My daddy spanks the teacher.


My daddy spanks the teacher.My daddy spanks the teacher.Jim and Ruth sitting at the dining room table relaxing sipping coffee and are in deep conversation with the bills spread out as they discuss what will be paid and his wife Ruth having to answer Jim pointed questions of why this and that, Ruth eyes roll up, under breath to herself, gosh, Jim never understand that I need this as a women to keep my figure for him as well smell so pretty when he climbs into bed and wants the sex he demands.Jim questions come one after another, Ruth you know the rules of this house, I have laid them out over and over you have them in your bible, so what is your problem?Ruth knows where this is leading when out of nowhere they hear the house door slam shut and Lisa there 18 year old college daughter rush by them without a word and slams her bedroom door. Well honey I think Lisa had a bad day at school or boy problems, Yes it looks that way Jim, let me go check on her , < Ruth stand up and moves away from the table before Jim can order her back, Ruth now smiling to herself to think good at least this will get Jim's mind off the bills.Ruth knock on her door and enter Lisa room, to find her daughter on her bed her butt sticking out and crying into her bed pillow, Mom sits down next to her grabs a shoulder think ok she having boy problems , so Mom begin to sooth her , leans over grip her shoulder and assure Lisa all things will be ok, Lisa crying settle down now, at the comfort of mom hands and as Ruth comforter her and smooth Lisa dress her hand pats Lisa on the ass and she yelp and move for the pain is so much. Oh honey what wrong , I never seen you move like that except after a spanking, Ruth then realized, Ok Lisa out with it right now what happen at school.Oh Mommy it terrible, the Ms butts, she accuse me of talking in class and cheating on my test, Mommy she spank me in front of the class. Ruth now afraid, Oh Lisa hush, your daddy finds out he get real angry and he will spank you more, we have to tell daddy something different. But too late, for Ruth did even have time to catch her breath when behind her Jim bellows Ruth Stand up. What are you teaching your daughter? Oh Sir, Nothing at all, just trying to comfort her, did I hear you tell her not to tell me what happen at school, Ruth looks at the floor, her mind now racing and knows she cannot lie to Jim, for he is standing right there and heard it all, YES Sir I did, Jim in a lower voice, well young lady , you go to our room and get ready I be in shortly. Yes sir, Ruth glance at her daughter, tells her she is sorry and quickly heads for their bedroom.Ok Lisa, explain to me what happen, Lisa sits up and produce more tears, for daddy, I was doing nothing at all, and Ms Butts yell at me in front of the full class and spanked me over her desk, accused me of cheating and talking to much in class.Stand up show me your butt Lisa, she quickly obeys daddy Yes Sir as she stands and pulls her panties down , not embarrassed any more for she has stood naked in front of daddy many times when received her other times of discipline.Jim touch's and feels her sore red marks, what did she use on you honey? As Jim rubs her sore butt, with the ruler Lisa sniffs, and clenches her teeth from the pain. I see, Jim sits down, and leads Lisa over her lap. OH daddy please, I been spanked enough,SWAT SLAP SMACK SWAT SLAP SMACK Lisa you know the rules I am the one whom decides if you are spanked or not, and if you get into trouble at school, you pay at home as well SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP , Lisa squirm, Ouch, Ouch , daddy please now tears begin to really form as Jim hand rains down over and over, Smack, Smack, Smack, smack, sap slap, slap, slap, slap, his stride not breaking , Jim other arm has a firm hold on Lisa and his hand finally resting leaving Lisa limp as a dish rag and tears flowing well. Jim helps Lisa off his lap and leads her to the corner, now you stand there while I go take care of your mother for teaching you how to sneak from Daddy. Yes Sir Lisa answers Him and rubs her butt as she face the corner. After I am finished with mother then we are going to talk to your teacher. Jim now begins to focus pinbahis güvenilirmi his wife and her actions.Ruth caught in her day dreams, is not fast enough as Jim enters their room.When the sound of the strap was no longer being heard coming from Lisa”s bedroom, Ruth knew her spanking was over…Suddenly she realized she was still sitting on the bed when she was clearly told to be in the proper position after removing her clothes, except for the short nightie he had ordered her to put on….She jumped up quickly and started for the desk Jim kept in their bedroom for office purposes, ..Before she could get herself in position over the desk the door opened and Jim walked in….He was not happy that she did not follow his orders…He said in a loud voice, “RUTH, I specifically instructed you on what to do and you deliberately disobeyed me”. For that you will get double strokes with the strap. Please Sir; I was feeling so bad that I caused Lisa to get spanked, I forgot to take my position”. That excuse is not acceptable and you know in this house disobedience is an automatic spanking as it will not be tolerated…You will be spanked for that as well as telling Lisa to lie to me, so take your position so we can get this over with.Ruth walked to the desk, pulled her nightie up to expose her bare bottom to Jim, laid over the desk with her legs spread and hanging on to the other side so she didn’t break her position…Jim says, “You will get 50 hand spanks, 25 with wooden paddle, and 50 with strap…You need to learn a good lesson Jim said.The spanking began and the slaps were harder than usual, SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP , RUB RUB RUB SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP RUB RUB RUB the rubbing on Ruth bottom and spoke softly…Jim explained that was just the warm up and the next 25 would be much harder, Ruth was already fighting back the tears and her bottom was a light shade of red…Jim said these next 25 will be much harder TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK , the tears began to flow along with a rosy bottom, hands gripping tight to hold position Jim continue on with the strap, with rubbing between each stroke, measurements for warmth and checking for a signs of blood drops , but ruth Butt was built for the many strapping over the years and Jim knew this as he showed no mercy this time TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK Ruth in tears now, bot begging for him to stop . But begging for Jims forgiveness, Jim laid down the strap rub her bottom a bit longer this time, again softly spoken to his wife of 25 years. More rubbing followed. After more talking, rubbing and comforting Jim reminder her that we will continue…You slapped the paddle in the palm of your hand a few times and she cringed at the sound…The first smack landed with a loud crack and Jim began this session with full force..SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT completing the 25 strokes without stopping ,Ruth began to squirm and wiggle as her bottom got so sore…When Jim was finished and satisfy it was a crimson red and felt like a fire burning. Jim rubbed her some more for several minutes…Jim lean over kiss her butt and now reminded her of the 50 straps and then it over with, Ruth winch and beg again for Jim to stop, but the terrible strap Ruth saw in his hand.Ruth I want the first 25 to be counted, if you miss one we began at 1 again is that UNDERSTOOD.. Yes Sir , in between the tears she managed to count, One Sir, 2 Sir,3 Sir, etc. until she got to the count of 25…She was crying so hard she lost track…You told her she did well and she was to stop the count but the last 25 were going to be very hard. Ruth cried and begged to no avail, her bottom was bright red and bruised when Jim finished. “Please Sir, no more”. As Ruth promised she would never do those things again, and somehow Jim knew she wouldn’t.Jim help Ruth stand and lead her to their bed.Rolling out of bed, Jim looks over at Ruth, kiss her deeply, he equates his love for her, and how much he admire her understanding of household discipline, as his strong hand grips her red bruise cheeks, Oh love Now I am going to take Lisa and go visit the big Ms. butts. yes Sir., but be careful, I know your angry with her, but she is pinbahis yeni giriş a big shot at the administration, and hopefully you have release most of your anger out of your system, Ruth , touches Jim cock, smiles and then says thank you honey for the discipline I know I need it at time. Jim leans over and kisses Ruth and tells her I be back soon for round 2 love,Jim heads down the hall calls for Lisa and tells her come on honey and bring your camera. Lisa jumps up quickly, grabs her camera and follows dad out to the car,Jim explain to Lisa, why he is allowing her to come along, to address Ms Butts, and then ask Lisa some question for Jim overheard a conversation last week about Ms Butts, and he calmly as if She can prove the fact, She beams with a grin Oh yes Sir . Very good honey, then Ms. Butts will be putty in my hands.Arriving at the door, he takes a breath as he admires, this much older well groom lady, as they are greeted by Ms. Butts with a nice smile and turns to Lisa and welcome her as well. Small talk a moment before Jim brings up the reason why he came to see her, Ms Butts innocent sweet demeanor becomes defensive as Jim grills her, what make you the head disciplinarian here, without my consent Ms Butts?She stammer, no one; I am in charge of this room and she disobey me and cheated on a test, Can you prove that fact he states as he stands, Ms Butts moves back for now his Demeanor worries her.Then he turns and asks Lisa, DID YOU CHEAT? Lisa mumbles, LISA stand up, look at me, slowly she stands as Jim speaks Did —YOU –CHEAT?, and do not even think of not telling me the truth, young lady??Lisa with tears Yes Sir I did? Well fine Lisa Ms Butts was right. Go take the position now young lady. Lisa looks at Dad, but-t- Jim points to the corner , Lisa looks at Ms butts and heads for the corner of room, removes her dress and panties and kneels in the corner > Ms Butts is stun, for never thought anything like this would happen in her classroom, yes she spank the students, but always over clothes and then she notice the strap marks on Lisa buttocks , Wow Mr. Smith did you spank her, Yes Ms Butts I certain did and she will be spanked more by me when I am finished with you.Very good Sir, I think we are done as you see Lisa did as I suspected and now you have punished her, Very good Thank you for coming, Jim literally slaps it away, I am far from finished lady, Ms butts drawn a blank, well what else do you want to know, Sir?Jim smile and melts as he hears the Sir come from her lips from a 20 year older lady. Who really looks good for this 40 year old fellow? She does take care of herself he estimate, as he thinks of being in the bed with her.Ms butts, as I was saying when I came in here that I do not approve of your handling my discipline without my permission, You stole that moment from me, it just as bad as her cheating on your test, You cheated me of the moment of the discipline.YOU OWE ME NOW.What are you saying? Ms. Butts ask, I am saying your Ass will be spanked by me.Ms butts sits down and begins her defense, I do not think so Sir, you can just leave now , Ms butts grabs her purse and tries to leave, Jim grips her passing arm, holds her firm, Lisa looks over her shoulder, knowing that daddy not happy.Ms butts raise her voice and tells, Jim pinbahis giriş butts crotch and with her dress push up around her waist, the picture roll around showing Ms. butts giving as well receiving sexual acts.Butts sits now, stammer, you wouldn’t? Yes I will, if you do not obey me, Jim now stands closer and begin to remove his wide leather strap from his jeans Ms. Butts eyes open wider, as she hears Jim orders.Stand up,Remove your tight skirt,As MS butts prepares, Jim clears her desk, shoving all of it on the floor with one sweep of his arm, which panics the teacher more.Get your panties off, Oh Sir, Lisa still here? Good, Jim answers, for this will teach her no matter if your 60 years old like you no age will stop a spanking, you spanked her so she gets to witness your spanking. NOW get them off, before I rip them off, and the belt strikes the top of her desk. as he reminds her that she now address him as Sir, do you understand that young lady YES SIR she answers, shaken now, she removes her panties, Jim stands and admires, her sweet body, touches her Butt , She jumps, what is this? you do not like a man to touch you , as he turns her around and bends her over the desk top , her ass up in th air and Jim hand begins to find his pace, as the hand strikes , SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, you do know how a spanking is taken, I bet SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, Butts mind flashes back to her at home when her own father spanked her, biting lower lips as Jim hand rains down, cover the back of her thighs to the crack of her ass, the hand does not miss a mark, SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT , oh ouch, please sir, butts yells, I understand, please stop , SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT , rub rub rub, jim lets up softer now as he begins to wind down the warm up , slap slap slap slap slap slap.Jim then stops resting his arm, and tells her to stand up, and look at him, she obeys small tears form, arms behind your head, and she obeys exposing her naked crotch and knows Jim is looking at it as well Lisa.Jim says to Lisa, even at 60 in our house you can still be spank like Butts, Lisa looking at Butts bottom and says yes sir as Jim now moves closer to Butts his free hand cups her crotch, hmm still kind of dry down there, ooh yes you do not like males, slap slap ,. her crotch , now back over the desk, Lisa obeys, bends over, spread her legs as Jim spreads them exposes her full view to Sir and Lisa, her embarrassment, begins to shed tears , until the first strike of the belt, Butts head bounce up, hands clench as the pain tears through the bottom and the legs, TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK < Lisa, bits her lips., but smiles as she knows how it feels from daddy. TWACK TWACK TWACK, Butts ass moving Jim reminding her to be still, tears flow now more and Jim arms gains speed, TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK TWACK, by now Butts is limp over the desk, her ass taken it well, for the pain now is throughout her body. Small begs come out asking for forgiveness and I never spank your daughter SIR, Butts pronounce the word SIR., PLEASE SIR STOP PLEASE SIR Jim stops, rubs her ass, feels the heat and now begins to slap again SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, and the final SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAt. Jim rests now, his hands rubbing her buttock. Butts lay on the desk exhausted from the punishment. Jim turns to Lisa, Ok Honey, now you see she got what you got she cheated me and you cheated on her, so now you can get dress and wait in the car as I finished helping Ms. Butts get dress. Yes daddy, , Jim locks the door, and stands before butts her face at the same leave as Jim stands in front of her head, and drops his pants, Butts eyes open, Oh now Sir, not that sir, Jim grab her head of hair and pulls the head into his crotch, as his cock slides in her mouth , go ahead I seen the pictures of you sucking the dildo, for your ass, so how is this real cock to you, go ahead suck it, and Jim holding her hair tight as he pound her face, balls slapping her chin, and reminds her to suck him deep,. get him ready for her ass, as he pounds away and in between slapping her ass then quickly Jim pulls out, Butts stun, her lips wanting more now as she is hot now , but Jim has different ideas, walk behind her slap her ass more and shoves her down on the desk as his cock is slammed into her ass. Her body accepts Jim hard cock, MS Butts moves ass back to feel the fullness as her mind goes blank.The End.

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