Punishment for Running Late Ch. 01


She stood outside the door and pulled the keys from her pocket with shaking hands. The clinking they made as they hit together made her grimace, though she was sure it couldn’t be heard from the other side of the door. She hesitated, and then taking a deep breath inserted the key into the lock and turned it.

He was on his feet the second he heard her key. He’d been waiting over an hour, and tension and frustration filled his body.

As she opened the door she saw him standing a couple feet away, leaning against the wall, his face expressionless.

She quickly shut the door, and then without a word and in an act of submission lowered herself to her knees silently in front of him.

“Where were you?” his voice was calm but she could hear the hint of anger that lay underneath.

“I-I, made a mistake,” she stuttered.

“Yes you did, and you’ve displeased me,” he said as he moved to stand directly over her. She dared not move.

“Now, I’m going to ask again, and I’d like a better answer,” his voice still low, “Where were you?”

“I went out with Jenn, and I stayed too late at her house.” She cringed at her own words, knowing herself how foolish she had been. “I hit traffic on the way home, and I forgot to bring my cell phone.” She finished her voice trailing off.

“I’m sorry Master.” She said in a bare whisper as she crawled over to kiss his feet. She hoped to please him. Perhaps even make up a little for how neglectful she had been.

Placing his foot on her shoulder he pushed her back. She glanced up at him, and then seeing the irritation that lit his eyes quickly looked away.

“I’m disappointed, and appalled that you would do something so ridiculous.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as he spoke the words. She knew that she had disappointed him.

“I’m so sorry Master.” She said again, her shame clearly written across her face.

He watched her for a moment, and then said, “Master? No, that’s not going to do it anymore. A person as undisciplined, and disrespectful as you’ve been, doesn’t deserve to address me by such a title. You’ve let me down, and for now you’ll address me as Sir again, do you understand?” He spoke with no expression.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered as tears spilled down her cheek leaving a small wet trail to her chin. The thought alone of being demoted to calling him “Sir” again was horrible enough. Hearing herself speak it, brought it home, making it worse.

She had referred to him as “Sir” when they had first started training as Dom/sub together. It was only a couple months ago that he had given her permission to start referring to him as “Master”. She had been thrilled and so excited to have pleased him. Now she had to deal with the hurt of being brought back on her progress.

Though he didn’t like bringing her back to his former title, it was something that needed to be done. The truth of the matter was that he had been more concerned than angry when he arrived home and she hadn’t been there.

Since moving in together she’d been at the door each day when he came home from work. Before living together, if she said she was going to be somewhere, she always was. One thing that really irritated him was someone saying they were going to be somewhere, or do something, and then not doing it. This was part of the reason that they both owned cell phones.

All she needed to know for now was that he was disappointed, and upset with her for being careless.

“Go to the living room and get on the table.” He said, as he took a deep breath to contain his frustration.

Dropping to her hands and knees she quickly crawled to the living room. A square coffee table sat in the middle of the room. When they had bought it together, they had specifically chosen it because it was sturdy, which made it useful for many things. At times he enjoyed simply having her kneel on the table, facing him, so he could look at her. Her hands would be clasped behind her back, causing her to arch slightly, breasts raised and forward. She was also to have her legs slightly spread, which would give him access to her pussy if he wished.

She knew when he asked her to “get on the table,” this was the position that he wanted her in.

Two difficulties she had had in the past were one, being able to sit still for long periods; and two, exposing herself completely to him without being self-conscious. These activities always tested her.

He watched her go and then followed behind her. As she got on the table he stood and watched. Satisfied with her position he moved into the kitchen, getting himself a drink from the fridge, before walking back into the dining room and sitting down. Truly he had no interest in the drink, he simply wanted to make sure that he was calm and without any anger before he approached her again. While most of his frustration had turned to worry in the time she’d not come home, he was feeling some irritation in the neglectful story she had told him as the reason for not being home. It was a very strict and good rule between them xslot that he would never approach or discipline her when he had any anger towards her or a situation.

Taking his time he finished his drink, and read a couple of chapters from a book that he had left at the table. Calm and relaxed he turned and looked at her. Aside from a few small shifts in her position that he’d seen from the corner of his eye, she had behaved well, not moving.

He softly spoke to her from where he sat, “Do you understand why I was upset?”

“Yes Sir,”

Her response was timid, and barely audible. She’d always been very soft spoken; a natural submissive. He loved that about her.

“Hmm… I appreciate that you understand our relationship so well. You know you’re going to be punished for what you did don’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” there was a small tremor in her voice.

While tears threatened to run from her eyes again, she secretly felt a chill of excitement flow through her at the mention of punishment. Her mind wandered, thinking of the sharp sting of the paddle, the restraints that might hold her, and the roughness that may be used if he chose to fuck her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that he had stood and was moving towards her. Bringing her mind back to concentrate fully on him she tried to ignore the dampness that was already forming between her legs.

He moved to the front of her, “Take your clothes off.”

With hands that shook slightly she started doing as she was told. She removed her top and then stood to remove her shoes and jeans.

Watching her undress had always turned him on. He felt the familiar heat of desire spreading through his body as she reached behind her back to unfasten the soft cloth of her bra. His craving to see her fully nude getting the better of him, he wrapped his fingers around the delicate cloth of her thong and jerked hard, ripping it from her.

She froze with her hands behind her back and cried out in surprise at his sudden move. A small sting pain ensued from his motion as the fabric had left a small strip of a burn across her hip. The heat of the burn spread up and through her body, and she gave a small pleasurable shudder in response that surprised even her.

Grabbing the front of her bra he gave another small jerk on its fabric, snapping the last clasp that hadn’t yet come undone from her hands.

She moved her hands to her sides and stood still, unsure of whether or not she should return to the table.

“Get back on the table.” He commanded, he’d seen her shudder, though he was uncertain on the cause. Stripping her clothes from her in the rough fashion had led to only heightening his arousal.

Immediately she obeyed, moving to the position she’d been in before, keeping her head and eyes down.

Moving around the table he let his eyes run over her. She had a gorgeous body; her nipples and belly button were pierced, as well as her tongue. They definitely had made for useful accessories in the past, and he was sure they would tonight also.

A small end table was located at the end of the couch and he went to it, crouching down he pulled out a little drawer that was on the inside. He removed from it four weights; all that were attached to clamps of sorts.

Standing up he faced her. The two smaller weights he fastened to her nipples, the clamps shaped as tight circles that easily attached behind her piercings. They weighed down, creating a constant, slightly painful pull. Leaning forward he reached between her legs, carefully attaching the two larger weights to each side of her outer labia.

Though she sat very still, everything inside her body screamed to shift uncomfortably. She disliked… no, hated the weights, especially when she had to move and they swung back and forth. It was something that she had always been willing to endure for his pleasure and satisfaction.

“You’re very good for holding so still,” He spoke quietly while watching her face, “Though it does occur to me that this is probably because of already being so disobedient today,” He added, a small smile playing on his lips.

Turning he removed a paddle from the cabinet. It was about a foot and a half long, and an inch and a half wide. It was made of stiff leather. Depending on how hard he slapped her with it, it could bring a great deal of pain. It could also leave a nasty welt behind that would last.

He moved behind her and she instantly tensed.

“Don’t…” his voice was firm but quiet and he placed his hand on the small of her back.

He disliked it when she’d tense up before he had even touched her.

Laying his hand across her back was all he needed do and in a moment she again relaxed.

Moving his hand downward he rubbed her ass, delighting in the feel of her hot flesh. Flesh that would soon be even hotter from the punishment he would give.

He spanked her a few times, enjoying the slight sting that he felt on his palm, the same one he knew she was feeling across her ass. For a xslot Giriş moment he paused, and then brought the paddle down across her ass, gently to start, but hard enough to leave a mark.

She gave a little cry and jumped as the paddle made contact, the weights suiting their purpose as they swung and pulled painfully at her nipples and labia.

He smacked her again, harder this time.

Again she jumped, giving a small whimper as she felt the heat from the raising welt spread through her body.

Quickly reaching around her, he pulled her forcefully against him, covering her mouth with his hand as she gave a small scream of surprise.

“I want you to stay quiet, unless I specifically ask you something. Understand?”

While his voice was firm, it was also husky. His cock already throbbed from how much it turned him on to spank her.

She quickly nodded her head in answer and he released her.

The paddle cracked down on her ass again, the force of the hit rocking her forward. The weights swayed, pulling more. She bit her lip hard trying to keep from making any noise.

“Lean forward.” He said.

Obediently she bent over at the waist, resting her elbows on the table. As he brought the paddle back he made a small noise of approval. Bent over, her pussy was exposed, showing that she was already getting wet.

“I want you to count out loud each time I slap you with the paddle?”

“Yes M-Sir” she stuttered.

The paddling started again, gentler this time. The first couple of hits connected against the lower part of her ass, landing partially on her thighs. She counted the two blows as instructed, and arched her back raising her ass more. When the paddle hit the lower part of her legs it had also barely hit her exposed pussy sending a shock of pleasure through her.

“If I didn’t know better my little pet, I would think that you were enjoying this,” he said, knowing that she was. While he of course delighted in her enjoyment, he did plan to push things to a point that the pain of punishment would overwhelm her pleasure if only for a moment.
“Three,” she gasped as the paddle came down again, this time more directed at her ass. She had to wonder whether or not he had noticed the pleasure he had caused.

Four, five and six followed, with resounding cracks, interrupting her thoughts and barely allowing time to catch her breath.

The combination of listening to her breathing, flogging her and watching her ass grow red, while watching the weights swing from her straining body had all created an effect that caused his own breaths to come faster. His cock was now completely hard and straining against the front of his jeans. The wetness that he could already feel at the tip of his cock, matched the site of her extremely arousing wet pussy. Her strained voice only adding to his arousal, he continued forward with the paddling.
“Six.” As she said it, the paddle connected hard enough to rock her forward and leave her panting in pain.

She cried out, “seven” in agony and then the next came faster than expected.

The hits were getting harder and the pain horrible. Not only was her ass sore, but also her nipples and labia from the weights that swung from them. While her pussy was wet and swollen with desire, the pain that was soaring through her body was rising above her pleasure.
As the ninth blow made sharp contact she cried the word, and fell forward off her elbows. Her first thought was how wonderfully cool the wood felt against her straining nipples, giving them a tiny taste of relief from the weights. It was a thought that only lasted a split second before he grabbed her shoulder, forcing her up again while simultaneously bringing the paddle down on her ass, harder than he ever had before.
She screamed and struggled, trying to cover her bright and red swollen ass with her hands.
“You little bitch,” he said as he smacked her hands away, grabbing them and holding them in front of her before slapping her hard once more.
“TEN!” she screamed. Her mind desperately hoped that it would bring him to stop.

Still holding her hands he pulled her backwards on the table against him, placing his other hand on her lower belly to press her shaking body more tightly against his. He groaned inwardly at the feel of her body against his.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she sobbed at him, turning her head to the side. His coarse clothing felt like rough sandpaper against her sensitive and stinging ass.

“Shhh, shh.” He said it softly, while gently rubbing his hand across her belly, to calm her body. It was true that he hadn’t spanked her quite as hard in the past, and he didn’t mind calming her.

His throbbing cock was pressing back against her ass, and he clenched his teeth trying to restrain the desire he had to take and fuck her then and there.

Slowly her body calmed, and while her shaking continued, the reason for it was her arousal, not the pain. Her entire body was hot from the heat that had spread upwards and xslot Güncel Giriş out from her butt, and her pussy was wet. As some of the pain started to dissipate she began to become aware of his arousal and pressed back against him, shifting side to side.

As much as he knew he should stop her from moving, it felt way too enjoyable to have her rubbing her ass against him. He slid his hand down over her belly, and between her legs. Supporting the weights with his hand and cupping her pussy.

She moaned quietly, pressing down and back.

“You cry in pain when I spank you, yet your body betrays you letting me know your enjoyment,” he breathed in her ear, her wetness only arousing him more.

Using two of his fingers he ran them up her slit. Running one finger on each side of her clit and then back down her pussy he slipped them up into her, feeling her muscles tense as he did.

She started moving her hips, slowly fucking his fingers, her breaths starting to come faster as she deeply moaned.

Reaching up with his other hand he pinched one of her straining nipples, and gently bit the side of her neck. He stroked her clit with the thumb of the hand that she was still fucking.

Moaning louder she started moving up and down, harder and faster. She gave a small cry of pleasure as he squeezed her nipple hard enough to hurt, nearing her orgasm.

As he felt her muscles clench around his fingers in the beginning of her orgasm, he stopped, pulling away from her.

She gasped, her body tensing in a sick feeling of disappointment. Stunned she shuddered; the thought entering her mind to finish herself off.

“Don’t even think about touching yourself.” He spoke as if he had read her thoughts.

She sat motionless, still situated close to the end of the coffee table on her knees. Her swollen and red pussy throbbing with her pulse that was still racing from the pleasure he had been giving, body shivering from the ecstasy that had been abruptly denied.

She whimpered and then lowered her head, placing her hands on her shaking legs in once more obedient submission.

As he removed his belt, and undid his jeans, he watched her reactions and was pleased. She would be rewarded for her obedience. Lowering his jeans and boxers he released his straining cock, taking it into his hand and stroking it gently a few times. Moving forward he rubbed the head against her still brightly red ass, smearing his precum over her welts.

“Mmmm…” she moaned quietly, moving against him.

He smiled, “Yes my pet, you please me in all kinds of ways.”

The belt still in his hand he leaned forward, letting his cock rest along the crack of her ass. He fastened the belt around her wrists, feeding the leather back through the buckle so that it made a make-shift leash. While she could if she wanted, he didn’t have to worry about her pulling free. Bending her over again, he pulled the belt so that it went between her legs, enabling him to pull on the strap to cause her to strain into a tighter position if he wished.

“What do you want my pet?” he asked while again rubbing his cock across her ass.

“Whatever pleases you to give me Sir,” her voice strained from the passion she felt. She wanted to cry for him to fuck her, but even more, she wanted to please him in any way he wished.

“You’ve been very obedient, perhaps I should reward you with my cum to soothe the welts on your ass. Would you like that?” as he spoke he began to slowly stroke himself again.

From the position she was in she could move her head slightly to the side and see him playing through her parted legs.

“Yes Sir, I would,” she paused, and added in a husky whisper, “I love watching you touch yourself.”

“Mmm, and I love to watch you.” He said while pulling the strap of the belt back and up so that her hands were resting against her pussy.

She waited, knowing better than to start pleasing herself without his direct permission. Her body shook from the desire that was built in her, and the restraint that it took to obey.

He continued stroking himself; he was hard as a rock. As he slid his hand slowly up and down his shaft he knew that he was at a point where he could let himself cum at any time. The desire to draw things out a bit kept his control.

“Play with your clit. Do it slowly, and don’t you dare allow yourself to cum,” his voice was deep from his need. A desire that increased greatly as he watched her start to slowly move her shaking hands touching herself as he had instructed.

“Mmm, that’s right my pet, you’re doing wonderfully.” He said it in a strained whisper as he began to let his last bit of control slip.

Squeezing himself a little tighter he stroked faster. Then allowing the last mental thread that held his restraint to break he let out a deep groan and cry as he started to cum.

“Oh… ahhh fuck, oh God! Fuck!”

He placed one hand on her lower back, helping to steady himself as he came hard in a series of loud moans. His body shuddered as he shot streams of hot cum across her ass.

She whimpered and uttered several small cries; she wanted to cum so badly with him and felt as if she was going to explode from the tension that filled her body. Disobediently she started moving her fingers across her clit faster.

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