Olivia’s Hypnotic Confession


I waited, as patiently as I could, in the great room while Caleb got ready. He was my babysitter for the day, or a handler, if you will, while Mom and Frank were away. Of all my step brothers, Caleb was the oldest at twenty-seven, and ostensibly the most mature. And, given that Caleb had been a respected lightweight boxer in college, he was Frank’s go-to guy to make sure the trailer trash step daughter didn’t embarrass the family in the public.

Of course, Caleb caused plenty of embarrassment on his own. He might have been spawned in a silver spoon environment, but every chance he got, Caleb raced to the other side of the tracks and peeled off his designer duds to start fistfights in rough bars with whoever looked at him crookedly. Lots of drinking came with the territory, but Frank Montgomery would shrug that off, boys-will-be-boys and all that jazz.

I was a different story.

Finally, Caleb descended the high spiral staircase. His steps were deliberate, taking care to flex his sinewy build with each movement. His abs were visible under his wifebeater, with matching tattoo sleeves running up his arms. His jeans were tight in the crotch, showing off his bulge.

All calculated, naturally.

He sneered when he saw what I was wearing.

“Not terrible,” he said. “But that complexion, geez.”

Caleb never failed to insult me. My simple black, straight hair was too plain. I never stood up straight. I always slumped my shoulders. And now it was my pale skin, always in dire need of a tanning booth.

I was wearing a black halter top that showed off a hint of my midsection, along with a knee-length skirt. Function over aesthetics, you could say, because today I was getting my first tattoo. A little blue dolphin below my navel, near my hip. Cute, I thought.

“Can we just go?” I asked.

Caleb inspected my thighs like a butcher about to cut into an unsatisfactory piece of meat. He fished his finger under the fabric and lifted up my skirt. “Do you even go outside when the sun’s out?” he laughed.

I smacked his hand away. “Do you ever get tired of giving me shit?”

“I sure don’t, my little ugly duckling. Now c’mon. I don’t feel like babysitting you all day. Let’s see if you can get some ink without trying to suck somebody’s—”

He caught himself, then sneered again. Caleb snatched his car keys from the coffee table and walked out the front door, leaving me in silence.

It always stung, you know. Their comments, my reputation. I’ll spare you the details, but after high school I remained a virgin, about as sexually active as a doorknob. Not too long before Mom met Frank, I got drunk at a party and took the plunge.

I fucked two guys at once that night. Right there at the house party, up in one of the bedrooms. Unlike Caleb Montgomery’s family, we didn’t live in big palatial villas with their long, empty hallways to muffle the sound. Half the town lived in trailers, with the others living in little mill town houses with walls as thin as tissue paper.

The sex was bad, awkward, about as unflattering a ‘deflowering’ as one could imagine, but loud enough for everyone downstairs to hear.

The rumors spread, as they often do. By the following week, I was the town’s resident slut. A reputation that tailed me even now, hundreds of miles away, in Frank Montgomery’s beachfront palace. (Frank interviewed Mom about me before they were married, to make sure I’d gotten over my slutty ways, escort bayan and afterward spilled the beans to his sons.)

It was the first and only time I ever fucked. After that, the mere thought of sex paralyzed me. Even when I was alone, touching myself, I’d freeze.

Outside, Caleb wailed on the horn, breaking me out of my memory. I dragged myself out to him, wondering if I hadn’t been better off as trailer trash.


“What the fuck is that?” Caleb asked while he sped us down the freeway.

He was referring to my talisman, a little faux-gold rose on a dollar store necklace.

I stuck it back in my purse. “Nothing.”

“No, really. What was it?”

I noticed his eyes settling on my thigh. I pulled the hem of my skirt down. “You’ll think it’s stupid.”

“Probably,” he laughed. He lit a cigarette and blew smoke out the window. “Try me anyway.”

So I told him. I always suffered from anxiety. It felt like a big fist in my belly all the time. So bad that sometimes I could barely speak. Antidepressants didn’t work. Ditto for Valium. One day I heard about self-hypnosis.

“Oh Christ Olivia,” Caleb said.

I shrugged. “It works for me. Calms me down.”

“What, do you have some hypnotist dangle that thing in front of you?” he cackled. “You’re getting veeeeery sleeeeeepy…”

“I do dangle it,” I said. “But it’s not like you see in the movies. The talisman is just an aide. It’s more like deep meditation. I use it for my anxiety, but people use it for lots of things. Like quitting smoking or exercising more. It’s like you open your brain to new suggestions, make yourself more agreeable to things you wouldn’t normally consider.”

“Well I suggest you do something with that hair, duckling.”


Caleb took me to his friend Danny’s tattoo shop, a little ramshackle building miles away.

My heart pounded as we approached. My stomach was in tatters and I couldn’t stop shaking. The coming pain was all I could think of.

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” I said.

Caleb grabbed me by the arm and pulled me through the door. “I drove you across town and asked my buddy to do your tattoo as a favor. We’re not going back now.”


He ripped the talisman from my purse and jammed it into my hands. “Get yourself nice and hypnotized. Whatever it takes, because you’re getting that fucking ink.”

His friend Danny didn’t help. He was quiet and mean looking, not as tall as Caleb but with bigger muscles.

Danny sat me down in what resembled a chair in a dentist’s office, but covered with black leather and two sturdy armrests. Danny released a lever that caused the bottom half of the chair to kick up, laying me flat.

The view up my skirt roused Caleb’s attention.

I crossed my legs and blushed.

There were straps on each armrest. “What are those for?”

“For people who can’t keep still,” Danny answered. “Hopefully you won’t need them. You ready?”

“One moment,” I said, and held my talisman out before me.

I swung the talisman back and forth, following it with my eyes. I counted my breaths quietly and soon my heart rate slowed. The fist in my belly unclenched, then disappeared altogether. My mind opened and my fear fled out. I lay my head back and took a deep breath.

“Go on,” I said, now entering my trance.

Danny fired up his tattoo gun, pulled my shirt up to reveal my belly and began. The pain almost shocked tuzla genç escort me out of my hypnotic state. It started as a flare, small, pricking, but grew in intensity. My hypnosis kept me calm as usual, but something was different.

I felt everything, and it was exquisite.

The way my top hung around my ribcage. The cool recirculated air lapping against my exposed belly. How the fingers of Danny’s free hand cupped my hip. And the pain, yes, God it was a revelation. The rapid prick-prick-prick of the needle prodding the tender skin under my belly button.

Something inside me tingled. I realized I was biting my bottom lip, holding my open palm over my mouth to keep from moaning.

Through the pain, through the myriad sensations rippling over me, somehow my body became looser, as if invisible chains that had bound me my entire life had suddenly snapped. I ran my fingers through my hair; it felt different than before, it fell down to my neck in a way it hadn’t previously. My shirt slid down my shoulder, exposing the skin. My breasts seemed to perk up with each halted breath. I curled my feet and noticed the smooth muscles in my thighs.

I then felt a warm, slick sensation between my legs. Only then did I realize I was staring at Caleb. He stared right back at me. Our eyes locked.

I grew wetter.

“Stop,” I said, nearly breathless.

“You okay?” Danny grunted.

“I just need a minute with my step brother.”

Danny left us alone.

I waved him over. Caleb stared down at the unfinished tattoo on my belly, then at the skirt at my waist, his eyes betraying him, leaving on full display the curiosity at what lie beneath.

I toyed with the straps on the armrests. I looked up at Caleb and licked my lips. “Strap me in.”

He looked at me curiously, then bent over me to strap my left wrist, then my right. I smelled him, his cologne, and the faint aroma of man-sweat hinted just beneath. I glanced at his crotch, saw him growing stiff.

He kissed me, his lips gentle, his tongue dancing on mine. I moaned softly and turned away, exposing my neck, and his lips found me there.

As quickly as we started, Caleb backed away. He swallowed hard. “Are you really—?””Open to suggestions?” I said. I kicked my leg over his shoulder and hooked him behind his neck. “Yes.”

I guided him down. He pulled my skirt over my hips then slid my panties down. He traced his tongue over my lower belly, then to my thighs. He caressed my nipples, now so hard they were almost painful.

His finger danced over my clit and I nearly screamed. I bit my lip again, squirmed in my chair, my wrists bound tight as he slid his tongue over my pussy lips. His nose brushed against my nub.

I arched my back, dug my fingernails into the armrests as the straps held me in place. I grinded my hips as he ate me, his mouth busy on my sex.

“Come here,” I demanded. He looked up from between my legs. “Now.”

He moved next to me, but kept one hand between my legs to massage my sopping cunt. I leaned forward and bit into his belt and undid it with my teeth. Caleb opened his jeans and his erection poked out.

He gasped when I took him into my mouth. I sucked him slowly, favoring the tip, then took him deeper.

His breathing grew labored, he tensed in my mouth. “Olivia, how many times have you done this?”

“Once before,” I said with a mischievous grin, then took the length tuzla kendi evi olan escort of him once more.

Pre-cum and saliva spilled from my lips. I went faster now, head to base, lips tight around him. Caleb reached behind my head and took a fistful of my hair, now grinding his cock in unison with me, tickling the back of my throat.

“Fuck me,” I gasped.

He spread my legs, hooked them over his shoulders, and teased my pussy with the tip of his dick. I stirred in my bonds, nearly going insane with anticipation, as he pressed his head slightly inside me, back out, then in again.

At last, he fully entered me.

I bit into the shoulder, drawing tiny droplets of blood, as his cock slid in and out, smooth and hard inside me. It was painful as well, but I relished his girth as it stretched me out. With the limited movement of my hands, I was just barely able to run my fingertips over his muscled abdomen.

I was panting, sweating, closing in on the brink. Caleb pinned my legs back with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other as he pounded his hips. He kissed me and I tasted the fading sweetness of my sex lingering on his mouth.

As our mouths parted, I looked into his eyes. “Do whatever you want to me.”

At that, he smiled. “Whatever I want?”

The sting from the tattoo was fading. I smiled back. “Just make sure it hurts a little.”

I shivered as his cock slid out of me. One, two, the straps came off. Caleb’s powerful hands fell upon my waist and he spun me onto my hands and knees.

He positioned my ass high, then shoved my face down into the leather cushion. Strands of my sweat-soaked hair fell into my eyes. He re-strapped my wrists to the armrests. His cock tickled my pussy as he held my hips tight.

I turned to him before he could enter me, teeth bared. “Your belt.”

His pants were still down by his thighs. He grabbed his belt and snapped it from his jeans. He took my hair into his fist, pulled my head back, and whipped the belt across my ass cheeks.

I yelped. “More.”

He brought it down again, leaving a red mark across my ass.

I backed up to his stiff member, my pussy eager, dripping. One more crack of the belt, then he entered me. His thrusts were powerful, yet smooth, rhythmic. I moved my hips along with him, meeting his dick halfway, moaning as his balls slapped against me.

He pulled my head back farther and nibbled my earlobe. With the belt still in hand, he began rubbing my nipple, first with his fingers, pinching me slightly, then teasing it with the rough texture of the belt.

“Harder,” I said, and he thrusted into me.

The belt cracked again, and my knees wobbled. A pressure built down near my cunt with each thrust, overtaking me. I cried out. Caleb slung his belt around my neck.

Not so tight that I couldn’t breathe, but firm enough that I could scarcely move, Caleb fucked me hard with both hands clutching his makeshift choker. I panted harder, my moans grew to a higher pitch, my thighs trembled as though I was possessed.

I erupted.

I screamed, bucking so hard that Caleb lost hold of his belt. I fell forward, biting into the leather, as my body quaked with orgasm. Caleb moaned in response. His cock tightened inside me, as I looked back he pulled it from cunt and shot a heavy white load into the crack of my ass.

My trance began to fade as his come ran down my ass then trickled warmly against my still-twitching pussy. I was barely able to catch my breath, unsure of why I had just done that with my most hated step brother, but knowing that I enjoyed every second of it.

Caleb pulled his pants up and grinned. “Well now,” he said. “That was a surprise.”

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