My Second Time


My Second TimeSo I had had sex one time. About two months ago with a girl at a friends house. We were playing truth or dare and she got dared to fuck me. I came almost as soon as I got it in her. Ever since that day I have been horny as hell. I will will not tell my age but will say that I am not old enough to have a drivers license. Every summer our neighbors have a several huge parties. I will go and hang out with my friends. One of these parties was going on and I was up my friends James room playing video games. These parties are great as there is alot of food and the grownups get all drunk and crazy. We were playing our game when Mrs. Clark busted thru the door and asked if she could use the bathroom. We told her go ahead and she stumbled her way into there. She forgot to close the door and we could hear her peeing. Mrs. Clark is a normal woman, average looks. She is a big wheel at the church and does alot of stuff up at the school. I had never seen her drunk before and remembered my parents saying that she used to have a real bad drinking problem back in the day. All of a sudden Mrs. Clark yelled for us to in the bathroom and look at something. Thinking something was wrong James and I both went running in there only to find Mrs. Clark leaning against the vanity naked, she had her legs spread and said we could have a peak at her snatch for a dollar but she was already holding her pussy lips open and we could see it. Then she said we could stick our cocks in there for ten dollars. We told her we did not have any money, klasbahis güvenilirmi she then said we could have it for free. James and I looked at each other and then back at Mrs. Clark. She just smiled real big and said that if we do not fuck her she will go find someone that will.James and I looked back at each other, we both had rock hard boners. I shrugged my shoulders and dropped my shorts and moved in. Mrs. Clark guided my cock to her pussy and I pushed it forward and watched it disappear into her. Her pussy was warm, wet and tight and my cock slid easily into it all the way up to my balls. She gasped when I bottomed out and told me it felt so good. I started to fuck her with short strokes, watching her medium sized boobs shake with each thrust. Being young and only my second time I did not last more than a minute, I came hard and exploded deep inside her. As soon as my balls were drained I pulled out and stepped back. James was ready to go and jumped right in. I knew this was the first pussy he had ever seen and figured he would not last long. I do not think he even made it to the fourth stroke before he exploded and then he came so hard I was afraid he was going to pass out. He stepped back and my cock was still hard and I wanted a second shot at Mrs Clark so I pushed into her now very cum filled pussy. Mrs. Clark’s pussy was so filled with cum I could hardly feel anything. I started to bang away on her hard and fast. She was breathing hard and moaning. She reached down and klasbahis yeni giriş started to play with her clit as I continued to thrust into her. She started to orgasim, her knees buckled and we both fell on the floor. I pushed onto her back on the cool tile floor and pushed my cock back into her and got back to fucking her. She held me tight as I thrust into her only another minute and I blew another good load deep inside her. this time my cock went soft and I got up and looked down at her, her dark bush was covered in cum and cum was leaking from her gapping cunt. James got down on her and fucked her some more. I could hear her pussy slooshing from all the cum as James drove his cock back and forth into her. James lasted about three minutes and then put the fourth huge load of cum into her. We were both pretty happy to have got the chance to fuck Mrs. Clark but now we were afraid someone would come looking for her and find out we fucked her. We wiped the cum off her bush and put her clothes back on. She was still pretty much out of it so we made her lay on the bed and she went to sleep. James and I went back to playing video games. We opened some windows to get the fuck smell out of the room. After an hour her husband showed up looking for her. We told him she had been sleeping for along time. He woke her and she did not seem so drunk and they left. James and I high fived and sat around and talked about getting some pussy from Mrs. Clark. A few days later James and I were walking past klasbahis giriş Mrs. Clark house on the way to the store. Mrs. Clark was out side watering her flowers and she waved us over. She invited us in her house. She said that can remember a few things that happened that night and that she was sorry for fucking us. She said that she has a bad time with drinking and does not do it anymore and that the other night she had just a small drink but she still blacked out. She said that when she younger she would get blacked out drunk all the time and do things she should not do, like what happened with us. Then she said she did not want us to say a word to any body about what had happened as it would ruin her life. Mrs. Clark said she would do anything if we would not tell a soul about what happened. James asked if she weant anything? And she said anything. James then asked if he could fuck her again and she said all he wants if he would keep his mouth closed. James then dropped his pants and Mrs. Clark dropped hers and got on her hands and knees and James mounted her doggy style and fucked her for a couple of minutes and nutted inside her. Mrs. Clark rolled onto her back and asked if I was going to partake of her and I dropped my pants and jumped into her sloppy pussy and drained my balls deep in her. James and I would stop by once a week for an hour or so to get some from Mrs. Clark. Whenever I would see her at the store or church she acted like nothing ever happened but when I was fucking her she was screaming and digging her nails into my back begging me to fuck her harder and fill her cunt with my young cum. James got a girlfriend and quit going over to Mrs. Clark house but I kept going every week until I went off to college but I would stop there whenever I was home. She and kept fucking for ten years or more.

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