Neighbor to Neighbor Ch. 05


(This story is a work of fiction and contains elements that many people do not enjoy, such as small penis humiliation, cheating spouse, paying for sex, and various other fetishes and oddities. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to skip this story. This is also part of a series and may not make much sense by itself.)

After I came with a great deal of laughter and frivolity in the room, Elizabeth tucked her engorged tits away while I continued to fiddle my diminutive dick as the trio of women mocked my small penis, and teased me for my small load as well.

My head hung down looking at my flaccid bud as I worked the loose flesh of my shaft over the head and back down again draining every small drop of fluid out and feeling the occasional spasm of pleasure.

April and her mom made small talk with my wife as they packed up as if I wasn’t even in the room anymore. They thanked her for her time and made tentative plans to get together again sometime.

“It’s not getting any bigger Todd. Stop playing with yourself and say goodbye.” I put my hands to my side and looked up at the three women standing a few feet away looking at me with slight smiles as they looked me over, bare naked, with a small acorn-sized pecker pointing at them with a sheen of glistening cum dripping out of the slit.

“Bye… thank you for coming,” My ears felt clogged like I couldn’t tell if I was whispering or yelling. Either way, it gave them a final chuckle.

“I do hope we get to see you again soon,” Maggie said before Elizabeth saw them out and closed the door; suddenly the room was filled with silence.

“Todd,” My wife said directly, “be sure to clean up the floor where you drizzled.” She directed and put away her camera equipment. I washed my hands and cleaned the floor, and then found Elizabeth in the baby’s room rocking and humming a song.

“We could use more diapers, can you run to the store?” She asked in a calming motherly voice.


“Todd,” She looked me up and down, “be sure to put some clothes on before you go, we don’t need EVERYONE seeing your little wiener,” She smirked.

I got back from the store and saw Maggie in her front yard tending her flower bed. We waved and smiled. Oddly it didn’t feel odd – like what had happened just a couple hours ago was no more eventful or strange than borrowing a cup of sugar.

That evening we had a nice dinner, she fed the baby and we gave him a bath in the sink. We sat together and took turns reading a silly board book about barn animals, and put him to bed. It was nice, soothing, and reminded us that we’re a family.

“Todd,” Eli said sitting on our bed as we got ready to go to sleep. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I smiled and ran my fingers through her hair.

“Did you have fun?” She asked, “You know earlier with April and Maggie?”


“I am glad, I am not saying I fully understand it, and I am not sure where this is going, but I am glad you enjoyed it. Honestly, it was fun for me too. You know it’s going to be a few more weeks before I am ready for sex.” She shared.

“Yes, I am sorry, it’s not fair. You’ve been incredibly understanding.”

“Well I am a cool hot mom,” She laughed while tugging at her faded N-Sync concert t-shirt.

“Oh my God, you’re a MILF! You’re someone’s mom now… that’s crazy!”

“And that’s why we’re in this together, you and me forever no matter what right?”

“You know it,” I leaned in and kissed her deeply.

“So, I need you to do something for me,”


“Take off your clothes.” She requested.


“No questions, it’s your turn to do something for me. Take off your clothes,” She said more sternly. I stripped down and stood in front of her.

“Turn around,” She said, twirling her finger. I turned around as she said.

“Hands behind your back,” My obedience was followed almost immediately by what I could only assume were handcuffs ratcheting around my wrists.

“Where did these come from?” I smiled expecting something naughty to follow.

“I stopped by that adult book store while I was out with April.”

“Well now, what do you have in mind?” I turned around sporting a growing erection.

“Not what you’re thinking,” She lectured. “April told me what you’ve been doing… in the shed.” My heart dropped and I felt like throwing up.

“She told me that you’ve been spying on her,” She continued.


“No! Hush! She said it gets pretty warm in the shed while she’s working, and often takes her top off, and that you and some of the other pervy neighbors like to go in and peek at her through a crack in the wall. You guys are lucky she doesn’t mind, you know that’s illegal right Todd? Peeping like that is uncalled for.”

I was having a hard time keeping up with what she was saying, but relieved April didn’t tell her what was really happening.

“She also told me you’ve made a few inappropriate comments this past week. I am not dumb, Todd, I’ve seen how you two look at each other and flirt with sakarya seks hikayeleri each other. She’s a cute girl, and you’re stressed and horny, and I am unavailable.”

“I am so sorry, Elizabeth.”

“It’s fine, April told me that she actually likes it, she likes being a cock tease to all you men, so as long as she’s fine with it, that won’t have to stop, but things are going to be different for the next few weeks. See, this isn’t the only thing I got at the sex store.” She reached beneath her pillow and pulled out a small box.

“Is that a cock cage?” I gulped

“Yes, or in your case, it’s more like a… wiener keeper and you’re going to wear it.” She said, pulling the pieces out of the box.

“So this is how it will work, every night you’ll put your hands behind your back and I’ll cuff you, then I’ll take the cage off, make you cum, wash you, and lock you back up again.”

“Are you serious?”

“Very, and I think I’m being incredibly understanding and generous. Now, if you fight me on it, you’ll just stay locked up. So, what will it be, the easy way or the hard way?” She reached out and tugged my little dick.

“The easy way,” I conceded.

“Good,” She delighted and took her bullet vibrator out of the drawer.

“What’s that for?”

“Shhh,” She hushed, turned on the vibrator, and held it to the underside of my dick. The vibration sent a jolt through me, the sensation was enjoyable if a little mild. “Just relax, this shouldn’t take long.” She soothed, and she was right, even though I had already cum twice today I could feel the pleasure building. Eli turned up the power on the vibrator and cupped it tighter under my sensitive flesh.

“Do you know what a ruined orgasm is?”


“A ruined orgasm, do you know what it is?”

“Umm, yes.” I blushed knowing where this was going.

“Good, tonight will be your first one.” She grabbed my balls firmly while vibrating my penis, it was a blend of tickling, itching, numbing, and pleasure. My dick started pulsing and that’s when she stopped and let go.

“Babe!” I snorted my balls tightened, my purple head twitched, and out came a couple small shots of cum as I humped the air. “Touch me,” I begged.

“No, you little peeper. You’re a little peeper with a little pee-pee.” She chuckled, then took me to the shower and bathed me using the handheld showerhead. She washed my hair, face, shoulders, chest, and down to my little dick that was still feeling tingly from the vibrator.

“We want to make sure every little bit gets clean,” she smiled toying my spent dick lathering it up, and caressing it in her hands. Then she hosed me down with lukewarm water, rinsing all the soap off.

After the shower, she dried me off, led me back to the bedroom, and then encased my dick in the clear plastic prison.

“The girls at the store recommended this one for someone your size. I told them it was pretty small, I didn’t know the measurement so I just showed them using my hands. They thought your erect size was your flaccid size so I had to explain that you have a really small wiener. So, then they gave me this for free.” She explained and pulled a large life-like dark brown dildo out of her nightstand drawer.

“Look at how big this thing is,” She teased and held it against my small locked lump, it must have been 9 inches long and 6 inches round. “I wonder what Jamal is up to these days?” She laughed and winked at me.

“I have two keys, this one will stay with me.” She said and placed it around her neck on a chain. “And the other is in a safe place.” She said, “I am thinking you should stay locked up until I can have sex. So feel free to flirt as much as you want with April, between her seeing your tiny wiener and you being locked up, I can’t imagine anything happening between you two.”

“How am I supposed to go to work like this? How do I go to the bathroom?”

“That’s what the slit is for, you may want to practice, I am guessing it will be easier if you sit down.” She uncuffed me and left me alone to examine my caged penis.

That evening I had a couple opportunities to learn how to live with his cage on my dick. My first attempt to pee did not go well, I made a huge mess and wound up having to wash off the groin and legs in the shower. The second time was a little better, but still not great.

“Elizabeth, is there any chance you would let me take this off before going to work for the next couple of days?” I pleaded.

“Hmm, I’ll allow it. But, while you’re home you have to wear the cage, and only the cage.” She offered.

“But, won’t April be here?” I asked.

“Yes, I guess she will be, is that a problem?”

“I…I guess not.” I consented.

“Okay, so tomorrow I’ll unlock you right before you leave, and as soon as you get home you’ll take off all your clothes and get locked up for the evening. Deal?”

“Deal,” I accepted.

I didn’t get much sleep that night, between the wiener keeper and the thoughts flowing through my mind. The alarm sounded and I got out of bed, sluggishly making it to the bathroom and realizing I hadn’t mastered peeing yet, I decided to sit down on the toilet facing the back and leaning into the bowl. The stream still splashed a bit but didn’t make as much of a mess.

I got myself ready for work, grabbed my coffee, and headed back to the bedroom where Elizabeth was still asleep,

“I am ready to go, can you unlock me now?”

“Sure,” She said and slowly got up and walked out of the bedroom, “You coming?” She called, so I followed her down the hall, through the kitchen, and then she went out to the garage. I followed her out, and she hit the garage door opener.

“What are you doing?”

“I told you, I’d unlock you before you go to work, and I won’t do it a second early. So, get over here, put your things in the car and I’ll let you out.”

I put my things away, placed my coffee in the cup holder, and stood up in front of the car door. Eli bent down and undid my pants letting them fall to my knees, I looked out the garage making sure no one could see us, there wasn’t anyone around but if someone drove by, or even worse walked by there would be no hiding. She slowly and clumsily unlocked the device and slipped it off. I desperately wanted to reach down and rub it, but she wouldn’t let me, she swatted my hand away and demanded I pull my pants up and go to work.

I found myself rubbing my crotch a lot that day, I was glad to have my own office and few meetings that day. And the thought of going home was met with a bit of hesitancy and more than a little excitement knowing I’d be stripped and caged in front of April.

I got home that evening and went inside unsure of what I was walking into. As usual, April was in the kitchen prepping dinner. She was wearing gray yoga pants and a matching sports bra top, her hair was up in a ponytail and she had on white tennis shoes.

“Hey Todd, Elizabeth wanted to see you when you got home.”

“Thanks, April.”

“Todd!,” She said sternly

“Sorry, Ms. Somerset,” I said and went to the bedroom. Elizabeth was laying down but had the wiener keeper in the nightstand waiting for me. She greeted me by telling me to get undressed, I quickly stripped down and asked if I could use the bathroom first, which she allowed. I came out and she quickly locked me up and laid back down telling me to go help April with dinner.

“Does she know?”

“No. It’ll be a surprise for her.” Elizabeth smiled and shooed me out the door.

I stood there right outside the bedroom door afraid to go down the hall toward April, I took a couple breaths and started slowly moving.

“Todd, can you give me a hand? I can’t reach the bowls on the top shelf.” April called out.

I went to the kitchen but she was facing away from me looking in the pantry, but she heard me walk in, “Can you get those blue bowls for me please?”

“Sure,” I grabbed the bowls and turned to put them on the counter when she turned around.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” She cried and burst into laughter literally falling on the floor with her back against the wall she laughed and pointed at my caged willy. “She really did it!” She snorted.

“You knew about this?”

“I was with her when she bought it… it was sort of my idea, I just made her think it was hers.” She revealed. “I just wasn’t sure she would actually do it.” She crawled over to me and examined the device tugging at it to ensure it was secure. “This is absolutely amazing,” She shared while playing with me, “God you’re so small. It’s a good thing you’re so cute,” She continued and gave my balls a little tickle. “I am going to have fun with this Todd.”

We worked together to make dinner, but April looked for reasons to touch me, bending over frequently and frequently rubbing her ass against my cage. God, I want to grab her little waist and pound her cunt with my tiny dick. My cage was stretching out as my wiener got harder and harder causing more tension and pain in my balls.

“That looks painful,” April teased and flicked my balls. “Well this needs to cook for 35 minutes, so go ahead and wash the dishes we used, and I’ll go to check in on the baby.

I finished the dishes, then vacuumed, and then April told me to take the trash out. We keep our large trash bin outside beside the house, so I just took it to the garage. I turned around and April was standing there blocking the door, “I’ll get the garage door for you,” She laughed and hit the button opening the door.

“Please don’t make me do this,” I urged.

“It’s already getting a little dark, I bet no one will notice.”

“April, please?” And with that, she closed the door going into the house and locked it.

“When you’re done go to the front door and I’ll let you in,” She called from through the door.

I held the trash bag in front of me and looked out and down the street, I didn’t see anyone so I quickly went to the bin, tossed the trash in and ran to the front door, and knocked. And knocked again a little louder. And then rang the doorbell. The porch light flicked on and heard the door unlock, and then open. Elizabeth was standing there laughing at me.

“What were you doing?” She asked,

“Ms. Somerset had me take the trash out,” I blurted.

“Who? Was Maggie here?”

“No… I mean her… I mean April.” I gestured to her.

“He likes calling me Ms. Somerset when you’re not around.” April lied.

“Well, will you be joining us for dinner this evening Ms. Somerset,” My wife extended.

“I think I shall, Mss. Shipley” She responded.

While eating, April and I got several texts from men in the neighborhood needing to use the shed, and all the while I am sitting there less than 18inches away from her, almost completely nude except for the small clear plastic cage around my little dick.

The next two weeks went very much like that. April decided to make it a challenge to wear increasingly sexy and revealing outfits, and Elizabeth wasn’t making things any easier. Her doctor gave her the okay to start working out, so she and April would frequently be in the family room doing yoga, while I walked around naked cleaning the house, cooking, and doing work at the dining room table. Some evenings she would vibe my dick to ruined orgasm, and some nights she wouldn’t let me cum at all.

One evening after April had left, I found Elizabeth in her bra and panties looking at herself in the full-length mirror.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” She sighed, “You know I’ll never look like April, I didn’t when I was her age, and now after the baby, I am not sure I’ll ever be like I used to be either.”

“Babe, you’re sexy as hell, you don’t have to be like April or anyone else.”

“You really think so?” She said lifting her milky breasts up on her chest. “Once I stop breastfeeding these are going to get saggy.”

I stood behind her and looked at her in the mirror over her shoulder, I ran my hands up to her full breasts and kneaded them in my hands while grinding my caged member on her ass.

I turned her around and kissed her passionately and moved to the edge of the tub. I sat down and lowered her bra straps revealing her puffy nipples.

“Can I?” I asked, and leaned in and suckled her tits tasting her milk on my tongue. “It’s sweet.”

She took me by the face and led me to the bed. She laid down and invited me to lay beside her, I continued to suckle at her breasts while she pulled out the vibrator and slid it into her panties. Within a few short minutes, her breathing had increased and she was starting to moan in pleasure. I slid my hand down and held the vibrator to her clit and kissed her neck and chest, toying with the chain and key, before going back to her nipples.

“God I want to have sex,” She moaned, “I want to feel a big cock inside me, stretching me, filling me, the heat throbbing inside my pussy,” She shuttered. “Do you want that Todd, do you want to watch me fuck a big cock?”

“Yes,” I panted thinking about my precious wife being stuffed by a big fat cock.

“Really? Do you really want that for me, Todd? To see a thick, strong cock sliding deep inside me, stretching me out till I can’t even feel your little wiener, would you want to see that?”

“Fuck yeah,” I huffed grinding my crotch on her hip.

She reached down and grabbed my hand pressing into the toy and arching her back, her breathing heavy and chest heaving, she clamped my hand between her legs and shook with a powerful orgasm, and slowly rode it out to three or four smaller ones. She kissed me and thanked me.

“Please, release me?” I asked and rolled over. She took the key from around her neck and held it out.

“Hands behind your back,” She smiled. I did and she cuffed my hands and then unlocked the cage. I stood there with a throbbing erection and precum dripping out the tip waiting for her touch. She reached over, turned off the light and put the vibrator away, stood up, pulled her robe on, and left the room.

“Babe?” I bleated and followed her out to the family room.


“Come on, please let me cum.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“You know I can’t.”

“Okay, fine.” She sat on the couch propped her feet up on the coffee table and put a generous amount of lotion on her feet. “Here,” She offered and stuck her feet out. I squatted over her and rubbed my little dick between her slick feet and quickly started humping them.

“That’s it baby dick, fuck momma’s feet. Make that little wiener cum for me baby, I want to see your little pee-pee explode on my feet.” She teased.

My legs were getting tired, but I was getting close to cumming. I grunted like a bull, my dick pulsated, and she moved her feet.

“Babe!” I whined.

“Did you mean it?”


“Would you really, really in real life like to see me take a big dick?” She asked point blank.

“Yes,” She reached out and jerked my little dick.

“Cum for me baby, cum in my hand and prove you really want to see me fuck a man with a big cock.” She charged.

“Shit!!” I cried out and shot my load, she continued to pump my little guy as I spurted again and again, and collapsed straddling her lap, she continued to rub me till I was begging her to stop.

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