office sex part 4..


office sex part 4..its been a month now since my p.a and i have fucked and my wife hasnt been giving me any pussy either. so i decided… i called her to my office and asked her why she wasnt leading me on anymore? as she replied she has been starving thinking that i dont want her ass anymore.. i smiled saying that i missed eating her pussy…later that day i texted her syaing.. My cock is aching for your tight back pussy to grip around my shaft stroking me till i come.. as she replied: i am yerning for your cock right now cant get it out my mind. the girth the long thick white cock that ficks me like nothing else..i opened my office door and called her to my office. as she entered i locked the door. she knew it was on.. as she betsobet yeni giriş dove straight down to my cock which was ready to be untammed from my pants.. she went to work sucking my cock hard and fast stroking me with two hands while her tongue was teasing me.my cock swelled filling her mouth and two hands as she got tired of blowing me. i stood her up and lifted her skirt. finding shes not wearing anything under neath as she said.. had a feeling not to wear them… i slide my hand up her inner thighs. her pussy was soaking wet as i cupped her pussy in my hand..i slid my index finger in and curved it. as i fingered her slowly at first. her pussy being tight as always. i carried on as i could feel her betsobet güvenilirmi whole body shiver from the pleasure. i bit her in the neck then the back. as she begged me to stop hitting my hand away. she went stright to the desk bending over it asking me to fuck her like never before.looking out the window office we saw open blue sky as i stood behind her sliding my cock between her ass cheeks. i spanked her as i held my cock and slid it into her pussy slowly. she pushed away.. as i gripped her by her hips pullung her to me as my cock thrusted into her almost crushing her walls.. she came instantly as she almost fell to the ground with her legs being weak..i held her up and pushed her onto the desk betsobet giriş to support her. as i moaned out loud thrusting my cock in and out. the white cream making rings around my cock. i carried on repeatedly assualting her black pussy with white cock. as she pushed me back. she pushe me to the floor.. mounting me with her feet along my hips she held my cock and dipped down onto it. she took my cock in and held it there as she grinded fast and tight against me .. playing with her clit i felt her pussy tighten and contract as she was bout to cum again. moaning out loud she stood up as she squirted all over my lower body soaking my pants and office floor. she got to her knees as she sucked the cream form my cock stroking my shaft. i could feel i was bout to cum. my shaft hardend as she went faster and faster she sucked harder. i couldnt contain myself as i shot a load of cum into her mouth it started seaping past her lips running down my shaft.. i moaned with every shot of load. as she swalloed wat she could…

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