Pee is for pleasure.


Pee is for pleasure.This is a true storyYears, ago, I had a girlfriend who found out I was a sissy. She allowed me to dress in pretty lingerie, whenever I was at her apartment. She knew I enjoyed being submissive. One evening, after we had been drinking all evening, we went back to her apartment. She allowed me to put in panties, bra and slip, stocking and even heels. She then told e to get a towel and put it on the floor, which I did. She then told me to lay on my back with my head on the towel. She then stripped down naked, knelt down over my face and told me to open my mouth. She then started to pee on me. I was in complete shock, but there was nothing I could do. I opened my mouth and took in, as much pee as I could drink. I loved it. It was so naughty and humiliating I was surprised how good her pee tasted. From that day forward, whenever we went out to drink, I knew later that night, we would repeat the same scene. I would have to lay on the floor and receive batman escort her pee while she told me drink it all up. In between her fully peeing on me, she would call me into the bathroom after she had finished peeing. She’d still be sitting on the toilet and she’s open her legs and tell me to lick her pussy clean from her peeing. I loved every minute of it. No subject of humiliation was off limits to us. Month later, we broke up and I never had tasted pee since then. Fast forward to 13 years later. I had become a fully dressed Crossdresser, who even goes out to Clubs and Bars, all dressed up, on weekends. One Saturday night, I was out with another Crossdresser, I had just met. Her name was Mikky. Mikky and I ended up playing in a hotel room. We were in bed, kissing and sucking and other naughty things.We had taken a break, when Mikky said she needed to go pee. Once she said that, my mind raced back to the days, my ex girlfriend use batman escort bayan to pee on me. When Mikky came back from using the bathroom, I started to suck on her cock right away. I was hoping to taste some of her pee, she had still in her. I then ask if she would do me a favor, and she said she would. I asked her, the next time she needed to pee, if she’d take me into that bathroom, with her. She asked why, I told her I wanted to taste her pee, straight form her cock. She agreed, and we drifted off to sleep. Two hour later, she woke up and told me she had to pee. I asked her if I could join her. She said “yes” and held out her hand. She took my hand and lead me the bathroom. She had me sit on the toilet. She then put her cock right in front of my mouth. I knew what I had to do. I put her cock into my mouth and waited. Sure enough, within 15 seconds I started to taste her pee. She then started to moan and I knew was was escort batman coming next. The flood gates opened and she let go of all her pee. As I started to drink her pee, I remembered how wonderful the taste is. I drank it all. Her pee started to slow down and she finished unloading into my mouth. Once she had finished, I started to suck on her cock, to ensure I got every drop out of her. As I started to suck her, she started to shove her cock in and out of my mouth. She then place her hand on the back of my head and shoved my head down on to her cock, as she started to get hard. I could not believe my luck. Not only did I get a mouth full of pee, Mikky is now getting hard and I’m giving her a blowjob, within seconds of her using me as her toilet. I keep blowing her for another five minutes, until I receive a dream cum true. First her wonderful pee, and now a load of her cum. I swallowed it all up and asked for more. Later we talked about if we had every done anything like that before. She had not, while I told her the story of my ex girlfriend. We agreed we wanted to do the same thing again in the near future. We even talked about ways for her to incease the amount of pee she can unload at once. I’m all in favor it it and, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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