Percolate Installment Three


Percolate Installment Three”Hey.”I find her feet in bright white ankle socks nestled in her fleece-lined bedroom slippers. She sits crossed-legged on the bottom bunk of her double-decker beds.Our dormitory hall hadn’t had enough single beds left to give Sheri a single bed. She had lucked out and gotten her single room by default. When we first met,almost two semesters ago,she had been using the top bunk to store her unfolded laundry. The first two nights I’d slept over,she had merely thrown her spare top sheet over top of the mounds of clothes and linens. I’d awakened smelling the heated mixture of my own sleepy self and her laundry detergent and worn-in personal musk. Her top mattress had been new so now, when I sleep over,with just a thin sheet covering it,I can bury my face and inhale the faint smell of her and the clean wooliness of her air dried flat sheet which she hangs to dry in her always-open window.”Hey,” I reply to the top of her head, as she continues to focus on her books and papers,her lean stem-like legs folded up , glistening , silky. I want to bury my hand in her thick fluffy hair,down to her warm moist scalp. I want to hug her to me,my hand on her head,her long strong hands pressing into the small of my back,her fine face kissing my breastbone between my too-firm ‘statue’ tits.”What’s up?” she asks,as I am transfixed in her doorway.”Um,” I try to be nonchalant as I cross and sit beside her,pick up a magazine from her desk,”I just got a phone call from my mother.””Oh.” she replies in a leading,slightly sarcastic tone. She does not raise her head, as is usual, when I come to bother her during her homework hours…when I come to smell her and watch her reflection in the mirror while she works,to feel her smooth legs brush against mine,to hear the mattress creak when relaxbet güvenilirmi she shifts her weight, to watch her arms reaching for books and papers,to retrieve from her satchel or desktop whatever she asks of me….”Cool.” she says, breathily,a little impatiently.”Weird.” I say.”Why?””Apparently I’m staying through Holiday Break again this year.””Me too.Late night kitchen raids, again?”The thought of Sheri; standing in her white cotton briefs,her tight ass like a newly ripe apricot pressing it’s high rims of it’s perfect cheeks against the cotton,her loose tee shirt falling forward on her clavicle, her avocado tits hanging slightly against it’s cotton in the gentle glow of the midnight refrigerator,her hair wild and fringed with a golden yellow halo,her long pretty toes forming heat rings on the cold kitchen tiles ; all distracts me for a moment.I look down at my own small hands,clasping their small,too-skinny, tapered fingers on my round,slightly knock-kneed thighs. Sheri says I have ‘show girl legs’ and likes to tease me by waving hello to people from between their wide thigh gap when I am standing in ankle formation, during practice.Then she slaps my butt and hits my messy ponytail.I’m left with a sting and the memory of the jiggling reverberation for the rest of practice.When I run or flex an ass muscle, I can feel it again and my pussy gets wet. Once,when I was changing out of uniform, I saw that my pussy had soaked through my panties to my warm-up pants.With Sheri so close to me, I am sitting with my ass pressing into the edge of her mattress, a little uncomfortable,because she is taking up most of the bed. The memories of her hand on my ass and it’s present discomfort now bring the moisture to my cunt…I try to distract myself.”Ya, right relaxbet yeni giriş .”*haha* I fight to maintain my nonchalant air.I suspect that the mystery of my Holiday letter is one of Sheri’s pranks. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after having navigated events so I’d be trapped on campus this winter,she would, at the last moment reveal that she would be home, pretending innocent forgetfulness.”Don’t you want to be with your family, this year?” I ask her.”Do YOU want me to be with my family, this year?” she snarks back.”Um…”Sheri looks up at me from beneath her eyebrows. Her tender salmon-pink rose-soft mouth frowns as she turns away to reach a book.”Why?” I ask when I can find my voice.”I don’t know. What’s the big deal? Change the papers at the admin’s office. Go home. I’ll be fine here alone. I’ll finally have some peace.””Sheri…” her elegant neck, a little too long, a little too thin for her frame,looks so beautiful with it’s strong sinews arched,her face turned from me,I follow it’s line to the perfect column-like base in the depth of her clavicle and shoulders .My two fingers touch the gentle flicker of a vein where it pulses beneath her skin. Sheri turns sharply to me,her cheeks a little flushed. “There was a fly,” I explain, feebly.Her eyes, wet and bright in her sudden flustered impatience stare into mine,challenging me.”Sheri…””What.” she demands, more of a statement than a question,her voice almost matching her low tone from the locker room, earlier.I shake off my stomach’s flip and fight for courage.”Sheri, did you do this?” unable to manage much more staring into her challenging eyes, I don’t wait for her answer.”Did you send my mother that requisite letter? Did you set this all up so I’d be trapped here, this Holiday?”Like a ray of relaxbet giriş light breaking through clouds, Sheri’s milk-white teeth emerge, her freckles seem to dance on her temples and nose,her golden hairs catch the light as her head moves,she laughs her tinkling joyful laugh. It bubbles out of her whenever we are fooling around.I’d first heard it when I had accidentally sprayed her at the sinks when we’d been washing up for bed,one night.It had quickly turned into a splash-fight.Our old worn bed-time tee shirts speckled with wetness,her bra strap showing through hers, my too-small nipple showing through mine, pressing hard against the cotton.I’d been embarrassed when I found it had been what Sheri was staring at,with her big goofy grin and giggle. We’d both quickly, laughingly hugged our arms across our chests and walked that way to our dorm rooms together.The feeling of Sheri’s warm breath on my cheek brings me back to her, here now. She has fallen forward a little,laughing into me, her arm against my back and ass. Her hair engulfs my mouth and nose.I take her shoulder and turn her to me,our foreheads touching,our noses breathing against each other,smelling each other so close,our breath touching eachother’s lips.I hold her neck with my other hand, I am turned awkwardly toward her,my waist straining,my ass pressed hard into her mattress, into the metal bed frame.I want to press her hand as hard against my aching full cunt. I wonder if she can smell it, it’s so hot and wet ; I think I can. I try to smell hers ,buried between her crossed legs.Our cheeks are pressed against eachother’s, I wonder how long I’ve been holding her like this and scramble for what to do. I search for a sign from Sheri. Her eyes are closed, her lashes fluttering slightly, her smile trembling, beginning to fade with her now breathy, fading laugh.”Because if you have set this all up, I am going to have to make you pay.”I try to sound tough.I hope she is convinced that my intensity has been a joke.”Coffee breath.” is her snarled reply, as her eyes look back into mine,glistening and glaring.

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