Fun at Work (part 10)


Fun at Work (part 10)And so the forbidden relationship continued. Peter, my married colleague-turned-fuck buddy-turned-pseudo boyfriend, became more and more into me. The relationship was a secret until one silly mistake. No, we didn’t get caught having wild sex on my couch because we were always very careful when he’d drop by my place for an afternoon delight or for a fun night. And no, our colleagues didn’t notice a thing about us, stealing glances at each other at work and him “accidentally” touching my ass at the copier room.And no, we didn’t get caught when we went to a cinema to watch a movie but ended up him fondling me and sucking on my tits like we were young lovers who couldn’t wait to have sex.***Once we were inside the cinema, even before reaching our seats, he grabbed my hand and whispered me to stop. He quickly unbuttoned the two buttons of my blouse and inserted his hand to grab me. He gave my left breast a pinch and reached for my nipple. P: I missed you, Jess. I missed you over the weekend. (He called home to say he was working late. He wanted to go to my apartment but I told him I’d love to see a movie with him, just for once. So, we did.)J: Missed you too but we can’t do this here.P: Yes, I know, baby. I just want to feel you. (He was massaging my tits and we barely noticed the movie starting.)Peter adiosbet yeni giriş then unbuttoned two more buttons of my blouse and hungrily sucked on my nipple. I had to stop myself from moaning. We were lucky that the cinema wasn’t packed. The audience was too busy watching the movie to notice that there were two adults standing at the back, on second base.J: Baby, let’s watch the movie first, okay?Peter was busy. He didn’t seem to hear me. He was busy trying to take off my panties underneath my skirt. He pulled them down and asked me to keep my undies in my purse and not wear them.J: You’re crazy, do you know that?P: Yes, crazy about you. Keep them and we will watch the movie.And so we made our way to our seats. Throughout the movie, his fingers were busy making my pussy wet. He would lick my juices off his fingers and insert them again. That night after the movie, he stopped by my apartment and stayed for a full hour. Yes, I returned the favour and made him cum. His longing for me was obvious. I had kiss marks and bite marks all over when he went home. It felt good.***As I was saying, we were both careful about exposing this forbidden relationship. But he failed. You see, I bought a couple of bathing suits for the summer and tried them on. I told him about them and sent adiosbet giriş one picture to him on his mobile. It was the first time that I did it and reminded him to delete it immediately.He would usually delete all my texts after reading them but that particular picture ended up undeleted. He forgot about it. It was a shot of me in front of the mirror, in a skimpy two-piece suit. It wasn’t even a sexy pose but just me standing in front of a mirror. My twins are covered but the cheeks are showing.The next thing I knew, the wife saw it. And they had a huge fight over it. He had a hard time explaining to her that I (since I was a lot younger than him) was just showing it to him, asking if it looked too daring or not for the public. Lame, I know. He told his wife that we’re just friends and that was just a “brotherly gesture”. I didn’t know what happened next. All I know was we got busted and was prohibited from seeing each other.It almost broke my heart and both Peter and I were devastated but what can we do? I started avoiding him at work. It was difficult but I had no choice, I had to do it. He would text me but I wouldn’t reply. He apologised for dragging me into this relationship. That moment, I knew we had to stop it.***After a week of not “seeing” Peter, I longed for him. One night, adiosbet güvenilirmi I was watching porn and ended up touching myself. I started massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples the way he did. I imagined him licking my nipples and sucking on my tits hungrily. He adored my breasts.I played with my clit. I was so wet that I knew I had to masturbate while thinking of Peter’s cock in my mouth. I rubbed my clit fast, without stopping, until I reached climax. Boy, did I feel good! And wet. I lay in my bed touching my boobs and my swollen clit. I was so wet.Felt my bedroom door open. It was Peter. I remembered I gave him duplicate keys to my apartment and he decided to use them that night. I stared at him and didn’t cover myself. He was surprised to see me naked and touching myself. He didn’t utter a word.J: I missed you, that’s why. He was staring at my pussy and, without a word, he licked my cum and suck on my still-sensitive clit. “God, I missed you!” I shouted. I missed his scent, his arms, his kisses and him being inside me. I was peeling him off of his clothing. He spent the next few minutes making me wet all over again. I shivered when I climaxed again while he was down there. Nothing beats having sex with someone you feel strongly for.And for a couple of hours, we had rounds of amazing sex. We would rest for a few minutes and talk how missed each other but nothing about the relationship or the wife. It’s just us. Him holding me, and me blowing the only cock that I missed. And me riding him like a good cowgirl.Forbidden relationship. It’s tough but the sex is amazing.

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