and letting her relax.

After a few moments, he slid in under her side and pushed his rejuvenated and hardened cock against the lips of mecidiyeköy escort her pussy from the side. She raised her leg and allowed him access as once again, he began thrusting into her, filling her cunny, first with his hard penis, then with his hot, sticky cum. For many minutes they moved together, in the effort as old as time, finally reaching their climaxes and sagging into one another, feeling the sensations of love once again.

After getting his breath, Frank spoke softly, “Mindy, could I make a suggestion? If you don’t like it or want to do it, it’s perfectly ok, but it’s just a thought.” She nodded for him to go ahead. “From what I see, you like sex a lot, and seem to be pretty free and comfortable with it. I know it wasn’t always that way, but you’re having a lot of fun now. You have the kind of body that men would die to have, and are so pretty. In the past, I’ve known a few young ladies that were pretty and sexy and enjoyed sex, and they actually supplemented their income or depended totally on their sexuality to make a living. They met occasionally in private with a gentleman or two that would make their financial situation much easier in return for being allowed to make love to them and experience their beauty, youth and vitality. It was a very mutually beneficial arrangement for both sides, and was always low key, conducted in private, and was very rewarding for both parties involved. merter escort Does that sound like something you might consider? If so, I know a few guys that would sure be interested, I know.”

At first, Mindy was crushed that Frank would not hesitate to hand her over to other men for their enjoyment. As she lay there she considered how he met her and her attitudes about sex lately, and saw where he could get the idea that she would be perfectly ok with the idea of doing this. Finally, she spoke. “How much do they pay, and for what?”

Frank spoke softly again, “Honey, it varies, but you are definitely on the high end of the scale. From my experiences, girls here are from two fifty to as much as six hundred an hour, and in that hour, the guys get pretty much everything they would get from a girlfriend, so to speak. They even call it ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ and appointments can also go much longer, several hours or even nights, days or weeks at a time. I know of some ladies that command as much as ten or fifteen thousand dollars for a weekend, and they aren’t working hard. That kind of appointment is more about exclusivity than actual sex, so you might only have sex once a day or twice at most, for that weekend. For you, you could see one or two guys a week, and have an extra eight hundred to twelve hundred a week. That’s good money. And that should eliminate your money pinch.

“You would mutlukent escort be able to do whatever you wanted, and you probably wouldn’t have any more sex than you might now; it would only be with a different kind of man, and for a little different reason. But as much as you like this stuff, if you enjoyed yourself with these guys, it would get around and you would be in high demand. OK, that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t really want to lose my girl, but it might help you a lot.”

Mindy reassured him that he would never lose his girl, and they spent the rest of their time discussing it, with her asking lots of questions and him trying to supply answers about what was a very lucrative, if complicated and very intimate business. Mindy left Frank with a lot on her mind. She had never dreamed of doing such a thing, but she could see how the money could be great, and she was somewhat intrigued by being the “bad” girl and doing something so wild and “out there.”

Over the next few days, Mindy had several more discussions with Frank about her possible new line of work. Frank also arranged for her to talk once on the phone with an experienced lady in the business, who could prepare her to be safe, and give her inside information about how to perform and how to handle her clients and screen them to be sure they were legitimate clients and not crazies.

She even had a long discussion with Brenda, who at first thought she was nuts, but finally admitted that considering how they behaved at times, it was good to get paid for being so wild and crazy. The two girls ended up having a drink and laughing and giggling, and plotting how to get rich in the business. Mindy felt she knew enough, but she was very apprehensive about actually doing this. She wanted to make the money, though, so she was, at least, considering the move.

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