Mr. Roper Needs a Favor


My mom had been out at the bar, where she always was. My friend Crystal had come over to help me pack and to celebrate our final goodbye for a while. Crystal had brought some supplies for making cocktails and we were quite inebriated by the time that she left. I walked her out to her car and we said our goodbyes. I told her she shouldn’t drive home, but she insisted. I was stumbling back to the apartment and saw Mr. Roper sitting outside on a folding chair.

“You’re up late Mr. Roper,” I said. The meager patio lighting seemed to accentuate his long scraggly eyebrows and the age spots on his wrinkly little forehead.

“Yes, Hannah, well, I heard you outside and I was hoping to catch you. I was wondering if you could help me with something?”

“Of course!” I told my sweet old neighbor. He was so frail and always needed help with something. I didn’t mind helping him. He stood up carefully, positioning his cane for support, and walked slowly into his apartment. I followed. By the time we made it inside, he was quite exhausted and needed to sit down. I sat too.

I had been in his apartment several times but this time was different. He had managed to drag out every picture and piece of memorabilia that he had of his wife and family. He noticed me looking and started talking about them. It wasn’t long before he began to tear up.

“Mr. Roper, are you okay?” I asked.

He silently sobbed. “Today would have been our 69th anniversary,” he said to me. “Do you know that we had 6 boys? And they have kids and those kids have kids and altogether I have 40 something great-grandchildren that I’ve mostly never even met.” He blew his nose loudly and continued. “I’ve been so lonely since her passing, but my time on this Earth is growing short and I can’t wait to be with my wife, Edith, again.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” I said.

“Do you have kids?” He asked between sniffles.

“No. I’m only 19.”

“Edith and I were 19 when our first son was born, but times were different then. We were already married.”

I decided to focus on the positive. “It sounds like your marriage was full of love. Six kids? Wow!”

“It wasn’t always great.” He replied, “I haven’t been able to get an erection since the mid 60’s.”

“Oh, Mr. Roper… I don’t think that’s any of my business.”

He continued. “You see every year on our anniversary I would make love to her using a cucumber.”

“Well um… I’m glad the two of you are able to find something that works for you.” I said, trying to stifle my giggling.

“Yes, it sure did. She was quite satisfied.”

“Um, excuse me Mr. Roper, but you said that you had something that you needed help with?”

“Yes, I did. I was hoping that you can help me get a bottle open.” He slowly rose and made his way to the kitchen. I heard the refrigerator door and soon he returned with a plastic grocery bag. He sat it on the coffee table. In his other hand, he held two glasses. He then reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of wine. “This was Edith’s favorite. Can you help me open it?”

It was very sweet of him to continue to celebrate his wife like this, so I obliged. He poured each of us a glass and I took a sip it was delicious. I complimented him on the wine.

He continued telling me about his wife and all the beautiful reasons that he loved her. We drank and talked and my heart was filled with admiration for the love that he shared with his wife. As he poured the last of the bottle into my glass he looked at me embarrassed He stumbled a bit on his words and finally he said ” Hannah… I was wondering if you would… let me put the cucumber in you tonight?” He looked şerifali escort terribly uncomfortable and I felt sorry for him. “I just miss her so much and I feel it’s the only way to honor our anniversary”

“Oh Mr. Roper I don’t think that would be a good idea” I stammered.

“Hannah that was terribly hard for me to be able to ask you. I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t trust you. Please think about it. You’re about to leave the state, aren’t you? I may never see you again.” He begged.

I thought about it, this poor old man with this simple request. He wasn’t asking for much just a few minutes to reconnect with his wife. I took a long hard look at this pathetic old man, longing for a shred of something from his good old days. Clearly, I’d had too much to drink and my judgment was impaired so I blurted out “Sure, what the hell.” I chuckled nervously.

His face lit up and I could see that he was the happiest man on Earth at that very moment. It was then that I realized that the grocery bag on the coffee table contained said cucumber.

He told me to go into his bedroom and in the bottom drawer of the dresser, I would find Edith’s nightgown. He asked me if I would please put it on and get under the covers. I laughed at how crazy it was that I would even consider such a thing, but at that moment I cared about very little, except for getting out of town away from my mom.

I went into his bedroom that smelled of stale air, mothballs and Bengay. I found the nightgown exactly where he said it would be. I took off all my clothes and slipped the nightgown over my head. It was a very modest floor length garment with long sleeves, lace around the neck and each wrist, and buttons down the front. It was printed with tiny pink flowers and definitely showed it’s age. I climbed under the covers and waited nervously, feeling silly. A moment later I heard him lightly rapping at the door with his cane and I said he could come in. He also looked very nervous, but happy.

“You are doing me a great favor tonight Hannah. I will forever be in your debt.” He said.

I didn’t know how to respond, so I laid silently, pulling the covers up to my neck.

The change in position brought about some dizziness, no thanks to the alcohol. Before I knew it, I felt something on my wrist and looked over and saw Mr. Roper standing beside me. He had tied some pantyhose around my left wrist and was tying the other end to the bedpost.

“Mr. Roper? What are you doing!?” I exclaimed.

He just looked at me pathetically. His nose had never looked so big as from this angle. “Please humor an old man won’t you?” he begged as he finished his knot.

I just rolled my eyes and chuckled and handed the gentle old man my other wrist. He walked around to the other side of the bed and tied it to the post in the same way as I laughed nervously.

To preserve my modesty he sat at the end of the bed and carefully folded the blanket up so my feet were exposed. He asked me to bend my knees and put my feet flat on the bed, so I did. He positions the blanket and the nightgown on my knees in such a way to make a cloth wall between us, momentarily reminiscent of a trip to the OBGYN. Then, when I felt his old wrinkly hands push against my inner thighs I jumped, suddenly spooked at the reality of what was happening. The anticipation of being touched sexually and already made me aroused and he wasted no time pressing the cold vegetable against my entrance. I was startled again and my knees jerk together. In response, his withered old hands gently pushed my thighs back open. He shushed me, even though I hadn’t silivri escort made a sound. He returned the vegetable to my hungry body and pressed it firmly against me, coaxing my wet opening to consent to an intrusion. I let out a gasp and tensed again. This time I felt his thumb against my clit and my head dropped back in pleasure as I reveled in the sensation. I had no idea he would do such a thing, but at that moment I dropped all my inhibitions and let it happen. He worked on me for several seconds, quickly bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I delighted in the sweet balance of pleasure and the anticipation of a deeper violation.

He asked, “Does that feel good?”

I was panted “It’s making me hot. I’m so close already.”

He instantly stopped. “Hot?” and the Cucumber fell away from me.

I shuttered back the disappointment of my broken bliss. His head popped up from behind the barrier and he quickly pulled the covers off me completely. I was speechless as he proceeded to unbutton the night down and open it exposing my youthful body. The look of my predicament suddenly felt so shameful. My knees fell together and I blushed deeply, looking away.

“Oh Edith you look so beautiful!” he said to me, admiring my body. “Like before the children.”

“I’m not Edith. I’m Hannah.” I said.

He paid no mind and returned to his seat between my legs. It was then that I saw the vegetable that he intended on putting inside of me. “Mr. Roper that’s no ordinary cucumber. That thing is huge! That will never fit inside of me.”

“Edith, you know that you always want it bigger, ever since the children were born. You know it’s not the same…down there… unless you get it bigger.”

“I’m not Edith!” I said, “I’m Hannah!”

Again he ignored me.

“and I haven’t had any children.” I corrected him. “I’m thinking this wasn’t a good idea, after all, Mr. Roper.” He was clearly deranged, and I began to worry. I whimpered thinking about the size that I was expected to endure.

He proceeded to work the giant object into me again. It wasn’t an easy chore. My body simply could not accommodate such girth. He began twisting and pushing with a bit more force. When I objected, he returned his thumb to my clit, which silenced my complaints. When my panting quickened, he would stop the pleasureful stimulation so he could use all his strength on the task of ripping me apart. I was wavering between the agony of the prize-winning vegetable stretching me open and the pleasure of his stimulating touch. I grunted and groaned and resisted as he reshaped my defenseless form. After what felt like an hour of constant nagging pressure, alternating with unsatisfied pleasure, my body finally conceded to the massive vegetable and with our perfectly synchronized groans, my sweet neighbor was able to force the huge mass all the way inside my tender inexperienced body. My blood-curdling screams did not faze him in the least. Then, he carefully withdrew the object and repeated the process, forever keeping me on the brink of orgasm. There is no way to describe the intensity of the fullness that I felt. My vagina screamed as it strained and widened. I begged him to stop while begging him to continue. What began as euphoric, soon became intense burning. The repeated thrusting quickly became unbearable and I groaned and pleaded with him to stop in vain. I thought insanity would follow if he didn’t allow me to release my pleasure, but that would never come to pass. The timing and intensity of his touches would be just enough to choke off any complaints, and no more.

“Mr. Roper I think we’re about şirinevler escort done now,” I said. “I can’t take it anymore. Please!” I begged as I began fading in and out of awareness.

“Edith, you always, say to continue no matter what.” Climbing up on the bed he kneeled between my legs and used his upper thigh to push the object deeper than it ever had been as I cried out. His calloused dry hands grated on my flat tummy and explored my breasts. As he leaned in, he pushed the object deeper still. Tears spilled down my face. His old fingers now cruelly squeezing my nipples hard.

“Mr. Roper you’re hurting me!” I cried out. “Please stop!” I whimpered.

And at once, he released me. He quickly returned to his feet and looked confused, distant. His hand went to his crotch and he felt something he hadn’t felt in more than 50 years. A smile came over his face as he unbuttoned his pants and reach down to confirm his erection. He looked at me as if I would celebrate with him. But upon seeing the tears on my face he realized that he had already taken his pleasure too far. Again, he examined his erection. He looked at me “I’m sorry Hannah. I have to do this.” He said shaking his head at the ground. “I have no choice. I’ll never get this opportunity again, you see.”

“No Mr. Roper.” I said “Let me go right now! Untie me please!”

He ignored me. He turned to his dresser, removed his hearing aids, bent over to pick up my shirt and placed it over my face. I heard him return to space between my legs. I had managed to expel the Cucumber from my ruined pussy and close my legs tightly. We struggled briefly, but his rough hands managed to force my knees back open and he wasted no time putting his ancient penis inside my gaping pussy. “Please don’t do this Mr. Roper. Stop. Don’t do that. Mr. Roper. I’m not on birth control. Please!” But he did not hear me, nor did he care.

He grunted and bucked and fucked me with all the enthusiasm of somebody who hadn’t had sex in half a century. I fought and cried but it was no use. I only managed to fight the shirt off my face. As I watched him using my body, a tiny part of me cheered for this decaying old geezer who was somehow sharp enough to manipulate me into this vulnerable position. Eventually, he dumped his decrepit old man sperm into my defenseless young womb. When his penis fell out of me he wasted no time shoving the cucumber back in. At this, he clutched his chest and collapsed on me.

I cried out “Mr. Roper! Mr. Roper!” but he did not answer. He was dead weight and no matter how I tried I could not get out from underneath him. What’s worse is that he was laying in such a way that it was blocking me from being able to expel the Cucumber. I eventually passed out from my drunkenness.

In the morning, I found him still lying on me and I presumed him dead. I yelled for hours but nobody heard me. For three more days I laid with an ice cold corpse crumpled between my legs until I finally heard a banging on the door. The landlord arrived along with one of Mr. Roper’s grandsons and the police. Mr. Roper hadn’t been answering his phone and the grandson had called for help. When they found us, I was mortified. I was also severely dehydrated and was not thinking coherently. When they asked me what had happened, I replied that I was participating voluntarily. Mr. Roper was pronounced dead at the scene and I was brought to the hospital via ambulance for treatment of dehydration. In fact, I was so dehydrated that, I needed a medical procedure to remove the huge vegetable that was practically fused in my most personal place. A day later I returned home to my mother. She never even questioned where I had been.

I finished packing and two days later, left on my trip to join my father. He and seven other men had made a crude camp in a remote area in Alaska, mining gold. I had agreed to spend a year cooking, doing laundry, and other women work. It was a month later that my body began giving me the clues that decrepit old man Roper had successfully impregnated me.

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