Ore-Gasm, Chapter 2


“Please, Billy, make me a woman,” she had said. Becky-Sue wanted Billy to take her cherry and introduce her to sex. Billy himself had had sex a few times with other girls and was a little more experienced than she was, but he himself had never taken a virgin. This would be a new experience for them both.Billy’s hesitation was short-lived however as his own desires began to take over. He pulled Becky closer and kissed her, softly and tenderly at first but then their kiss deepened as her lips parted, inviting his tongue in to play. As his tongue moved in and searched for hers, she softly sucked on it as if it were a small cock.Becky had always been a good kisser and Billy loved putting his lips to hers. But even her skills at kissing couldn’t explain the intensity and passion that she was showing him now. As they kissed, Becky’s hand slowly moved up Billy’s leg, showing him she was serious about her intentions”Oh Billy…” she said as her hand brushed over the bulge in his jeans. She moved it back again and began softly stroking it.Having made it clear to him what she wanted, both in word and deed, Becky was perfectly happy letting him take charge and guide her with his knowledge and skills. After all, he was older and more experienced than she was… and he was the man!Billy gently laid her back on the mattress and his hands began to explore her body. He started with the breasts he got a sampling of at the lake… but that only whetted his appetite for more! His hands explored the curve of her breasts, feeling the pillowy softness through the thin fabric of her dress. As his hands moved over her breasts, he could feel the hard pebbles of her nipples and he knew she was getting as excited as he was. This encouraged him and he leaned down to kiss her soft nearly bare shoulder. Her flirty little yellow sundress had thin spaghetti straps holding it up with little clips in the back securing it around her bust. It was just long enough to be moral but still left enough to a young man’s imagination to keep his interest!Becky felt the thrill of excitement as his hands massaged her breasts, sending little electrical jolts through her nipples and straight to her pussy which was getting wetter by the second. His hands slid around her sides and reached behind her to expertly unclip the fasteners holding her dress together in the back. She sat up and, watching for his reaction, slipped the thin straps off her shoulders. Her hands cupped her breasts to hold the bra in place to preserve her modesty. Billy leaned over and kissed the upper halves of her breasts and, as she relaxed, he gently pulled the dress down to reveal the beautiful soft round teenage globes tipped with her pointed puffy nipples.Becky gasped in delight as he caressed her breasts lightly with his fingertips.  In a slow circular motion his fingertips moving teasingly from the outside toward the areolae. By the time he reached her hard, aching nipples, she was quietly moaning with pleasure and anticipation. Bostancı Escort But quietly moaning wasn’t what Billy was going for here. He continued maddeningly slowly until she was inwardly begging for more of his delicious stimulation. Suddenly, he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Her body arched with pleasure and she felt a sudden gush between her thighs. His mouth continued its leisurely stimulation of her breasts while his hand crept slowly down her abdomen toward her mons.His hand moved down between her legs and he began to slowly and gently press down on her pubic mound and stroke her sex through the thin lace of her panties. Her body stiffened as he touched the sensitive spot, but he did not linger and she gradually relaxed as he continued to stroke her slit through the flimsy material. “Have you ever seen a cock before?” he asked her.Becky’s eyes got wide and she blushed at his question. But she shook her head “No, not since my father left. And I was pretty small when that happened,” she said quietly.Billy smiled and kicked off his sneakers, then proceeded to undo his belt and slip off his trousers and underpants. His erect cock sprang out and she gasped when she took in the size of it. This then was what was causing the bulge in his pants that so intrigued her! She looked at it fascinated until Billy said, “Go on, you can touch it.”She looked up at him and then took hold of it gingerly and examined the hard shaft, his testicles hanging in the skin bag below and the swollen almost purplish bulge at the tip of his shaft. Billy took her hand and wrapped it around his shaft then guided it as he moved it up and down, jacking him a bit. “Like this, see?” he said. She began it mimick his motion “You mean like this? Is this how you like it?” she asked.”A little tighter, Becky. Go on – I’ll let you know if you are too tight,” he said. She gripped him a little harder and was amazed at how hard his cock got. She was fascinated by how something usually soft and pliable, could become so hard and rigid.She slowly repeated the up and down stroking motion several times and then realized from Billy’s sighs and low moans that this was very pleasurable for him. As she repeated the up and down motion on her own, she watched his face for guidance and signs of the pleasure she was creating. Meanwhile, Billy stripped off his shirt so he laid there completely naked.”Would you like to kiss the end?” he asked, “it feels amazing!”Without a word Becky moved from his side to a position between his spread legs, kneeling down and placed her lips on the end of his cock and began to caress it with her tongue. He encouraged her with moans and grunts of pleasure as she continued to lick and suck the engorged purple head with increasing enthusiasm.”Ohhh, Becky! That feels amazing honey!” he moaned.”My friend Evelyn told me about how she does it with her boyfriend. Evelyn has had a lot of boys – she’s quite Bostancı Escort Bayan a little slut actually!” Becky said popping him out of her mouth just long enough to explain and then swallowed him up again with equal enthusiasm.As Becky’s head bobbed up and down on his raging cock, Billy’s hands occupied themselves with her hanging breasts, massaging them, kneading them like soft sexy bread dough and rubbing her nipples gently between his fingers. He gently tugged on them and pinched them just enough to hear a moan come from her cock-stuffed mouth.Becky’s pussy was on fire now, and she couldn’t wait a moment longer. Suddenly, she stopped and stood up to remove her dress completely and the panties underneath, revealing a charming neatly-trimmed mound with a plump little slit beneath. Billy immediately pulled her down onto the mattress and placed her on her back with her legs spread apart. Billy knelt down between her legs and gently parted her outer lips to reveal the delicate rose-colored inner lips. Becky blushed a similar color when Billy inhaled her scent deeply. “Mmmm… that’s the sexiest smell in the world – the smell of a horny girl!” he said with a naughty grin. He got down on his stomach and prepared to feast on his girlfriend sweet succulent peach. He placed his mouth over her opening and touched her inner lips with his tongue very lightly, teasing and testing her. A bolt of sexual lightning ran through her and she instinctively thrust her pussy towards his face, demanding more.”Ohhh!” Becky moaned at his tongue’s first touch.Billy smiled then began by drawing his tongue slowly and lightly up from the bottom of her wet slit toward the top. As his tongue reached her clit,  she gasped loudly and tried to push his head towards her pussy harder. But Billy moved his head out of the way and then looked at her between her raised knees. “Not yet, Becky! I’ve been patient with you and waited until you were ready. Now that you are, I’m taking over. I’m in charge of things from now on, and I am going to dominate you and you are going to submit totally to me. I have dreamed and fantasized and planned this moment out to the tiniest detail. I even planned that we would have sex for the first time right here just like this. I am going to make you my sex slave, Becky… my little slave slut. I’m going to talk dirty to you and call you all sorts of things like slut and whore. But don’t worry – its all part of the game to make you hotter and make it even sexier and better for you. You seem to envy Evelyn and all those other sluts at school – envy how they fuck their boyfriends and how much cock they suck and everything. So you are going to be my little schoolgirl slut. You are going to get your chance to see what it’s like to be them.”Becky nodded her head, accepting his terms without argument. She knew he was right – she had kept him waiting for a long time.And he had been very patient and sweet to her. He never even Escort Bostancı looked at another girl – a fact that amazed her sometimes considering how fickle and unfaithful most of their friends were. Several times she overheard her friends talking about how their boyfriends had dumped them in favor of some other girl who was hotter or who did things that they didn’t.   But not her Billy – he had remained totally true and unwavering. And she hadn’t made it very easy for him either. As he heard about how much his friends were getting, he had to maintain his own faithfulness and keep her name pure as well. She really did owe him quite a lot for his integrity, loyalty, and dedication.Billy resumed his excruciatingly slow and deliberate licking her pussy. When he finally took a break and let her catch her breath for a moment, he parted her outer lips and spread her legs wider to inspect her sex closer. He noticed that her opening was blocked by a thin membrane of white skin perforated with three tiny holes. This was her hymen – her cherry – and he would be opening her, removing that thin barrier tonight.”Wow, Becky, you really are a virgin. I can see your hymen,” he said. “I’ve never seen one before!” he said.”Yes I am, Billy, but I want you to take care of that for me. Does it hurt when it’s broken?” she asked apprehensively.”I don’t know for sure, Becky… I’ve never taken a cherry before. But from what I’ve heard from others is that it does hurt a little, but the hurt goes away fairly quickly.””Oh,” she said not too sure about this anymore.Billy sensed her hesitation and, getting up from where he was, he moved over top of her. He got close to her and looked her in the eyes. “Becky, honey, I love you more than anything in my life. I would never do anything to hurt you. I will be as careful as I can possibly be. We will take it slow and if it starts to hurt too much, I will stop. I am not going to force you to do anything. I’ve waited this long, I can wait longer if need be,” he said. Becky looked up at him with a weak smile. “No, Billy, I’ve made you wait long enough, sweetheart. You have been amazingly patient with me. I want to do this… I want you to do this. I trust you and I know you wouldn’t hurt me. Please, Billy, please fuck me. Fuck your little schoolgirl slut!” she said, feeling better about the whole thing.He smiled and kissed her before moving off her. He brought out an old towel he had stashed there for washing up at the little creek that ran past the mine entrance and he laid it on the mattress under her hips.Billy knelt on the mattress, taking a few moments to look down at the beautiful erotic sight of this naked, sexy, teen virgin draped across his bed, awaiting the thrust of his cock to bring her to womanhood. Her firm creamy flesh glowed in the subdued candlelight of the small cavern and he took in the superb curves of her full, heaving breasts topped by the hard, pointed nipples which promised further delights.Her stomach was flat and he admired the swelling curves from her slim waist down to the wider hips. Her legs were long and shapely, spread wide to allow him as much access as she could give him, and the V they made led him directly to the completely naked, virgin pussy, hungry for his cock and displaying itself for him.

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