Night Daddy Ch. 02

Busty Asian

“Ground control to Z! I repeat, ground control to Z!” Jezebel teased, reaching around from behind and grabbing Zoey’s breasts.

Zoey’s eyes bulged widely in the obvious shock of the situation. “Jez! What the fuck?!” She squealed, skittering away from her handsy friend.

Jezebel just chuckled at the reaction. “That’s more like it. Figured that would get a genuine reaction out of you.”

“Huh?” Zoey cocked her head to the side in confusion.

“You’ve been a space cadet all day.” Jezebel giggled. “Though it was pretty damn funny seeing how frustrated Erik got by you ignoring him. Showing him how much of an idiot he is totally works but apparently if you really want to set that asshole off all you have to do is just go into zombie mode and mumble, ‘Mmhm.’ to everything he says.”

“Oh come on.” Zoey protested. “I wasn’t that bad.”

“Oh Z…Z…Z…can you even tell me what did you did today?” Jezebel asked, confidently. “Run me through it, silly chica.”

“I got up and went to class, and I hung out with you after as usual.” Zoey replied with a shrug.

“Details, woman!” Jezebel chuckled. “What did you have for lunch? What lessons did you learn today? What day is it? Was this the first time you got it in the ass or just the biggest one you had back there?”

Zoey looked up thoughtfully. It was Wednesday, right? So…that meant that she had Classic Literature first…what did happen in…? Wait… That last question finally sunk in and Zoey shot Jezebel a shocked expression, her jaw practically colliding with the floor.

Jezebel meanwhile was waiting patiently for Zoey to catch up and when she finally did, she almost fell off the couch in laughter. “Oh Sweety…he really did a number on you, didn’t he? Lube and relax, girlfriend. Lube and relax.”

“H-how did you-?”

“The way you’ve been sitting all day.” Jezebel wiped a few tears of laughter from her eyes. “I figured it was that or hemorrhoids. I went with the sexier option since you were clearly on cloud nine. Little tender back there is it?”

Zoey could feel her face going beet red, and the fact that Jezebel was clearly trying not to laugh at that was not helping. “Y-yeah…It was a little hard to relax… It…kinda surprised me…” Zoey’s eyes widened again as she was struck by a moment of realization and immediately turned to face Jezebel. “What’s the longest you’ve ever had sex?”

“Hm?” Jezebel raised a curious eyebrow. “With one person? Multiple? Guys? Girls?”

“With a guy.” Zoey answered. “Multiple guys works too, I guess.”

Jezebel shrugged. “About 4 hours. Maybe a little more. Why? Mystery anal man says he can run a marathon?”

“Hmm…” Zoey pondered. “He didn’t…but…someone who’d know said that he could go six hours.”

Jezebel threw back her head into a loud fit of laughter. “Six hours? Bullshit! She’s just trying to scare you. Haven’t you heard the whole, ‘If you have an erection for more than four hours-‘ blah blah blah deal? That’s how you lose your dick. Unless she didn’t mean six hours straight. With breaks, that’s possible with the right guy, I guess.”

Zoey went very thoughtful again, biting her lip. “I couldn’t ask specifics…so…let’s assume that it involves breaks. How do you even take it for that long?”

Jezebel threw back her head into another laugh. “Well that is a loaded question. It’s both mental and physical and…to be honest, after a while you’re kind of getting off on them getting off and your body is just on autopilot. Hoping Marathon Man is of the take charge sort.”

Zoey eagerly nodded to that. He definitely took charge. “Can you teach me?” She asked intently.

This time Jezebel’s eyes were the ones bulging. “Z…do you even realize what you’re asking me for?”

Zoey adamantly nodded. “Yeah. I need to know that I can handle it.”

Jezebel slowly licked her lips, seeming more serious than her usual nature. “Um, Z…you know you’re like…my best friend, right?”

“Yeah,” Zoey replied with skeptical expression of where this was going. “Same here.”

“You also know I also want to fuck the shit out of you, right?” Jezebel smirked mischievously.

“Oh…” Zoey blinked in surprise, though she’d definitely caught quite a few glances, she was unaware that that particularly unspoken part of their relationship was out in the open now. “Er…Yeah…that’s why I figured you’d help me. You scratch my back…”

Jezebel grinned widely. “Okay then…I guess we need to get you some sex toys.” She tapped her chin, a thoughtful expression on her face. “And I guess I can let you use my Sybian.”

“What’s a Sybian?” Zoey asked with a worried look.

Jezebel’s smile spread from ear to ear. “The best seat in the house. Trust me. You’ll love it.”

“Hmmm.” Zoey continued to look skeptical. “I’ll take your word on that, I guess. I’ve got three weeks.”

“Three weeks?” Jezebel seemed to snap out of her deep thought. “Isn’t that when your mom is leaving for her photoshoot?”

“She’s a light sleeper.” Zoey mumbled.

“Oh! tuzla escort So it’s happening at your place then.” Jezebel nodded. “What about your dad?”

“He could sleep through an earthquake.”

Jezebel chuckled softly. “Why chance it? Wouldn’t Marathon Man’s place be easier?”

“Er…that’s…complicated…” Zoey grumbled through her breath.

“What? He married or something?” Jezebel asked casually, only to open her eyes in shock when she saw Zoey’s expression to the question. “Z! You naughty little slut!”

Zoey laughed, knowing that from Jezebel’s point of view that was a compliment. “You said it yourself. We can smell our own.”

“Ha!” Jezebel hopped up to get her laptop. “Okay then, let’s do some shopping!”


Zoey smiled contently, curled up against her father, reaching to get another handful of tortilla chips as the two watched grown men in mostly skintight costumes pretend to beat the holy Hell out of each other. Sure, her mother had called her out on liking things purely because her father did and her mother didn’t, but she did like wrestling.

Even when the matches technically bored her, there were still all the over the top storylines and the entrances and the chants, the unruly crowds, and…ya know…well-built men in mostly skintight outfits. It was one of those things that was fun even if it wasn’t fun. It turned out that there was a pay per view event the night that Lucinda went on her photoshoot.

It wasn’t often that Lucinda had to actually leave the city since most of her gigs we’re intown, but if the pay was enough, she’d make an exception. She wasn’t going to be gone for long. Just two days. But those were two days that Zoey would have her father all to herself. It was like camping but indoors.

“I think you could be a wrestler, Daddy.” Zoey commented, dipping her chip in the liquid cheese bowl, alternating between that and the salsa.

Calvin chuckled, shaking Zoey slightly. “I think I’m a little old for that now.”

“Nonsense.” Zoey grinned, plucking a hair from Calvin’s goatee and showing it to him. “You only have the occasional gray hair.”

“Ow…” Calvin laughed, rubbing his chin. “Just you wait. When you start going gray, it’ll be my turn to pluck them.”

Zoey confidently shook her head. “I’m a girl. I’m never going gray. And if I do, you’re going to ignore it like a good Daddy.”

Calvin laughed again, his attention once more being drawn to the large TV. “What would my gimmick be?”

“You’d be a construction worker, of course.” Zoey giggled, picturing it. “With your foam I-Beam of justice.”

“I like it.” Calvin chuckled. “What about you? And don’t tell me you’re too short to be a wrestler. You’re stronger than I am.”

“Ha!” Zoey scoffed. “I wish! I’d just be a valet and introduce you. Listen up, you scumbags! Daddy’s gonna come down on you like a wrecking ball! Hoo rah!” She exclaimed, pumping her fist.

This got another laugh, but Calvin shook his head. “No…that idea is rejected. You need your own gimmick. How about…All red everything?”

Zoey rolled her eyes hard. “Oh God no!” Her reaction getting another laugh from her father. “I guess I’d be a vampire then. I already have no soul.”

This time Calvin rolled his eyes. “I wish you wouldn’t embrace that so much…”

“Too late!” Zoey hissed menacingly. “The Zoeypire has a hunger that tortilla chips cannot fill! Mwahahaaaaa!”

Calvin smirked and grabbed another bag. “Cheetos? You can dip them in the cheese. They’d be double cheesy.”

Zoey paused, sparing a lustful glance at the Cheetos and cheese sauce. “Your cheesy offering is tempting…but not as tempting as your Daddy blood. Pounce!”

Calvin raised an eyebrow as Zoey gnawed on his arm. “You done?”

“The Zoeypire has a small mouth and the Daddy blood dispenser has a lot to feed on. The dispenser should be patient.” Zoey playfully snarled in between bites, completely aware that to get to his arm she had to practically sit in his lap.

“Oh, sorry. How rude of me. Should I try to shrink?” Calvin replied with a warm smile.

“Of course not. You will keep the Zoeypire with food for days.”

“Hm…” Calvin seemed thoughtful. “I don’t think that works for me. Besides, I’m pretty sure all this biting is turning me into a Daddypire.”

Zoey’s eyes bulged as she realized the implications of the statement. “Oh shit…”

“Zoey…” Calvin growled.

“Sorry, Daddy. Crap. Oh crap is what I meant to say.” Zoey corrected.

“There’s only one way to take care of a potty mouthed Zoey.” He replied with a predatory grin.

Zoey tried to ‘escape’ but her efforts were fruitless as Calvin held her close and started to teasingly bite her neck as she’d been doing his arm. It took everything…everything in Zoey not to moan. Her father’s lips were against her neck and his teeth were grazing her skin with each bite. Zoey squirmed in his lap trying to get away, knowing full well that there’s no place that she’d have rather tuzla escort bayan been.

Calvin’s grip was firm enough that even if she actually wanted to get away, she couldn’t have. It took her a little bit to realize that she’d stopped fighting and was just enjoying it, especially since she was pretty damn sure that there was a very specific bulge pressing against her.

Calvin chuckled a bit. “Has the Zoeypire been defeated?”

Zoey grinned, leaning back into her father. “Yeah…in the end she was no match for her creation.”

“Oh?” Calvin grinned back. “So…that means you have to do what I say now? Such as getting some more soda upstairs?”

Zoey mentally grinned. Of course he’d want her to go upstairs for a short bit. He wouldn’t want her noticing that bulge. Instead of playing along she went limp. “Oh no…Zoeypire is dead…and unable to go up stairs…what a cruel world…”

“Oh no…” Calvin gasped worriedly. “But she was fine a few seconds ago…”

“Dead…so very dead…” Zoey mumbled dramatically, playing the part with her tongue dangling from her mouth and everything.

“But she’s still talking…” Calvin pondered.

“It’s an undead thing. I can still talk through my death.” Zoey nodded before going limp again. “Oh the horror, Daddy…the hor…ror…”

“I can’t allow that. I think I know how to bring her back. It’s a secret Daddypire technique.”

Zoey was so distracted by hearing Calvin’s voice so close to her ear that she absolutely forgot what his ‘secret technique’ usually entailed. By the time it hit her, it was too late and she couldn’t get away from his grip, using one arm to hold her in place and his fingers tickling her belly with the other. Zoey was very ticklish and the frustrating thing was that her father wasn’t. All she could do was giggle uncontrollably and try to get away.

“She alive! ALIVE!” He exclaimed victoriously, keeping up his tickle torture until Zoey was finally able to squirm out of his grip and onto the floor, her forced squealing laughter finally ebbing away.

“Daddy! That was so mean!” Zoey protested, catching her breath.

“Mean but effective.” Calvin retorted with a grin and a handful of Cheetos. “About that drink…?”

Zoey grinned back. “We could always get something from the mini fridge. I’m old enough…depending on the country…”

Calvin raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Because that sounds a lot like you’re still a little dead. I’m more than willing to help with that.”

“Okay, okay!” Zoey shot up before she could be tickled again. She gave his crotch a passing glance, pretty sure that her previous seat in his lap would be taken by one of the snack bowls when she got back. Either way, she headed up the stairs into the kitchen. To be honest, she could use the blast of cold air right now. Tickle torture aside, it was taking everything in her not to just pounce on him and do more than just sit on that bulge.

But even if he were willing to see her that way, he’d probably just assume that she couldn’t handle him. There was quite the notable size difference after all, among other things. She needed to prove that to him. And conveniently enough, she had two nights to do just that.

Zoey smirked as she brought down the sodas and surely enough, the Cheetos bowl was currently in Calvin’s lap. “I miss anything?”

“Nothing really. Just a bunch of rest holds for the most part.” He answered, facing the TV.

“Cool.” Zoey said contently, cozying up to Calvin again and getting some Cheetos, her anticipation for later tonight only rising.


Zoey blinked in her bed, looking at the ceiling. This was the worst part of the plan. She needed to wait for her father to actually go to sleep. Her mind kept going to her first night in the basement. It was such a surprise initially but the more she thought about it the more aroused she became by the idea.

Currently, she was lazily teasing her pussy, sliding her fingers slowly up and down between the wet lips, getting her little kitty ready. It wasn’t even close to enough to make her cum. It was all preparation. As was the fact that she was only wearing her oversized shirt this time. There was a very strong temptation to go down there naked but…if he was still awake, that would be harder to explain. You couldn’t even tell that she wasn’t wearing panties with the shirt on.

Zoey moaned softly, massaging her petite breasts through the thin fabric of the shirt. Her nipples were already hard enough that they were clearly visible against the material. Her hands weren’t enough. She wanted his hands over her. It was too close to her agreed time to go. She was just getting needier and needier.

Taking a deep breath, Zoey went over her cover story again. If she waited and her father was still awake then she would say that she thought she smelled smoke. She’d pretend to be really sleepy and out of it. Like she’d possibly had a nightmare or something. Of course if that happened, she couldn’t try again that night and unless she escort tuzla could hear snoring or something that let her emphatically know he was sleeping, she couldn’t try the following night either. That would suck.

But that’s all the more reason to be patient now. Make sure he’s asleep and then she won’t need the excuse. She’ll be too busy getting dicked. Zoey bit her bottom lip thinking about it. His dick. What it looked like…what it felt like…his moans…

Zoey shuddered slightly, a pleasured gasp escaping her lips as she looked at the clock again. She couldn’t remember the last time she wanted something so badly. She actually had to just stop touching herself and take a minute. It was almost time. Zoey could almost feel him all over her. She panted with need before forcing herself to sit up. Why did he have to be downstairs? There was no way to know if he was asleep or not without actually going into the basement. If he slept in her mom’s room it would be so much easier. The doors were literally right across from each other, with only the bathroom separating them. She could just put her ear to the door and listen. Done deal. Getting into the basement took so much more thought and planning. But she’d waited way too long to fuck this up with impatience.

So she waited until the clock struck one in the morning. Her body immediately tensed in excitement and she had to remind herself to calm down. The problem wasn’t so much waking him if he was asleep. The man apparently could sleep through being shocked with a stun gun if you didn’t do it long enough. It was to fit the story of her smelling smoke and being too groggy to be completely awake. If she were caught and wanted any chance of doing it again without suspicion, she needed to sell that story.

Once again Zoey tiptoed through the house like it actually made a difference or as if there was even someone to even sneak past. Just like last time, she paused at the door. It was still ingrained in her that closed basement door equaled bad, but her libido clearly overrode her initial fear. As she opened the door, she paused and listened. Signs were good so far. Just the sound of him breathing.

Her heart was pounding in her chest so hard that she was worried that it would be the one thing to wake him. But still she moved down into the darkness. Past one of the beanbag chairs, around the couch and there she was, right next to the bed. She both wanted to bolt upstairs and mount her father like he was a mechanical bull. First thing was first though.

“Daddy?” She voiced, leaning over the bed. A grin passed her voice as he didn’t respond. He was definitely asleep. Zoey took a deep breath and pulled off her shirt. And that was that. She was naked. Naked and waiting for her father to do something about it. This wasn’t just a big morning hug while she was only wearing a towel. She was about to give her body to him in its entirety.

Crawling into the bed, Zoey spoke a little louder, unable to feel any more self-conscious about her body than she currently was. “Daddy…I’m here. I’m ready for you…”

Calvin groaned softly and turned to his side but did nothing more.

“Daddy!” Zoey huffed. “I didn’t hype myself up for this so you could sleep. Please? I want it so bad… You have no idea how hard it was for me to wait this long…”

But Calvin remained unresponsive. It was like when she was camping with him. She could rouse him slightly but he didn’t wake up until he was ready to wake up. Zoey’s eyes bulged in horror. Did he take the medication that curbed the impulse? He couldn’t have. He had work tomorrow. Her mom did say it didn’t happen every night however. Maybe she waited too long?

Zoey gave a defeated sigh and sat up on the bed. This sucked! This sucked more than anything had ever sucked before in all the history of sucktitude. Sure, she could go to her room and finger herself into a coma. She could even finger herself in his damn bed but that wasn’t the same. It wasn’t what she wanted. She felt like she could cry she was so disappointed.

In fact, Zoey was so distraught that she didn’t even notice that Calvin had sat up, despite the noticeable weight shift in the bed. Once again proving that it would take a lot to wake him, when Calvin grabbed her, Zoey let out a scream.

But the fear was only temporary as Zoey turned herself around to face him. Her father might have been slumbering away but ‘Night Daddy’ was wide awake. “Sorry Daddy. You surprised me…”

Calvin groaned, lazily but firmly grabbing Zoey’s shoulder and forcing her down. It took her a few moments to get what was happening considering there was no way he could fuck her in the position he’d put her in. Then it hit her.

“Want me to suck your dick?” Zoey looked up at him with a grin. Calvin didn’t answer and just forced her head down again almost painfully.

“Daddy, wait a second…” Zoey protested. It wasn’t that she was against doing it so much as she couldn’t. His cock was definitely hard but this time it was still confined in his boxers. Zoey fumbled with them to free his member as he continued to impatiently push her down. Her mother hadn’t been kidding about his strength. Zoey would have been sucking a bulge through his boxers if she hadn’t gotten his dick out when she had.

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