On The Job Site


On The Job SiteWe are back in Texas and I have a new job working on power lines. I’m on call most of the time but not a lot happens. Hanging around the house one day and I get a call for a job. Not well prepared for work because I’m the new guy I didn’t think anything of it for lunch. The job I got a call for ended up being a bad one, long hours for a few days. As lunch time rolled around all the guys are talking about what they are going to do. Most of them said something about pizza but didn’t want to leave the job because the parts man could come by anytime. Given I didn’t want to do anything they aren’t doing and I had no plans for lunch I bring up the idea of pizza brought out to us. I make a little call to you asking for your help. No one comes out this away especially the delivery man. Being nice and willing to help out, boxes of pizza and sodas make it at the job site.Day two and things on the job aren’t going well parts missing, not on order like they should so on and so on. Being the new guy I’m the unlucky one that has to stay on sit while the others take off to find out what’s going on. Having a rough day and nothing to do at the moment I place my butt down my some nearby trees for some shade and a cat nap. I’m out just as fast as it took me to sit down. Not too long after I was fast asleep I’m worken up by you. As I open my eyes I see that you laid out a blanket with some food not too far from klasbahis güvenilirmi my back rest. I give you a “hi” and a “thank you for coming by” along with a kiss.We sit and talk eating some lunch but I just can’t help thinking about you and me naked out here while no one around. You start to see that my mind is someplace else but it’s hard for me to keep focused on the “daily stuff” conversation. Knowing me the best you show a little shoulder and not to your surprise I notice. Sure enough you know what’s going on in my head. It’s either that or you’re my weakness and I’m falling. You carry on our conversation but with every moment that passes you show a little more skin, my attention becomes a little more focused with every small inch.You finally stop and tell me “if you want to see more then you’re going to have to show a little.” Not wanting to let myself down or you for the matter I take off my shirt. In return your shoes are kicked off and questions start popping up like “what’s next”, “when do the guys get back” and “are you ready for this”. The only think that I could say is yep, yep and yep. We kiss a little rub each others’ body very much like making out like high school k**s. One thing start to lead to another clothes are being taken off and nothing is left but panties and underwear.At this point I wanted to take a little more time because it’s not like we get klasbahis yeni giriş chances like this all the time. I lay you down on the blanket standing over you watching your beautiful body sparkle in the sun. I straddle over you so that I’m just above your hips careful not to set all the way on you and begin to rub your shoulders. Nice and easy down your arms back up to your neck and shoulders to the under part of your head while I run the tips of my fingers through your hair. Watching you lose yourself in the moment I make my way down to the center of your chest and start writing “I love you” with my fingers ever so softly. Tracing around your nipples careful not to touch, you moan a little. Making my way back up to your shoulders, arms and head kind of teasing you I bring my tracing fingers slowly down to your belly button making circles that lead down over your hips. Watching you squirm from side to side as I write love things on your body makes me yearn for you even more.With time feeling like it stop for the two of us I continue to have my way with you, making you feel warm, secure and loved. Pulling off our final piece of clothing I part my way between your legs. Kissing my way up to your neck around your ear hearing you moan ever so softly I ease myself inside you. A little at a time back and forth not to make too much movement other than that moments pass and heavy klasbahis giriş breathing with some slight panting goes on. Holding you tight next to my body you rub your hands up and down mine making it known that this is a moment to remember.With time stud still caught up in the moment we lost track of things. Nothing mattered but the two of us until the guys showed back up. No one can see us yet but it’s a matter of seconds before they do. Franticly rushing to gather our clothes before someone comes their way to us we laugh and giggle. Rushing off into the woods nearby where no one can see us we can hear the guys on the job site asking about me but not able to find me. Thinking we are unable to finish what we started you stand behind me, watching out seeing the guys go back to work, and start playing with me. Still naked and easily erect again I turn face you spinning you around and putting you up against a tree.With the sounds of people in the background, us doing it in the middle of the woods and some freshly shown love the standing ground game of sex isn’t anything but dirty. Standing behind you shoving everything I have your way making your vocals moan loudly gets me even hotter. Skin slapping, muscles starting to burn, orgasms at their boiling point you push yourself back on me all the way and just then we both shower ourselves. Nothing but pure ecstasy running through us we come to and get ourselves back together.Making our way back to the job site holding hands like two people newly in love the guys start going on about “where have you two been?” Nothing is said as we pack up the picnic and blanket. I walk you to your truck kiss you good bye and your back on your way with an “I LOVE YOU”.

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