My Secret Place… or so I thought (Chapter 3)


CHAPTER 3 The Encounter The following spring could not come soon enough for both my admirer and myself. We are more than ready on the first fine, spring day. I arrive at our secluded spot wearing new lingerie underneath my tight black t-shirt “It is time to step things up a bit. I can no longer just watch you and hope you feel the same way. Please enjoy almanbahis the strawberries, have some wine to think it over and if you want to take the next step then open this box.” I wasn’t expecting this but the tingling sensation down below is my bodies way of saying, go for it girl. I gulp down a glass of champagne and then another which goes straight almanbahis yeni giriş to my head but gives me the dutch courage to open the forbidden box. Inside are 4 items; a black fishnet body stocking, a black silk scarf, an ipod with ear buds & a note. I open the note. “I am so glad you chose to step it up, you won’t be disappointed! Please almanbahis giriş put on the body suit, you will notice it has been modified. The ipod has a selection of my favorite music for you to listen to and the scarf is a blindfold to tie over your eyes. Once in the body suit, put on the ipod & start to play it and then place the scarf over your eyes. Lay down on your rug and I will be with you soon… just relax.” Relax, how can I relax? Maybe another glass of champagne will help me relax. I indulge. Now feeling quite light-headed I remove all my clothes and throw them in the basket.

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