My Friend’s Sister


I jolted awake. My eyes strained to adjust to the blinding light pouring in through the curtain-less bay windows. Squinting, I held a hand over my forehead and attempted to look around the room I was in. I was sitting in a pile of white sheets in a room with no decorations. No furniture, no pictures, no nick-knacks, nothing. The walls were bright white, which I’m sure that had also to do with the sunlight. My head was throbbing like a million hammers were crushing my temples. I tired my best to recall the events leading up to my situation .I remembered my friends and I drove down to Austin, Texas to finally visit 6th Street. I remembered we couldn’t go into to any of the bars… but why? I leaned forward and rested my head on my folded knees and closed my eyes. Ah, yes. My best friend’s sister had invited us to stay with her and asked to go out with us. She was only 19, and couldn’t get into any of the clubs or bars. I’ve always had a crush on her, being that she was amazingly hot. She was tall, and skinny. She wasn’t Acıbadem Escort muscular per se, but was athletic in build. She had dark hair eyes and skin. Though her brother was of a lighter complexion, more on his mother’s Germanic side, she took her father’s dark African genes. We underestimated how much the bouncers cared about age, and eventually deiced to peruse getting drunk though other means. We bought a ton of beer and headed to a guy’s condo a bit outside the city to circumvent our drinking issues. I also remembered being distracted the whole night by her outfit: A white, translucent, t-shirt with a bright pink bra underneath. Her skirt brushed her mid-thigh, and her high-heels made her about six inches taller then me. I only remembered talking to her briefly in the car that night. Other than that she usually just ignores me, so I figured that was always going to be my fate with her and accepted it. There were other pretty girl with us, that night so I didn’t feel out Acıbadem Escort Bayan of luck yet.I opened my eyes again and decided, at that point, that getting a huge glass of ice-water was to my benefit. Maybe just rubbing ice on my face was the best idea. I stood up in place. A familiar breeze blow over me. I looked down. Yup. No pants. A second glance around the room confirmed that I had not entered the room with pants on, as they were nowhere to be seen. “Toga it is then,” I thought to myself. I lifted one of the sheets to wrap around myself before I exited the room. As I began to wrap it, I noticed one of the blankets moving up and down in a steady rhythm. Someone was sleeping next to me. “Oh, please be a girl this time,” I hoped aloud. I reached down and pulled the blanket back slightly. Her dark skin was a stark contrast to the white sheets and blankets she laid on. She was clutching her University of Texas shirt in her hands. “Oh, shit!” I realized the sleeping girl Escort Acıbadem was none other than my best friend’s sister. “Shit! I hope no one knows…” I pulled the blankets back over her shoulder, wrapped myself in a blanket, and walked into the hallway to the kitchen. One of the guys that came with us was sitting alone on the couch watching the Food Network. The food repulsed me. I felt like I never wanted to eat again. I got a glass and filled it with ice-cubes and water. “Dude,” he said, looking over his shoulder. “Seth is going to be so pissed if he remembers!” I sat next to him on the couch. “What do you mean if he remembers?” I asked. “Well, I mean, he was just as sloshed at you two last night.” “So me and her… We?” “Yes,” he said laughing. “I was surprised you didn’t break through the wall!” He told me what happened the night before. During the ride back to the condo, I ended up in the car next to her. The condo was a bit out of the way, so we got comfortable next to each other for the 30 minute drive. During the trip we chatted a bunch, and after I felt a little more comfortable around her I put my arm around the seat behind her. We got to the condo at about midnight, after walking around 6th Street for a few hours and grabbing as much beer as we could afford. Her and I continued to chat the entire night.

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