my first 3some


my first 3someat the time I was 21,I was able to get into the clubs,it was saturdaynight which was drag night,and I got all dressed up,wearing a red miniskirt,black top,with a black lace bra,matching garterbelt lace stocking,and panties,and a pair of black6inch high heels.I met this guy name john,who wanted to know my name,as I told him my name is ashley,by the way thats my real name.well john was very interested in taking me back to his place,I lets go.he was 6ft 200lbs,very good looking,with a 10inch cock.he had told me that he had a roomate,that my be there,and quite possble he might want to join in,I useally share with him on ever relaxbet güvenilirmi guy,girl,or ts,tv,cds.sounds hotsure enough he was there,his name was mike,6ft2 190lbs,with a 10inch cock.we started on the couch,where both guys were fondling me allover,kissing me,grabbing my tits.we then wet into the bedroom where they strip down,and I got down on my knee’s,and took both of there cocks in my mouth,my lips going up and down there shafts,working the head of there cocks,oh this was starting to get hotthen john pulled me up,so that him and mike could go down on me,sucking my cock,running there toung’s down to relaxbet yeni giriş the crack of my ass,getting me wet for some serious fucking.john wanted me first,as he got on top me slid his cock deep inside of me,while I sucked on mike cock,he then turn me over,and fuck me from behind,while still sucking mike.and now it was mike turn,as I got up to stradle his cock,and ride his big dick,going up,and down on him.then john said think you could take us both?oh hell yes,stick your big cock in I told,want both of you to fuck me.as I could feel his cock rubbing up agaist mike cock,both were pounding hard,as there relaxbet giriş balls slapping my ass.oh how good it felt having 2 cocks fucking me,yea fuck me !fuck me hard I said I want to feel your cock’s pounding my ass,fill me up with your hot cum,let me taste you as well.bout that time john was ready to shoot his load,as mike pulled out john puch his cock in and shot a hot load in my ass,I could feel it dripping from my ass,as he pulled out mike went in ,and did the same,he then pulled out,both got up to let me suck them some moreboth moaning with pleasure,as the were ready to cum again,I open my mouth wide sos not to miss any of there cum juice,as I took every drop of there hot load,cum dripping out of my mouth,my lips,as I puch the cum back in.wow that was hot Itold them,both agree,but they were not finsh with me.we took a break,and continue all night,it was the best 3some I ever had.now I’m read for a gangbang.

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