Persistence Pays Off


By Adam and Evie Zasse

The events are true. The characters are real. They have known each other all their lives. It has only been a short time since they started sharing a special love. The authors welcome your comments.

Chapter One – Success

Even at her age, her boobs were still firm with sensitive nipples. I watched from the bed as she got undressed in front of the big bedroom mirror. She ran her hands lovingly, sensually over the lightly tanned roundness of her breasts. She put her hands under each beautiful globe and lifted them as if testing their weight. Her fingers brushed her dark rosy nipples and teased then into hardness. I was hard just watching her.

Her hands moved down to her womanly hips. She slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her lace panties and inch by tantalizing inch she pulled them lower. In the mirror I could see her trimmed patch of dark brown pubic hair as it came into view. When the panties finally dropped to the floor, she stepped out of them, and shaking her shoulder length brown hair, she turned to face me.

She looked younger than her 52 years. Her breasts were full with only a hint of sagging. Her tummy was rounded and her pussy lips were prominent and pink under her trimmed bush. There was just a hint of moisture on the hair, sparkling in the light. I was hard just watching her.

It had taken more than two months of talking, coaxing, reasoning and flattery to bring us together. But, I was persistent. I wore down her arguments and her objections. It wasn’t just the age difference, but I finally convinced her. She objected hotly. She used language that I will not repeat here. We were both adults. Why shouldn’t we enjoy each other. She eventually gave in or maybe gave up. She was very reluctantly at first. She was hesitant, anxious and very tentative. It’s not easy for a man to convince his mother to have sex with him. But she has been happy with the outcome.

I remember the day she gave in. She was working in the kitchen, washing vegetables in the sink. I came up behind her, put my hands on her hips, and kissed her neck. She turned around and pushed me away. When she went back to her veggie cleaning, I did the same thing again.

This time when she turned around I kissed her full on the lips. I’d tried this before, usually with the same results, a push and a threat to never do that again. Twice she slapped my face and called me a pervert. This time she pushed, but not as hard, and no threat. When she turned back to the sink again, I stayed close behind her. I kissed her neck once more, but this time she brought her head back and to the side, exposing more of her neck. I took that as an invitation and started kissing her neck even more. Teasing the sensitive stops just below her ear. I sensed that she was finally giving up. I put my hands back on her hips and when she didn’t object, I moved my hands around to her belly, all the while still kissing her neck. I thought she would stop me when I started raising my hands toward her breasts. Instead of pushing me away again, she turned in my arms to face me. There were tears in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything for several minutes. Finally she said one word, ‘Ok’. That night was our first time. Now, three months later…

“My God but you are a beautiful and desirable woman.” I said.

“I can’t take my eyes off of you.” I added.

“Right now I would prefer your hands and lips.” Alice purred.

“Is that all?” I asked.

“You know damn well that is NOT all.” “I want your cock, your gorgeous big cock.” She said in a sultry, husky voice.

She walked over to the bed and sank down on her knees in front of me. With a hand on each of my legs, she pushed them further apart. I watched as she bent her head and extended her tongue. She licked the clear, glistening drops of precum from the head of my cock. I felt a shiver run through my body. As I watched, she took my cockhead into her mouth. I felt her start to suck and bathe the head with her tongue. I moved my hands to her head but without taking my cock out of her mouth, she placed them back on my thighs. She didn’t want my encouragement, yet.

I saw my cock slowly enter, inch by inch, and disappear into her hot mouth. I knew she couldn’t take my entire eight and a half inches, but she tried.

When she started bobbing her head up and down, I felt another shiver of pleasure course through my body. I watched her head move as if in response to a song that only she could hear. It took all of my willpower to lift her head. I coaxed her onto the big bed we now shared. She stretched out, her legs wide apart, inviting, her pussy lips bright pink in arousal, begging to be touched. I grabbed a pillow and as she lifted her hips, I positioned it under her rounded ass. I was assailed by her strong, womanly odor. Like an aphrodisiac, it beckoned me, called to me. Like a beautiful flower it captivated me. I lowered my head and tasted her delicious, forbidden fruit.

I licked her thighs kartal escort bayan near the pouty pussy lips. I found her clit, now swollen with her desire, and sucked on it eagerly. I heard her gasp and utter a low moan. I darted my tongue into her hot hole as far as I could get it. I found her ass hole and with one finger, I played with and teased it. She started wriggling her butt, trying to encourage my questing finger. I coated my finger with the pussy juice now dripping out of her cunt, and with the added wetness, managed to get my finger in her ass. Another gasp and another moan. I moved my hand and managed to replace my finger with my thumb. I heard her cry out. When I lifted my head, she opened her arms and motioned for me to move up. She reached up and took a condom from the box on the headboard. She tore the small packet open and held it out to me.

I slipped the condom on and moved up on top of her. She reached between us and guided my cock towards her waiting pussy. I lost control as my body took control of my brain. As I leaned forward, all of my eight plus inches plunged into her. I caught my self on my hands; our faces only inched apart. The shocked look on her face slowly changed to one of pure ecstasy. Her eyes grew wide and she started to pant as I started pumping. She spread her arms out, surrendering her body to me. After a few moments, I saw her blink her eyes and clench her jaw. I knew she was very close. I continued pumping, although a little slower, trying to delay her orgasm as long as possible. I felt the walls of her pussy squeezing and relaxing in rhythm on my cock as her orgasm peaked. Her body shuddered several times and then she lay quietly. I allowed my still stiff cock to slip out of her pussy. I mover lower on the bed and kissed first her tummy, then the inside of her thighs again.

The odor rising from her cunt was overpowering and tantalizing. After only a few moments, she motioned for me to change places with her. Now on my back, I saw her unroll the condom and take it off. She replaced it with her mouth and started sucking urgently.

I have always prided myself with the ability to last. But in no time I was squirting streams of hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed quickly but some managed to leak out around the corners of her lips. She climbed on top of me, her breasts hanging down, her nipples brushing my chest, and smiled at me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss. I could taste my own cum as out tongues danced together. Eventually we snuggled together. I pulled the light blanket over us and flipped off the headboard lights.

“Do you like fucking me?” Alice asked in a quiet voice.

“Of course I do, you know that.” I answered.

“I still can’t believe that only a few months ago I wouldn’t have even used the word fuck, much less thought about doing it with you.” She said.

“I still can’t believe what we are doing.” She added. “But I am so glad that we are.

“You’ve changed.” I told her.

“One day soon, I want you to fuck me without a damn condom.” I want to feel you cum deep inside me.” Alice said in that same quiet voice.

“Six months ago you slapped my face for suggesting that.” “I would like that too, but what about protection?” I asked her in return.

“Protection from what.” She said.

“You might get pregnant, then what?” I replied.

Alice looked up at me with her big soft eyes. She took a deep breath and said, “I thought about that. I thought about that a lot in the last few months.” “Would you like to get me pregnant? Would you like me to have your baby?”

“You have changed.’ I said.

“Would you do that?” I asked, somewhat surprised, and not sure if I wanted to hear her answer.

“I’ve thought about it over and over.” “I even thought about it before we, ah, got together.” “I know that’s terribly wrong, but I can’t help it.” “I’ve wondered what it would be like knowing that your baby was growing inside me.” She answered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, more than you’ll ever know.” I told her.

“So, wanna have a baby together?” She asked again.

“Let me sleep on it.” I suggested. “And we’ll talk more in the morning.”

I thought that I would have a fitful night’s sleep. Wondering what to say. Turns out I slept like a baby. I knew what my answer would be.

“Good morning.” I said, reaching for the coffeepot the next morning.

“What do you have planned for today while I am slaving away at work?” I kidded.

Alice stood next to the kitchen counter. She was wearing an old tee shirt that left little doubt that she was a woman. The thin fabric outlined the curve of her breasts, barely disguising her erect nipples. The shirt didn’t come close to hiding the soft, downy mound of her pussy. Her hair was loose and curled around her face.

“Not much.” ” I’m having lunch with an old girlfriend. We haven’t seen each other in years.” She replied.

She sat there at the kitchen table and stared at me like I was yakacık escort a naughty child.

“I’m waiting.” Alice said, hands on her hips and sounding even more like a mother scolding a child.

“You really want to have a baby, my baby, our baby?” I asked, trying to look serious.

“I am absolutely sure that I want your baby.” She added.

“OK, I will be happy to knock you up.” “But only on one condition.” I answered, smiling at her.

“And that is?” She asked.

“You will have to beg me to marry you.” I stated flatly.

“Marry you?” I don’t think we should.” “I mean.” “You know very well why we shouldn’t get married.” “Why we can’t get married.” She stammered. “It’s impossible.

“Marry me.” I asked.

“We can’t. We shouldn’t.” “Oh my God.” Alice said.

“Marry me.” I repeated. “It’s the only way you are going to get a baby.”

She sat there for a good ten minutes. Long enough for me to get a second cup of coffee. I saw her take a deep breath and get up. She got up slowly and walked over to my side of the table. She knelt down, head lowered. She lifted her eyes and in a soft gentle voice said “Pete, I beg you, please marry me so I can have your baby, our baby.”

I lifted her up, kissed her gently, and smiled.

Chapter Two – Temptation

The mall was crowded that afternoon, but Alice soon found her friend sitting at one of the cafes in the outdoor food court. Samantha stood as she recognized her old college friend. Sam was only a few years older, but she looked much more than that. Her dark hair was pulled back away from her face and gathered in back like a ponytail. It wasn’t a good style for her. Her hair wasn’t long enough and loose ends waved about on the breeze. She was an inch or two taller that Alice’s five foot four inches. Where Alice showed a bare hint of plumpness, Sam obviously carried a few extra pounds. She wasn’t unattractive, but she wasn’t pretty either.

“How have you been?” Sam asked when they sat down. “Still married?”

“Not any more.” Alice said. “But I’m making do.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” “It has to do with why I called.” Samantha said.

The waiter came and both women ordered a glass of wine. As the afternoon rolled on, Sam added another glass while Alice nursed her first one.

“I’m trying to turn some of my assets into cash and I was wondering if you might be interested in my club membership.” Sam said. “But if you’re not married anymore.” And her voice trailed off.

“The club in Palm Springs?” “Terra Del something or other?” Alice asked.

“Yes. I can transfer the ‘lifetime’ to someone else.” Sam admitted.

“It covers everything while your there except the room rate. Food, liqueur and all the amenities are included. Golf, horseback riding, tennis, and of course the beach.” Sam said.

“What are you asking?” ” That’s a pretty exclusive club if I remember right.” Alice asked.

“Five thousand.” “That’s the going rate, I checked.” Sam answered.

“Face it.” Sam said. “I’m never going to see that place again.” “I don’t think I will ever ride a horse again, much less play tennis.” “And I’m certainly not going to appear on that beach.” She gestured more or less at how she looked.

“I was hoping that your husband.” “Sorry.” “Might know someone that would be interested.” “I know it’s a lot of money.” Samantha said.

“Have you asked anyone else?” Alice inquired.

“About the club?” “No.” Sam said. “I’ve sold off a few other items just to make my insurance man happy.” “Like I said, I don’t need the money, but it would be nice.”

Alice’s mind was going in several directions at once. An opportunity for a club membership like that one comes along very rarely. She didn’t know much about this particular club, but she had heard talk. Samantha, or rather her husband, bought it the same way she is trying to sell it now, from an old friend. She needed to talk to Peter. Five thousand dollars was a lot, but if they could raise it…

Damn. Getting things ready for a baby was going to take a big enough bite out of the savings as it was.

“Sam.” “Can I get back to you?” “I, er, I need to do some figuring, and I really am interested.” Alice said.

“Of course.” “You have my number.” “Just don’t wait too long.” Sam added.

Sam and Alice talked and renewed their friendship most of the afternoon. Samantha confessed that she was looking into one of those rehab spas where they get you back in shape. Strict diet, exercise and in a few weeks, a new you. Or so the claims went. She needed an ego boost. The money wasn’t that important. Alice admitted that she was ‘seeing’ someone, but avoided offering any details. They parted with a promise to keep in touch.

“Petey.” Alice said that night over diner. “Do you, I mean do we have any extra money?”

“Sure,” “What do you need?” Pete asked.

“Gonna start baby shopping?” he added.

“Not exactly.” Alice answered. And she told him hürriyet mahallesi escort about the club that Samantha was offering.

“Five grand is a lot of money.” Pete said. “We could do it, but I don’t see a good reason.” “Just a club membership, exclusive or not.”

“And what about the baby you want?” He asked.

“Well, you could have a ‘get away’ any time you wanted.” “And you do like to golf.” “Maybe we could manage both.” “It really is a great deal.” Alice offered.

“Can we at least look into it?” Alice asked.

“How can I say no to you?” “Go ahead, do your research and let me know what you find out. Ok?” Pete said.

Chapter Three – Passion

Later that night, when Pete stepped back into the bedroom, all fresh from his shower, Alice was sitting at her nightstand, brushing her hair. He sat on the bed to watch her. She was more that twenty years older than he was. But he found her fascinating and desirable.

He watched as she selected items from her lingerie drawer. First she put on a black lace garterbelt, fastening it around her waist. Then, one by one, she slipped black nylon stocking on her shapely legs, clipping them to the garterbelt. Next a black lace bra. The type that justs cradles the breasts and leaves the top and front open. She adjusted the straps so her breasts were supported but very available. The she slipped on a pair of sheer black briefs with lace trim. Finally, she put on a short, sheer black babydoll top.

Pete stared, slack jawed, at this incredible woman. He could not believe how she had changed in a few short months. This prim, proper, suburban mom had become a wanton, sexy lover. He was willing to bet that three of four months ago that she didn’t have the kind of lingerie that she now had on. Had on for him.

Alice got up and pulled him onto the bed. When he was stretched out she started kissing his body. She touched his cock, already at full erection. She teased it. Rubbing its length with one finger. Massaging the sensitive underside. She cupped his balls, gentle rubbing them together. She bent down and took one of them in her mouth, caressing it. Then the other one received the same treatment. Pete’s cock was straining. Precum oozing from the tip. Alice shifted her body to a ’69’ position. She moved on top of him and inhaled the head of his cock. Her panty covered pussy hovering just above his face. Maybe it was the angle. Maybe it was just his imagination. He felt the entire length of his cock slide into Alice’s mouth and into her throat. A deep guttural moan escaped his lips. Her felt Alice lifting her head and once more her lips slide down his shaft. He reached up to touch Alice’s ass, but her shaking finger warned him not to touch. Again and again her mouth caressed his cock. He started fidgeting, ready to explode. Alice lifted her head and moved off of him. She re-arranged herself back on top but facing him. She raised up on her knees and with her hands, very deliberately pulled aside the crotch of her panties. He could feel the heat from her now dripping pussy. He called out her name as she lowered herself. Impaling her cunt on his cock. Unlike the many times before that they had shared sex, his entire length slid into her hot cunt. She straddled him like that for many seconds, not moving. When she again started to rise up he felt the familiar churnings of a building orgasm.

Twice more she rose up and dropped down on his aching cock. When he reached out to hold her waist, she knew he was going to cum. She bore down with all her strength, getting his cock as deep inside of her as possible. He erupted with a powerful orgasm. She felt his hot cum squirting three, four, five times. Alice leaned forward, finding his waiting mouth with her own. She clamped down as tight as she could, not ready to release his cock. They kissed deeply. Their tongues making love with each other. They lay that was for a long time. Joined together physically, mentally and emotionally. They were one now.

The following morning was Saturday. Alice and Peter slept in. Or rather neither one wanted to get out of bed. They were not particularly tired.

“Well. No turning back now I suppose.” “You got part of your wish.” Pete said smiling.

Alice smiled too and said, “it felt so damn good without a condom.”

“If and when you do get pregnant, we might need that money.” “And I know how much you want that baby.” Pete said. Bringing up the club topic again.

“Can we get dressed and have breakfast, I’m hungry?” Said Alice.

“Sounds good to me, unless you want to rape me again.” Pete offered, grinning.

Without saying a work, Alice got out of bed, reached for one of the pillows that had fallen on the floor, picked it up, and threw it Pete. The next few hours where spent doing those little chores around the house that need doing and are usually put off. Pete washed both cars and Alice went to the market with her shopping list. Later that afternoon, over a light lunch, they talked about Pete’s job, about baby names, about a lot of things. And eventually about… Samantha.

Chapter Four – Confirmation

“I’ve heard a little about the place over the years.”” They’re kind of secretive about it.” “Never even thought I’d get a chance to go there.” Alice stammered.

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