Obsessed With My Son Ch. 04

Double Penetration

On my back, I woke groggily. Pushing something out of my face, it slapped back softly. Opening my eyes, a cock dangled over my nose, the head bouncing softly on my lips. Tilting my head, opening my mouth, I grabbed Jake’s cock, pushing clear to his pubic hair as his cock slid effortlessly down my throat. He arched forward, pulling my legs up, spreading my thighs. His fingers danced over my slit, dipping into the soft flesh. I could feel his fingers dance on my clit. I drove my face hard on his cock, biting firmly, growling as he pulled my clit into his mouth. My hips arched hard upwards, my cunt wanting to capture this intruder. His tongue probed my flesh softly, flicking quickly over, around, and mashing my clit against my body. My body lurched to his mouth. He thrashed my clit.

Jake humped my face hard, driving his cock completely down my throat. He pulled back, thrust forward hard, driving every fucking inch into momma’s face. I reached around him, grabbed his bare ass, digging my nails into his hairy flesh, and pulled him down. My mouth opened, my throat opened, I pulled his cock meat deep into my mouth. His balls draped over my eyes as I sucked hard, pulling his juices into my waiting mouth. Piston like, Jake pulled his hips up, thrust down, pulled up, and jammed his cock deep again. All thought lost, I needed his cum, I needed his release. I growled as I devoured him.

I opened my legs wider, pulling my knees up beside him, lifting my cunt, my ass for him. His fingers trailed down my wet slit, finding a needing hole. His fingers dipped into my body, first one sliding deep, rotating, pumping in and out of my wet cunt. Hesitating, he thrust a second, then third finger in as he continued thrusting in and out of my body. Lights everywhere! Flashes! Desires! He fucked my hole hard, matching each thrust with a thrust of his hips, forcing his cock down my throat. His teeth grabbed my swollen clit, holding it firmly as he thrashed it back and forth in his mouth. My body quivered, anticipating cumming on his tongue. My hips rose, legs splaying wider as I approached my orgasm. I pulled his ass so hard to me, my lips wrapped around the base of his golden cock. I could feel him touching my insides, his fingers spreading, hammering my hole, my juices pouring out, his mouth pulling on my clit, pulling hard, tongue flicking over the sensitive flesh.

My body exploded, my hips arched high, lifting him upwards as he thrust his hips down, forcing his cock into my face. Tearing at my clit, his lips suctioned hard, his fingers drove deep. Spasm after spasm ripped through me, my hips thrust upwards against his mouth, his fingers involuntarily. Arching high, holding, my body flopped back down on the bed. I sucked his cock harder as it expanded in my mouth.

“Yes momma!” Jake shouted, humping down hard. His cock exploded, shooting his liquids down my throat. I swallowed, filled my cheeks, and swallowed again. God I loved his juices! I drank them greedily, grinding my mouth on his shrinking cock. My finger draped into the crack of his ass, the nail brushing over his puckered hole. As he squirmed slightly, he thrust his now flaccid cock into my mouth once again. A growl shook his body as his orgasmic spasm passed through him into my mouth. I sucked his glorious cock with abandon. Rolling slightly off me, Jake pushed my hips flat on the bed. I stretched his cock to my lips. His tongue touched my clit! My hips lurched once again.

I pulled off his deflated cock, looking to my crotch quickly. “Jake!” I exclaimed. There, between my legs, was Marilyn, her soft lips sucking my lips, my clit into her mouth. I started to move, but Jake held me firmly.

“Lay still momma,” he whispered. “Let Marilyn please you,” he whispered. I closed my eyes. My hands involuntarily reached to her, my fingers sliding gently along her temples, my fingers intertwining into her hair. My hips tilted, my cunt open, my clit begging for her lips, her tongue.

“Jesus baby,” I whispered out loud. I looked to Jake. He lay there with a goofy grin on his face as he first looked to me, then to Marilyn. His hips jerked spasmodically, little thrust toward my shoulder. Glancing to him, I noted his cock was already growing.

I focused on Marilyn. Her lips were so soft on my cunt. Lightly, her tongue flicked my flesh back and forth, her dainty tongue dancing up and down my slit. She groaned with regularity, vibrating my flesh. Her mouth worked magic on my clit, driving my body toward another orgasm. I focused on her, feeling her, wanting her. With the exception of my hips involuntarily lifting, dropping against her mouth, I laid stoically. My breathing quickened, growing shallow, shadowing my impending orgasm. As my hips arched, my hands reached to hold my hips high, my elbows planted firmly on the bed, my ass high above the covers. Marilyn assaulted me, now thrashing my cunt hard. Seconds passed quickly. With a burst of bright colors, my orgasm again rippled through my body, her tongue keeping it alive, prolonging my lust, my orgasm. I flooded her, juices pouring from my cunt. She sucked me, licking up and down my slit. tuzla escort Her tongue darted into my hole, exploring what she could reach.

Jake forced a large stack of pillows under my ass, keeping my hips tilted high. Marilyn started kissing her way up my body, quick, light kisses up my torso. Slowly, she kissed each nipple, blowing against the flesh, tightening the taut skin. Her teeth nipped the hard flesh, sending pleasure through my body. Suddenly, I felt her against my slit. Her hand dropped between my legs. I could feel her, sliding a cock up and down my slit. Moving to one knee, she fisted her strapon, aiming the head to my hole, and pushed forward. She speared me almost savagely. She thrust forward, my head flung back as her monstrous cock penetrated me, splitting me open, shoving deep, hard into my body. My mouth opened to scream, no sound was available as she pulled back, thrust forward again. I looked to her, her eyes open, staring deep into my face, watching my reactions to her thrusts. I grunted hard, my breath forced from me as she again thrust her appendage into my gaping hole. Deeper, harder she speared me. A warmth built quickly as my juices flooded the new invader. I locked my heels behind her soft ass, my heels cupping her cheeks as she drove deep into my body.

“Oh Marilyn,” I grunted. “Fuck momma baby,” I whispered. I pulled her mouth to mine, kissing her just as savagely as she fucked my cunt. I sucked her tongue hard into my mouth, pulling, exploring her mouth as I did. I pulled my legs hard on her backside, driving each inch of her cock into my cunt. Thrust after thrust, she hammered my yielding cunt, open, begging for more. Our tits mashed together, our bodies beginning to sweat, a sheen glowing in the soft light. Her cock passed back and forth over my sensitive clit. With each pass, my clit broached a pending orgasm, tweaking, pulling my body, my mind higher, waiting, demanding to cum. I humped my cunt up against her, forcing her deep as my body exploded into a numbing orgasm. “Fuck me! Harder!” I screamed at her. “Oh my god fuck me,” I trailed off as she pounded me.

Jake moved quickly, crawling behind Marilyn. I could feel him move to her body, pushing my legs wide. Opening my eyes, I saw Marilyn grimace as he pushed his hard cock forward. I felt her arch backwards, opening her orifice to his penetration. She thrust deep in my cunt, Jake pushing hard down on her body. She groaned very loudly, grunting with each thrust, each withdraw, then forward thrust again. Her eyes wide open, flashing, she humped him, thrust into me and repeated. Our rhythm established, we fucked like demons. Grunting, shouting, biting our lips, we fucked hard.

Several minutes passed, Jake slapped Marilyn’s ass hard, the pop startling me. Grinding against her, pushing her deep into me, he came with a shout. As long as he thrust into her, he must have dumped a gallon of jism into her body. Spent, he lay forward, adding his weight to hers over my petite body. Unable to breathe, I rolled to my side, toppling the pile of bodies. Now, side by side, I leaned to Marilyn, my tongue lightly licking her lips, our lips touching in the softest kiss I had ever experienced. Barely breathing, I moved closer, kissing her again, feeling her tongue extend to me, exploring my mouth. My hand caressed her cheek, sliding slowly down her body, feeling her silky skin. My hand approached her breast. As my fingers danced up the side of her tit, a small gasp erupted from her into my mouth. As my fingernail traced a line over her taut nipple, her hand reached quickly around my head, pulling our mouths tighter together. I devoured her lips, her tongue, sucking to inhale her breath, to feel her meld to me. We groaned together softly.

Moving slowly, I started kissing down her neck, tasting her flesh, feeling the softness of the nape of her neck. I moved slower, lifting her breast to my lips, caressing each swell of her young tit flesh with my lips. I moved to swirl my tongue around her nipple, growing rigid under my play. As her nipple stood taut, I sucked the flesh into my mouth, my teeth gently holding the nipple as my tongue danced back and forth over the sensitive flesh. Marilyn gasped, pulling my head tighter against her body. I sucked more tit into my mouth, biting her lightly, my teeth holding her flesh so gently. I watched her face, the lines of her face tensed, masking the sensations. It was hard to tell she was in throes of ecstasy or enduring the agonies of pain. I knew, I nipped her nipple firmly, my tongue mashing her nipple hard on my teeth. She grunted loudly, her eyes flying open, tongue darting out of her mouth as she grabbed her other tit, offering it to me, pushing my head over toward the hard, standing nipple. I moved painfully slow, tantalizing her, licking her flesh, but toward her hard, inviting nipple. She pushed the flesh into my mouth, I clamped down on her nipple hard, my tongue washing over the nub. For my first taste of female flesh, my cunt ached, my mind exploded into thoughts of lust, a desire to thrust my fingers deep between her legs, to penetrate her hole, pendik escort feeling her juices, hear her muffled grunts, groans as I explored her body. I growled deeply.

“Oh fuck momma,” Marilyn groaned. Jake sat stoically over us, watched as I sucked her flesh into my mouth. He reached to me, stroking my hair as I attacked her tit, nipping at the soft flesh, sucking the nipple deep into my mouth. I probed her flesh, my tongue darting into the softness, licking, tasting. I reached to her cock, feeling the length, sliding my hand up and down her appendage. She reached to assist me, releasing the strapon appendage.

Surprising even my self, my hand slid quick down her torso, feeling the thin strip of downy soft hair directly over her mound. I slowed my caress, carefully reaching over the hump, my index finger slipping between the folds, snaking so delicately between the lips. I could feel her wetness, feel the dew between her engorged labia. Her hips thrust forward involuntarily, pushing her mons against my hand. I slipped my index finger into her slit, pushing down, sliding effortlessly over the hard clit. Her body responded, arching into my finger, a sudden intake of breath telling me she was not prepared for my touch. I sucked her nipple harder into my mouth, my tongue mashing the nipple against my teeth. I rolled it back and forth firmly. Pushing my hand down, my finger slipped along her wet slit, pushing toward her hole, my finger dipping instantly into her body, sliding quickly to the first knuckle. I hesitated for a split second, moved quickly to align my arm, and pushed my hand into her cunt. My finger disappeared into her body clear to my palm. Marilyn grunted loudly as my finger slipped into her body. I pulled back and thrust again. Marilyn’s hips lurched upwards, her legs spread wide.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Jake. I glanced at him, he was staring at me, his eyes riveted on my hand thrusting in and out of her wet cunt. I had to see. I moved quickly, kissing my way down her stomach, hesitating as I kissed her mons. I could smell her, her aroma filling my nostrils. I lifted up slightly, leaning to look at my hand. My index finger was between her lips, the base knuckle visible at my hand. I pulled my hand out, the lips stretched, slipping reluctantly along my finger as I withdrew. I had seen this many times, watching my own lips hug a hard cock as it pulled out of my body. Slowly, I flattened her lips with my fingertip. They were so soft. Slipping up her slit, I spread her lips to see her clit. Engorged, it peeked from her lips. My mouth went dry. I licked my lips with anticipation. Carefully, I parted her lips, my finger rolling over her sensitive bud. With each pass, a gasp for air, a grunt, an involuntary thrust of the hips. I controlled her. Pushing my hand back down between her legs, I stretched two fingers, reaming her hole as she lifted to invite my penetration. I thrust my hand forward, my fingers cramming savagely, deep into her willing, receptive cunt. A guttural grunt escaped her as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her waiting clit. I sucked her flesh into my mouth, tasting, savoring her juices. I nipped down on the foreign fruit, my teeth holding it firmly, my tongue ravaging her as the new sensations passed through my body. With each probe, Marilyn’s hips raised, arching to meet my mouth, her hips wiggling uncontrollably as I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt.

Like a demon possessed, I attacked her, devouring her flesh. I sucked and licked her clit, and thrust my fingers deep into her body. Eyes closed tightly, I buried my nose against her bud as I licked along her slit, licking my fingers as they pulled back. I dove into her hole, shoving my face between her lips, forcing my tongue to taste her juices, reaming her hole, darting deep. Her lips coated my cheeks with her essence, her sex cream. My body burned, my cunt on fire. I needed to make her cum. Moving quickly, I took her clit again, my tongue dancing over the flesh. Her hands cupped my head, her hips lifted, widened, exposing her most private sex to me. I licked her with abandon, chewing lightly on her lips, her clit. Her body raced to orgasm.

Jake watched, stroking his massive cock. Moving to her, he placed his cock on her lips, pushing hard. Labored, she breathed around his cock as it slid into the depths of her mouth and throat. Marilyn was our toy, our sex toy. Her hands alternated from the back of my head to pulling on his ass, driving his cock deeper. Her body raised hard to my mouth, her legs quivering. Holding firm, a hard flex drove her hips higher as her body exploded in orgasm. Convulsing against my mouth, flooding me with juices, she collapsed on the bed. Growling deep, she reached to Jake, pulling him hard to her, engulfing his entire cock to the root. I watched as she widened her jaw, taking every inch into her throat. Jake reached to her tits, pulling the nipples hard, twisting them unmercifully. With a tremendous thrust, he exploded in her throat, jettisoning spurt after spurt of his juice into her belly. Her crotch flopped down hard, legs spent, aydınlı escort quivering, laying flat on the bed as I slowed my assault on her clit. Carefully, softly, I licked up and down her slit. God it tasted so good!

Jake, fisting his flaccid cock, milked the length of his cock, forcing a drop of cum to slip from the eye as he let it drop to her lips. She sucked only the head into her mouth, her tongue washing over the slick flesh.

My body was on fire. My cunt begged for release again. I needed cock! I slowly licked up Marilyn’s slit, pressing my tongue firmly over her sensitive clit. Her legs clamped together as I lifted up and away from her body. Glancing to my left, I found her appendage, laying neglected, wanting. Reaching for the large, plastic cock, I ached to bury it deep in my body. I wrapped both hands around the base, lifting it up, pointing it to the sky. It looked huge, larger than any real cock I had experienced. Reversing my grip, I rolled to my back, lifting, widening my legs, pulling my knees up beside my torso. I slid the head of my personal cock back and forth through my slit, sliding my hand to the head to increase my accuracy, my movements. As I pushed it down between my lips, Jake moved to watch me. I stared at him, my eyes never blinking as I found my hole.

“Watch momma, Baby,” I instructed. “I want you cock sweetie!” I growled as I pushed the head into my hole. Pulling quickly, I dislodged the cock, sliding it up and down my slit. Aligning it quickly, I pushed hard, forcing several inches into my body. Cold, lifeless, the cock stretched open my body, spearing me, but left my body demanding more. With both hands at the base, I pulled back and thrust the cock deeper again. I could feel it slide deep into my womb.

“Watch Baby! See momma’s lips stretch to hold it,” I asked? I shoved it deep, hard into my body, burying as much as my body would accept. “Eat me sweetie,” I instructed Jake. “Eat momma’s pussy Jake. Now honey!” I instructed, gaining urgent eye contact with him. “Make momma cum,” I whispered, growling softly as I pulled the cock out and thrust it back into the depths of my body. Releasing the cock, I pulled my lips apart, opening my pink slit, exposing my engorged clit. Jake dove to me, his lips finding my soaked clit. Grabbing my hips, he lifted my cunt to his mouth, capturing my clit between his teeth. His tongue probed my flesh, flapping my clit back and forth, rolling it back and forth against him teeth. My body lurched to him, demanding his focus. I pulled his mouth hard against my flesh.

Marilyn crawled over me, her mouth dropping to my tits. Softly, gently, she licked my nipple, her hand, her fingers wrapping around my tit flesh, squeezing enough to make the tit flesh stand up, forcing the nipple high. She sucked the nipple into her mouth, nipping the bud as she washed her tongue over, around, and poked my sensitive breast. Closing my eyes, I relaxed, absorbing the feelings washing over my body. A cock buried deep in my cunt, my nipples getting sucked by the softest pair of lips, and my clit being thrashed by my son lifted my body sensations quickly. In a matter of minutes, I was screaming, crying for release. I could not breathe, I grunted, gasped for breaths. Grabbing Marilyn, I forced the other tit to her lips, reached for her crotch, and shoved three fingers into her wet, gaping cunt. Gasping, her hips dropped down, burying my fingers in her body. I thrust against her hard.

My mind exploded first, followed instantaneously by my orgasm, racing through my body. My hips arched, my legs opened wide as I blasted into the best orgasm in my life. Hips high above the bed, Jake grabbed the cock, and thrust wildly into my cunt as he tried to keep my clit between his lips. My hips jerked hard, fast against his face as he held on for dear life. Marilyn reached to my mons, sliding her fingers along my slit, feeling my wetness. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she sucked one in, watching me. She offered me the second finger. Grabbing her wrist, I sucked the other finger deep into my mouth, tasting my juices. I erupted again, a second orgasm ripping through my body, screaming loudly. I humped Jakes face hard, grinding my hips against his mouth as he hammered my pussy.

Several minutes passed, my body gave way to spasms as I pushed Jake away from my cunt. “Pull the cock out,” I whispered. Jake obliged, pulling the cock out slowly, teasingly. Squeezing my legs together, I scooted up the bed, grabbed a pillow, and almost instantly, passed into a deep sleep.

I woke, glancing to the night stand clock. 7:38am. I could feel warmth to my backside. Listening I first heard groans, followed by deep throated growls. I knew instantly the kids were going at it behind me. Rolling in place, I turned to see what they were up to. Locked in a 69 with Jake on top, they were going at it hard and fast. Marilyn’s body lifted, bouncing up and down. Her thighs clamped alongside Jake’s ears, a muffled scream escaped from around his cock as she convulsed in orgasm. Jake continued assaulting her clit until she pushed him off. Rising, he pulled his cock from her mouth, jacked furiously for a few seconds, and started shooting blasts of sticky cum on her face and tits. Her mouth opened wide as he laid the massive cock on her lips. Small shots of jism squirted on her lips as her tongue darted to collect it.

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