My first Drag Queen


My first Drag QueenEver since I can remember I had my hand down my pants, by the time I was in 3rd grade I was playing with my dick at all times of the day I’d just stick my hand in my pocket and whack away I didn’t know why I did it I just did. By twelve I was wearing my moms lingerie while she was working,Grandma, my aunts and Mom owned and worked in a bordello it was the family business, I was use to women running around in various form of undressing and the usual noises of sex.We lived up in the mountains and when I showed no interest in women or girls Grandma asked If I was a “Nancy Boy” looking at her with a puzzled looked I uttered “huh” she then asked me to follow her, we went into the parlor and asked the women to undress, then asked me to follow suit, I had no reaction then they put on their lingerie and I got a half a woodie, next a friend of hers came down a popular drag Queen she always wore a peacock (what else) so grandma looked at me and I had a raging türbanlı kütahya escort erection, they Judy undressed and I was leaking like crazy.Grandma and Judy talked while I went out side to play about 7 pm I came back for supper the Ladies told me to eat and take a shower when I got out my clothes were missing. I went into the bedroom to find Judy sitting on my bed , now Judy was and still is 6 feet 4 inches tall with awesome legs, totally smooth if you look up the definition of raging queen you’ll find her picture, all she had on was her smile, then she said ” Come here honey you and Judy needs to talk” I went to him we laid on the bed and we started petting next thing I know all the females were watching and my mom was filming us while Grandma was giving instructions to us, we began kissing, she grabbed my rock hard cock and kissed me thrusting her tongue in me it felt like a soft cock i sucked on it as if i türbanlı kütahya escort bayan was a natural whore.The idea of my first time being filmed turned me on even more, I felt my ass being touched with her finger Judy laid on her back and I sat on her stomach so she could suck my cock, the heat of her mouth was unbelievable to me,I barely felt her slide two fingers up my ass, she thursted them slowly then I pleaded “faster.. faster please faster!!!!. My Mom set the recorder on the vanity and the females left. Judy flipped me on my stomach, grabbed my hair and pushed my face into the mattress then pushed her tongue into my whore hole she pushed my walls apart and I like a cheap hooker jump on her 13 x 7 inch cock and slid down even if it hurt like hell.Next thing I remember is waking up looking into those black eyes feeling as if I was sitting on a telephone pole, “judy what happened”, to which she replied türbanlı escort kütahya “nothing yet sweetie what do you want to happen” Instead of saying anything I began to slide up and down the beautiful black cock like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco then Judy stopped until I got use to it, once the pleasure was stronger than the pain we fucked with each stroke a little faster until I felt her cock get even bigger if that was possible then I felt her cum start to rise up and shoot into my ass is was scalding hot and I couldn’t stop smiling then we kissed and I laid my head on her while cum dripped out of me then drifted off to sleep. The next morning I found myself in Judy’s apartment it took awhile till I remembered about last night, I looked around for something to wear by could only find a apron so I put it on and went into the kitchen, opened the fridge for some milk, Judy whistled and said nice ass sweetie, I blushed she asked if I was horny again to which I said yes but why am I here Judy replied well you’ve been given to me in lieu of money your relatives own me I swallowed the milk. Judy then informed me that I was her sissy slave and if I wanted milk it would come from her black cock from now on and I smiled,From time to time we do cam shows to make extra money we’ve had our ups and downs but were still together.Timmy

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