My Affair with a Student


My Affair with a StudentJaime was so attractive that I knew she would be a distraction.I’m a thirty-year-old high school chemistry and biology teacher. Chemistry is a senior-level class, so all of my chemistry students are seniors, and around eighteen years old.This year’s chemistry lab was full, but there was an odd number of students. Since I always pair the students for the lab and the curriculum is designed for two students working together, that one odd student would have to work by herself and would come to me for help.That’s where the problem arose. That one odd student was Jaime, an extremely attractive eighteen-year-old girl with long black hair, brown eyes, and a broad smile. I could hardly tear my eyes away from her. The way she tossed her hair around as she worked was very sexy to me and I created fantasies with her bent over my desk as I fucked her slowly from behind. I wanted to rub my cock across her white teeth as she smiled up at me. And I wanted to push my cock into her gorgeous hair and stroke myself until I shot off.I knew that first day of class that Jaime was going to be a distraction for me. At the very least, I had to get her on her knees for a blowjob. Somehow, someway I had to do that. I know it’s strictly forbidden for a teacher and a student to get involved in any kind of sexual relationship, so I had my work cut out for me to behave around Jaime.On the first day of class, Jaime came to me three times with trivial questions. I got the definite impression that chemistry was not Jaime’s forte. It looked like she would need a lot of help to get a decent grade. Maybe that’s how I could get her on her knees.On the second day of class, Jaime came up for my help four times. She had no earthly idea of what effect she was having on me. She would stand too close to me. Her perfume was heavenly and would wash over me when she’d toss her hair around as we talked quietly.It was late in class when Jaime came to ask me a question.“Mr. Graham, I don’t understand atomic numbers. Can you help me?”“Sure.”I looked into Jaime’s eyes, then up to her gorgeous hair as it cascaded down her shoulders. I wanted to reach up and run my fingers through it, then pusher her to her knees. But…“Mr. Graham?”Dammit! She caught me mesmerized by her gorgeous hair.“Oh sorry, Jaime. Sit down and I’ll try to explain atomic numbers.”Jaime sat down in my chair and I pulled up a chair beside her.“Okay. The atomic number is equal to the number of protons in an atom’s nucleus. The atomic number determines which element an atom is. For example, any atom that contains exactly 47 protons in its nucleus is an atom of Silver. So, the atomic number of Hydrogen is 1 and for Helium it’s 2.”“Oh! So, Oxygen is 8! That’s pretty simple. Thank you, Mr. Graham.”Jaime gave me that big smile of hers and I wanted to grab her and kiss her so badly that I almost had to sit on my hands!Things went like that until the first exam. It was an easy exam based strictly on the reading assignments I’d given them. Every student got an ‘A’ or ‘B’ except Jaime, who got a ‘D’. Either she’d not read the assignments or she was not getting any of the basic concepts of chemistry.I handed out the exam grades at the end of the class and Jaime was visibly shocked and distressed. She looked at me with tears in her eye that were about to stream down her face.She waited until all the other students had left the room, then came up to my desk. By then she was sobbing and sniffling.”Mr. Graham! I don’t understand how I could have failed the exam so horribly! I read all the assignments you gave us. I’ve never gotten a ‘D’ before in my life!”Without realizing it, she laid her head on my shoulder and was crying hard. Thank goodness the lab was the last class of the day or other students would have been flooding into the classroom!I put my arms around Jaime and said, “Maybe you can do some extra work and I’ll throw out the ‘D’. How’s that sound?”“You’d do that for me? That would be wonderful. I’ll do anything!”“Okay. Give me thirty minutes, then come to my office. And do not tell anyone I’m doing this, okay?”“Okay, Mr. Graham. Thank you so much!”I had thirty minutes to decide what I was going to do. Was I going to really help Jaime understand her mistakes on the exam, or was I going to somehow get her to put out for me? My head said one thing and my hormones said another. I would have to just wing it and see what would happen.Jaime knocked on my door and I let her in, quietly locking it behind me. My heart was pounding in my chest when I thought about what might happen in the next thirty minutes. Jaime was so gorgeous and now very vulnerable to my advances. My hormones had won the conflict and I was fully prepared to force a blowjob from Jaime before she left my office that day.“Hi, Mr. Graham. Thank you so much for letting me fix that awful ‘D’. I’ll do whatever it takes.”“No problem, Jaime. In the last three weeks of working closely with you, I’ve grown to like you a lot and I’d hate to see that ‘D’ go on your permanent record.”I’m six-one and Jaime is around five-six, so she was looking up at me with those stunning brown eyes as my heart skipped a beat knowing what I was about to do next. I reached out with both hands and removed her ever-present glasses.“You are a really gorgeous girl, Jaime. Have you ever considered wearing contacts so that your beautiful brown eyes a more visible?”Jaime hesitated and finally said, “I’ve tried contacts, but couldn’t ısparta escort tolerate them.”I put her glasses on my desk, then pushed both hands into her gorgeous hair and ran them down through it all the way to the ends.“Your hair, Jaime, is just so gorgeous that I get mesmerized every time I look at it. And now that I can feel it, it makes me really want you.”“Mr. Graham, what are you doing?”“I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do since the first day of class.”“You shouldn’t be doing this.”“But I have to, Jaime. And if you want to erase that ‘D’, you’ll have to do something for me.”Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized what I had planned,“I can’t do this, Mr. Graham. It’s not right and you know it.”She picked up her glasses and turned to leave.“Okay, Jaime. That ‘D’ will go on your permanent academic record.She stopped and started to cry. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her waist, and pulled her body to mine for the first time. My heart was in my throat as I pushed my bulge against her ass. Jaime jumped when she felt it, but I held her tight and humped her ass several times.“Mr. Graham, don’t! I won’t do this!”“You have to, Jaime. Besides, I think you’ll like what I want you to do.”“And what is that?”“Just a quick blowjob. I’m sure you’ve done that before.”Jaime quickly struggled out of my arms and said, “No way will I do that! Besides, I’ve never done it before.”She was then facing me, so I grabbed her around the waist again with her arms restrained at her side. I kissed her neck and shoulders as I turned and pushed her against my desk so I could hump by bulge against her crotch.Jaime struggled, but not very hard. “Mr. Graham, please!”I kept humping her and kissing her neck. Then I moved up to her ear and her lips. She moaned reluctantly when our lips met.“Mo!” Jaime said as my mouth covered hers.At that point, she relaxed and started to kiss me back. The bulge in my pants had grown so hard that it was rubbing directly on Jaime’s pussy through her thin slacks. She moaned and spread her legs slightly.I released her arms and she wrapped them around my neck as we kissed hungrily for five minutes.“Mr. Graham, I can’t do that,” she whispered between kisses.“Yes, you can. I’ll show you.”I pulled up her sweater and massage both of her perky breasts.“Oh, Mr. Graham, I can’t do this,” she whispered breathlessly.She said the words but was letting me do what I wanted.It was time, so I unbuckled and unzipped my pants and pushed them to the floor. My cock was now forming a huge tent in my boxer shorts.Jaime looked down at it as I ran both hands through her hair down to her shoulders. Then I gently pushed her to her knees. She looked up at me with an expression that said, “I don’t know what to do!”I kept one hand on her head and took my cock out of my shorts with the other and it brushed her nose as it popped out. Jaime jerked away, but I pushed her head back so that my cock was touching her lips.“Just open your mouth and suck it, Jaime. Girls do it all the time. It’s no big deal.”She glanced up at me once again with a look of reluctance all over her face.“Go ahead, Jaime,” I said as I pulled her head.She opened her mouth and let me push my cock in. It was hard and pulsing so much that I knew I would shoot off very quickly. Jaime moaned when she felt my cock slide into her virgin mouth. It was a moan of shock and protest.But I would not be deterred. Jaime had given in and was letting me fuck her mouth and I was going to enjoy it for as long as I could hold out. I kept slowly sliding my cock deeper into her mouth as she moaned and tried to pull away, but I was holding her head tight.“Agh!” she gagged when my cock hit the back of her throat.I pulled out slightly, then pushed into her throat again.“Agh! Agh!” she gagged hard as my nine-inch cock made its way almost all the way down her throat, so I let her pull it out.Coughing, she said, “I can’t do that, Mr. Graham! It’s too big!”“Okay, Jaime, I’m ready to cum anyway. Try it now.”I pushed my cock back into her mouth just in time for her to get the first spurt of cum.“Mmm!” she moaned and jerked away, but I held her head tight.“Take my cum, Jaime!” I demanded as my cock continued to shoot off in her mouth.She made a face of disgust as I pumped her face, feeling every spurt of cum as it shot into her sweet, warm mouth. Jaime was getting her first load of cum ever, and it was my cum! I made two fists with her hair as my climax reached its peak. It was a strong, hard climax and gorgeous Jaime was taking my cum. Now she was going to swallow it.When my climax was winding down, Jaime was unable to contain the massive amount of cum that I had given her. Some of it ran down her chin.“Swallow it, Jaime! Swallow it! All girls swallow it.”“Mm-hm,” she moaned as she shook her head, no.I pulled my cock out of her mouth and took her chin and lifted it up to look at her.“Swallow my cum, Jaime! Do you want that ‘D’ instead?”Tears were streaming down her face as she closed her eyes tightly and swallowed. I scooped up the cum that was on her chin and fed it to her. She reluctantly sucked it off of my finger.“Now suck my cock and clean it up. There’s still some cum in there.”Jaime obediently sucked my cock until all the cum was gone. I stroked it from the base to the head and was able to milk out one more sizable drop, which she swallowed without hesitation.“See, that wasn’t so bad. Now do that two more times escort ısparta and that ‘D’ will become an ‘A’.”“What? Doing that once wasn’t enough? I have to do it two more times?”“That’s right, Jaime. Or you can settle for a ‘C’ right now.”“No, I’ll do it. I have straight ‘As’ in all my other classes.”“Good. Then I’ll see you tomorrow at the same time.”- – – – – Jaime tells her best friend – – – – -“Jenny, I did it.”“Did what?”“I gave my first blowjob today after school.”“Oh wow! You did? You finally did?”“Yes.”“Well, how was it and who was it?” Jenny asked excitedly.“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I didn’t want to swallow his cum.”“But you did, right?”“Yes. He made me.”“Oh, Jaime! He shouldn’t have to MAKE you! It’s fun to swallow a guy’s cum. He loves it and it gives you power over him!”“Really?”“Of course! Swallowing his cum is the ultimate pleasure for him! That’s the power it gives you! “Well, I don’t see it that way, Jenny.”“So, who’s the guy? Was his cock big and hard? If it was then I want to suck it, too! I love a big one.”“I won’t tell you who he is. I’ll just say that it was so big that I gagged on it.”“Mmm! I love to gag on a big, hard cock.”“You do?”“Oh yeah! It gets me so wet and aroused that I want to fuck him…and I usually do.” She laughed at her own levity.“Well, I’ll try it again. After I swallowed it, he had more cum and I swallow that with no problem.”“You should take me with you and let me show you how to really give head.”“NO! I can’t do that!”“Why not? Are you ashamed of him? Is he ugly or what? Is he old?”“No, none of that. It’s just, you know, Private.”“Oh jeez, Jaime! It’s just a blowjob! I don’t care who he is, I just want to suck his big cock!”“You’re terrible, Jenny.”- – – – -The next afternoon after school, Jaime came to my office again. She looked even more gorgeous than the day before if that was possible. She was wearing a mini-skirt with a white singlet and was very obviously braless. Her nipples were standing out hard as little g****s just ready to be sucked.“Wow, Jaime, you look fantastic! You should lose the glasses more often!”“Thank you, Mr. Graham.”I twirled her around, grabbed her around the waist, and slid my hands up to her nice boobs and those hard nipples. She moaned as I kissed her neck and shoulders.Then I slid one hand down into her mini-skirt and found her panties to be wet. That was a wonderful sign! Maybe I could fuck sweet little Jaime after all?I pushed my fingers hard against her clit and she moaned and laid her head back on my shoulder. I slipped my finger under her panties and into the folds of her virgin pussy. She was so wet that I knew she would be willing to spread her legs for me.But before I could carry out any plans, I might have to fuck her. Jaime turned around, dropped quickly to her knees, and looked up at me with those big brown eyes. “I’m ready to suck you again, Mr. Graham.”She unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and took it straight into her mouth. She sucked and moaned as I took her head in my hands. She had changed completely overnight. She was now willing to suck me off and she was doing a great job of it.I pulled Jaime’s head to make my cock slip down her throat. She gagged hard but didn’t stop me.“Oh yeah, Jaime. Gag on it!” I said as I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of her tight throat and the way it squeezed my cock when she gagged.It took less than a minute for me to shoot off in Jaime’s throat. She gagged when she felt it, but let each spurt of cum slid down into her stomach.Before my final ejaculation, I pulled her head and pushed my cock all the way down Jaime’s throat. I held her head tight as my nine-inch cock was deep in her throat for the first time. She had stopped gagging and just relaxed until my prostate was empty. Her tight throat felt so good that I wanted to keep my cock in it until it went completely soft, but Jaime wouldn’t be able to breathe if I did, so I slowly pulled out and she coughed and swallowed, sucked me clean, and then stood up.“How was that, Mr. Graham? Was it better than yesterday?”“It sure was! What happened overnight?”“I talked to my best friend about blowjobs. She told me to enjoy it and not to fight it.”I was shocked to hear that! “You talked to someone about this?”“No, no, I didn’t tell her about you or anything, but she did say she’d like to suck you off, too.”“Who is this best friend?”“Jenny Barclay.”“Yes. I know her.”Oh my god! Jenny Barclay was a hot little thing with long blonde hair and the best body in the school! And she wanted to suck me off? I thought, “How can I arrange that without taking too much risk?”I had stuffed my cock back in my pants and Jaime was about to leave. I took her by the arm and said, “Tomorrow I want to fuck you. I want to bend you over my desk and fuck you.”She just smiled and walked out.- – – – – Jaime talks to Jenny again – – – – -“He wants to fuck me tomorrow.”“Really? Are you ready for that, Jaime?”“I don’t know. The thought of it scares me. It will hurt.”“But it won’t hurt very long! Then it will be the best feeling you’ll ever have! A big cock thrusting into you feels AMAZING! There’s no way to describe it!”“I don’t know, Jenny. He might be rough with me and make it hurt more.”“Then tell him you want him to do it, but to be gentle. I bet he will.”“Maybe.”- – – – -The next day Jaime again wore a mini-skirt, but with a tank top. Her braless breasts bounced as she walked ısparta escort bayan in. I grabbed her around the waist and kissed her neck and shoulders. She looked so hot and my cock was so instantly hard for her that I knew I was going to try to fuck her.As I again ran my finger up and down through her pussy folds, Jaime got aroused and moaned loudly.I whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you today, Jaime.”“Okay, but be gentle. I want to like it.”“I’ll be very gentle and you will love it when I’m through.”Keeping my arms around her waist, I pulled her to my desk and bent her forward on it. She moaned and looked back at me as I ran my fingers down through her hair, down her back, across her nice ass, and pushed up her mini-skirt. She was wearing red lace panties, which I quickly pushed to the floor.I would normally take a lot of time fucking a virgin, but given the situation, I had to be quick. So, I dropped my pants, guided my cock into her pussy, and slowly pushed it in. the first inch was tight, then I hit her hymen. I thrust in and out of that one inch a few times, making a moan escape Jaime’s lips. She was ready.I pushed my cock to her hymen, then made a quick thrust and popped it.“Ugh!” Jaime groaned and reached back to stop my progress.I stopped momentarily, then continued to push into her virgin little body. She was so damned tight; tighter than any pussy I’d ever had before.As my cock sank deeper and deeper into Jaime’s body, she groaned again and seemed to relax.“Are you okay, Jaime?”“Yes.”So, I started to thrust slowly. This was her first fuck and I wanted her to never forget it. I continued to fuck her slowly and steadily. I wanted to ram her hard but was able to restrain myself.I knew I couldn’t last long with Jaime’s tight pussy engulfing my cock. She was moaning with each thrust and obviously beginning to enjoy it when I felt my climax building to its ultimate end. So, I pulled on her shoulders and pushed my cock all the way into her for the first time. It tapped her cervix and started to shoot my cum in hard spurts into her.“Ugh,” Jaime groaned again when she felt my cock hit bottom.“I’m cumming, Jaime!” I groaned.“I know. I can feel it.”She continued to moan as I pushed and spurted, pushed, and spurted. I think it was the best climax I’d ever had; certainly, Jaime was the best virgin I’d ever had.I kept my cock in her until it went completely flaccid, then slowly pulled it out. My pink cum slowly oozed out of her pussy and dripped on the floor. I wished I could have preserved the moment with my video camera. Sweet little Jaime had just lost her virginity and MY cum was now dripping out of her! I caught several drops on my fingers and spread it on her asshole, thinking how nice it would be to fuck her virgin ass as well someday.“Jaime, was that okay for you?”“I loved it once the pain went away.”“Then you’d like to do it again?”“Yes, I would. I loved it from the back like that. It was really sexy. And when you put your hands on my shoulders and pulled hard, I almost had an orgasm.”“I want you to have an orgasm, Jaime. I want that for you next time.”She stood up and whispered, “I’ll hold you to that, Mr. Graham. Do I have my ‘A’ now?”“You sure do!”Then she pulled on her panties and left with my cum still oozing out of her pussy.- – – – -In the lab class the next week, Jaime couldn’t keep her eyes off of me and I couldn’t keep mine off of her. We had shared something very special, and we both wanted to relive it.I went over to her and whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you right now.”She smiled, looked quickly around the room, and whispered, “I’d let you if we were alone.”“Can you come by my office later?”“I’ve already planned to.”- – – – -Jaime came in wearing another mini-skirt and singlet. She looked so gorgeous that my cock came to immediate attention. I didn’t think I could ever get enough of her. I wanted this arrangement to continue for as long as I could make it happen.I took her in my arms and we kissed hungrily. Her body melted into mine as I ran my hand down to her ass and pulled. She moaned and thrust her crotch against my bulge.“How do you want me today? I want to try something new.”I took her over to my desk and laid her down on her back as we continued to kiss. That’s when I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties. Jaime was ready for me!I quickly dropped my pants and pushed my cock all the way into her. She moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist.“Mmm, you feel so good inside me, Mr. Graham. I really love to fuck!”“And I love to fuck you, Jaime.”She locked her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and we fucked for at least ten minutes when she had a ravishing orgasm.“Oh my god! I had an orgasm that was so good!”“I know. I want you to cum when I do.”“Okay, I’ll try.”I was getting close but was trying to hold on until Jaime had her second orgasm. I started to thrust hard and deep into her, pounding her like she’d never known before.“Oh, I’m cumming again!”I shoved deep into her and let it go. My cum shot into her body under such great force that I could feel it surging down the length of my cock and out the end.”I can feel you cumming inside me! Oh god, it feels so good!”“I really love fucking you, Jaime.”“I know, Mr. Graham. I love it, too.”We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes until Jaime had to leave. She stood up and straightened her clothes. We kissed again and she walked to the door.“Goodbye, Mr. Graham.”“Bye, Jaime.”When she opened the door, Jenny was standing there.“Oh! My! GOD! You’re fucking Mr. Graham!!”“Jenny!” Jaime yelled.I collapsed in my chair. We’d been caught. All I could think of was there went my career; maybe even my freedom. I having sex with a student! My life as I’d known it was over.TO BE CONTINUED…

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