My two sons


After my second husband Charlie died it became difficult for me to care for my second son Ron who has severe learning disability.   Charlie was only 48 when he passed away and already had several health issues before he finally died of a heart attack.   My first son Pete, never got along with Charlie so he lived with his dad Bert.   My marriage with Bert lasted barely two years and Pete and Ron were less than 2 years apart in age.   After Charlie passed away, it became difficult for me to find someone else to care for Ron so that I could go back to work. Finally, I was able to convince Bert to let Pete move in with Ron and I so that it would allow me to go back to work at least part-time.   Pete was going to the local community college majoring in Art.   Pete did not speak much but for some reason liked spending time with his little brother Ron.     Ron would throw a fit if he found out that I was in a room with the door closed or locked.   When Charlie and I had sex, we had to leave the door wide open and at time we ended up having sex with Ron in our bed.   Ron would insist that I should be the one to help him in the esat escort bayan shower or to get him dressed.   When I would go to help Ron in the shower he would get my clothes soaking wet and would find it quite amusing.   Soon I started being naked in the shower with Ron and at first Charlie would complain, “I don’t like this…what if Ron tells someone that you are naked in the shower with him?” As time went by, Charlie came around to accept it.     It had been over a month since Pete had moved in with us and I arranged for the three to us to drive to Orlando for 3 days for Mother’s day. Orlando was only an hour away by car and I picked a place that had an indoor pool and a room with a Jacuzzi tub.   The suite had a king size bed on one side and a sofa bed in a separate sitting area.   Ron loved water and he always enjoyed being in the pool and the hot tub.   I knew Ron and Pete did not care much for the various parks in Orlando so we spent a lot of time in the indoor pool.   I was wearing a 2 piece bikini and Pete had never seen me in a bikini before.   I am short, skinny with Escort etimesgut fairly large breasts for my size and also Charlie called my ass a “bubble ass.”   I saw Pete kept staring at my large breasts and in the pool I made sure Pete got lots of attention from me.   After a while there was no one else in the indoor pool area and I was groping Pete as I was gradually getting horny.   I could tell I was making Pete somewhat uncomfortable and so I turned to Ron and said, “I think we need to work on your brother Pete here so that he knows how to have fun in the water with Mommy…just like you do.”   Ron said, “Yeah mom, but tell him he has to be gentle if he wants to touch you and not rough like dad used to be.”   Pete and I started to laugh.   Later, Pete and Ron were sitting side by side in the hot tub and I turned on the timer for the hot tub.   Ron loved the bubbles and asked his brother to help him count the bubbles.   Pete pretended to play along for a while.   When I got into the hot tub, I walked over and stood in front of Pete and started to rub my hands over his thighs. etlik escort   I asked, “Boys, tomorrow is Mother’s day…so do you want to do something special for mom?” As we started going over what we could do for the following day, I casually moved my hand over Pete’s swimming trunks to feel his cock.   His cock was hard and I grabbed his cock from outside his swimming trunks and stroked it slowly few times.   I paused and asked Pete, “Honey, do you like this?” I continued, “Let me know if you want me to stop.”   Right away Ron said, “No mom no…don’t stop the bubbles…we like it…right Pete?”   Pete looked at me with a smile and replied, “Yeah mom…I like it…it really feels good.”   We went back to our room after dinner and I got Ron to go for his shower first as he always took very long shower.   The Jacuzzi tub was almost full when I went to the bathroom to check on it and started to undress. I yelled out to Pete, who was watching television,   “Pete, come and sit with mommy in the Jacuzzi till Ron is done with his shower.”     I said, “Ron dear, please try to finish your shower on your own and don’t call me to help you.”     I was completely naked as I lay soaking in the Jacuzzi and saw Pete walk into the bathroom.   I said, “Honey, take your clothes off and get in…it feels really good.”     Pete’s cock was already hard as he sat across from me in the Jacuzzi tub.

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