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It is strange, how after not seeing a person for many years, they can change so substantially. Sometimes it isn’t only a physical change, but a behavioural one as well. I spent five years at high school with a guy called Petrie. By the time we graduated, he was a tall and lanky nondescript individual. Petrie was almost an invisible guy. I could honestly never remember having a proper conversation with him and can only imagine that any interaction we may have had, was monosyllabic. His quiet demeanour sharply contrasted with my outgoing persona.By my final year in school I had outed myself. No, I wasn’t a screaming queen, but simply couldn’t be bothered playing the closet game any longer. There were a few guys who ribbed me from time to time. Their jibes, however, always fell flat because verbal persecution simply went right over my head. I was also not a suitable target for physical bullying, being rather well-built and proficient in martial arts.Several years after leaving school I received a good job offer with a medium sized engineering company, in their computer division. I was taken around on my first morning at the new company to be introduced to everyone. Once we finally arrived in the workshop/manufacturing division downstairs, I met the guy in charge of that section. There was something familiar about him and when the secretary mentioned his name, Petrie, I had a strong feeling that I had met him before.“You don’t remember me, do you Cole?” he said with a Escort Avrupa yakası laugh. Noticing my bewilderment he continued, “We were at school together.” Petrie was a lot hunkier than he had been in school and the full beard that he now sported also added to my confusion.“You’re much bigger than I remember,” was all I could muster.Still laughing he added, “And I suppose the beard also threw you.”“Yeah,” I said smiling. We exchanged a few more pleasantries before the efficient secretary suggested that we need to move on. As I walked away it occurred to me that the conversation I had just had with Petrie, far exceeded all our interactions over five years in high school. Mr. Invisible had become a hot looking man, and I was rather pleased that I would be working with him.After our initial meeting, every time our paths crossed Petrie just seemed to get hotter. He also hadn’t transformed into a blabbermouth but was much less reserved than at school. His light brown eyes were arresting, and I couldn’t stop looking at his big, broad, masculine hands. What further intrigued me was that he wasn’t married, and did not appear to be in a relationship.One Friday afternoon, a month after I had commenced my new job, Petrie asked me what I was doing for dinner that evening. Having no plans I answered, “Nothing… why?”“A new restaurant has opened down the road and is offering a free bottle of wine per couple, with dinner” he informed Ataköy escort me. “I figured that, if you are at a loose-end you might like to join me?”“Sounds great,” I replied.“My apartment is right next door to the place, so we can go there after work and kill some time before we leave for the eatery,” he suggested.Petrie’s apartment was neat but rather Spartan. After he poured two glasses of wine we sat in the lounge. “I was always in awe of you in school,” Petrie mentioned after a sip of wine.“Why?” I asked.“Well… you were always outgoing and popular,” he answered, before continuing, “I have a confession to make. I have a mild form of Avoidant Personality Disorder. It’s not autism or Asperger’s syndrome as some people mistakenly think and far less severe. That’s why I have difficulty dealing with people. I am far better than I used to be, but… old habits die hard, as they say.”I sat looking at him for a short while before answering, “I’m sorry… I didn’t know. Are you comfortable in my company?”“Yes, very… and I really hope we can become good friends,” he replied.“Sure,” I acknowledged, smiling.“Why aren’t you involved?” he inquired.“Well, I suppose I just haven’t found the right person so far,” I answered.“Are you very fussy?” he countered with a giggle.“No,” I replied laughing, “It’s just… well… fuck I don’t know,” was all I could manage, stammering.After a short silence, he again spoke. “Time for my second confession… I’m also gay.”A Şirinevler escort bayan lengthy pause followed before I repeated a former sentiment, “I didn’t know.” Again we sat in silence. “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?” I eventually asked.“No. I have a place I visit on Saturdays; it’s just down the road. It’s an adult bookstore. Sleazy I know, but it takes care of my weekly needs and of course, I’m comfortable with the anonymity,” he answered.Somewhat taken aback I replied, “I have never been to one of those.”“Well, why don’t you join me tomorrow? I’ll show you the ropes,” he stated in a matter-of-fact way.Truthfully, I really wasn’t interested but felt that rejecting his offer would be inappropriate. Petrie had bared his soul, and I also didn’t want him to think that I was condemnatory of his sexual habits. I would much rather have spent the day in bed with him, but since he was calling the shots, decided to play along. “Sure, why not. There’s a first time for everything,” I concluded.After dinner, once we had said goodnight, I walked back to my apartment perplexed. ‘Does he, or doesn’t he, find me appealing,’ I thought. ‘Is the visit to the sleaze-pit tomorrow an ice-breaker of sorts,’ I pondered.The following afternoon, I arrived at Petrie’s place at two p.m. and soon we were on our way to the bookstore.After acquiring tokens at the front desk, we entered the back section of the den of iniquity. Milling around inside there was no one that took my fancy. The men mainly looked like middle-aged straight guys, out on the prowl for a cheap thrill. Shortly, Petrie ushered me into a booth and after inserting a few tokens we began watching a porn movie on the television, standing side by side. A short while later I observed a pair of lips at one of the gloryholes.

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